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Well there it is..
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Great Ride report JJ hope all is good with You!
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Jettn Jim OP
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Originally Posted by Reverend12 View Post
Great Ride report JJ hope all is good with You!
Hey thanx Alot!!! Yup aaall goood, I hope all is super fine with you as well!
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Thumb Aaah waking in NorCal always feels goooood!

I wake up refreshed but... early!
To THE LOUD SOUNDS OF BIKES... LOTSA BIKES! Seems the Redwoods Rally just let out and maaan I guess these fuckers don't party hard on the last night, because they are up WAAAAY too damn early!
I can't ignore hundereds of big twins, of course mostly Harleys roaring by at day break (you'da thought they knew I was sleeping under the trees and purposely hammered by the dumb ass dirty bike rider trying to sleep, geeeesh! ) this went on for a couple hours, sooo I get up... pack up my bag and roll into the Peg House for some good food.. and service from the puuurrty giirls!

I'll use a couple pics from last year here...

Yup NorCal is puuurrty Pot friendy.. and I'm ok with that!^)-

And the electric shirt...

After.. you guessed it... some goood conversation, I do as when in Rome, and partake of the kind..... then calmly roll North toward Garberville and my cutoff Alderville rd up over the hills onto Zenia Bluff rd and then Zenia Ruth rd to Ruth Lake and the Journey's End Bar, General Store and Restuarant. After that more back roads like Hwy 36 (one of the top 10 bike roads in the country! ) and then Platina road into Redding (another dooosy) where I'll stop in to see Rick at Mayers Cycle to get my seat tweaked a bit.
Gotta tell you... YOU NEED TO DO THIS RIDE! From basically the Bay up 1 to Garberville then over these roads to Redding.... heck there are a TON of fun roads back in here man !!!!
I plug in my earbuds twist up the tunes and roll through the big trees...

With my head full of smoke I'm not railing hard yet... just taking in the scene... and scenery.

Cross the Eel River near the roads namesake Alderpoint, then back up into the hills...

Now is where you pic up Zenia Bluff rd and it's part dirt, part asphalt... PERFECT for an Enduro bike... I love it!
I see some Condors... over a dozen ( ok this is a bit North of their range but I didn't notice the Red heads of the North American Turkey Vulture sooo to be more romantic let s just call these young Condors) The largest bird in North America weighting up to 26lbs and living 80yrs!
They seemed to call to me as I ride under them at about the peak of the Bluff...

So I just layed down in the middle of the road and watched them swirling above me................................. for like 20 minutes.

A perfect day to just lay here.....

Then they started to land above me in this tree...

After soaking that all in and feeling pretty connected I roll on again...

Forgot to mention the moon was out too...

After more twist fest... I'm coming out of the smoky haze now sooo I've been wicking it up more and more, I come to the Journey's End. Aaah can't wait to see who's here this year, after last years family like welcome and subsequent smoke out!

I get some coffee and O.J. plus a bite to eat... the barkeep is new to me, soo I just fill her in a short bit of my stop in last year, Trish's(the owner) daughter is running around cooking etc.. that's a treat for my eyes.

Remembering the mirror carvings... but with new attitude.

After everythings all full I roll on...
I had lubed the chain when I pulled in and it was still hot.... now I do a tire check and and get a pic of the tire, juuust sooo you'll know the twistiness of these roads! I spose I had wicked it up a bit earlier than I told ya. LOL Now were getting the flat slab center wear from the Desert off these tires.

I actually pull over for this shot... and while I do I hear a bike coming up the valley somewhere below me? Maan it sounds goood. kinda Ducati ish! And they dooo sound good ya gotta agree.

After the pic, a piss and getting back on the bike the guy rolls by... I quick slap her in gear and decide to see what he or she is made of...

He passes this car and it's on.... he can ride and I'm having a BLAST! He tucks it in hard in every turn like it's a track day and I start to go flat track style with my inside leg hanging waaay inside to keep up with a much faster bike. Some of the turns are 25 and 35mph we're taking them at 70mph... at least I am! He can pull me a bit on the straights but in the turns I actually close it up on him riding a fucking KLR with knobbies Laugh Out Loud! The ass slides out twice in this 20 or so turn little contest since it has no choice when you push it this hard, I just keep in it lifting enough to get her all hooked up again. After about 3 miles of this he pulls over and waves me on.... can't blame him since it's NO fun to have someone riding your ass... hahahahahaha!

Now I have clear road ahead and put distance between us.... Sorry for the glove fingers all over the pic i was pumped.

Any way back down in the valley it flattens out and I see a General Store with gas and stuff, soo I pull in all pumped up on ADRENALINE!
He pulls in followed by about 5 other guys all on sport bikes, he's on a naked Ducati, he can't believe what he just saw and on the bike I'm riding! He says at first he thought it was a guy on a BMW or something as he passed me pulled over, do to the side boxes and stuff, but as soon as I pulled up on his rear tire he said he knew that wasn't the case. His buddy walked over and said "Maaan are you crazy?" "I saw your ass end sliding out and thought you were going down!" I told him that's how it is on knobbies sometimes and you just ride it out... they both shook there heads, we talked some more with a few crazy stories thrown in for good measure, then I walked into the store.

I didn't take the group pic because I didn't want to seem like I was saying "yup just blew past these guys.. here's their pic" But on second thought I shoulda taken one....

It's the Famous "Wildwood Cafe" just down the road from Wildwood...

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Originally Posted by Jettn Jim View Post
This building is crazy. It looks like something one of Tolkien's elves would make. Do you know anything about it? Where was this exactly?
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Originally Posted by Feyala View Post
This building is crazy. It looks like something one of Tolkien's elves would make. Do you know anything about it? Where was this exactly?

I immediately thought of Tolkien.
All that is gold does not glitter,
Not all those who wander are lost.
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Originally Posted by Feyala View Post
This building is crazy. It looks like something one of Tolkien's elves would make. Do you know anything about it? Where was this exactly?

Originally Posted by High Desert Rider View Post

I immediately thought of Tolkien.

Hey folks, been outta town for a week or soooo... Merry Christmas, Happy New Year aaaand welcome to the Age of Aquarius!
That picture was taken as I passed the Sea Ranch about a 100mi North of the Bay. The Sea Ranch Chapel:

I deffinately thought of a bird.. the California or a Scaled Quail actually.... beautiful!

Sea Ranch Chapel

“The Sea Ranch chapel, commissioned by a private party, took nearly a year to complete. This non-denominational chapel is dedicated to the memory of Kirk Ditzler whose drawings were the foundation for the design. The roof gives a sense of sweeping, lifting movement, achieved by its manifold profiles. Its structure is inspired by winged forms, yet can be read in a number of different ways. Yet despite the great variety of shape and form, the 360 square foot chapel, achieves an underlying feeling of unity.
“James Hubbell has an almost democratic approach to his work. He involves his coworkers according to their abilities; and in this particular project the work was delegated to Tambe Kumaran. He and a team of highly skilled craftsmen set about realizing Hubbell’s design from a small model and 1/4 inch engineering drawings.
“The chapel sits on a gently sloping site and is constructed on a six inch concrete slab with 12 inch foundation walls, filled with concrete block. The main structure of the building is made of wood siding which was dried and molded in place to create a shell. The curves of the roof were extremely difficult to accomplish, and Kumaran drew from his boat building experience to achieve both the curves and the chapel’s even shingled surface. The materials used for this project are among the architect’s favorites: a combination of stained glass, ceramics, metal and plasterwork.
“Brightly colored stained glass windows illuminate the interior which is large enough to seat up to 40 people. The interior is adorned by a white plaster ‘flower’ sculpture which caps the inner space, lining the ceiling and supporting a metal lighting fixture. A redwood pillar and other free form structures, such as a metal and glass screen in the corner, decorate the inside of Sea Ranch Chapel.” ~ Excerpted from “Organic Architecture,” Architectural Design Magazine, Profile No. 106 – 1995.
The chapel is open to visitors, but sometimes closes for private events. For more information on the chapel and visiting, visit their website
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Thanks for the info on the chapel! It looks even more stunning inside. :) I have probably rode by that area more than three times without seeing it, I'll have to keep an eye out and stop for a visit next time!

Hope you're having a good holiday!
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Originally Posted by Feyala View Post
Thanks for the info on the chapel! It looks even more stunning inside. :) I have probably rode by that area more than three times without seeing it, I'll have to keep an eye out and stop for a visit next time!

Hope you're having a good holiday!
Thanx fey... yup life is SPECTACULAR!
Wishing you all the best too...
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Ok like I said I had stumbled into the Wildwood Store & Cafe in Hayfork, CA.... after talking to the gang I'd been on a tear with I talk to a couple more guys on KLX 400's (Turns out there is not only some of the best road riding in the USA ~ 2 out of the top 10~ but awesome trails too) and then walk up to the big ol' front deck.

I meet these 4 smiling faces...

Their just glowing with happiness and good cheer! Enzo, Big Bear Jim, Joyelle and Mario her boyfriend.
Enzo and Mario are inmates here as "Zombeast" and "KhaoSanman", We talk a while and just plain enjoye one anothers company! Joyelle is on her 4th ride on a BMW650 and is HOOKED!
Great gang and I hope to run into them again on another ride!

Then I walk into the store and now see that this IS a bike friendly kinda place.. I had no idea... just saw gas pumps and a chance to pull off and vent some of the adrenaline I had built up back in the twisties, dancing with the Ducati.

I meet Puurty Laura Boehm who with her husband Andrew own the Store...

They live and breath bikes....

He won the Flat Track Championship at Lodi back in 1996, using all the wrong equipment and on an old '63 Scout, he races a Busa Drag Bike too.... SUPER FRIENDLY folks! Like I said.. this place has every kind of road or trail that you'd wanna ride outside the front door!
I'll just post up pics as I was walking around the store...

On the left in this picture standing next to Gary Nixon, is none other than Motorcycle racing Legend Dick "Bugsy" Mann...

Dick Mann


Two-time AMA Grand National Champion.
Winner, 1970 Daytona 200.
Competed at a national level in dirt track, motocross and road racing.
1995 AMA Dud Perkins Award Winner.

Dick "Bugsy" Mann will go down in history as one of the most versatile racers ever to throw a leg over a motorcycle. A two-time AMA Grand National Champion, Mann was one of the very few riders to compete on the national level in dirt track, road racing and motocross. When he retired from professional racing in 1974, Mann was second on the all-time AMA Grand National Series wins list with 24 national victories and had one of the longest careers of competing successfully on the pro circuit spanning the early 1950s to the mid-70s.

In 1971, Mann became the first rider to complete motorcycle racing’s Grand Slam, winning in all forms of AMA Grand National Championship racing: mile, half-mile, short track, TT and road racing.

Mann says the hoopla about the Grand Slam didn’t start until months after he’d completed it.

"I didn’t even think about it after I’d won the Mile [in August of 1971 in Homewood, Illinois]" Mann said. "There was no such thing as a Grand Slam then. It was thought up after I won all of them. Fortunately for me, I won that race in Chicago only after a bunch of the cushion track specialists retired. Had they still been around, I would have finished eighth or ninth like I always had."

Mann was born in Salt Lake City, Utah, on June 13, 1934. His first exposure to motorcycling came in his teenage years when he rode a Cushman scooter on his paper route in Richmond, California. Mann and his fellow Richmond motorcycle paper boys, terrorized the Richmond streets in the early morning hours. His dirt-track riding skills were learned on cinder running tracks behind the area schools. On the weekends, Mann would ride in the hills near Richmond on old cow trails (thus "cowtrailing", the name he gave that style of riding). This gave him the off-road experience he would later use in motocross.

After high school, Mann went to work as a mechanic at fellow Hall of Fame member Hap Alzina's BSA shop in Oakland. There, Mann learned motorcycles inside and out and became a top-notch mechanic. He also started racing during this period, first in scrambles then later at a dirt oval in Belmont, California. Admittedly not a natural at racing, Mann took his time steadily learning his trade and, in the summer of 1954 as an amateur, he set off with veteran racer Al Gunter to tackle the professional racing circuit.

Mann turned expert in 1955 and finished a very respectable seventh in his first Grand National race, the Daytona 200. For the next three years, Mann gradually made a name for himself. In 1957, he finished ranked in the top ten for the first time. He earned a number of podium finishes, including being the runner-up at the Daytona 200 and Laconia national road races in 1958.

The Peoria (Illinois) TT was the site of Mann's first national win in 1959. It would also be where Mann won his final national 13 years later. By the end of the 1950s, Mann had clearly established himself as one of the elite racers in the country. He finished second to Carroll Resweber in the 1959 Grand National Series.

In 1963, Mann earned five podium finishes, and after winning at Ascot Park in Gardena, California, on September 21, he clinched his first AMA Grand National Championship. It would be eight agonizingly long years before Mann would earn his second national title.

In the interim, Mann continued to win races and finish high in the standings. He also found the time to help pioneer the sport of motocross in America. Mann raced in several early AMA professional motocross races in the late 1960s and early '70s. During this period, Mann also represented the United States in the famous Trans-Atlantic Match Races, which pitted the little-known American racers against established pavement stars from Great Britain.

Of all of his national wins, perhaps the most fulfilling for Mann was his 1970 Daytona 200 win riding the new Honda CB750. After all, Mann had been racing in the 200 for 15 years and was runner-up three times, but could not quite find a way to finish atop the podium. To say he was long overdue for a win at Daytona was an understatement. Finally his time came in the 1970 race. He ran strong all day and held off early challenges by former world champion Mike Hailwood and, later in the race, rising stars Gene Romero and Gary Nixon. The win not only gave Mann his first victory at the Daytona classic, it also marked Honda's first win in an AMA national.

Returning to BSA in 1971, Mann made a brilliant comeback at age 37 and won his second AMA Grand National Championship, becoming the oldest rider in the history of the series to win the title. The '71 season was the opening of a second phase of Mann's career. Now the elder statesman of the series, many felt Mann was too old to be competitive with the young new stars of the day, but Mann proved the nay-sayers wrong by winning the season opener at the Houston TT. He followed that up with a second straight win at Daytona. Other wins that season included victories in road races at Pocono, Pennsylvania, and Kent, Washington. Mann was named the AMA's Most Popular Rider of the Year for 1971. Mann continued winning in 1972 and was still competitive in 1973, finishing in the series top ten at nearly 40 years of age.

Mann often wore a straw hat in the pits and it became a trademark.

"They were ladies' gardening hats," Mann explained. "They were usually 59 cents at Woolworths. It was usually the only shade we had, and they were cheap. We had to race and work on the bikes."

Mann retired from the professional circuit in 1974. He raced in over 230 AMA nationals and, when he retired, was second on the all-time Grand National wins list with 24 victories. From 1957 to 1973, Mann finished inside the Grand National top ten every year but one.

Even after all his accomplishments in professional racing, Mann wasn't quite finished. In 1975, Mann returned to his trail riding roots and qualified for the United States International Six Days Trial team (now known as the International Six Days Enduro) and competed for his country on the Isle of Man earning a bronze medal. Mann was given the prestigious AMA Dud Perkins Award for his contributions to the sport in 1995.

When he was inducted into the Hall of Fame in 1998, Mann was still competing in vintage races across the country. He also owns a business which specializes in restoring and selling vintage motorcycles for racing.

When I raced Motocross in the 70's I used to race with him.... I still remember the Straw Hat... LOL! He was in the Old Timers Association racing in the Master's class... (Fast as Hell too) My dad was also an Old Timers member and racer. I raced in the Support class (Kids of the Old Timers- 40+ and the Over The Hill Gang- 30+ ) Dick was the only guy riding a Thumper back then... one of his Flat Track racing engines in a Motocross Frame. A totally different sound hearing him come around the track compared to the 2-stroke Maico's, YZ's, RM's, CR's Husky's etc... Wish I could use these keys to make the different sounds I remeber... :)

Anyway seeing his picture took me back to my earlier years and reminded me how significant Motorcycles had been and still are in my life....

Turns out Andrew had raced with Nicky Hayden alot when they were both teenagers...

Nicholas "Nicky" Patrick Hayden, nicknamed The Kentucky Kid, won the MotoGP World Championship in 2006.

I'm deffinately feeling like I'm in the right place at the right time... both today as I walk this store enjoying the now, and as I remember how I was riding the wave of Motocross in the 70's... Archery in the 80's... then in the 90's I rode the wave of Late model Mustang and Worlds Fastest Sreet Car Racing... Now in the 2000's for me at least, it's Adventure Touring and Raising Human Consciousness/Awareness of our Mother Earth and or own Being.
Basically whay I'm saying is... when your feeling like doing something... then the door swings open right before your face and opportunity awaits on the other side... jump though and Go Cat Goooo!!!

The Cafe in the next room...

Drum set in the corner for band nights...

As I'm taking pictures Andrew walks back and points to this one...

Very cool invention... by Marv Swanson a friend of Andrews who made the three metal sculptures out front.
CW Garage: Marv Swanson’s Armature – First Look AKA Swivelbike.

June 17, 2008

What we have here is the world’s first (as far as I know) articulating rear-steer motorcycle. I’ve been involved in bikes since I was 12 years of age. I attended welding school and then worked in the aerospace industry in the L.A. area. I’ve ridden streetbikes for as long as I can remember, and raced in WSMC and love to do trackdays at my home track, Thunderhill in Northern California.
The Swivelbike is not the first bike I’ve created. Over the years I’ve made some trick bikes and custom parts, and I also do all my own tuning. I’m an unknown in the motorcycle world, but at some point I decided I would go public with what I’ve discovered over the years as a frame builder and freelance designer. I’m known to my family and friends as a bit bike crazy, but an awesome fabricator and welder.
Okay, the Armature has these features: 1) Flex frame design; 2) Single-spar frame direct drive, like a go-cart; 3) All-aluminum frame, gas in lower frame; 4) Adjustable triple-tree (adjustable for rake); and 5) KTM 525 Single powerplant.
This is not a conventional motorcycle. It does things contrary to belief, like making a right turn with the wheel turned to the left; wow, what fun that is. It’s very easy to turn with a balanced-center counterweight. It’s unlike any bike I’ve ridden, and I’ve owned over 50 bikes.The Armature is an offspring of another prototype I built, the M-80 (which has a similar frame, but is powered by a smaller motor) but it has more features. Together they have the same effect: dual steering so that the wheels are offset or independent of each other; to the motorcycle world that’s huge, you would think! If you want a thrill, or have the nerve to try something different, think of it as the difference between skiing and snowboarding.

And the sculptures...

Desiree' posing behind this last one...

After this most enjoyable pit stop I suit up and head for Rick Mayers...

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I know that the roads are gonna be a blast heading to reading and I plan to stop along the way at the Platina Store/Post office for a snack... Had a BLAST here last year with the owner Sue and her husband Ken.

The owners aren't in buuuut Robbin is...

What a sweety.. she hooks me up with a bowl of soup and we flirt a bit , talk alot, then I roll outside.
Where I meet ??? grrr didn't write it down...He had just bought this Ninja garage kept with only 2000mi on it... nice score!

Back on the road...

Platina road is goood of course and soon I'm at Rick's shop... he walks out and I say hello again. It's Sunday afternoon I explain that I'm just on my way past from NorCal heading back to Idaho and what I would like to do to modify the seat, though he's not normally open on Mondays, he says if I swing by in the morning he'll fix me up. WoooHooo!
He ask if I've been up to Mt Lassen... nope.. we talk more and I say sure I'll go check it out and find a place to Stealth camp up high where it's cooool, since it gets MIGHTY hot here in the Valley.
It's a big Volcano crater off to the East...

North of the Crater...

Inside the Crater looking South...

Some nice high altitude lakes...

Snow's piling up.. but NOT near as much as I rode in last year.

Steam vents and somewhat Moon like landscape in the South West facing valley...

Then it's time to head down and West to look for a camp...

I find an old abandoned Farm and sneak in behind... it's blurry but you can see the size of this buck. There were two feeding around the back when I rolled in.

I cross an old field and drop down into a dry wash partially in the woods to get outta sight, then roll volcanic rocks out of the way, filling the little craters back up, smooth things best I can, lay down next to Des' hanging a couple Natural Mosquito repellents on my boots and..... drift off.

I wake up take a pic of the camp and head on back to Rick's...

At the shop... Rick Mayer Cycles.

While Rick tends to other bussiness I pull all the staples needed to peel the cover back for the modification, then he goes to work.

Rick is an A+ guy and fixes me up juuust PERFECT! I now have a leeetle more stretch out room for the long slab riding that occurs when I criss cros the U.S. I'm at about 62,000mi on this seat now and simply love it!
Moved the butt pan back about 2-1/2" very nice... THANX RICK!
After much trying to convince him...he would not accept a penny either... true gentleman!

Time to get back to Lewiston and do some maintenance on Des' before the Hells Canyon Gathering at the Log Cabin RV Park.

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All things... Father spirit and Mother Earth feel gooood to me today.... embracing me as I journey on.

Here's some mood music for this section, she's a new Friend of mine I met through Dianna MorningStar...Pru Clearwater... an AMAZING Soul who has found the light and shines it brightly everywhere she floats... more on her later in the report.

I take Hwy 299 to Alturas then Hwy 395 to Lake View OR...

I remember passing this Sculpture a few times in my travels with Desiree'...

An overturned Grain Car...

Goose Lake south of Lakeview...

Haha makes sense...

I pass the Rim Rock Motel.. where the somewhat deranged... maybe actually quite arranged? ol' boy walked in on me naked and shaving, during last years HATour... oooh boy!

I'm getting extraordinary vibes as I gaze about...

A DustDevil on the upper end of the lake bed...

Nice Windswept Dunes....

Reptilian like road surface...

Another Cyclist enjoying the day.....

I read this... hmmmm think a bit to myself and ride on....

In John Day as I'm sitting down to eat in a small Cafe... I see a girl pull up on a little Ninja and go inside next door. I curiously go out to introduce myself and hear her story.
She's Nadia Adams...

Beautiful woman in her early ~0's, 3 teenage children, divorced, working for the Forest Service.. not 1 grey hair on her head! Born in Serbia... very young spirited girl who likes exitement, adventure, and play... I ask her if she'd like to have dinner after she runs her groceries home? She says yes and comes back to a wonderful meal and a long talk on life. She takes wonderful pictures and turns them into post cards... I purchase 4 of them, exchange information and after a smile and hug ride on.
Thoughts on relationship, life etc... roll through my mind, like birds floating in the sky.
Nice girl back there... for someone......

South side of the Wallowas... near Baker City, OR.

I sleep in Baker City... where just last weekend they had their Hells Canyon Rally. A late night talk at the Chevron station confirms the weather had kept the attendance down.... and a woman was killed by a truck during the Rally :( one way or another her time here was done.
After meeting another little Hippie chick at the motel... I lay down Cherishing my own time here in this reality, and again doze off.....

Morning dawns as yesterday repeated and after Breakfast at the Oregon Trail Diner, I ride on...

Not noticing the smudge on the lense at the time, I'll cut short the pics...

Out Hwy 86, up NF-39 to the Upper Imnaha Rd, then over to Enterprise, and Hwy 129 (The Rattle Snake Grade) on into Lewiston... GREAT roads!!!

I RAIL the Snake then pull in at the State Park on the Washington side to take a break (release all the ADRENALINE!!!) and I check out the tires.... I love the 606's when their 2/3rd's worn and really stable.. the knob flex is about gone!

You can see the second angle that all the twisties since NorCal has worn...

Then it's but a short skip up over to Waynes where I'll meet Alex "Parepin" and prepare for the Rally.

This is the sky as I pull into the driveway... WOW what a way to end this section of the ride.... and begin the next!

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Not long after I pull in, sooo does "Parepin"... we both have thrashing to do on our bikes. Valve adjustments, air filters, tire swaps etc.. He had alot to do so as he thrashed I kept myself busy too... oh and i actually talked him into ditching the John Deere muffler he has been using since I met him riding to Alaska in 2010 hahaha... I had an extra LeoVince X3 sooo he bolted that on too.

I don't remember what all he had goin' on ALOT!... but that we worked till 3-4a.m. then had to head for Imnaha, then the Rally/Enterprise.

I needed to make a fender brace like I saw on "Collarbones" DR out in Minnesota last month... my DR Fender on the new front fork setup had been hitting the tire everytime I railed on it in the rough stuff, slowly grooving the fender lip to the curve of a knobby.
I used a flat sheet of aluminun Wayne had in the back room, instead of a pair of alum bars like Collarbone had used. Wanting the lower profile to give me lotsa tire clearance, the adhesive and rivets would/should keep it all from sagging down again.

Traced out the shape...

Bedded it with the "Right Stuff Adhesive rubber" clamped it, drilled it, riveted it... and wallaaaaa, a fender brace that won't interfere with my tube/patch kit bag.

Here you can see the new T63 Michelin peeking under the fender...(Trying this tire now since I will be covering ALOT of miles in the next month ~alot of slab too~ and would like to find another option in the knobby category) I had taken off the 606 front with 4,350mi on it, and figure it could have gone another 500mi. This due to my new procedure of swapping the front around at the 1,800-2,500mi mark, much longer wear:) I'm very happy with this mileage, as I could only pull 2,950mi before starting to swap them around.

The front 606 just before pulling it off...

Only the front two rivets will show from under the fender bag... I like the mechanical look anyhow.

Amazingly as Alex pointed out.. it only took me 45min to find the scrap, cut it, pull the fender, install and put it all back togather! WoooHooo

We were coming to realize.. once again... thaaat we ARE ALWAYS late to Rally's.. at least I AM!!! And I seem to be rubbing off on him hahaha.
So after the latye night/early morning thrash we get some shuteye then head for Imnaha... I want to take him up the Snake to Heller Bar then up Joseph Creek to Horse Creek and then Forestry roads into Imnaha. I had been trying to do it all last Spring/Summer buuuut the snow had kept stopping me, this is a chance to finish the journey...

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Sooo after the thrash session Al and I roll up the Snake.... I'm excited to show him some new stuff!

Folks out play'n on the water...

The hills always seem to talk to me here...

The Elmer Earl Ranch I wrote about last year... A Captain who used to run the river...

"Captain Elmer Earl, whose grandparents homesteaded Idaho riverfront on the Snake in the late 1800’s, talks about early steamboat traffic on the river and the gradual evolution from sternwheelers to welded steel mail boats that brought supplies to miners and sheep ranchers then took wool and grain back downstream. Elmer even got to drive one of the sternwheelers as a young boy while his father and the captain played cards!"

Aaaah glancing up the steep walls as we slide through...

At Heller Bar we ride along the Grande Ronde before crossing it and heading up Joseph Creek (named after Chief Joseph of the Nez Perce)

And Pass Mark Ramsden's Mountain Beef Cattle spread... at least his part time house and lower grazing yard.

Home | Our Grass-Fed Beef | Photo Slideshow | About Us & Our Ranch | Sales & Contact Info | Recipes | Resources
About Us

We’re a small family ranch situated on the border between Washington and Oregon, grazing our animals on certified organic rangeland in both states.

We operate with a belief that Black Angus and Spanish Corriente cattle can be sustainably grown in the canyons and mountains of Eastern Washington and Oregon.
We follow a traditional pastoral grazing system where riders herd cattle and monitor range country year around, sharing the natural environment with other wildlife.
How Our Animals Help The Land

Able to graze on the coarse vegetation which is passed up by elk, sheep and deer, our cattle stimulate regrowth that is then favored by those same animals.
  • Physiologically stimulate the plants growth
  • Control weed proliferation without chemical use
  • We’re able to use grazing as a tool to improve ecological conditions

Mark and Amy Ramsden :: (541) 569-2450 | Download our brochure (PDF 442k) | Download pricing info (PDF 13k)

A super nice family I met last year as I rode through here... Mark offering to let me use his hi-country cabin to sleep in if I ever got held up/stuck up on top!)

Once up Horse Creek aways I pull off to bowl up with Al...

Then it's his turn to lead for a while...

I'll hang back... let the dust settle.. and ennnnjoooooy the magnificent scenery!

As much as I really prefer to ride alone.. (and so does Al actually) I really do enjoy it when teaming up with him! One of the few people I can share space with on the bike, we both like a fast pace, like being out in Mother Nature, like sharing the kind and like to keep an open mind!
Good to be riding some of my favorite country with him.

I pull off for some pics and notice, I've got a new passenger... This will become very much TRUE within the next 24hrs!

I'm deffinately feeling the love as I take a BUNCH of flower pics through here...

We get up on top near Marks Hi-Camp and his upper Corral... Just BEAUTIFUL views.

A mountain backdrop to boot...

Alex has waited up near some info posting...

Then he's off again...

Beautiful day to be alive...

The Wallowas looking at us...

The road has turned back into highspeed gravel...

Almost the exact spot I was turned back last year by the snows...(not the first or last mind you)

And last year...

I keep having to pull over and just..... BREATHE!!!

I notice in this highcountry little lake... a whole world of mystery and wonder... it's a breeding ground for Frogs, with a whole mess of tadpoles swimming about:)

Another nice thing about a throttle lock... self portraits on the move.

Once you get up onto the Buckhorn Rd the Plains become SPECTACULAR... I've been reading Walter Colebatch's Mongolian RR's and I feel that this place looks just as stunning! Of course I do need to ride over there as well.... juuust to compare.

I am so drawn to this Northeastern corner of Oregon... I can feel why the Nez Perce grew to live here, and why it was so sacred to them/me. I feel that my last time around in a human body was as a Nez Perce and can understand my attraction to this wonderous land.

These fences never were and still are not... a natural and respectful way to treat our Mother. But I learn to look past them, and to see the beauty of her lands...

I've been leading again, but soon it will be Al's turn to kick up the dust...

Down at the end of this straight where Alex's dust still floats, is Camp Creek Rd, a lefthand turn off to take us down into Imnaha. I'll have to pull off and wait for Al to figure somethings wrong and turn back to check. Then head us in the right direction...

He comes back and we head down our target....

We stop to open a gate and who pulls up but 4 FF'ers from the Rally... turns out Alex knows one of them from a previous ride/visit... TJ "Pigpen". Hopefull Al will plug in any details... Also "Steve Levine" and "Jungle Man" all from ADV.

We're all happy to meet up and enjoy a moment of comraderie... PPP too! I think they recognize Janice and Desiree' waaay more than Al and I LOL!

All there bikes are set up niiice and they fill us in on the current situation at the Rally. It's Friday already and the shindig has been goin' on since Wed-Thurs... once again we miss most of the fun. Actually we only miss most of the group fun.. since we ALWAYS have fun with or without anyone else!^)-

Everyone starts to suit up... the guys heading back to the campfire... Alex and I heading down to the Imnaha Store for some chow aaand to acclimate to the area before jumping into a whole group of folks.

The Cows look on unamused...

Beautiful hillsides as we drop on down...

Some Ranchers just outta town...

We get to the Store and I introduce Al to Heather, whos parents own the store... we had a couple goood conversations last year!

That's betta...

Her husband Kirk comes in from fishing... nice guy too! And we get to shoot'n the shit about local things... he tells us about a local Rancher down below Imnaha who was so paranoid about the Japanese invading us back in WWII that he hid Dynamite ALL OVER the hills!?! No one knows how much is still left out there... hahahaha oooh boy, better step easy.
Eugene Pallette

Eugene William Pallette (July 8, 1889 – September 3, 1954) was an American actor. He appeared in over 240 silent era and sound era motion pictures between 1913 and 1946.
An overweight man with large stomach and deep, gravelly voice, Pallette is probably best-remembered for comic character roles such as Alexander Bullock, Carole Lombard's father, in My Man Godfrey (1936), his role as Friar Tuck in The Adventures of Robin Hood (1938) starring Errol Flynn and his similar role as Fray Felipe in The Mark of Zorro (1940) starring Tyrone Power.

Later life

Eugene Pallette's star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

In 1946, convinced that there was going to be a "world blow-up" by atom bombs, Pallette received considerable publicity when he set up a "mountain fortress" on a 3,500-acre (14 km2) ranch near Imnaha, Oregon, as a hideaway from universal catastrophe. The "fortress" reportedly was stocked with a sizable herd of prize cattle, enormous supplies of food, and had its own canning plant and lumber mill.
When the "blow-up" he anticipated failed to materialize after two years, he began disposing of the Oregon ranch and returned to Los Angeles and his movie colony friends.

Funny what kind of stuff ya learn when ya least expect it....

She shows Al what the RattleSnake count is all about...

Yup fresh Rattler.. ya hungry?

I think he's really interested??? Anyhow she hooks us up with some lovingly made food as her daughter does her best to distract her.

Then as I go outside following Al to suit up... he walks back and says!
"Dude.. my fuck'n tools are ALL GONE!"
I say " WHAT???"
"Yup NO tools and the end cap is gone too!!!"

"SHIT... well no one around here woulda messed with your bike... sooo the cap must fell off and your tools fell out?!?!?"

"Hmmm Shit.. ok let's go back track."

Sooo we go back... and back ... aaaand back... all the waaaaay to Waynes in Lewiston.

Riding mostly side by side to better see into the ditches.... as we get further and further into the night... we realize he's got an electrical PROBLEM! After one extended stop we have to push start the bike... oooh boy nothing like adding our own little TWIST to the Adventure! He txt "PigPen" so they don't worry about us not pulling into the Rally... and to put the word out to be on the lookout for a tool roll.
Sometime late we roll into Waynes and instead of another back to back all nighter we crash.... figuring tomorrow we'll restock on tools, do repairs? Then head back to the Show!

Gooood night!

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I'll jump on here real quick and contribute whatever I can. After looking through these last few posts, I realize that I have completely dropped the ball on getting anywhere near the amount of photos that Jim has. To be honest, I don't know how he gets them. I hang out with the guy, and while I see the camera out often, I didn't realize just how often. Well done, good sir.

Anyhow, Jim covered that first day in Lewiston pretty well. We spent the entire evening wrenching. It's funny, it doesn't matter how well either one of our bikes are running or how well any of the parts look, Jim and I always manage to find a way to burn copious amounts of time wrenching. If it's damaged, we replace it. Misaligned, we adjust it. Not the right part, we adapt. Flimsy? Grab that road sign, we'll make a brace. For me, I just need to keep busy. I've got too much going through my head at any one time, so being able to focus on just the ONE thing and improve upon it, it's kinda peaceful. Relaxing, if you will. I suspect Jim's much the same way. I mean, just look at the pics he's posted. I'm sharpening my KLR's accessory hatchet while he's sawing through scrap metal. Neither one "Needed" to get done, but it happened.

His brace did turn out nice, by the way. It picked the front lip of the fender up a couple inches and increased the stability greatly. Stealthy, too. You wouldn't even know it was there. I, however, went a different route several months previous.

Yup, shameless plug.

I feel like we got up early the next day and headed out to Oregon, but I think I'm lying to myself. More likely than not, we made it down to the local pancake shack at a quarter past ten to slap asses and make strawberry nipples for our pancakes before we got on the road. That sounds more accurate.

I will say this, the ride in was great. Every type of trail was covered short of bouldery ledges. We wound through some beautiful farmscape before rising to the crest of the hills and following the ridgeline. We kinda leapfrogged from one toke break to the next, more often then not completely losing sight of each other. This was nice, though, as it provided a nice relaxed pace to take it all in.

I stopped at one point on a portion of the trail when I had been leading and got set up for what promised to be a truly epic shot of Jim barreling through a mud pit. An action shot would be taken. Just set it to a high burst setting and you should be good. I might even make an animated GIF out of it.

Way to drop the ball. You can see a big smirk on his face, he knew what he was doing. "Noooo, not today, brother. I've got a messed up back, 'been bothering me all week. Just gonna take it easy today"

Alright... fair enough....

We made it all the way into town, running into a few guys on the trail that had just come from the rally. One of the riders cruises up to me and gives the bike a quick look over, then back at me. "Parepin?" Heh, yup. It was Pigpen from the forum, or TJ in meatspace. He'd apparently recognized the bikes from a ride report, which I got kind of a kick about. We shot the shit for a bit and kicked eachother's bikes while one fella wandered out back and started plinking prairie dogs off with some sort of pistol. I don't really know guns, but I was jealous.

Anyhow, we headed out of that encounter to grab some grub before heading back to the rally. Jim had mentioned this place a few times. The beer was cold, the food is good, and the waitress has some incredible eyes. Sure enough, she did, and was even nice enough to hold still for a pic or two. Neither of which does the girl justice.

It's here that I noticed the end of my tool tube was missing. We backtracked to where I thought I had dropped it, but to no luck. We reviewed the pictures on the cameras to see if we could pin point when it went AWOL, but nothing. By the time we had backtracked a fair bit, I had begun to have electrical issues and it was decided we're probably better off just returning all the way back to Lewiston to spend the evening getting all this sorted out. We were back on the road early the next day.

How's that work for ya, Jimmy?
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good stuff...
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