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Old 11-30-2011, 10:19 AM   #31
Tall Mike
TAT Rookie (planning!)
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Nice RR! I have been pondering the coast run, but you added some to my bucket list with steam train destinations! Thanks!
I'm liking the ride!
Shiny side up, Throttle on, Leaning in!!
Ride the Earth! (Pavement Optional)

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Old 11-30-2011, 11:12 PM   #32
slugsmasher OP
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Day 9 Soda Bay CA to the Lost Coast

Thanks for reading thus far

110910 Day 9

Up pretty early and off to Willits. Going with original plan to check out the Roots of Motive Power steam fest where everything that can run will run. Got to Willits about 0900 or so. Met up with another guy on a small dual sport leaving the store in town named Pete. He was going to the steam fest also and showed me the way to get to the park. We parked our bikes right inside the Roots of Motive Power yard area very close to the steam shops.

nice parking spot for a train dork like myself for sure

Pete is a local who used to volunteer for the museum, he knows everyone so he said it should be no problem to park the bikes there. I was instantly engaged in taking photos while Pete talked to people working on the stuff. I kept wandering around and we got separated. I’m sure he understood my excitement. I spent the entire morning oogling all the equpment, most of which was running or able to run.

GE 44 tonner

steam donkey

steam crane, this thing was bad ass

video of steam crane for those interested (8 minutes)

I observed many items getting prepared for the days events. Quite the impressive collection of equipment and certainly worth a visit for anyone interested in early steam driven heavy machinery. Utterly amazing.
I ate lunch at the city park in the shade among an early combustion and small steam engine display. Then toured the Menicino County museum and headed out. While donning gear saw Pete ride by with a passenger on the back of his bike, waved and gave each other the thumbs up.

a couple videos of the steam fest I made (20 minutes of train geekness)

On the road headed up hwy 101 once again, plan was to make it to Patrick’s Point park north of Trinidad and camp there. Heading north just rode easy and took the side trip up Ave of the Giants again for fun.

There's more than just giant trees on the Ave of the Giants, giant bus...giant dude...

On the way I decided to take a look at the Mattole Rd connection to the Lost Coast. I had taken gas at Garberville so was good to go for exploring. I found the road using the GPS and once on it I initially thought I would turn around at some point but something kept me moving.
The road started out in deep redwood groves weaving, rising and falling between the huge trees.

Starting Mattole Road to the Lost Coast from the south through the trees

It then opened up into open yellow grassy hills. The road was especially rough, unkept, steep and extremely tight in some places.

Coastal foothills

Somewhat nervous going since I didn’t know what was coming and the surface was constantly changing. I was having some fun but mostly totally focused on riding without error. After much slow intensive riding, made it to town of Honeydew after crossing a bridge with wooden decking. Not really a town but a general store with a classic bronco out front. Stopped in and got some dinner fixins. Made friends with the store dog also who kept following me around expecting another pat on the head. Talked to the woman working the store and got info on camping at Mattole River beach. I was fairly committed by this time so camping and exploring the area was now part of the new trip plan. Saw some other moto dudes on semi-sport bikes come down the hill as I was leaving and they were obviously looking for gas. I noticed the gas here was about 2 bucks higher than anywhere on earth so topping off gas before dropping down off 101 was probably a good idea.

Bridge to town of Honeydew

Honeydew general store and classic Bronco

dog buddy

Headed down grade some more and finally broke out into the coastal air. Could tell the difference instantly, temps must have dropped 10-15 degrees. Store person said locals call this area where the road drops off to the coast “the wall”. Found Lighthouse road and headed down it about 4 miles to camp. Lot of loose gravel which I was not in the mood for but rode it out anyway with no issues. Got to campground and found spot at end of loop next to short path through sand berms to the beach. Spectacular area nestled among the barren grassy hills with a long open beach area next to the Mattole River delta.

Mattole camp ground

Set up camp and went to the beach to play the uke and enjoy. Temps were perfect and the surf was beautiful to watch. A long low fog bank was hanging out just offshore. Gave an eerie presence to the evening light. I went back and got dinner knocked out before sunset. Pasta tuna gack. (Prepare one Nestle herb and garlic flavor noodle package and then toss in a can of tuna=instant casserole).
Got back on the beach for sunset photos. Fog hiding the best lighting but still managed to get some good shots. Moon was full and rising at the same time so excellent timing and mood settings. Simply enjoyed the evening which was almost spiritual.. Could not ask for beteer conditions. Great top off to an outstanding long day.

beach and uke, doesn't get much better

low fog hiding the sunset but creating it's own surreal effect

Moonrise at sunset, all I could do was drool

could not have planned this setting in a million years

Leg Data:
Miles 193
Time.moving 4:11
Avg mph 46.1
Rich B
'07 DL650
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Old 12-01-2011, 03:21 PM   #33
Prov. 3:5-6
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Great country this, ain't it ?!
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Old 12-01-2011, 04:23 PM   #34
Joined: Oct 2011
Location: DFW, Texas
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Man, what a badass ride and report. I have something similar planned in 2013 (long ways away, but it's planned). Love the photos, I have never seen that part of the country before. Killer!
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Old 12-06-2011, 08:07 PM   #35
slugsmasher OP
Gnarly Adventurer
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Location: Whidbey Island, WA
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Day 10 Lost Coast to Rogue River Or

110911 Day 10

Got up at 0700 with the first light but not really in a big hurry. Had breakfast rituals and then took a nice beach walk. Ankle starting to limber up and the soft sand was good for easy strolling. Got some good morning photos of beach stuff in general. Spent quite a while just walking and enjoying the surroundings. Packed up camp slowly. Ranger stopped by and collected 8 bucks for the site since I didn’t pay the night before. Very reasonable considering the locale. Talked about the road and the way out heading north. He said I would have no problem since I already made it this far.

Lost Coast morning

As I was packing the wind kicked up and flopped my tent all over making teardown a little frustrating. I got all the way packed and then on a whim decided to fly my kite. Hiking back out to the beach the wind was really kicking up. As I was setting up the wind was blowing the sand around so hard it was stinging my legs. I figured I might break the little kite in these winds. I didn’t care much though, I was on the Lost Coast and getting the kite in the air now became an obsession. Once I got it setup and flying it was a load of fun. Too much wind to do any consistent low speed tricks but good speedy fun blasting back in forth in the heavy breeze next to the crashing waves. I took a break and went and got my camera and tripod to get a self flying photo. I set up the camera with the lens pointing to the area I would be flying and thought that it might take a few tries to get the shot with the kite flying beyond. Set the self timer on 12 seconds, got the kit up and got the shot the first time. Amazing. I then wrecked the kite pretty hard knocking one of the spars out of it’s socket and watching it flop uncontrollably to the ground. Not broken but certainly close enough, I packed it up after that before I did break it.

Lucky shot

Heading out from camp north to Petrolia. Stopped at the general store and got some munchums. Store lady had some cherry tomatoes in a basket on the counter which had a sign on them that said “eat”. Of course I had to try them.



They were very sweet and delicious. Had about two handfuls of them. Some barefoot hippy kids hanging out were munching on them as well. We all kind of laughed at each other as we were popping the tomatoes in our mouths. I was high on life in my spaceman suit, they were probably just high.

After the nice mini break, headed on north up the Mattole road. Road crossed over hilly plains and then abruptly dropped to the ocean.

Extremely beautiful coastline witth rocks and big waves crashing. Was truly spectacular. I stopped seveal times for photos. After quite a while on the coastline, the road headed straight up a large hilliside directly across from a gigantic rock out in the sea. The road up looked impossibly steep and frankly I was a little nervous going up it. Made it up in 2nd gear and dropped to 1st for the super sharp switchback halfway up the grade. Was able to stop for photos on the upper grade somehow. Famous view to the lonley farmhouse below I’ve seen from other ride reports.

Road was then pretty sketchy with switchbacks in 1st gear and a few gravel sections. For me I was at the comfort limit for sure. Fun but scary. Much rolling, twisting and turning got to what was the other side away from the coast and the downward spiral into town of Ferndale. Nice old town with Victorian buildings and other historic looking structures. Must have been yard sale sunday as many homes had a bunch of stuff out for sale.

Getting back on 55mph plus highway was a nice treat for a while since I had forgotten what that felt like. Mattole really makes your work for it and I was mentally fatigued from all the concentration. Hauling ass and actually getting up to 6th gear when the road is smooth and open felt good for a change.

Out to the 101 once more and blasted north. Stopped in Arcata for a snack break. Found town center to be filled with barefoot dreadlock backpacking hippy kids all over. Must be a mecca of modern flower power or something. Did manage to find a cafe that had adults in it and got a baguette and some coffee. Nice artsy place with a lot of various people traffic to observe. I probably looked stupid with my shorts and moto boots - or maybe right at home who knows. After eating got a couple photos and bailed out. Almost like being in a different country there in Arcata.

Arcata coffee shop, land of hippies, freaks and of course nice pastries

Back on the 101 moving pretty quick with no traffic made it to Crescent City in easy time. Went to Safeway there and got some dinner stuff. Then headed up hwy 199 east through redwoods and then the Smith River canyon. Nice road fast and twisty with good passing areas and visibility.

Smith River along hwy 199

Got boring towards Cave Junction and also started getting hot again. Stopped in Grants Pass to doff some layers. Then down I5 for a short bit to the Rougue River state park to camp. Open camping not far from noise of highway, not ideal but they had showers and it is free (thank you Oregon). Talked to another moto rider that had a rack on his motorcycle for his bicycle. Now I have to get a set up like that. Ate dinner and sacked in the relentless nighttime heat. Long and interesting day.

Leg Data:
Miles 234
Time.moving 4:48
Avg mph 48.7
Rich B
'07 DL650
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Old 12-06-2011, 09:29 PM   #36
In Claud We Trust
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I have to say that I am inspired. I do not have a bike yet but I am craving adventure. To read your story from MSF to now has been a real eye opener...maybe I am not so far off as I thought. Great read, looks like a great trip.
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Old 12-07-2011, 12:46 PM   #37
Gnarly Adventurer
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Great RR

Liked reading your ride report.
Very comprehensive with good photos.
Really gives us a great taste of your trip.

Thanks for posting.
- PB "JackpotDuc"
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Old 12-07-2011, 03:27 PM   #38
suffering somewhere
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Very nice "capture" of riding through NorCal, I enjoyed you RR very much.
Adventure begins when your plan falls apart.
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Old 12-07-2011, 03:59 PM   #39
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Great report, keep it coming.
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Old 12-08-2011, 03:33 PM   #40
Tall Mike
TAT Rookie (planning!)
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rhlrdr said:
Great report, keep it coming.
+1 !
Ride the Earth! (Pavement Optional)

stable: '05 DL1000,'06 DL650, '99 XR600R, '03 640ADV
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Old 12-08-2011, 04:51 PM   #41
Joined: Sep 2009
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Great first everything! First bike, first long ride, first ride report - all of it. I was really tickled that you packed and used your uke and kite. As a matter of fact, you managed to work in your other interests very well. Sign of good planning. You gave several hints of being in the military - living at Whidbee, using 24-hr time, day-before-month dates and so on. Thanks for your service. I'll bet your Dad was pleased to have you take up riding since he came to it earlier than you. A great picture of you two having lunch in the hotel bar. Good work!
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Old 12-09-2011, 09:54 AM   #42
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Thumb Brilliant!

Looking forward to moving west next summer, these pics look like my riding will be fun! We'll be near Port Angeles, maybe we can ride sometime!

Cheers, see you then!
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Old 12-09-2011, 10:53 AM   #43
Beastly Adventurer
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Well Done

Nice job, UberNoob.

But now you've gone and done it... One more place that I want to go, and can't get to any time soon.
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Old 12-09-2011, 11:30 AM   #44
Joined: Oct 2011
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I wear the same climbing shoes. ha ha. they're great for my narrow feet!

What a spectacular trip. I'm from Eastern WA, and I MUST try that route. I drove up 101 a while back, but a bike would make it amazing.

I think it's safe to say you're not a n00b anymore! Congrats!
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Old 12-09-2011, 11:47 AM   #45
Lucky Rider
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Great report, Slugsmasher, (changed name, I guess). your pictures a spectacular. What's your secret/equipment?
Ratman.......Pete .... My Solo Continental Divide Ride
....and of course, Luck beats good...
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