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Old 07-06-2012, 06:28 PM   #16
Beastly Adventurer
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Laugh "Hey, I know that dude...."

I'm in and along for the ride, looks like good one!
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Haha, IN!
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Hey Jim - have a great trip.

Those tool tubes seem pretty low. Ever worry about losing them when you bottom the front out?

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Jettn Jim OP
This is Liv'n!!!
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Cool2 Back to the future.................

OK......................................... Time to get this trip out to the masses. Thanx to all of you who posted up that your IN!

Been on the road for 16 weeks or soooo and think I'm ready to relate my thoughts now. Things and life have taken a BIG change for me as of late....... I'll try to keep it simple and just ketch up with the MANY pics, stories, adventures and people I met.

I pull outta the garage and point Desiree' WEST!!!!

As I posted before..... Sherri not sooo happy I'm leaving. After abouuut the 6week on the road timeline as usual she and I begin to drift apart.....

One of my closest friends and advisers Terry the Goldsmith sweeping as I leave in the rain....

Then it clears up...

Not much to report really.... due to wanting to get out to Diamond Lake, WA ASAP I was doing the Interstate drone sooo some of the only exitement was at toll booths. An example: I pull up to one in Indiana I believe and it wouldn't spit a ticket so I buzzed the toll guard somewhere deep in mission control- "Yes I'm on a bike and the sensor doesn't seem to see me... can you send me out a ticket?" "haha yeeees suure no problem sweety" we go back and forth for a few more seconds and as we talk I notice that this woman has a REALLY SEXY voice! Now I know I need to be careful of what I say but I am sometimes painfully truthful sooo I say "By the way... not to be disrespectful... BUT you sure have a SEXY voice!" ??? ooooh boy too late now. " Giggle giggle why THANK YOU!" Whoa that went alright glad I spoke up, that seemed to spread some happiness. On we go.........................

I get out into Illinois and hold up for the night at a Comfort Inn in Earlville after 730mi on the superslab, only to notice that my masterlink clip has flown the coop as I'm testing a new 17tooth front sprocket. I grind more material off the cover, add a new clip then down the road. Also do some rain shell repair as I've crashed so many times with it that the holes need more nylon repair patch. (yup I carry that too)

Break out the tools and start clearancing.....

Next morning I get up and spend 2hrs trying to edit this R/R kinda trying to put up what I'm really up to here, only to lose it all twice.... uuuugh!!! Welp must not be time yet, need some more thought I spose.
Nice jet streaks as I roll out near Paw Paw....

I get out on I-39 N bound and by the next fuel up I see the master clip has flown the coupe again....I grind some more then put on a smaller link from a diff chain... that works and I'm goood to go. As I head North I am bucking STRONG headwinds from the NE sooo I slow up and cross the grassy median (ya gotta love an enduro!) and head back to the last exit to take some back roads, man the superslab is as usual KILLING ME!.... I head due West on a county road and now have a nice quartering tail wind instead!^)- seeing rural America and feeling alot better.
I blow past some cruisers....

Aaah some dirt....

Hit Amboy Illinois with some brick streets... (yea I like brick roads... Don't you?)

Pull into the station and up pulls a lawnmower... gotta love a town like that!

Then hit up the Amboy Family Restaurant for some goood home cooking, told the waitress about self power and belief (she can't quit smoking) at least that's what she believes... Nope she can!

Then its back roads Northwest up into Minnesota where I hole up for the night in a Super 8 where I see a DR650 and a KTM 950m loaded for a tour... I notice ADV stickers on them and that the DR has a flat and is almost falling over. I prop it up with a cement block and catch some zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz's.

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Old 09-03-2012, 04:33 PM   #20
Jettn Jim OP
This is Liv'n!!!
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In the morning I see the two guy's loading up the bikes and that the flat is fixed.... I roll out to say high and see where they've been and goin' etc..... It's Chad aka "Rokklym" and Rodger aka "Collarbone" heading home to Wisconsin from a Trans South Dakota tour........ Wooop woooop! They're gonna do a RR lata.
Chads a freelance photographer and we share a deffinate connection in our views of life/reality.
I can't believe once again we're in a gooc convo and I'm talking the Story/Truth and met these two likeminded guys.
WOW Chad is gonna send me a shirt and I've gotta send him books (note to self!!! Send books) He compares me to Hunter S. Thompson... and I tell him that HST probably doesn't have a thing on me LOL! And that's SAYING ALOT.
Load'n up..........

Chads got a leaking seal sooooo I show him the magic Motion Pro seal wipe and dry things up...............

Chads bussiness Lone Wolf Studios... funny because I sometimes go by Lone Wolf myself.

Rodger shows me a neat trick which inspires me to make my own Funder brace later at Waynes in Idaho...

On the road again... SUPER niiiice to meet you guys!!!

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Old 09-04-2012, 08:03 AM   #21
Jettn Jim OP
This is Liv'n!!!
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Location: NE PA Some... PNW Some... On HIGH ADVENTURE Most!
Oddometer: 1,806

I buzz outta Minnesota and head across South Dakota where I see the ol' Missouri a com'n... always signals a getting deeper into the West feeling for me.

As you cross you see alotta stations and such as Al's Oasis... memories of 2010 when I came back onto the onramp here too hot after a wild thunderstorm the previous night (patch of sand and stones covering the entire road) that had me lowsliding up the ramp at 30mph.... destroyed the righthand glove and tore up right side tank pannier. A wake up call...................

As I ride on West I get into some of the toughest conditions I've EVER ridden in!

Yea I know I'm on a super slab on flatland how tough can it possibly be right????????
Well man/chick imagine steady quartering headwinds at 35-50mph ALL DAY LONG! for hundreds and hundreds of miles on end! And I'm running WIDE OPEN into these winds (this goes from Worthington Minnesota CLEAR to Coeur d' Alene Idaho, nearly 1,300mi... wide open the whole way... my average speed is 77.7! My fastest average speed ever!) I'm in a full tuck as low as I can lay down on the bike with the Lynx screen lowered to it's lowest position (later I see the winds had forced it back into the carbon fiber fairing, rubbing notches into the lexan)
My back is screaming from the awkward contortions I assume. I'm hanging onto the seat off to one side to best let the screen and forks block the winds. I constantly stare at the GPS inching around on Desiree' to eeeek every .10th of a mph out of her. Desiree' is tilted over so far that I must look like a Circus act to everyone I pass..... aaand EVERY rig I pass causes a VIOLENT lane swap from this lane to that.
And on topof it all I have to break outta my position every pass to use the turn signal and give a wave! Yea I can't break etiquette ya know. Any way all the boulder strewn, muddy rides are only burst of energy... this one is FOREVER!
I'm getting more of a workout than last years 11hr ride from Souix Falls to Rapid City in the Blizzard!

Sooo later in the day I pull over in Kimbal SD at a fuel station that looks a bit familar to fuel up and rest a bit. I glance over and see Ditty's Doo Wah Diner... I'm hungry, I'm tired aaaaand I'm IN!

James Dean, Elvis, Maryline etc.... and lots memorabilia...

I meet Heather... who helps me get back into the mood to take pics and get the notebook back out again.

I start to get back into THE MOMENT... as these adventures tend to do.... I had been a bit too into my head up to this point.
Thank you Heather!^)-
After talkin gto Heather I see a woman come walking in on crutches... I go over and kneel down to ask about whether her injuries are recent or from birth. She says she broke her neck 4 wheeling in the Black Hills and usually uses a chair. Her name is Doni and she's with her husband Craig. She spent 5 months in a Denver Hospital and I can hardly hear her speak do to damage to her Larynx from the emergency tracheotomy.
I remind her how her faith and belief in herself can/will help her to heal... to talk with her body etc.....
She says they told her she'd never walk again!! But she does (note this is another place western medicine botches up.... if the patient believes this, then they won't!) They told me I'd only be 70% at best after my 1st broken back! I'd say I'm doin' MUCH better than that.... like 100% maybe. We have a pretty long and tearful talk then as we say our goodbyes Steve Miller Bands: Jungle love, is playing in the background.....

I can't help but to feel how perfectly fitting it is......

"But lately you live in the jungle
I never see you alone
But we need some definite answers
So I thought I would write you a poem
~The question to everyone's answer
Is usually asked from within~
But the patterns of the rain
And the truth they contain
Have written my life on your skin"

"You treat me like I was your ocean
You swim in my blood when it's warm
My cycles of circular motion
Protect you and keep you from harm
~You live in a world of illusion
Where everything's peaches and cream
We all face a scarlet conclusion
But we spend our time in a dream~"

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Old 09-04-2012, 03:10 PM   #22
one man wolfpack
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Hey Jim, good to see you posting, I'm really interested in seeing how your trip turned out. I'll PM you my details and you let me know where you want me to send the shirt! I'm interested in reading those books, almost downloaded one onto my Ipad, but now I've forgotten the title.

Here is another tune you can relate to!

Hope to see you on the road again. B.T.W. Here is our Ride Report:
Check out the Blog!
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Old 09-04-2012, 07:02 PM   #24
Jettn Jim OP
This is Liv'n!!!
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Excellent song maaan well placed.
Thanx for the PM... will send your books right after Labrador and the finish to this RR.
And just read your Ride Report..... Very niiice.... great information and pictures!
Thanx alot,
Jettn Jim
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Jettn Jim OP
This is Liv'n!!!
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OK I'll try this again... had a long response all typed up and lost it all again.
I was still sruggling to focus on wether I could do the RR properly and not get taken out of theeee "moment" too far. I would meet tons of awesome people and puuurrty girls but felt like asking for a picture broke our connection, so I pulled back a bit and just went with the flow.
Was also gonna write this in third person as an observer which I tried to be as I wove myself through the tapestry of the Northwest, using pearl jams Man Of The Hour as my theme and call myself.... The MOTH.

Guess I'll keep most of those thoughts to myself and just put up pictures.......

Things move pretty fast through here as I was just WFO all across the plains on I-90 till I hit Whitewood which is just past Sturgis. Then I cut up across Hwy 34 to Bell Fourche and 212 taking the cut off towards Billings, ya hit the tip of Wyoming also.

I pass the Badlands Scenic byway Loop and near Deadwood the Blackhills National Cemetery...

Puts a few more thoughts into my mind as I stare into the distant expanse of roving thunderheads...

Late in the afternoon I finally start to hit some of the only rain I'll see in months...

I pull into a fuel stop in Alzada 9pmish and meet Carol... this turns into an hour and a half talk/romance and a deli dinner for me.
She's gett'n a pile a books too... this pic just doesn't do all her Beauty justice at all.

Then a late night stop at a Denny's in Billings where my suweeeet waitress Chellie lets me sleep in the back corner of the dining room until just before the manager comes in a few hours later, keeping me from waisting time and money on a Motel.
Beautiful but no pic..... it's hit and miss on the PGOD pics for a while:/
Next day its Montana cattle country beauty smacking me in the face..... aaaaaaaaaah!

Hmmm what is this...

aaah bucha old sleds...

Next thing ya know I'm getting off the super slab in Coeur d' Alene and after hearing some light engine noise at the first stoplight, doin' a quick oil change at a local Wallyworld where I see some of the cleanest oil (with no metal in it lol) that I've ever seen after such a hard WFO push as Desiree' had just put in for me. Using mineral oil again with Zinc in it...
Then we turn North toward Diamond Lake and my first Rally, where I'll meet some new friends from the forums and a couple I met last year. Also Becky is living back up this way who I met last fall in Starbuck... havta stop in and give her a hug.

I pull in... say high and party late into the night... in the morning I wake up with the tent right in the middle of all the bikes parking area.
It was too late to pick a good spot sooo I just threw down after the fire died out.

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Jettn Jim OP
This is Liv'n!!!
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Originally Posted by AJxr View Post
Thanx fer join'n bro!
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Thumb In!

I have really enjoyed your RR and amazing photos so far. I'm looking forward to the rest of the story, awesome scenery and the connection you've made with so many great people. Keep up the good work and don't ever loose your passion to make a difference. I hope our paths can cross some day soon.
If your ever in Bend, OR send me a PM and I would be honored to buy you a few cold ones!
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Jettn Jim OP
This is Liv'n!!!
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Thanx NotLost Been thru Bend a couple times in the last feww years riding around the country.... next time I'm looking you up!

So I'd been helping out NomadGal with parts and stuff for her KLR Spirit, as she had shown up posting on KLRWorld as of late getting ready for her own cross country self discovery ride. I was looking forward to meeting her as well and had shipped my box of KLR goodies (85lbs worth) out to Waynes in Lewiston figuring I'd be helping out some likeminded travelers. Parepin would be swinging by too soooo I knew the parts would get used.

I rolled into Diamond lake just as the sun was setting, found Norris's camp on the hill and made acquaintances... Folks ask about where Ester (NomadGal) might be and I said I just received a txt saying she was holed up over near Grand Coulee for the night after a Loooonnng day and late start. After all it was the FIRST day of her new Adventure...

The next morning I rode down off the hill to where I had some cell signal, and waited at the turn off... not knowing when she'd be coming thru but thot I'd see. I waited then fired up Desiree' and went back toward the camp... as I near the end of the straightaway I see a single light in my rearview..... I turn around and go back... It's Esher I get to meet... Cool beans!Thot I had taken a picture of her as she pulled up... but nope.

So up to the camp we go and plans were made for all to go down to Norris's shop for a Tech day... now I knew that this was what this whole gathering was about... BUT I knew I had ALOT of tech to do once I got down to Waynes place in Lewiston and had a sneeking feeling I would be getting alot deeper into Esthers Spirit than just doing a Doohickey sooo as everyone made their way down off the hill, I went and found a better place to setup my tent...

Was a nice little climb with Desiree' to reach this overlook as well...

Everyone set up and working...

Thumbsup from Spokane Dave... Norris working, Debbie, Mark and Kirby (laying down) giving support....
NoSnowBob and Kirby...

Road to Adventure (Jerry), I Dunno (Shawn), and Dave S (Dave) shooting the breeze...

I decide to see if I can go find Becky who I met last year...
I see a nice little bar to get some grub and send her a txt... She swings by with Colt and Ruger... next thing I know I'm following her Cummins deeper into the North Idaho hills and to her place...

Colt and Ruger are her kids... you GOTTA love a chick who names her children after a pair of sidearms!^)- Colt comes ripp'n up on his Quad...

It needs some TLC and a few bolts sooo I dig into Desiree's spares and he and I gett'r done.

Becky and I share ALOT of views in this world... we sensed each other from afar last year when we had met in Starbuck and it pulled us together to share a beer, a dinner and many many thoughts.... as well as that energy we call unconditional love

Becky, Ruger and I then take a break to catch up on the trampoline... she's near the end of a divorce and shows me the BEAUTIFUL house her and her husband were building, such a wonderful thought out structure.... Dreams fading away.

Funny how we create these Dreams in our minds and then hope that they will come to pass.... only when the one your walking with shares the same Dream do they.... otherwise it was/is truly only YOUR Dream.
The time goes by too fast and I have to get back to Diamond lake... so I promise to be back in a few weeks and gear up to fly...

Colt does another couple donuts for us...

Then sets off to one side to say goodbye...

I ride North before turning West in this Beautiful valley.... I could spend some time here....


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Studly Adventurer
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I'm in Jjim. Keep 'em honest.
"Can't never could."-Grandma Belle Marie Bullock-Shuflin
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Jettn Jim OP
This is Liv'n!!!
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Originally Posted by prsdrat View Post
I'm in Jjim. Keep 'em honest.
Thnx fer join'n.... Buddy!

As I'm riding back to the camp I see this billboard on a little backroad and laugh to myself... probably the families son posing...

Then it's another excellent night around the campfire with the gang in the Northwoods solitude....

Sorry I'm still not quite back on my picture taking game at this point.

Before ya know it it's daylight again...

And time to head for Lewiston with NomadGal (Esther), there we'll do some more maintenance on the bikes.. then she's gonna ride down to Moab with me to put faces to names at the KLRWorld gathering and some more riding in the Desert.

Norris say'n goodbye outta his Turbocharged Polaris...

Before we know it... were the last ones in camp and it's the begining of multi week joint oddysey for Spirit and Desiree'...

We meander down to Lewiston on the back roads and I take a few miles of dirt to help get Esther used to it....

Turns out till yesterday she had NEVER ridden ANY dirt sooo she was still TERRIFIED! You can see she's pretty focused here...

Soon we're pulling into the yard and Micks there to meet us... He's grown a bit form last year and I'm excited to work with him some more.

Esther starts in on her bike as it's started to making some PRETTY loud noises between Diamond lake and here!

Lotsa crap in the oil too....

As she rips into Spirit... Wayne is tearing into his Baja...

MANY long nights insue...

Valve adjustments, tire swap, oil-air filter swaps, and suspension tuning on Desiree'...

ALOT more on Spirit... we pull the engine planning to just get her another... pull the swingarm for some welding, add bark busters, new grips, new mirrors, throttle lock, new front tire, 2" Rox riser, try to straighten the rims (which leads me to find TOTALY SHOT rear bearings AND a missing spacer between the sprocket drive and wheel hub) I know I'm forgeting a BUNCH but needless to say we did A $hitload!

Wayne teaching her how to use the Plasma cutter for a new kickstand foot...

Spirits spirit on the floor...

Three projects going on at once...


Sometimes in the frenzy we would find time to eat...

We had ordered Esther a fresh low mile engine with only 420 miles on it from an '09.... it was spendy but I figured with her just starting a Trans Continental ride she would need it. Sooo we waited and waited....... but it never showed???? Nomad convinces me to do some checking and we find out that during my checkout with paypal I had somehow put in my PENNSYLVANIA address??!!??!!??!! aaaaah $hit!!!
Well lets rethink this.............. I call and cancel the engine and give away $300- for my mistake. Yup as my buddy Nicks Granpa us'd ta say "They cost ya either Time, Money or Your life" this was only money sooo onto the rebuild.

We have a PowWow and Wayne and I put our heads together and figure something simple is causing Spirits noises not something Catastophic like at first thought. So we re-install the engine and pull all the outer covers off... (we have lotsa spare gaskets in my parts kitty WooooooHooooo)
Long story short we find a stuck cam chain tensioner (which doesn't let it tighten up) , a bound up Torsion spring on the balancer chain (which doesn't let it tighten up either) and some valves way outta spec... we fix everything and the noise is................................ GONE!!!! YeeHaa

So we continue to button her up and prepare to roll out to Moab... by now we're running a little late! But this is when I find the loose wheel bearings (on the floor loose!) and missing spacer, as I'm trying to straighten the wheel .
I get an Idea to go next door to Bobby's and rob one off his KLR250...

It's a l m o s t the same just too long.... sooo John comes over, points out Waynes lathe hidden in back (Hey why didn't I see that??? )
and fixes us up...

Aaaah betttta nestled into its place... we're outta the woods.

I quick build a plate for her GPS using a RAM mount I had in the parts bin... (it flops all over)

And we're off...

She's still learning to pack light LOL...

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