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Originally Posted by Ulyses View Post
This is what everyone needs: a brother to fix the bike for them while they are gone. Ha. Man, I'm begining to think we should have bought a different bike. How's the tank looking now?
They just let anyone on military computers don't they.

So I think I have the tank licked at last. Here are some pictures and a few words.

The first thing I did was drain most of the gas out (I left maybe a gallon) and added a can of sea foam and shook the sh*t out of it and drained it out. When I took the petcocks off the filters where almost completely full of liner. When I drained the tank, large chunks of liner came out as well. I thought that since my massively powerful arms had shook all the loose stuff out my problems were solved so I put a gallon of good gas in it and went for a successful ride. I then filled the tank up and went for the worst ride of my life. It started out good then 30 miles from home the bike started cutting out and the rain started pouring. My inline filters where getting plugged and the bike wasn't getting any gas. I limped home and started this process.

The tank vent was really plugged up with rust so I broke everything out with this method. It is just some cable chucked into a drill. It worked amazingly well.

Then I pulled the petcocks out to find this. The first time I pulled these out it was much worse.

Then I took it to the car wash to get all the oil products. I think I may have got some water in my tank at this point. (Sarcasm)

Guess what came out at the car wash... Here's a clue there was lots of red flakes

Then I got some acid magic and some self tapping screws and did my best to give my tank shaken baby syndrome. I drained this through some shop rags to find this.

After filling these three rags up before I had half the acid out I just gave up and poured the rest back into the container with no filter. The container had a lot of liner in it...

Then I washed it out again but when I turned the hose on it shot into my friends garage who is graciously letting me use it. It got everything wet and I was getting more and more frustrated. I cleaned up the garage.

Then I managed to get the hose into the tank to wash the acid out.

And guess what came out... There was a lot of these little and big bastards

Then I rigged up my fancy goodwill hair dryer and let it dry out.

Here is Molly after she got into a couple cups of flower.

When it was dry and I had a flash light I looked inside and wasn't exactly thrilled. There was still a lot of tank liner left and I could see a couple of pieces that looked like they where chipping so I used the acid magic and screws again. Same results, a lot of tank liner came out but when everything was dried out there was still a lot of liner left and some looked like it was just holding on. I decided to up my game and went and got 2 gallons of regular muriatic acid. This stuff was nasty! Fumes, sizzling, and other fun. I also added in some 1/4 inch nuts with the screws. I shook this thing so hard I could barely move my arms the next day and I did it for about an hour and a half, shaking for 5 minutes and then letting it sit in different positions for fifteen minutes. I used my down time to mow my buddies yard and curse at the BMW gods for making such an amazing yet horrible liner.

As I said before this stuff was really nasty. I spilled a little onto the concrete floor and it started smoking, bubbling and hissing. Even with good ventilation it really stung my eyes if the fumes got to close. I had some PPE. I thought I looked like a cool Star Wars character. It was probably the just the fumes.

I did the garden hose thing again except this time it didn't go all over the garage. Guess what came out... At this point I had a long hard think about shooting the tank several times and even pulled my gun but I talked myself down. If you couldn't tell I was getting frustrated. I then went and got some paint stripper and dumped that into tank with the screws and nuts. Then I did the shaken baby thing again for and hour or two and did some more yard work to relieve some stress. I let this sit over night and shook it up again in the morning on my way to school(I was on my pedal bike and it was raining, again I cursed the BMW gods)and let it sit for the rest of the day. After school and work I drained it out. Guess what came out...

I did the garden hose routine again and guess what came out... At this point I figured whatever it left in there has put up such a good fight that maybe it deserved to stay. So I took the tank to work where I could use the POR 15 kit that had arrived. Since I didn't dry it out very well after the paint stripper rinse out it had a lot of surface rust so I used the muriatic acid again and the garden hose routine. Guess what came out... thoughts of using the million pound pneumatic ram to completely flatten it made me happy. At least at this point the flakes were a lot smaller and a lot less frequent.all the rust was out and the metal was prepped for the POR 15 sealer but I decided to go through the whole process of the kit. I used the Marine Clean following the directions to the T. The marine clean knocked out a couple of flakes but not a hole lot. Then the Metal ready following the directions exactly. No noticeable flakes! I dried the tank out and then I dried it out some more, mixed up the sealer and dumped it in and twisted the tank around for half and hour trying to imagine it rolling over every part of the tank. Then I pulled the corks out of the petcock holes and let it drain out.

The four days for the sealer to set up are up some time Saturday but the lab is closed down so it will sit until Monday. It looks good but I was really frustrated and wasn't even going to share my experience but I thought I might show my brother all I have done on it so he may appreciate my hard work. I will try and snap some more pics tomorrow.

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