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Location: Wisconsin
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2000 miles in less than 36 hours and Pikes Peak!

The IBA2000Gold. Over 2000 miles in less than 36 hours. I had been planning this ride for months.
This would be my 6th and 7th IBA ride and one of the more challenging ones.

The route was planned, all of the gas stops were programed into my GPS, new riding gear and a few changes were made to the bike.
The plan was to ride west across I-80 to I-15. I-15 south to the SW corner of Utah and then north to I-70 and then east to Colorado.
I was also going to try to complete the IBA BBG1500, over 1500 miles in less than 24 hours at the beginning of the ride.

The route with the 1000, 1500 and 2000 mile points marked -

The bike - A 2010 Victory Vision 8-Ball -

On an IBA ride your first receipt is your start time and your last receipt is the ride end time, so the receipts are very important.
I had rode to the gas station the day before the ride and bought gas to check the receipt info. It showed the time, date and place. The receipt looked perfect.

The next thing I do is set the clock on the bike with my cell phone and recheck the time on the GPS. I want the time to be as accurate as possible.

I try to start the IBA rides on the hour. It makes the math easier during the ride. On this ride I was going to start at 6:00am.
If I start at 6:00am on Saturday morning I need to travel more than 1500 miles before 6:00am Sunday morning and 2000 miles before 6:00pm Sunday night.

At 5:50am I pulled up to the pump and waited. At 5:59am I put my credit card into the pump, top off the fuel tank, hang up the hose,
zero the GPS and wait for the receipt. I wrote the starting mileage on the receipt.
Now the left side of my brain is saying "look at the receipt and carefully check the numbers."
The right side of my brain is saying "go, go, go, go,go, why are you standing here, go, go, go!?!?!?
I had just checked the receipt the day before, at the same pump, so I agree with the right side of my brain and quickly leave.

The beginning of the ride went well. Mid-70's across Iowa with only light rain. I had mid-80's across Nebraska and the heavy rain started in western Nebraska.

Ridin' across Nebraska -

I hit the 1000 mile point in Wyoming - 1000 miles in 15 hours and 5 minutes. Putting on the rain gear added to the stop time -

I continued on to Scipio, Utah to reach the 1500 mile point. There was a Iot of construction in Wyoming and more rain. I lost a lot of time.
Based on GPS time, I knew the finish of the BBG1500 was going to be close. It's a good thing the speed limit was 80 mph on I-15!
I thought I had made it with close to 15 minutes to spare. That's close!!

Later I would find out that I completed the BBG1500 with only 6 minutes to spare. The gas pump start time was off by 8 minutes.
The receipt showed the start time as 5:52am. I had lost 8 minutes before the ride started. 8 minutes on a 24 hour ride can be very important !

I continued west to New Harmony, Utah, my turn around point for the SS2000Gold. I stopped at a wayside 2 miles before New Harmony and slept on a bench for 45 minutes.

So many things happen on longer rides and sometimes a little thing could end a timed ride. This was during the IBA SS2000G.

This picture was taken in New Harmony, Utah. This was a very important gas stop. I needed this receipt to show the distance traveled before I changed direction.
It was so important that I had called ahead. They said they weren't open 24 hours but they did have pay at the pump and the pumps would be turned on.
This was going to be a quick gas stop. I pulled up the the pump, fueled the bike and waited for the receipt.

Still waiting and on the pump display it says......... see attendant.

Turned and looked and thank God they are open. This is going to take longer than I thought. I removed my gloves, glasses and helmet
and walk in to get my receipt.
I returned to the bike, wrote the mileage on the receipt, put my helmet and gloves on and take-off.

I got on I-15 heading north. Rode a short way and realize that I'm not seeing as well as I should. The GPS and gauges are a little (lot) fuzzy.
I flipped up the face shield and tried to adjust my glasses but there are no glasses. This is not good!
I had taken them off and set them on the bike when I put my helmet on. It's a long way to the next exit so I do a u-turn. This is an emergency!
The place I did the u-turn had deep sand and it did take some throttle to get the Vision through it. I headed south still hoping that I would find my glasses.
Without my glasses I would not be able to read the receipts or see the GPS clearly plus this was day one of a seven day road trip!

Pulled into the gas station and the glasses were laying on the ground next to the pump. I was very lucky, no one drove over them.
I put my glasses on and took off again. I had lost a lot of time and I still needed to ride another 400 miles to get my end receipt.

I was very careful with my glasses the rest of the trip.

Headed north.
The pouring rain started again and the temp dropped to 40 degrees.
40 degrees in mid-June in SW Utah? I had pouring rain until my next gas stop in Salina, Utah.
I'm still heading east to Grand Junction, Colorado, my 2000 mile receipt point.

I-70 heading east -

I hit the 2000 mile point in 33 hours but now I need a receipt to show the time. On the side of I-15

I stopped for gas in Grand Junction to stop the clock. It's 3:25pm central time, I have covered 2027 miles.
I waited in Grand Junction for a while and then decided to add a few more miles and rode east to Palisade, Colorado.

The end of the ride - 2047 miles in 34 hours and 16 minutes!! I had completed the SS2000Gold.
Time to find a motel and have dinner. The rides not over. The next day I will be riding the Million Dollar Highway to Durango and then on to Pikes Peak .

My motel in Palisade -

Trip data -

BBG1500 -
Total time 23 hours and 54 minutes.
Bike mileage - 1521
GPS mileage - 1528
Moving time - 21 hours and 16 minutes
Average moving speed - 71.8 mph

Total time - 34 hours and 16 minutes
Bike mileage - 2047
GPS mileage - 2053
Moving time - 28 hours and 32 minutes
Average moving speed - 71.9 mph
Average SS2000G fuel mileage - 43.8
Gallons of fuel used - 46.735

I had breakfast in Palisade and headed south to Durango. At the higher points the temps dropped to 38 degrees with light snow.

June 20th on the Million Dollar Highway -

In Durango - 80 degrees -

The next morning I rode to and up Pikes Peak -

The next morning I rode to Rollinsville, Colorado - I had to do that.

Breakfast stop at The Last Shot -

Rollins Pass -

Stage Stop -

After spending some time on Rollins Pass it's off to Idaho Springs, Colorado - West on I-70 -

My motel in Idaho Springs - Room 12 - I like the parking -

I am heading home to Milwaukee the next morning and I decide to try another IBA ride. The SS1000, over 1000 miles in less than 24 hours.
I set my alarm for 3:00am (central) and get my first gas receipt at 4:00am (central) and head east.
My next gas stop in Sterling, Colorado. 5:58am, the sun is just coming up.

Sunrise gas stop -

Heading home -

The last stop. Back home in Milwaukee and the end of IBA ride #8.

The numbers for the SS1000 - 1083 miles in 18 hours and 47 minutes - I have a lot of paperwork to do - Another fun ride!!

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