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TheAdmiral OP
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Location: Sand Hollow, Idaho
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Invading Oregon

Admiral's dash across the border.

Disclaimer: It's just a story.

Intelligence sources suggest there is ample unrest in the Malheur County, in eastern Oregon. Armed with this information, I take it upon myself to scout out this county for the possibility of expanding Idaho's borders and ending the civil unrest.

There is some distance to cover before reaching the border, so I must take evasive maneuvers and less active routes masking my movements to avoid detection. Shortly after leaving my home port, I disguise myself as a farmer conducting farming activities.

As I'm zigzagging around the countryside, I spot a possible opposing forces observation post made to look like an old farm building. After scoping out the building, I find it unoccupied and continue on.

As I'm entering Roswell, I'm starting to think Oregon may have sent up some UFO's to track my movements.

I actually think I may be on to something, as it appears aliens may have taken over Roswell and taken away the locals. But after my initial confussion, I remember the flying saucers landed in Roswell New Mexico, not Roswell, Idaho.

As I reach the border, I believe my fears of being discovered may be real. Here I see the Adrian Squadron of the Oregon Air Force is sending up a scout plane.

To help avoid detection while crossing the border, I decide to make my river crossing at Adrian, Oregon. Adrian has a low population density, affording me a better chance at surviving the crossing. My first thought is to ford the Snake River, but due to time contraints I decide to use the bridge instead.
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TheAdmiral OP
Beastly Adventurer
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Joined: Apr 2010
Location: Sand Hollow, Idaho
Oddometer: 1,133
Continuing to Object #1 - The Dam

One of my main objectives is scouting Lake Owyhee and Lake Owyhee Dam for the possibility of protecting the dam, as well as the route itself, noting the importance of water in sustaining life. I also note the beauty of the route and must stay focused on the mission.

Ah ha, a potential obstacle. Here is an old rairoad tunnel. I believe I heard this railroad was built to bring materials and equipment during the building of the dam. At the bottom of the dam still sits an old railroad car supporting this theory.

To test the security of the tunnel, I proceed through it noting any possible shortcomings of using this route.

At the tunnel site, I do note a possible water go-around should the tunnel be unsuitable. It's favorable for light watercraft, but not wide or deep enough for battleship or submarine use. Kind of pretty too.

Moving along, I come across another possible fortified observation post. It appears to be unoccupied, so with caution, I take some reconnaissance photo's noting the strength and weaknesses and coolness of this position.

Since the site is unoccupied and light traffic, I decide to take a break at the fortified observation post before proceeding to the dam.

After the break, I proceed to my first objective for the day.

Here I take some photo's of the dam noting the condition of the dam as well as any occupying forces. Apparently the Dam's security forces do not appreciate "farmers" walking down the steps in front of the Dam which can be seen on the left of the photo.

Prior to my departure, I take a closer look at the "Glory Hole" at the dam. Soon I discard the thought of this being a good escape route should I be discovered and need to make a quick getaway.

One last look at the dam. I note it could be used as a bridge, but is currently closed to traffic due to security reasons.

Now I'm going to recon the downhill portion from the dam road back to the river for any additional obstacles.

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Old 10-15-2011, 11:16 AM   #3
TheAdmiral OP
Beastly Adventurer
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Joined: Apr 2010
Location: Sand Hollow, Idaho
Oddometer: 1,133
On to Objective #2 - Vale

After leaving the Dam, I must again I test the tunnel. I have to be careful and not expose myself or my intentions as there is some local traffic, possible informants. Here I pretend I'm a tourist on a farm tractor.

As I make my quick getaway, I notice something I did not see on the way to the dam. Large irrigation pipes leading from the river. I take a couple of quick recon photo's before I quickly proceed.

Prior to reaching the irrigation pipes, I was in a hurry and needed to briskly pass the un-occupied fortified observation post as quicly as my "farm tractor" and route would let me.

Finally out of harms way, I take a brief break before my next object.

After the break, I plug my next destination of Vale, Oregon into my human "Guessing Position Status" (GPS) a map.

Vale is a major traffic crossroads, as a couple of major highways lead to central and western Oregon. This is an important factor when planning for the re-supply of current Malheur County Forces. Again I take back roads enroute to Vale. Here I stop at a historic Oregon Trail rest area at Keeney Pass. As it turns out, this rest stop provided me with some overhead cover should the Adrian Squadron of the Oregon Air Force still be out patrolling the skies.

Here is the original Oregon Trail, hidden by weeds. Signs at the rest area mention pioneer's had discard much of their heavier possessions by this point, like stoves, piano's, grandfather clocks etc. For this reason, should Idaho expand its borders and take over Malheur County, I recommend Idaho forces stick to the more modern paved route through Keeney Pass.

I now reach my final objective for the mission: Vale, Oregon. I take note of the crossroads and some more interesting history. Should Idaho take over, Idaho would inherit some valuable historic information. Painted on some of the historic downtown Vale buildings, are murals of Oregon Trail pioneer's, Basque sheephearders, and Asian emigrants, that passed through and/or settled in the area.

With my two main objectives for the day completed, I must now plan my return route back to home port. I decide that re-tracing my original route has too many risks, so I improvise and use an alternative route. Although there is some risk involved, I decide to retreat via the quickest route, through Nyssa, Oregon.
As I travel through Nyssa on my "farm implement", I start to get nervous as I believe the Oregon secret police are on to me, and are disguised as Halloween Scarecrows lining downtown Nyssa.

Cautiously, I check to make sure I'm not being followed. Looks good, so I stop to recon my return across the Snake River into Idaho. Again, I plan on fording the river and all looks good, but at the last second an Oregon Navy Patrol Boat disguised as a fishing vessel pulls up to the dock. I would have taken a photo of the Oregon Navy Vessel, but I didn't want to raise suspicion so close to safety, so I took the bridge making a hasty getaway.

Well, after a 133 mile recon adventure, I return across the border back to the safe confines of Idaho.

My recommendation to us TW riders, I mean tractor operators: We are in a win-win situation. Malheur County does not seem to have any civil unrest. Additionally, Oregon has not impossed any cross border travel restrictions and we are free to ride their territory as long as we abide by their rules. So, in my opinion, there is no need to expand Idaho's this time!
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Beastly Adventurer
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Very creative!

Right on, Admiral! Very creative writing and great pics. You gotta love those T-dubs, I mean "farm implements" for exploration missions. Ride safe.

RedRockRider - WR250R, TW200, Versys, Vulcan 900 LT, Zuma 125

Southwest Utah: Dual Sport Riding from St. George
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Old 10-16-2011, 12:33 AM   #5
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Awesome report. Love your story.
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