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Old 08-20-2012, 04:20 PM   #61
Harden the phuck up
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Fun report and my popcorn bowl is full, IN for the duration.
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Old 08-20-2012, 04:32 PM   #62
NomadGal OP
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Originally Posted by Hair View Post
I see that Motion Pro just came out with a new set of tools for breaking beads. They look pretty sweet.
Anyway I thought of you when I saw them.
Here is the link
Thanks Hair! They look pretty sweet, but $80 is pretty steep if you ask me! Think I'll just buy a large wood clamp and that way I just need to twist the lever until the bead breaks
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Old 08-20-2012, 05:16 PM   #63
Dirty Old Hippie
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NomadGal, I've been following your report since your first stop in Lincoln for Euro Bike night. Didn't get a chance to meet you that night but at least I got to meet you at Pie-fest. Enjoying your RR and looking forward to reading more about your travels.
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Old 08-20-2012, 05:31 PM   #64
Bug Sister
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NomadGal, I suspect you have a lot more people subscribed to your Ride Report than you realize. I've been subscribed since the start.

Keep riding and keep smiling.
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Old 08-20-2012, 07:37 PM   #65
NomadGal OP
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Originally Posted by zoid View Post
NomadGal, I've been following your report since your first stop in Lincoln for Euro Bike night. Didn't get a chance to meet you that night but at least I got to meet you at Pie-fest. Enjoying your RR and looking forward to reading more about your travels.
Was nice to meet you Zoid! Glad to see that there are still hippies about!
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Old 08-20-2012, 07:40 PM   #66
NomadGal OP
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Originally Posted by Ladybug0048 View Post
NomadGal, I suspect you have a lot more people subscribed to your Ride Report than you realize. I've been subscribed since the start.

Keep riding and keep smiling.
Hey Ladybug! Not really sure how to see if someone subscribed. Fifthcircle is the first one who mentioned it, so I assumed he was the first subscriber. Haha, maybe I have secret subscribers :loll
Nice to "meet" you!
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Old 08-21-2012, 06:59 AM   #67
NomadGal OP
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I'm back in Ames Iowa.
After Red Oak I encountered some road work, thought this was a pretty unique road composition, black and white.

Looked at the map, and decided to take Highway 25, just cause my B-Day is on the 25th. While riding I glimpsed this hug rock that had been painted, I turned around cause I was curious as to what was painted on it.
Turns out this rock is famous.

The young man who started this, think he was 19 at the time, did this after seeing Saving Private Ryan.
He changes it every year

I am so against war that seeing this made me very sad...... what a waste, we could do so much better than this!
The only way I can cope with mankind's stupidity is in believing that everything happens for a reason.
Guess the only way to long for world peace is to finally get fed up with world war. I sure hope that comes around sooner than later!

The view behind the rock gave me a bit of peace. Nature does wonders for the soul. A bit of heaven in this crazy world.

Another red barn

Iowa has some amazing skies, and the camera is not doing justice to the different colors of the field. There were different hues of yellows and golds and ochres.

Now I can truly say, without lying, that I have been to Jamaica!

Got back to Ames via some obscure country roads that were just awesome, P30 is one of them.
Back at Robert's house Nickel was happy to see me again. He kept following me around like a young puppy dog, even though he is a really old cat (14yrs).

Using the sink together was a bit of a challenge. Hey Nickel, can I spit out my toothpaste now??

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Old 08-24-2012, 02:52 PM   #68
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Love the RR
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Old 08-24-2012, 09:15 PM   #69
another old fart....
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Still following, like many others.
Stay safe and keep smiling!
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Old 08-25-2012, 09:03 AM   #70
RIP Baby Girl
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Just found your RR this AM. I'm caught up now and it looks like the start of a great adventure. My wife and I have ridden from Va to some of the places you've visited but for now we've put traveling on hold.Our yellow lab Libby is almost 14 so we do just day trips now.
Travel safe,

89 Transalp-98 FXDWG
AMA member
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Old 08-25-2012, 05:22 PM   #71
Old Motorcyclist
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What an awesome report! I was wondering at first about the battery on your KLR as they don't need a battery to run unless something else is amiss. I've had to push start mine several times due to flat batteries or loose connections either on the battery , ground or fuse. Glad the wires you found solved the problem. Love the back roads of America also no matter if on my KLR or Bandit. Thanks for the time and work to share your journey.
A14 KLR 43k miles ,07 1250S Bandit 75K miles , 03 Chevy Truck 80K miles '43 model me. Simper Fi
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Old 08-28-2012, 12:11 PM   #72
NomadGal OP
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YAY! Back on the road again..... guess I'm a restless soul.
Spend 6 days at Robert's house watching the cat and painting. I loved it, his house is very comfortable, and he made me feel welcome.

Wow, he even posed!

Starting to pack up the bike before he even got home showed I was anxious to get going again.
I love sleeping in my tent, and being in the forest or just outside.
I had a great lucid dream the night before he came home, about my grandmother who passed away. Seeing her in my dream made me realize I was dreaming and I became lucid. It was wonderful being with her again, and asked her questions about how she was, and what it was like bing dead. She gave me some funny answers. One of them was that she was learning how to ride a horse. LOL.
Still it felt real being with her and I gave her a hug goodbye as I felt that I couldn't hold on to my lucidity.
I left Sunday August 26th, and right before I did so, Robert gave me his Down sleeping bag, and I left my colossal bag with him. Wow, Spirit looks better without it on her! Haha.
Now a smaller sleeping pad, and I can get one of those cases on the back and stash everything in it.
I am a tad worried about the wind on Mackinaw Bridge, so not having that huge thing sticking out is a relief!

I think this is a Norwegian little town.

I rode Eastward and watched as the landscape changed from corn to forest.

Yep another red barn

My first glimpse of the Mississippi!

Found a campsite, Pike's peak National Park, overlooking the Mississippi, and pitched my tent.

It was still light so I decided to walk to the bluff and take some pictures.

Wow! A parking spot just for bikes, cool!

The view was amazing!!

The thing about riding everywhere is that you start to feel like your legs are atrophying so I decided to go for a little hike.

It looked like fun heading down there!

Hmmm, not so much fun heading back up (only 200 steps though)

I can imagine how amazing this fall must look in the spring. Iowa has had a long dry spell!

Left the next morning (sleepily, some drag racing going on outside the campground in the middle of the night!) after having talked for a while with one of the campers who turned out to be a hypnotist. He was on the road as well, from one gig to another, helping people to get over fears and other things. He said the problem was that people just wanted to get fixed, but never really wanted to delve into their own psyche to find out what the trouble really was. I guess that will only happen when you are finally ready to take a deeper look at yourself and deal with what you find.

On my way North I dropped by Effigy Mounds National Monument.
There are tons of mounds there that are still being researched. Basically they are burial grounds of animals and humans, and no one knows exactly who made these.

Rode through a pretty little town called McGregor

Decided to go into Wisconsin so I could ride close to the river.

Yep, here too, red barns!

Had to turn around and take a pic of this street. Saw it as I rode by.

After looking for a reasonably priced campground I decided to go over the bridge into Minnesota, seeing as I though $27 was a tad much for camping out.

Found a cool site for $11 at Kruger camp, south of Wabasha. Spirit and my tent, Home sweet home!

Now, don't get me wrong, meeting folks is great, but here at the camp, while riding into it, I met this guy on a Yamaha called Elmer. He invited me to his place, but I kindly told him no thanks, I love camping. I didn't know what to think of him.... He kept spitting , yuck!
I said bye and started looking for a good camping spot, when he showed up again and said he'd show me the perfect place. I tried to have an open mind and heart and said ok. He drove to the other side of the campground and indeed showed me a nice little spot with grass and a bit of a view. Then he lingered for a long while while I pitched up my tent. Then the campsite host joined him, and together they watched me pitch up my tent and get my stuff off the bike. It feels rather odd being observed doing my thing! Elmer just couldn't believe Spirit was capable of riding that long of a distance and with all that gear on it. I think Spirit would have spit at him of she could have!
Finally after having talked a bit more, he was a farmer who grew corn, and also a power plant worker at the local prison, Elmer said bye. He still must not have believed me when I said I loved camping, LOL. He was an ok guy, and meant well, but I still didn't feel very comfortable around him.

Spend a great night in my new sleeping bag, it was wonderfully quiet! BRoke camp and headed North along the river toward Stillwater.

Lake Pepin

Rode through Lake city, a very picturesque little town.

Right now I'm in Red Wing, having some salad and fries at you know where!
Time to post this and hit the road again. Not going too far today, I thin I want to paint some more.
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Old 08-30-2012, 11:50 AM   #73
NomadGal OP
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Currently in Duluth, got my first glimpse of the lake!
Here are some pics of the last few days.

Going through Stillwater

Perfect shot of this gorgeous red barn!

I love it when a town has flowers hanging from the street lights

If you look closely you can see my shadow *:Hap1:

From my campsite to the river

I think the rock was too shiny, so I look very ghostly haha

How much room does one gal really need!!!! A lot! Hahah, airing out my junk

One more classic red barn
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Old 08-31-2012, 03:05 PM   #74
NomadGal OP
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In Grand Marais right now drinking a cop of tea in a coffee shop, which is funny cause I've decided not to drink coffee anymore. I miss it though ;.(..
After Chengwatana I headed North to Duluth.
Well....... my first glimpse of it was not to good, my reaction was basically YUCK!
It was all grey and ghetto looking, smog and industrial chimneys, too many cars, big freeways with bridges running over and under each other. Basically the stuff I normally avoid like the plague.
Once I got past it and saw the nice part of town and the lake, it was all G!
I love the road along the lake, it is gorgeous and not too many folks on it at all!

Saw this humongous statue on the side of the road. I should have put the restaurant in the pic as well to have a reference. This guy is about 15 or more feet tall

I checked out another state park, and again it was $25! so no way!
Stopped by Tofte forest ranger station and they gave me a map of some free camp sites. Yay!!
Rode up to country road 2 and up into the hills. The road soon changed into gravel and I kinda felt skittish being on dirt again. After almost 4 weeks my rib is feeling pretty good. I can sneeze and cough again without hurting. Still can't push on it, and it feels a little off. Being on gravel again felt scary, but I decided it was worth getting a free night. I rode for about half an hour or more on this.

Pretty hard but very squarely with ruts underneath.

Afterwards I found my turnoff 164 to trout river campsite.

They weren't' kidding about the trucks!!
Holy cow, one came thundering down this narrow road, and I had to ride into the ditch to avoid being squashed!

The road was so worth it!!!

There was only one other camper there, and quite a ways away.

Found this little trail and wanted to see if there was an overlook so I could see the sunset. There wasn't one nearby, instead I found a lot of these!

I wonder if a slug can eat these, would it be safe for humans too?

I really want to learn which mushrooms are safe for consumption. my mouth was just watering seeing them all. I love fried mushrooms, and thought of Jim's friends in Lewiston Idaho, who took me out Morel hunting.

This picture doesn't do the peace and serenity of the place justice, but then again, no picture really could!

Had a great night's rest. It was pretty cold at night. After a week of 80 degree nights, the temp dropped to 45. I am loving the down sleeping bag, and find myself still breathing in the morning, so I guess no more allergies! :nana

Turns out that the dirt road further down to country road 4 and down to Lutsen was a heck of a lot shorter and easier. Go figure!

Rode up to Grand Marais

Lovely little town on the lake.

I took the Gunflint Hwy cause I heard so much about it.
Well........... It was a major let down! I had expected a way more rustic road with lots of views of the water and wild moose.
What I found was a wide road with not much to see, and restaurants, Lodges, and giftshops scattered along the way.
Still was able to take a view okay pics

I am pretty sure this was an eagle! It kept following me.

I rode back toward Grand Marais faster than I rode to the end of the road, and decided to have a cup of tea and post my RR.

I am heading to another free campsite on the map. I hope it's as nice as last nights one.
Then because my friend in Minnesota has no time for me I decided to just head to Minnesota tomorrow of the day after. So I get to give Duluth another chance.
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Old 09-02-2012, 10:28 AM   #75
NomadGal OP
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Aaahhhh, I am all relaxed and ready to ride for a while!
I rode back toward the free campsite I had stayed the night before, but right before I got there decided to take a peek at White Fish lake, that also had 3 free camping spots. I am glad I did.

It was beautiful and very peaceful, and had only one other camper, a family of three.
At first I thought that 2 of the three sites were taken, but it turned out that the family really did not want to end up with some noisy days barking next to them, so they just planted a bunch of stuff on site 2 and "screened" the drive by's.
They did ask me if I wanted to camp on that site, but the other one actually had a flat spot so I took it.

Steve dropped by later and asked if I wanted to come over and have dinner.
I warmed up my Indian food, and went over.
His wife Nancy and son Mike were very nice too, they had made me a veggie shish kebab, very tasty!
We sat and had dinner and shared stories. One of them was hilarious!
Steve's friend, let's just call him Buddy, is a pretty big guy, and he had bought himself a mummy sleeping bag good for cold weather. So he goes of and camps out in the forest during the winter. Crawls in his mummy bag and goes to sleep.
Well, he ends up waking up in the middle of the night and find that he can't move his hands. Of course half asleep, and not thinking clearly, he panics thinking his arms were frozen, and tries to get up and out of the tent.
He finally manages to get on his knees and his face near the zipper so he can open the tent door with his teeth, only to have his tong get stuck to the freezing cold zipper head. After the door is open he has to yank his tong off the zipper, and he hops outside still stuck in his sleeping bag. Well Steve is mimicking the whole story, so it was pretty funny to watch as well! End of story is that after hopping a while Buddy realizes that he can feel his arms again, they had been asleep because he had been lying on them. LOL

I stayed at the campsite the next day and moved the rear wheel back a tad to tighten the chain that finally after a few thousand miles stretched a teensy bit.
I also got a chance to mend a few things that had broken, like the velcro on my tent, and gotten on pants.
As I was sewing, look what walked into my tent site and then walked out again. I followed it into the other site and took a picture

I had a blast watching a squirrel tackle a half apple that was on a bench, he was really chewing off some good sized chunks, and rolling around with that apple while doing it.
then a beautiful butterfly landed on the bench.

Then I ended the day with a shower out of the bag, and working on my paintings. Very relaxing.
Walked over to Steve and his family to let them know about the fox, and we took a group picture.

That sweater makes me look like I'm twice as beg! LOL! now I know what to wear when I see a bear!

Toward sunset I walked to the lake and I was glad I did, managed to take a good picture of the sunset

Broke camp early this morning and I am in Twin Harbor right now, heading for Duluth and Minnesota.
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