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Old 06-26-2012, 08:07 AM   #1
Lemondelicous77 OP
Joined: Apr 2011
Location: Sisters Beach, TAS
Oddometer: 26
Peak Charles – Esperance – Fitzgerald National Park

So as the ADVRider website has inspired me to get out to places that would otherwise be unknown, I feel it’s my duty to give back so to speak and document one of my trips I did back in Jan 2012.

So things were starting to get a bit mundane in the office so I yelled over the cubicle to me old mate Ned Jones “Hey Ned, Lets get outta here for a few days on the bikes”………..”Ahhhh great idea” he replied………the planning was underway.
A few google maps and the memory of a somewhat recent ADVRider blog regarding Peak Charles and that was it, those familiar feelings prior to a new adventure were flooding back and my mind was thinking of all the things I had to organise, buy or borrow.
Most importantly was a fuel bladder to extend the range of the 800GS, she’s a mighty machine but if BMW missed the mark on anything it would be the 17L tank and the lack of a factory steering dampener. Anyway, not another bad word against the bike, she’s my pride and joy.
So a 12L fuel bladder was arranged, new TKC’s to replace the bald ones and I had the majors ticked off.
The map was highlighted with a preliminary plan, Day 1 Fremantle – Peak Charles, Day 2 Peak Charles – Somewhere on the Telegraph track, Day 3 Telegraph Track – Israelite Bay, Day 4 Israelite Bay – Fremantle
It was a plan, albeit very green from a very green wanna be off roader.

The completed route (Very different from the proposed one !)

The bikes

Day 1
Fremantle – Peak Charles

So we departed Perth about 9:30am on the Friday and cut a B-line which was bound for Hyden to check out Wave rock. Along the way a couple of notable mentions were the Corrigin Dog Cemetery, a brand new waterslide park in the middle of a dusty wheat belt town called Kulin & and the randomness of the Tin Can Highway.

A quick bite of lunch at Wave Rock, the oh so touristic photo of attempting to surf the rock face, a cold drink from the local shop and it was time to re-board the bikes again (Ned rides a 680 Transalp) for the slab to Lake King.

As we rolled into Lake King we decided to drop a few litres in the fuel bladders as we really had no idea how the plan would unfold once we got a little further outta range. Fuel topped up and an icy Carlton Cold down the neck and it was time to jump on and head for Peak Charles.
FYI it was about 41 DegC and was during the hot spell that we had in January….sweating it out big time !!!
Off the slab and onto the gravel, the excitement of being on the hunt for that new outta the way destination was starting to flow through the body.
It might be 2012 and most of the great adventures have been conquered but my little one was just getting underway and I was really loving it !
The turn off to take the old track to Peak Charles appeared at the end of the straight and we hit sand for the first time. I swear the feeling of being on a nice firm sand track on the GS it probably one of my all time highs…..a twist of the throttle lights up the rear and the GS is feeling like Black Caviar at Flemington (Ok maybe some hyperbole there but I think most of you know what I’m talking about !!)
Punching down the track it started to occur to me, “Shit, it’s a fair way to Peak and it’s already 5:30”……Soft sand is never to be underestimated on a big bike laden with all the kit required for a trip like this, particularly when you don’t bother letting down your tyres until after your first off !!…….Flying along at good speed I watch Ned get well outta control and was just about to witness his unplanned exit when I lost the front of the GS in soft stuff also, I went left, Ned when left, track went straight !!! Off !!, I jumped up laughing and noticed Ned arse up under the bike as he’d pinned his leg pretty badly and required my assistance to free him from the resting Trannie…bikes up, tyres down, ciggie to calm the nerves hopefully settle down Neds sore knee and it was time to push on !!
Makes you think what can go wrong when you’re out in these sorts of places though & I got admit I started to ride with a little more care, for a little while anyway !!!! The investment in the Spot tracker was also instantaneously justified!!
Further down the track and we ride through a stand of spindly gums and all I can think is that these are exactly what the First Australians used to manufacture their primo A-grade spears, I’d never seen such straight perfect weapons & the wood was burnt hard as nails by the relentless outback sun.
Further on and it was time to consult the map to try and work out where the hell we were?, still a way to go was the verdict, maybe halfway if lucky, fatigue was kicking in and the heat was getting to me big time, I was wet through and starting to suffer random blood noses, I was thinking heat stroke or exhaustion, this would have to be a first !!! “Mmm whata ya reckon Ned ? Keep going or pull up here ?”…………”Let’s keep going for a bit”……..”Ok” I replied as I staggered back onto the GS really starting to think I may have bitten of more than I could chew.
½ hr further down the track and we approached a small hill, upon reaching the top we caught our first sighting of Peak C…………way way on the horizon ! A reasonable size peak coming out of nowhere on an otherwise flat panorama
“Whatta ya reckon mate ?” Ned asked me as we both sat with our view fixed to the horizon…………..”Shit yeah” I replied, voice in over-drive with excitement. I lit up the rear and that was that…..a long straight race to the finish line
A setting sun, dust, filthy visors, lengthening shadows and we were hooking full tilt!!!!!
An hr or so of some of the purest riding of my life, fast & reckless, the mind was clear, fully in tune with the bike, no distracting thoughts of life, just changing gears, balancing brakes and picking lines……it’s gotta be one of the best feelings in the world……….only a motorcyclist knows it !
We made camp just on dark, sent a quick “I’m fine don’t worry” via Mr Spot tracker and proceeded to pull out the 2L goon bad of Banrock Cab Merlot………”How good was that last hr” we mused as we layed there looking at the passing Satellites overhead……..”Wouldn’t wanna be anywhere else eh !”

Frothy time @ Lake King, Ned left, me right

The result of getting a bit loose

First view of PC

Getting closer

View from campsite carpark the next morning

Day 2
Peak Charles – Esperance

A quick review of the map & it was decided that attempting to take on the Telegraph track was probably biting off more than we could chew, considering 40 degree heat was taking it’s toll and the risk of not being able to refill our water supplies if something went wrong was sending off alarm bells that this wasn’t the right timing for that route, "Next time !" we vowed.
We snaked the gravel south until we made Esperance around lunch time…a sweet feed of fish and chips and a quick look around town and we were off to Cape Le Grand.
Coming from Tassie I’ve always claimed we had some of the best beaches in the world but after experiencing this area, South East WA was added to that list. Cape Le Grand beaches are probably the most visually stunning in OZ I think. A nice ride along the beach and a refreshing swim and we decided to back track to Esperance & make camp, cook some pasta, drink some wine and reflect on the sights discovered throughout the day.

Heading south out of PC NP

Cape Le Grand NP

Mmm wonder how all that sand got messed up ?

Cape Le Grand NP


Day 3
Esperance – Fitzgerald National Park

A route was plotted that took us from Esperance to Fitzgerald National Park via the coast as much as possible along with a few detours into coastal hamlets such as Stokes National Park & Lake Shaster Nature Reserve for some off road blasting through various sand tracks. The discovery of top quality camp spots such as Starvation Bay & Mason Bay and I’d made my mind up that I would return here one day with the tinnie & the girlfriend and make a long weekend of it , a magical spot indeed. A top notch Egg & Bacon roll at the café on the main drag of Hopetoun then it was off to the local pub to have a well deserved frothy or two & check out the great white shark memorabilia on the wall!! Ned grabbed some ice and a few takeaways were crammed in the saddle bags and we were headed 20 min down the road to our proposed campsite & Hamersley Inlet on the eastern side of Fitz Nat Park or so we thought !! Road closed, no access….WTF ? Seems the road gang were upgrading the road into the Park from the eastern side and there was no way around !! Fortunately the guy we spoke to at the road closure was a local and kindly told us of a back way into the park, “Just head back out the road for so many km’s, turn up this road, keep going till ya past the tank, keep going till ya past the turnoff, look out for this, turn left at that and then follow your nose ! “ Anyway we managed to navigate our way and enjoyed some of the best riding for the whole trip, tight tracks, bouncing roo, creek crossings etc etc and we were having a ball….Ned disappeared outta sight for a while as the Trans Alp ran outta fuel, we finally made camp and set ourselves up. The march flies were absolutely shocking but luckily after lathering up on the heavy duty Rid, things were all good !!!!

Stokes National Park

Lake Shaster Nature Reserve

Mason Bay Campsite

Ned soaking up the panoramic

Simultaneous Crashes

Day 4
Fitzgerald National Park – Perth

The reality of the long ride home kicked in, gear packed, bikes refuelled and we were off. The ride out of Fitzgerald Nat Park was a nice start to the day but soon enough the black slab appeared, so tyres back up to pressure, assume the position and open up the throttle. The high winds made things a little more interesting than what they would’ve otherwise been and Neds GPS led us though some pleasant country back roads which eventually intersected the Great Southern Highway at Katanning.
The traffic shuffle from there on and soon enough we were parting ways at Armadale traffic lights and back to the metro way of life.

All in all, awesome 4 days riding, major highlights would include, track from Lake King to Peak Charles, beaches of Cape Le Grand, racing through the back tracks into Fitzgerald Nat Park & the coastal road east of Hopetoun.

Bikes, camping & discovering new places…….couldn’t really ask for anymore !!

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Remember it's not a race!
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Location: Norf East Tasmania,Australia
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Nice one !!
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Beastly Adventurer
jtb's Avatar
Joined: Dec 2003
Location: Hawkesbury NSW Australia
Oddometer: 2,196
Thanks some nice looking parts of WA there!
"Motorcyclist are always going to be frowned a pond..." an inmate in the AUS group

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Gnarly Adventurer
chelo5sur's Avatar
Joined: Jun 2009
Location: Chile.
Oddometer: 198
nice trip , beautiful colors pictures.
thanks for sharing
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Old 06-26-2012, 07:32 PM   #5
Miss Jane
Ride like a girl
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Joined: Mar 2009
Location: Central Victoria
Oddometer: 1,951
It's a while since I've been down that way, but you are right about southern WA beaches. Stunning.
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duckslider's Avatar
Joined: Oct 2009
Location: down from The Mount...Australia.
Oddometer: 3,383
Good RR+Great pics!
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Trust Me!
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Laugh Great RR

Thanks for sharing, looks like a ride I need to do
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Lets Ride
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The Blue Kazoo
The Blue Kazoo's Avatar
Joined: Aug 2009
Location: Melbourne
Oddometer: 40
Great pics, looks like fantastic place to ride.
The picture with the peak that appears to have an arch close to the summit, is that peak Charles or a different one? Looks interesting for a hike.
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Glenn C
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Joined: Nov 2010
Location: Sydney
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Great RR, thanks for sharing. I love reading about places like this. They plants little seeds that may grow into a big trip at some time

S10 Glenn
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Not for Highway Use
Wannabe hasbeen
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Good yarn. Thanks.
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P/T Shed Dwelling Hermit
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Nice Pics!

Great Country

Good times
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TWIN Cylinder ADV
Hodgo's Avatar
Joined: Jul 2009
Location: Brisbane
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Great pics thanks for sharing.
Hodgo Spot
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Lemondelicous77 OP
Joined: Apr 2011
Location: Sisters Beach, TAS
Oddometer: 26
Peak question

Originally Posted by The Blue Kazoo View Post
Great pics, looks like fantastic place to ride.
The picture with the peak that appears to have an arch close to the summit, is that peak Charles or a different one? Looks interesting for a hike.
Nah, that's Frenchmans Peak in Cape La Grand NP
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Orange Fever
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Joined: Dec 2007
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Nice adventure, good to see some new places down that way, as we bypassed some of what you saw on our trip.

Thanks for posting.
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good stuff!
i must not post hairy buttocks
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