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Day 3 of dirt biking. A glimpse into the carnage.

Third weekend in a row at Noel’s parents’ house. The Participants have definitely expanded. I think first day we had 4 trucks, 2nd day we had 5, and todays amount of trucks…

Today we have Jason(Newb), Noel(Experienced), Cliff(Exp), Bob(Exp), Grant(Riding for a little under a year), Steve(Exp), Zach(Exp), Kevin(Newb), Janee(Soon to be newb when she gets a bike), Collette(Pretty much the official trail rider Mom, and awesome all around Gal). Those are the players, let’s go ahead and set the stage…

That’s how Grant likes to park his bike.

Note about this report, there was much more video taken than pictures so it’ll be more of a video report with a few pictures tossed in. Today was mostly arrive and rap with everyone about what’s all going on and of course getting razzed for being the last one there. Talking with my bro Zach, he wanted to use my go pro today so I hooked him up with Cliff on getting the clip stuck to his helmet and set up. Kind of a bummer on the go pro’s because no video view finder you don’t know what you have until you have it. So most of Zach’s videos are going to be looking at the ground a bit, needs to come up about 3mm to have a better view. Still got some great footage.

Speaking of footage, want to feel like a rockstar and have a bunch of cameras on you while you’re riding? Just show up to Noel’s and be a newb, then you’re in the spotlight Hahaha. I was still getting into warm up mode and just putting around in the field but for a bit I had both Cliff(gopro) and Zach(GoPro) following me. Talk about being nervous as a newb with all those cameras on you. “Eeesh, if I wad it then they’ll have 2 angles of my crash!!!” type stuff. Oof.

My camera men…

Here’s Cliff’s video of me just getting things warmed up, you can see the part where I’m telling him “NOO” and he’s “Don’t care!” haha. If you watch all of it you’ll see where Cliff also passes me trying to dowse me with a puddle. I was a bit further in front of the splash zone so I escaped without a drop.

Also since we’re on this vid, go ahead and watch the first part of this vid, or all of it whatever.

Now that being posted, that pigs whee part is pretty much what all of my dirtbiker friends figure is going on in my helmet the whole time I’m riding. Sadly enough, it kinda is. Haha, so from that, you get this courtesy of Cliff.

Moving on we have the guys cutting trails, the newbs down on the lower part playing around and riding around and whatnot with Zach staying downstairs with us playing newb herder and messing around with the go pro. Again the positioning is a bit wrong but here’s Zach playing around on the newb field.

Another vid before lunch(carnage) begins, Zach with his Dad(Steve) a bit, then passing Kevin, then passing me, then video of us talking about the Newb Getter, then going up the newb getter, then telling me to go up the newb getter which I bow out of like a newb.

LUNCH TIME!!! The past 2 times we have been out, first time Janee hooked us up with Chicken, ribs, and all the fixings. 2nd time we went out, Noel’s Mom and Pops hooked us up with Chili and burgers. This time Janee went out and did a full on crock pot casserole for us. I told them next time they don’t get to do anything and everyone who is out riding is going to chip in and we’re getting BBQ from the country store down the way. We’ll also do the dishes afterwards! Today’s lunch…

The bikes…

The digs!

Noel had a sweatshirt with pockets in it so I grabbed cokes for Bob and myself and gave them to him to carry up. As I get up to the house I see Zach shaking one of them up! Haha, I found out Noel was the first to shake it, Zach was just helping him out. I grab the other coke of course and we wait for Bob to get his food and sit down. So I'm there with camera in hand, ready to snap a picture of the psshhhhhhewwww going everywhere, Bob grabs the coke, opens it... NOTHING. It didn't spray out at all. Laaaammmeee. Was still funny though, even if Bob didn't get a good spray of coke everywhere.

Now that lunch is done, let’s get into the carnage part of it. We’ll start with me, tackling the newb getter. For the record the last time I tried the newb getter I punched a tree and got this…

So here is my video of tackling the newb getter. I fall down as well. Also quick note about how we were talking at lunch and on the very first stretch of trail there’s barb wire and how bad it would suck to get caught up in it. You’ll also see on this video where Kevin and I go “Oh hey” on that front stretch and I have to drop down a level in order to not go head on with him. Whee! First thing I thought of when I noticed he was on the same line was our convo over lunch about barb wire. Yeesh. Video, commentary and video by Zach.

Now this is the point where the carnage begins. In the above video you’ll see where I ask where Kevin is, as he was in front of us. On the top in the single track we find Kevin who has tackled the newb getter and told me that it was easy. Zach and I continue on from there and head back to my truck so I can do a “WHOA, YAY ME, CLIMBED THE NEWB GETTER” dance or something and wait on Kevin to return. We wait. Wait. Ok, gear up and let’s go see what he’s doing…

You see, the newb getter thus far is aptly named. I punched a tree on it(newb), Janee got some hard core bruises from it(newb), and Kevin(newb) has now put a hole in his radiator from it.

After that, we look over Kevin’s radiator, yeah jbweld isn’t going to fix that. Steve, Zach, and I take the 4 wheelers up to the top of the second part of the single track which I haven’t been on yet. Then we head back down and hang out/talk with the other riders. We talk about riding different stuff and what we haven’t done and we decide to take the creek bed for a while and see how it goes. I’m in on this too, sounds pretty easy and if you get stuck just turn around and come back. It was anything BUT.

The learning begins here. One thing I have to say is that the group of people I have chosen to ride with are absolutely awesome. I cannot count the times that I’ve been called a wuss today but when it comes down to it, there are there for you with instruction and help. Such as Cliff who was behind me while we were going to the creek bed. We end up at this gnarly(for a newb) 3-4 foot super incline down to the creek bed, I stop and start having doubts but Cliff rolls up to me and coaches me through it. I make it through fine which was awesome and I learned more about how much Adele can do. It was awesome.

Quick change of gears so that you’ll know why the next part happened. Earlier in the day Cliff came back and was talking about how he turned off Bob’s gas. Right before we left to do the creek bed Janee was looking back at Cliff and roughly where my bike was and going “What did you do to his bike?!” so I just basically figured I would have my gas turned off. As I get to my bike before we head out to the creek bed I flip the petcock around. Away we go.

After going down the 4 foot hill and traversing a LOT of loose rock, my bike just dies. I kick on it a bit, Cliff kicks on it a bit. Noel heads back to where we are and (carnage) starts to look like he’s going to climb this 8 foot vertical hill, with which he goes up it a bit, the bike loops, he falls on his back, and the bike lands on top of him. He was trying to roll up the hill a bit and pull in the clutch and roll back down to turn around but too much momentum and welp, get a bike to the chest. Noel kicks on it a bit and we decide it’s a fouled plug. I tell Noel where my extra plug is and he heads down the creek bed to get it. Cliff and myself take off helmet and proceed to sit around and talk about riding on loose stuff(I was going to slow) and whatnot.

After a bit I decide to check around and make sure choke wasn’t on fouling the plug and looking around and… I look to where the petcock is placed. “Does that say ‘OFF’” uhh, yes, yes it did. BAH!! I laugh a lot and start putting my helmet on and turn it back to on and in 3 kicks we’re back up and running. Lmbo. Cliff says it’s the greatest prank he’s ever pulled that he didn’t even have a part in. We run up to where the others are and this stuff is NASTY. Rocks, hill climbs, logs, make your own trail, just insane stuff. We get through it and myself and Bob are at the end of it and I follow his lead going up the hill to sweet sweet freedom!!! Because really the creek bed was insane. I really duck paddled(feet down everywhere) a whole lot of… ok almost all of it, because it was so rough. Finally, last haul, I’m following Bob, but I can’t see him because the top half of my goggles are fogged, then I get almost to the top and hear Bob going “Stop stop stop!”.

Bob with his line had gotten tangled in some hog fencing right at the top and went tits over tail over the bars. I didn’t get to see that because the top half of my goggles were fogged but Noel caught the tail end of it with Bob’s feet at the 12 o clock position in the air. We get Bob’s bike figured out and untangled and my bike through and YESSSSSSSS that nastiness is done and we head back to the trucks.

Then we talked about the day and stuff, loaded up, and went home.

Much thanks to Noel and Janee and Noel’s parents for letting us come out as well as feeding us. Awesome Awesome times! Also a shout out to Steve for letting me borrow the four wheeler and leading me up to the trails I haven’t been on yet with the bike. As well as his son Zach for being on go pro duty and catching a lot of good footage, even if the camera was positioned too far down.

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Looks like a really fun trip!
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