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The Game OP
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Location: Sioux Falls, South Dakota.
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Across America on a Supersport.

I made a few threads when I took these journeys in the past, but was unable to post everything I really wanted to and they were split up. I also thought perhaps I could give some advice and insight to anyone who planned on taking a cross country trip on a sport bike. Technically this journey took over a week, as I had a layover but felt it was a big enough trip to post here. I hope that's alright.

I rode from San Diego, California, all the way to Sioux Falls, South Dakota on a 2010 Kawasaki Ninja ZX10R. Every bit of the journey I had on my full set of Dainese track gear. Let me start off by giving insight to anyone who thinks about going cross country in a track suit... Don't do it. They are not designed for long periods of time, they are designed for maximum protection for a bit of time at a race track and can fatigue your body if worn too long, especially in warm conditions. I highly endorse going cross country on a sport bike if you feel comfortable on one, just make sure you have the proper gear for the season and any situation that could physically pop up on you and you'll enjoy your ride a lot more. I took this ride in the dead of the summer, going through deserts in heat up to 120 degrees F...

Another thing to keep in mind is your fuel tank. Stop for gas and stop often, these bikes, especially the 1000's have small fuel tanks and don't get as good of gas mileage as most motorcycles. Just be well aware of your bike's limitations.

To my back I had a loaded down backpack. On my tail a fully packed tail bag with a bag full of clothes and such strapped to that. On my tank I had a full sized tank bag with a camelback hydration system. I CANNOT stress enough the importance of those things on a cross country ride, especially if you go through warm conditions. Even if it's cool, it's very important to keep hydrated and properly nourished. I also kept a good several types of snacks in my tank bag as well and maps and directions in the map pocket.

The biggest pain when traveling a long ways on a sport bike is knee and leg fatigue. They start going out long before your back, followed by your wrists and neck. The scrunched position doesn't seem like a big deal in the city, but get out on the highway for hours and you'll see what I mean. To avoid the cramps be sure and take stops, get off and stretch around as often as you can. Like any trip you folks already know to plan ahead, know the towns you'll be going through, where you'll be stopping and what you'll be doing at each stop.

With some clothes, a few bare essentials and my bike I took off across the country, leaving my past behind me to be with the woman I love. I had nothing but my bike and on two wheels I rode in search of my heart, which I found along with a new life. The journey was quite emotional in itself and I learned a lot along the way, not just about motorcycles either. My amazing girlfriend rides now as well, unfortunately we just had to put our bikes up in the garage for winter storage but come spring they'll be back out and with trip plans in mind...

If anyone has any questions about cross country riding on such an unconventional tool for the job I'd be more than happy to answer any questions. I'd also like to disclaim that I LOVE every kind of motorcycle. I ride what I ride and I love my bike, but there is no wrong kind of motorcycle, they are all beautiful and amazing creations, respect folks on every kind you see, for it doesn't matter what we ride, we're comrades out there.

Putting on the luggage in San Diego, California.

Fueled up and ready to head out in San Diego, California.

Some where near the boarder of California and Arizona.

Even in a hot barren wasteland you can manage to find a nice cool air conditioned Subway, thank god for that! It was truly a modern day Oasis for this weary traveler. No idea where this was, some where between Blythe and Phoenix Arizona.

After I was filled, the bike came next...

At long last, I reach The Valley of the Sun.

Camped out for the night at my hotel in Phoenix. It's not as ADV as a tent under the stars, but after that desert heat all day in my track suit I felt manly as ever.

I rose early the next day, ready to head North. This picture was taken about 30 minutes south of Flagstaff.

Along the way I met a couple of fantastic fellows who were headed up for a little ride from Phoenix to the Grand Canyon.

We pulled in for gas in Flagstaff and spoke of our journeys like any true adventurers would do before parting ways. While they continued North, it was time I head east, towards Albuquerque.

Once you start getting into that high desert between Flagstaff and Albuquerque, the temperatures cool off just enough for you to cease baking alive. So much so that I decided to treat myself with a little photo shoot. It's so much more breathtaking in person, take my word for it.

The "Land of Enchantment" truly lives up to it's name. Arriving in my original hometown of Albuquerque was a great feeling.

I had a bit of a layover in Albuquerque and encountered some interesting adventures while I was there.

But my escapade in Albuquerque eventually came to an end and it was time to hit the road again.

Early morning and just outside of Santa Fe, headed North.

Some where North of Santa Fe, riding across the majestic plateaus of Northern New Mexico, I found something... I'm not quite sure what it was I found, but it's something I'll never lose again.

Last stop for gas, in Raton, New Mexico. I'm sure I'll make it across the prairie to Pueblo, Colorado just fine on my tiny little tank... Right?

Um, hello? Anyone see a gas station...? Anyone...!?

The ultimate test of the "low fuel warning light" took place on that day. 53 miles some how in case you're wondering. I still can't explain it myself.

And on that I made it to Pueblo, Colorado where I stopped for a delicious Wendy's lunch.

Let me apologize for the lack of photos I took traveling through Colorful Colorado. Talk about a truly scenic and beautiful place, unfortunately I hit thunderstorms and was trying to make it to my hotel in Denver before sundown. Mission complete!

I never knew Denver was so big! And I even risked getting in trouble by pulling onto the edge of this innocent golf course for a photo shoot of down town.

As much as I liked Colorado, it was time to continue on. Here I am just past the boarder of Nowhere, also known as Nebraska!

I was amazed to see some trees growing a midst all the corn!

But don't worry, I found more corn soon enough...

After traveling through several trillion dollars worth of corn I finally arrived in Lincoln! Don't worry, Nebraskans. All joking aside, I found your state beautiful. Riding into Lincoln in a nice cool breeze while watching the sun set over rolling hills with little red barns atop them seemed like something out of a fairy tale.

The next day I headed out of Lincoln to Omaha, where I met up with some buddies for a burger. Soon after I was on my way, back on the highway and headed north to Sioux Falls.

And finally, I had arrived in South Dakota...

At long last, my journey had come to an end.

And might I say... A very happy ending.

I hope you folks enjoyed my adventure. ADV rider has been inspiring me for years now and gave me the courage to take this trip in the first place.
Life is either a daring adventure... Or nothing.

The Game screwed with this post 12-05-2012 at 06:53 PM
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Gun Smoke
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Originally Posted by The Game View Post

Awesome the Stig makes a ride report. LOL. I enjoyed reading this thanks man.

The Stig
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Gun Smoke
Joined: Apr 2012
Oddometer: 312
Game what are your plans for S.Dakota? From what I hear the oil and gas fields are paying sick money. They can't find enough help. You said you came from S.D.; you're in for a shocker of a winner up in S.Dakota.
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The Game OP
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Joined: Dec 2011
Location: Sioux Falls, South Dakota.
Oddometer: 53
Glad you liked it!

I'm not from here, no, I'm originally from Albuquerque but was raised in California. Me and my girlfriend are probably moving to Phoenix in about 6-8 months. For this winter I'm just going to store the bikes in the garage, I don't want to risk dropping it due to ice on my shiny fairings. I'm still making payments on the thing lol. It's still not snowing though! It was 61 the other day and I went riding. Also, all the oil fields are in North Westerns North Dakota, Sioux Falls is in South Eastern South Dakota, a good 16+ hours away. We're right here near the boarder of Minnesota and Iowa.
Life is either a daring adventure... Or nothing.
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Good job, good to see another zx10 rider on here!
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Mod Squad
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Enjoyed your ride!! Thanks for the report and pics!
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Studly Adventurer
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Good thing those leathers are white
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