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Old 11-22-2012, 01:28 PM   #16
Studly Adventurer
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Location: Slovenia
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My mum, dad, and all of their brothers had motorcycles, because that was all they could afford during the Second World War in Scotland. As soon as they could afford cars, none of them rode bikes again. Here's a photo of my mother on her Panther, taken around 1949:

Somewhere around I have a photo of her with her two brothers on bikes.
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Old 11-22-2012, 01:34 PM   #17
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My family originated from Blinman in the Flinders Ranges but couldn't afford motorbikes so my Grandfather had to make do.

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Old 11-22-2012, 02:28 PM   #18
Maladroit malcontent
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Location: Lumpy part of Victoria
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My father-in-law was part of the army that "liberated" Italy in WW2; as a Captain he was issued a Harley to get around on. Because they were so narrow, all the roads were one-way, directions reversed on alternating days, but bikes could go either way.
He was a little chap and after about the twentieth time of dropping the Harley in a ditch to avoid a tank, he left it there, went to a nearby deserted farm-house and "liberated" a little Moto Guzzi for the duration. He was chuffed when his daughter used her first pay-cheque out of Uni to buy a brand new Moto Guzzi. She still has it.
He was put in charge of the town where Olivetti typewriters were made and put in a lot of effort to get the bombed factory working again; he was presented with the very first post-War typewriter. She still has that too.
When he came to stay with us for an eye-operation in the late 1980s, we didn't have a car, but I had a GSX 1100 on test; although he was in his 80s, he jumped at the chance of a ride on the bike (on the back!) and after a bit of a squirt up past 160, yelled at his daughter (who was riding it) "Doesn't this thing go any faster?" He said he felt 200 was "fine" but that 240 was "a bit too quick for him" (them were the days!)

My own father was in the British Army scrambles team on various 500 British singles and afterwards had a Vincent that he and his mates would race up and down the street during lunch-break. Stirling Moss tried to run dad off the road once, because he didn't like the noise of the Vinnie outside his house - probably while he was rooting some groupie. They exchanged "words" - and dad always said that Moss was a foul-mouthed pig of a man.
He sold the Vincent for twenty pounds - just one of many wise financial moves he made in his life.
He taught me to ride on a Bultaco dirt-bike on a military airstrip in Yemen, using avgas siphoned from a downed Russian military transport, but wasn't keen when I started riding on the street; he did come and pick me up from hospital a few times and to his credit never once said "I told you so..."
I have just one picture of him riding my XS750 Yamaha and some of him driving one of my race-cars.
Although he's long-gone, I think he'd approve that his only grand-daughter started riding at the age of 4 - and still does.
"I would like to die on Mars; just not on impact." Elon Musk
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Old 11-22-2012, 10:06 PM   #19
Eric66 OP
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Location: Diddillibah, Sunshine Coast
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Me dad told me a funny story,he was heading home somewhere in Central NSW on his Jazza and it was getting dark so he had it wound up and was sitting on around 70-75mph when a black loud missile went past him as though he was standing still. It scared the crap out of him, anyway he got into town when it was dark and pulled up at the pub and here was a crowd surrounding the black missile, turns out it was a Brough Superior and a very dapper gentleman standing beside it. The old man went over to tell the bloke that he nearly shit his pants when he went past and asked how fast he was going, the fellow said he was well over 100mph for a fair while but slowed down when he went through some fog. Fog me dad said that was a flock of sheep! The fellow went white and decided he needed a stiff drink
Regards Eric
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Old 11-22-2012, 11:17 PM   #20
BMW Rider
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Location: Sunny Mildura Vic 3500 Australia
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Talking Family History......

Originally Posted by kipo View Post
My family originated from Blinman in the Flinders Ranges but couldn't afford motorbikes so my Grandfather had to make do.

Hey Kipo..

Which one was called "Billy" ????

Cheers ..
Chicky ....
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Old 11-23-2012, 06:09 PM   #21
now known as many things
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fairly recent history but yeh,

mum and dad both rode, they met at a motorbike rally when she was 19 and he 21.

by 23 and 25 they were married, had a Z1300 with chair by this time (we still have the Z1300)
at 25 and 27 i was born, when i turned 3, i got a Z50A minitrail which i still have and have ridden ever since.

no photos at this stage cause no one is in aus to find and scan them haha
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Originally Posted by tHEtREV View Post
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Old 11-23-2012, 06:11 PM   #22
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Location: Central Vic.
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This is my grandfather in 1934 on his 1926 Harley-Davidson near Subiaco. He used it for work, plumbing, and carried tools, pipes, etc, on it. He fell off this bike and his knee troubled him for the rest of his life.

You shouldn't regret growing old. A lot of people never got the chance.
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Old 11-23-2012, 08:17 PM   #23
Miss Jane
Ride like a girl
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Location: Central Victoria
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No one rode bikes in my family that I know of. Dad tried very hard to persuade me to get off bikes in a kind loving Dad sort of way. He failed and gave up after a while.
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Old 11-23-2012, 08:48 PM   #24
XS650 Allroads Traveller
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Location: Yass, Australia
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Started riding bikes when I was about ten, both Dad & mum could ride bikes but hadn't had a bike since us gremlins came along
old fella was always encouraging us mob to ride bikes though, he had a '38 350 Triumph single [girder forks / hard arse], used to travel all over local area in the late '40's, [Yass, Braidwood, Tumut, Wagga, etc.], riding in weekend rodeos, always reckoned the bike toughened him prior to getting on a bareback bonco ride! I guess it did, dirt roads of the '40's on a rigid, shit that'd hurt!
learnt very early in the piece, not to leave my keys in the bike sometimes, many a time I've heard my bike head down the driveway with the old man on board, using an XS650 or 850T to check the stock around the property was nothing unusual!, once he knocked off my guzzi while I was at work, thought nothing of it but when he rolled in on it, I discovered he'd ridden it out to see his sister @ Bowning [we lived on the Dog Trap Rd. the Canberra side of Yass], no helmet - rides through Yass [when the Hume went through there in the '70's],
"silly old bastard" I said, "bloody cops will take ya licence off you for no helmet, speeding, etc."
"Doesn't worry me" he said, " haven't had a bike licence for years"
And you wonder why I turned out the way I am!
1981 XS650SH "Tourer" [ For Sale - 2015], 1975 XS650B "Adventure" ['Kenny Krazyhorse'], 1982 XL500R 'Project' x2 [for sale], DT175 [new projects] x 2
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Old 11-25-2012, 12:11 AM   #25
BMWs make good landfill
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Yep, dad had a Lambretta in Scotland in the 50's, I've got a photo somewhere of him and his brother heading off to a Hearts soccer match. Rolled a Jeep in Germany (50's national service) and came close to a court martial.

My Grandfather was in Oz for a couple of years, took my Victa powered minibike for a short ride and tried very hard to kill himself.


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Old 11-29-2012, 05:48 PM   #26
Back road wanderer
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Location: Melbourne, Australia
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My parents rode bikes in Tasmania in the late thirties. Dad did beach racing and trials. Mum rode in the sidecar.

This is Dad's first car. Me in passenger seat.


1100gs (two and three wheels)
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Old 11-29-2012, 07:30 PM   #27
Gnarly Adventurer
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Dad (in Aust standards leather helmet?) c1930???

BMW - a love hate relationship
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Old 12-26-2012, 03:47 AM   #28
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Location: Wide Bay, Qld, Aus
Oddometer: 30
Pops bike

Not sure when this was taken although I do know it's in Granddads backyard most probably pre War, Dad still has his hair

One of dads war stories was about being in hospital after being strafed by japanazis, he rode his army issue bike hanging off the side of it absolutely terrified before coming unstuck and finishing up pinned under the darn thing burning his leg severely it became infected largely due to the lack of medicinal supplies and tropical weather this was in Borneo btw, and was listed to be amputated, fortunately one of the nurses was able to procure some local remedies from the natives thus saving his leg.

However every morning a nurse went through the ward and using a bucket of Caustic something or other and a mancky comb would do all the soldiers hair, one has has to be chin up and looking their best old chap.

Sorry bout the ramble, point is his hair and all his mates hair came out in clumps, so when he de mobbed he was bald as Yule brynner
Mum musta thought it was seksy
Dad thoroughly enjoyed taking my many bikes for a spin up until his 70's and then his eyesight started to go, so he was relegated to pillion,
funnily enough he didn't care were they where made as far as he was concerned the war was over get on with living, his favourite was the bmw 75/7, sadly at age 94 that same leg started playing up and turned Gangrenous end of story.

tarletan screwed with this post 12-26-2012 at 04:13 AM
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Old 12-26-2012, 04:32 PM   #29
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My earliest motorcycling memories are of being picked up from my Nan and Pops place by my dad in his Sunbeam 650 outfit when he knocked off from work when he was on arvo shift. Before the Sunbeam he had a BSA Goldstar but I have only seen pictures of that.

I would have been about 3 years old and until I started school, if it wasn't raining, I would climb into the chair and we would zoom off home. Sadly dad lost his left leg in the late sixties and stopped riding bikes. At that time I got my first bike and have had an unbroken run since then. My eldest son rides, and for Christmas, I bought my 3 1/2 yo grandson a little Eton Rascal 40cc quad and he loves it to bits!!

Before coming to Australia, after my dad got out of the army he worked for a bloke( he has told me his name but I cant recall it) who at the time prepared some of Geoff Dukes Norton works bikes, somewhere I have pictures of my dad (the skinny kid) when he was in his early twenties standing with Geoff Duke, the mechanic and the 350 and 500cc machines they had prepped for the IOM TT (dont know what year it was and he's a bit hazy on it now(he's 84) ,1950 or 51 he reckons). He maintains his most important job was push starting then holding the running bike until Geoff jumped on it and took off.

Its a real buzz to listen to the stories as his eyes sorta glaze over and he is in another world altogether. Great memories.
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Old 12-26-2012, 04:49 PM   #30
Eric66 OP
Gnarly Adventurer
Joined: Sep 2012
Location: Diddillibah, Sunshine Coast
Oddometer: 328
Glad to see this thread picked up again
Regards Eric
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