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STILL Jim Williams
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Originally Posted by Motorfiets View Post
Finn's just fine!! I talked to him personally the other day. He is taking a break from advrider and focusing on life and work a bit. Don't worry he'll be back! if you go to a T.S.O. concert you'll see him there!

but I do miss his presence on here....
That's great news. Hey Finn, Thanksgiving dinner will always be available in Providence Just might be pizza from my brick oven and homebrew instead of Turkey

Wishes respected and understood. You've got a place to lay your head if needed. Good luck to you.
2015 KTM 690 Enduro R, 2008 Yamaha WR250R, 1971 Lambretta DL

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Legend in my own Mind!
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Relieved for sure!
AMA, NRA, AFL-CIO Getting Old ain't for pussies....................Lorazapam
Even when you do something right people will think you didn't do anything at all.
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Lost Rider OP
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The Roadie is back in Motion!


Nations have been destroyed, Bin Laden killed, wars lost, government toppled, names change and yet the world keeps going.

Luckily my world is quite small and I try to keep it simple.

As kpick told me and I have embraced - Own Less Live More. (thanks Kevin)

Some of you might have seen the Winter Madness, and some of you might have read this long ass roller coaster story of mine.

This time is different.

I'm not riding from anything.
I'm not riding to anything.
This should be a ride probably like many of you have planned for this year, and have looked forward to for a long time.
I'm not worrying about my health, or worrying about work or lack there of, and I'm not going to be pushing the outer limits of myself or The Machine I refer to as the STB, Storm Trooper Bike. No records broken, no uncharted territory, no laws broken, no cops involved this time hopefully.
By some standards found earlier in this story of mine, it should hopefully be a somewhat of a normal journey.

It's been quite a year, as most of mine that I can remember usually are.

It started with Winter Madness where I moved back to California, running from Chicago and the Madness that was infecting me.
Then a little time in Baja once again, this time with Nancy.

Darling Nancy.

Not long after that I had a Crash while in Death Vally, an event that has changed my life path in so many ways....

After the crash was the recovery and rebuilding of the STB.

Being a crash test dummy worked out for me this time with this fancy ass STB that rose from the ashes, though I won't be volunteering for that type of "upgrading" in the future.

I know I've gone back and forth in this thread about being alone, about living alone, or riding alone.
Well, I'm not alone and am very happy with the relationship Nancy and I have.
As a matter of fact, there's been some changes in my life because of this relationship, as happens in life when a man might fall in love.
She's such a wonderful partner in life and on two wheels, and I'm very lucky to have found such a special girl. I've never met such a determined women.
So we've been busy, getting her ready for her first long riding adventure that's been in the planning for what seems like an eternity.

She did start riding on a TW200, but it was time to move up.... and move up she did!

Somethings change, but some things stay the same - like me riding road bikes on dirt, with her now following me....

Then she wanted some training to refine her skills. (and learned a whole bunch of bad habits for riding in the dirt) ;)

And then after one fateful trip where she said "I didn't ride all this way to camp right next to people in a campground!" we knew her Roadster wasn't going to fill all her needs.
I mean, it was too pretty to just thrash off road....
We knew another bike was in the future for her.

Enter the 11' G650GS, Nancy's new ADV bike.

Some time passed, and I jumped on tour to replenish the bank account. It was a little harder to tour now with Nancy at home.....
While it was not the best of tours, the guys I worked with were great and we had a good time. I spend my days off learning how to shoot with a Rangefinder camera since I have an insatiable desire to learn, and the best way for me to learn is to invest in new gear...
Here's a few photos from the tour I'd like to share:

Time goes by fairly quickly on the road...
I finally returned home and have been leading a somewhat normal life - minus the 9-5 job. A little this and a little of that to fill my days... We live north of LA in Ventura County and I couldn't be happier living here with Nancy.

Besides the obvious, I'm in MC heaven with the Malibu Canyons and numerous OHV parks out my backdoor, a few more hours and I can be in many different climates.... Got to love California.

Like I said, I've been planning to go for a ride for a while, and it all has revolved around one thing - my niece and nephew coming to California to visit for a week.
My life has been planned around this week with the kids since the beginning of summer, and for me to make plans that far in advance as a freelance is very tough, I had to pass up on quite bit of work since it's the busy season for us Roadies.
But there's more important things in life than work and money, of course. I try hard to work as little as possible and spend my short time on this earth wisely.
One Life One Chance.
Besides holidays, I never really spent any quality time with the kids, and they were now old enough to do some fun stuff.
Of course after coming home from tour, I was itching to go for a long ride and deflate.... but it would have to wait, like everything else.
There's no regrets, it's been time well spent, and worth any sacrifices to make the time.

There's been many "firsts" for the kids that are absolutely priceless, kids are a trip.
I have greatly enjoyed my time with them, but can't imagine raising children myself... I'm just not cut out for it, but will be the best uncle they could have!

Especially special was the first camping trip..... 30 minutes into it she puked in the tent.
Not really funny though, since now we are all sick, and actually she has Pneumonia.

Which leads me here.

I'm sick, and slept all day and now can't sleep, all doped up on NyQuill...
It's going to be interesting going through this transition into a riding adventure..... gone from tour bus to bike, jail cell to bike ride, but this will be going from temporary sick parent, to a ride with a good friend, to a ride with my best friend, then maybe some solo seat time with wandering afterwards.... this is going to be great times!

The Plan.

Nancy's GS was picked up last week by superstar ADV rider kpick!

Better known as the Madman on the Ducati!

He has the bike in Sacramento, where after dropping the kids at the airport Thursday morning I will ride up to meet him.
We jam out the next day, blast on pavement up to Jordan Valley ID where we will spoon on some fresh knobs and hit the Tour of Idaho 2 , After the short T2 ride we should have a few days to ride around the area and then on Sept. 2nd Nancy flies into Pocatello ID where we will jump on the Continental Divide Route and head south, given enough time we will turn right onto the TAT and head west, beyond that no plan, just limited by time for Nancy as she will need to return to work. No hurry, no destinations, just ride until it's time for her to go home, then we hit pavement.

The planning for me really has been about the other people involved and getting it all to work out with the dates. I have a bike and a gps with lots of tracks in it, nothing more to research there, I like to keep things a surprise.

So there you have it.

I will post up my SPOT link, and will be bringing my Mac with a few from the road updates planned.

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Lost Rider OP
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It's weird to jump on one of the few "great" tours so near the end. So it is for me right now on the Blink182 / My Chemical Romance / Matt and Kim tour. This tour has been entertaining tens of thousands and providing a place for people to blow off their "steam" since the beginning of August, clicks formed, alliance made, everything is groovy. "you're jumping on with a greased wheel" is what I was told. It was quite stressful at first, as I'm responsible for all the media content playback for Honda and the bands, the guy I replaced had to jump on tour with GNR in south america. Luckily it was a greased wheel and I'm very familiar with the servers we use.
See, every once in a while all the stars align on a given tour. There's a lot of politics and dynamics in general between bands and their personal crews; mangers, back line techs (guitar, drum, keyboard, etc) that are on tour together.
Many tours are OK, some are bad, and avery few are awesome. This one is awesome.
It mostly has to do with "production" crew, stage manager, and production manager to set the tone, but bullshit between bands can carry over. ( I remember being in Germany years ago living on a bus with Dio on tour with Deep Purple where there was major friction after our monitor guy banged Deep Purple's lead guy's daughter in the lobby bathroom of our hotel on the Rhine, everyone heard it)
Rock and Roll moments.
This tour is great, everyone's cool, my media servers and video walls are playing nicely for the most part, life is good.
The crew party was tonight and I was reminded that I haven't been around since the beginning, I'm the FNG, and ended up leaving early since my mind was thinking of spouting out some more ADV rider type crap instead of drinking at a bar.

Work hard, have fun, and move on.... easy money.
While I glad to be on such a cool tour even if it's for a short time, it's harder to be away from home nowadays....
Love's a double edged sword, yes? How times have changed, since this is now become a love story RR with some of my BS thrown in because I'm me.
Like I said it was financially a good time for me to go to work on this tour, but as you'll see in near future in our tale, it was a real bad time for me to leave, and now I've been contracted to once again tour with TSO, not being at home for very long after this tour ends.
My lifestyle comes at a price, and now with Nancy in the picture it makes being away even harder.... it was easy when there was no home to come home to, and a bike to jump on instead.
I'm a regular family guy now! (well, a family of 2) :)
There's talk of an exciting winter ride to very far away places for us to look forward to and pass the time planning. How "normal" is THAT!

I'll take it.

Before I get going with the ride here's some random current photos from the tour since I like to do shit out of order and this is Roadie in Motion after all!

Normally we're in much larger venues with all our 9 truck of gear hanging, but this gig was tiny so I had the day off since we couldn't hang my video curtain or shoot the show. During the show I'm working the camera controls backstage, and only get to see it through the lenses of the cameraman usually.

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Lost Rider OP
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Now, on with the story!

The kids finally left, and while it was an awesome time, I'm now ready to be selfish and go for a ride.
They left me with a nasty bug, the last few days have been less than enjoyable.
I started a powerful Cipro antibiotics regiment this morning, and will be much better by the time I get the boring pavement portion of this journey done with.
I can rest when I'm dead, for now, it's time to ride and I'm determined to stay on schedule. Hell, I work on tour when I'm sick, I can sit on my bike and zone out on the freeway when I'm sick.

After looking closely at the weather in southern Idaho, and seeing that it would be hell to go and ride the T2 route with the temps around 100F daytime and only down to 70 at night, Kevin and I decided to change The Plan.
It actually worked out because I have this extra day at home to do things like see the doctor for antibiotics, a quick run to REI, most importantly a stop by the dispensary for my medicine for the trip, and some final packing tweaks that took much longer after the aforementioned stop.
OK, I delayed the whole trip to hit the dispensary... I admit it. A man has to have priorities, and this could be a long ride...

We are meeting up in Ely NV tomorrow evening, a fiery hot 500 mile ride through Vegas and into hell for me, a little shorter, but just as hot ride for Kevin. Or is that through Hell, and then into Vegas. Have to think about that.
Either way it's going to be real hot, I might need to just leave real early to get a jump on the day...
Hopefully there will be some of the desert thunderstorms as the weather people are sayin' will happen. Please let it rain, just a little. At least I have a cool vest to wear, and will just stay wet to stay cool.
From there we head North towards Yellowstone NP, and up in elevation to get out of the heat.

No real Plan is The Plan, just to get north and explore the area around Yellowstone.

It would be nice if I could get a break and have an easy ride one of these days, oh well, so is my life and I wouldn't trade it for anything.

Free at last!

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Old 10-24-2012, 09:05 PM   #1296
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Back in Motion....Really... Really...

Cant wait...

Welcome back!
So many roads so little time...
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Lost Rider OP
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Having a plan sure does suck, life is much easier to just wing it I say.

OK, let me vent a little and then I'll get on with it....

Everything was just perfect with timing, miles, food, camping, etc....

Nancy gets up at 4am to take a shuttle to catch her flight, we both probably didn't get much sleep being all excited for the journey that lies ahead.... Well, the asshole Delta Air Pilot for her 1st flight was late by 1.5 hours. He even apologized to the plane over the speakers, having no excuse besides he's an asshole. (my words not his)
Not that it would do any good, but if I was there that pilot would know exactly what I thought of his unprofessional behavior...
So Nancy missed her connection to Pocatello and is sitting in Salt Lake City, patiently waiting, hoping to get on the only other flight here that is currently full.
Best case scenario she lands at 6pm and we high tail it to a spectacular campsite in between Yellowstone, and Grand Tetons NP - where that photo of Kevin fishing as sunset was made.
Originally once we knew she wouldn't make the connection I was just going to stay another night at the motel, and get on with it in the morning, but being a holiday weekend with a big marathon happening, all of the hotels in the area are booked.... so we're sticking to the OP.
It's about 130 miles, the last 30 on dirt, and probably at night with the sun setting about 8:00 pm local time.
Nancy's in great spirits, and is ready to ride after sitting around all day, she says.

I'm at a cool coffee shop on the Idaho State University campus, and with this newfound time I have I figured I'd just pass the time sharing some tales and images from Chapter 1 of the Roadie in Motion Fall 2011 ride.

Knowing the day was to be long and hot, I left SoCal at 5am hoping to beat the heat.

I was wrong, and it was 100 by the time I hit the Nevada border at 8:30 am, and 110 by 10 am in Vegas.
The best way to ride in hot weather for me is to just stay wet, under my waterproof Rukka riding gear, and using a cool vest. As long as I'm moving it's actually quite surprising how comfortable I am, at least up to about 100F. A stop about every hour to hour and half to soak up at a truck stop did the trick to ride through Hell.

Not much to look at, and I looked forward immensely to getting off I-15 and head north - up in elevation.

As I headed North, ominous cloud in the distance promised relief and rain.... but they kept being elusive and tease me...
Only little dust devils would appear...

And then it started.

The STB was stalling.
Then going.

Like I was running out of gas, but I wasn't.

Then the ABS light came on.

Then it stalled.

I took the seat off to check and be sure the tank vent tube wasn't blocked, and it didn't appear so.

The STB was acting up, it was brutally hot, I had just started antibiotics to deal with the fever and sickness the kids had given me, and you know, I was just happy to be FREE!
I felt like shit physically, but was in good spirits.

I was tired of getting teased, and since I was way ahead of schedule to meet Kevin that evening I decided to take matter into my own hands and get off the pavement and chase down one of these storms.
The STB better not let me down, we had a little talk, I reminded STB how much love it had received this year, all the Gold parts, even being inside my living room for a month getting rebuilt. I would not tolerate this behavior STB.

Rain, here I come, I bought up with this little storm, stopped, took my gear off and got soaked! It was a glorious moment I had dreamed about all day, the temp had dropped to 75 and I was wet and cool. Life is Good

Stupid move #1
Feeling all badass on my badass bike, boring from the long slab ride when I saw this hill I thought I'd take a stroll up it.... it looked like packed dirt and easy - I was wrong. The rain had packed the talcum like silt powder stuff and as soon as I hit it I sunk in and lost momentum quick. Trying to abort and turn off the hill I went down and was rewarded with finding out how heaving my bike was to pick up on the side of a wet, cement like incline....

NO more of that needed today thank you.

Apparently these storms had made this guys day pretty bad.

The little yellow flowers that Nancy likes so much and are found across the whole USA...

Fast forward.

Kevin and I meet up, eat, sleep, and I don't drink since I'm on antibiotics... that's OK since I have better green medicine anyways,,,

We head out towards Pocatello, STB still stalling now and then, ABS light back off.... come on baby!

Burning Man festival was about to take place so we saw some interesting vehicles now and then.

A little relief from the heat.

Best looking and nicest girl to change my tires to date! We went to Ken's Motorsports and were lazy getting new rubber on both bikes - I was tired of carrying the tires.

We hit the road a little late, but were destine to camp up on Big Southern Butte, jumping on the Tour of Idaho track heading north.


It was really windy at the top, enough to blow the foam off Kevins high quality beer.

The abandoned ranger station provided some shelter from the wind, what a trippy place. I can only imagine what it must have been like being stationed here - in the winter.

We set out the next day, North I say!

Some detours, general screwing around, getting LOST, and having a great time followed.

We wanted to know what a "launch site" was when we saw the signs... we both thought of missiles.... turns out to be hand gliding!

Sticking to my Standard Operation Procedure, we rode till sunset and found a cool place to camp. I hadn't mentioned it, but Kevin had drank quite a bit of tequila the night before, and had been quite a trooper considering how hungover he was.... he hit the wall right about now so it was good timing. There was a small fast moving stream nearby and Kevin rinsed off, while I used my new Pocket Shower. The Pocket Shower rocks! fill it up halfway with cold, and one pot of hot water heated on the fire and I had a perfect temp shower in the woods. No photos.

No bears ate us, and it was a nice cool night for sleeping in a tent.

We got to moving North, enjoying the every changing scenery Idaho has to offer.

A typical sight while riding with Kevin...

Some wildlife

Shoup. Might be open with gas, might not.
It wasn't, and going north on the Tour of Idaho it was well over 200 miles to the next gas.

It was here we decided to jump off the trail and have a drastic change of scenery.... so we started wandering East

See that rock?
That's the one that took kevin out when he clipped the foot peg with it. I was behind him and watched him get thrown off the bike. I was thinking that's not the way to stop to look around!

Some repairs needed, nothing an axe couldn't fix.

On to the next campsite, and the gathering of firewood..... Kevin showing his daring riding skills. Hey, you need a lot of wood to cook pasta on a fire! ( I always cook with fire and save my stove for hot water in the morning)

We were also putting the new water filter to good use, not carrying any water except in our camel baks and drinking delicious mountain stream water, filtered with a Gravity Works.

A little pasta was for dinner.... mmmmmm

Then we boiled some eggs for the next day, the ones that didn't fit in the pot, we BBQ'd.... didn't know you could cook an egg on a fire, but you can.

Morning time... it was cold and windy.... just fine by me.

Kevin was sick and tired of the daily grind, people calling, emails flying in, so he took care of that, and really wanted to be LOST!

Coming into some construction where we chatted with he stop sign lady, she was warning all the bikers ( there was a whole group behind us while waiting) about how dangerous the gravel was.
We were scared.
Speaking of, during our wait, with the group of Harley Clones nearby I couldn't help but notice how many of them had vests and jeans on. It doesn't bother me because there's too many stupid people in the world anyways, and thinning them out via stupid bikers on HD with no gear on is what they deserve.... I mean, it was cold at this elevation with isolated rain showers and these idiots were still worried about looking "cool".
I was a dick and didn't even pay attention to them.... what can I say? nice vest? Going to have to do a lot of poliching after this gravel? enjoying the cold ride? How's your fat wife doing on the back of that thing?

Normally I'm glad to see anyone out riding, no matter the bike, but these idiots riding like that when it's cold....

Some big fires over yonder threatened us, luckily we were able to go around them.

Did I mention we went through Yellowstone?

Ok, we did. The best part about riding through Yellowstone is that you can then ride Beartooth Pass!

We didn't really stop, just enjoyed the view, the roads, and oh crap you get it!

On the other side we wandered around the Beartooth Wilderness, I've been through here and had some ideas about places to camp.


Kevin is quite the fisherman, picking the perfect fly, and the perfect spot.

We had a nice dull roar in the background with this waterfall about 50 yards from our tents.

Another nice night to start, then about 4 am a powerful storm blew through testing my tent once again, thankfully I had staked it down nicely.

The problems with the STB had subsided, no more stalling, and the ABS was working. It was the heat.
Now, this was all that's wrong, a backed out bolt. I'll take it, and am glad we had that talk back in Nevada.,.

That's it boys and girls, SmugMug is taking forever to load, and I need to hit the Post Office and ship out some stuff, including this MacBook.
It takes a while to get in the groove with these tales of mine, and while I'm not happy about The Plan changing, especially because of some asshole pilot, I'm just happy to have Nancy coming and to get a jump on sharing my adventures here on ADV.

Thank you Kevin for being you, getting Nancy's bike up here relatively unharmed, and sharing this little ride of ours.
Was a great time, and once you decide to get back into modern society with a new phone, I'll talk to you.

Will continue soon.

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Gear Grinder
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Nice to see this back.
Public Service Announcement: even for asshats, suggesting they set themselves on fire is a bit much.
What is wrong with you guys? -RapidWife
I've been poking a giant bouncy ball with a needle. You feel anything yet? -Blake716
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Mr. G
Normal Dude
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Hi Finn

Nice to see you in excellent spirits and back on the road.

I'm still using that Macbook I bought from you a couple of years back

Ride safe

"If we can manage to convince the Chinese that Jihadists' testicles are aphrodisiacs, within ten years they'll have disappeared..."
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STILL Jim Williams
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He's back
2015 KTM 690 Enduro R, 2008 Yamaha WR250R, 1971 Lambretta DL
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Mostly Harmless
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Sweet! Glad to see you're back. I had been thinking about you recently, in fact... wondering what had happened since your little Death Valley Experience. :)

If I was still in SoCal, I'd take you to lunch... but I'm in NW Oregon now.

'12 Suzuki V-Strom DL650
'96 Suzuki DR650
'92 Yamaha TW200
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Live from THE Hill
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Nice Finn, glad to see ur back out trying to get Lost
ADV'ing from America's fine Crapital...
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Gnarly Adventurer
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Hey Finn, good to see your writing again. I ran into someone a few months ago in Phoenix who mentioned he's worked with you. His name was Paul IIRC. Be safe and keep posting those great pictures.
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No Talent Ass Clown
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Hey Finn!
Scott - Semper Fi
'04 BMW R1150GSA, '05.5 KTM 950 Adventure
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