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El Guero
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Bump for awesome adventure

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Dan Keyhoety
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crash pad

Hey guys,

If you get to Las Cruses , NM look me up . Gotta RV , shop , beer and plenty of kick ass off rode ridin !!

Don't be afraid your life will end, be afraid that it will never start.

Arrogance is the anesthesia that dulls the pain of stupidity
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Unstable Rider
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Someone mention a KLR?

Well, at least you have one decent bike (meaning, the OTHER one).

Did you armor the shitte out of your wiring harness on the KLR before this adventure, bypass the clutch, have stuff with you to bypass the kickstand? (ask me how I know )

Probably the top three things that can bite you on an adventure like this.

Kidding aside, travel safe. Go see SHIPROCK if you have time.
First the Earth cooled. Next came rats, cockroaches and KLR's... and life was good.
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Eternal Noob
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What, a gigilo!!!! CASH is king in that business, no taxes, no s.s., Get to riden those bikes and posting your R.R. I need more for my fix.
Adventure for a Lifetime
I may be a poor rider, but my bike sure is SLOW
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Beastly Adventurer
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It was too cold at home so you went to Colorado??

Keep heading south BOYS!!
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Originally Posted by Unstable Rider View Post
Someone mention a KLR?

Well, at least you have one decent bike (meaning, the OTHER one).

Did you armor the shitte out of your wiring harness on the KLR before this adventure, bypass the clutch, have stuff with you to bypass the kickstand? (ask me how I know )

Probably the top three things that can bite you on an adventure like this.

Kidding aside, travel safe. Go see SHIPROCK if you have time.
Back when you first sent this message I thought you were just trying to be an ass so I didn't even read the whole comment... sorry Thanks for your concern and bringing up those issues but I found out about them last spring when I got stranded 90 miles from home thinking my carb. was all janked up.

Before this trip I wrapped some kind of plastic armor all around on the wiring harness before leaving because of some previous problems I had. That recall on the wiring harness was a surprise to me and I thought about not taking it in because they remove a part and just reroute a few wires. A guy on youtube showed a better way so I followed his instructions and then some.

Sometime last summer I was messing with the kickstand and found that I could kill the bike by pushing on it sideways. The switch was removed and I wrapped up the two wires and stuck them to the frame just in case I ever wanted to reinstall that safety switch.

The clutch safety switch doesn't bother me too much because sometimes I normally start it in neutral and occasionally I make a mistake and don't have it there. But if there's some other issue with that thing making it unreliable I'd like to know so I can be prepared.
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Laugh WOW.. time flies when you're on the run!

The problem with traveling is not having enough time for the things you want to do or see and trying to cram in a lot of documenting can be a real pain in the ass. I've seen many people complain when a ride report is about the past and not current. It makes sense. If you can follow a live ride report you have a chance to meet up and be a part of it. We tried to meet up with other ADV'ers but timing was bad for a lot of people so once we left Colorado the desire to stay up to date was out the window. Having a video camera is probably my favorite way of documentation now so you'll be seeing a lot more videos in this post and in others.

The story continues!

This is the part where we get back on the road after nearly a week of loving Colorado.

Remember when I said we were going to New Mexico? Never happened. While out on the town in Castle Rock we met a guy who was really into giving us advice about what to do and where to stay. We wrote down everything this guy said and figured he was telling the truth when he said "Albuquergue is a world of hurt!". One ADV'er and a cousin in NM would have been fun to see but that's all the advice we needed to see Utah instead. The decision was probably the best thing we did all night. Besides that we enjoyed tobaccos products, whiskey, tequila and witnessed a bunch of crack heads trying to change the channel on a TV by stacking up bar stools and standing on them.

This is Castle Rock.

Cody smoking a big ol' cigar.

The notes we took from our new friend about where to go. If you look close you can see the note about Albuquerque.

After a night of awesome we packed up and hit the road. Driving through the mountains was amazing and I really loved those tunnels.

Going through Utah we saw a lot of cool places where we could unload the bikes and ride but it was wicked cold so we decided to keep going south to Arizona. Moab is a place I will return to for sure. What a beautiful place! The red rocks there were even cooler because the sun was going down and adding a lot to the color.

After the sun went down we decided to pull over and sleep on the road. You know what probably is a better idea than throwing your sleeping pad and bag right outside the truck along the highway? Pretty much anything. That was the coldest night I've ever slept outside with no tent. Some kind of fucked up animal could have mauled me in my sleep or a poisonous snake could have made my throat it's new home. Good thing I avoided that catastrophe!

Not a great idea to sleep right here.

This is the part where we go to Phoenix
We wake up, get some coffee and get on our way. We raced towards the Grand Canyon hoping to get to see the sunrise from the top of the canyon. This plan falls through a little bit but we had a great time out there any way.

Here's a video I made that compiles the jackassery from Colorado to Arizona. Forgive our stupidity. We were having a good time though.

Other than that there's not much to say about that part of the trip as it was mostly just driving and joking. Once we arrived in Phoenix we were pumped as hell to get out and ride. The first quest was to find out where were we would be staying. A friend from high school is dating a girl from Phoenix and her mom still lives there with her step-dad. When posted on Facebook staying I was looking for a place to stay in Phoenix my friends girlfriend responded very quick saying we would be staying with an excellent cook and a guy who loves riding motorcycles and off-road exploration.

About 30 miles north of Phoenix we start to hear a grinding noise coming from the front on the driver's side. Oh man.. just thinking about the next part makes me thirsty .
Arriving at house we'd be staying in was awesome. Got to meet the legendary tall bearded man who has been riding longer than I've been alive and his lovely wife who impressed me with her knowledge of food and cooking. I cooked professionally for over 10 years so we had a pretty good time talking food. The hosts know a guy who they say is a great mechanic and he'd love to help us out. He'd be really quick and do a good job... etc. Nah. Not at all. That was a huge mistake. I'm not getting into those details unless people have questions about that experience. Rojo can answer those.

The result this had on our trip was depleted funds and idle time. With 60 degree weather and clear skies why would we ever get stressed out and feel trapped? I don't know but it happened. With a little over a full week of time to spend in Arizona we made the best of it with plenty of riding. We hit every route people recommended and did my first REAL off-road riding. This stuff was amazing and I took plenty of video. So did Rojo. Just watch that so I don't have to explain anything else about Arizona.

North of I-74

PIcture time!

Near Squaw Peak. We found some ladies willing to get photos for us. Does the animated one work?

Are we lost? No.. just messing around.

We're up about 100 feet from the parking lot down below. Cactus.

That's a big one.

Met this dude on the DR while going to check out a trail 30 miles long. Never made it to the trail but we found the OHV park as shown in the video above. See those dots in the sky? Those are called "orbs". They're ghosts or some such. Oh wait... no, those are hot air ballons.

There was a whole camp of riders out there who we thought about camping with if we had our gear. Their trailers were over there but we didn't stop to chat. Oh well, maybe next winter?

One night we decided to head out to a bar called Chopper Johns because it was close and I was having a complete "Vitamin Whiskey" deficiency. There was a nice hair metal cover band, bartender who only wore a tank top underwear. She drives some old Harley with a suicide clutch. Some how I ended up with her phone number.

I decided to call her on Sunday which happened to be Super Bowl Sunday and she was just going to hang around the bar and not do any riding. Boring. We stopped in for a quick drink and she was surrounded by a group of nasty looking dudes. Most of them young, pierced every where and with tattoos. Some old dirty creeps hanging around as well so we didn't bother talking to her. Not our scene at all. It's not intimidating or uncomfortable in any way. It was just boring and nasty.

The part came in the following day and Rojo realized it was not the correct one so he ended up taking the original to a machine shop and had them fix it. It was a two hour task in all and he had it all back together. He says we could have been out of Arizona the next day without the interference of that "mechanic". The experience was both good and bad and I was happy to be around the desert for so long but it was REAAAALLY nice knowing that we'd be seeing the ocean very soon.

Next time on Two guys, two dual sports, and no solid plans".....
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Arizona to California

So... Arizona to California. What's in between? Not really a whole lot. More desert. More mountains. No motorcycling. It's a damn shame but we spent so much time in Arizona we knew it was about damn time we got to Oregon. We were in a truck loaded with the bikes, remember?

Going to Calofornia!!

This all took place sometime around Feb. 10th, 2012.

Motorycles loaded and new stickers attached?


Long hair and a fresh tat'?



Check. At the time this seemed like a lot of cows. Later on we passed "farm" that had thousands and thousands of cows. I'm from Iowa and I've never seen so many friggin' cows. It was smelly and extremely depressing to look at so we named it "Cowschwitz".

Near the border of Arizona/California?


Stop to change into shorts and sandles?

Check! Taking a picture of you taking a picture of me. Classic.

This was near the base of the mountains. What mountains? I don't fuckin' know! But I do know that we got over these bastards and into some gorgeous scenery. Apparently I didn't take many photos of most of this but I have a TON of video so I guess I'll be spending some time tonight/tomorrow slapping something together. I'm glad I recorded so much video because it reminded me of all the jackassery along the way. Oh man.. maybe there should be a jackass thread for reports like this?

Being in California!

At the top of a rather large hill we pulled over to deal with a little situation called "A shit, there's go the spare tire!". Rojo noticed form the mirror that a tire was rolling along the highway behind us. It was rather funny. Once that was strapped back down and wedged into place with some firewood we were on our way. Yes, I have some video from that.

Destination: San Diego. Staying with Rojo's cousins. Many interesting things about this area. Case de Rojo's cousins was in the same neighborhood that Bradley Nowell, singer for Sublime, lived in. His widow lives down the street still and... well.. I guess that's about it. My interest in Sublime has faded in the last decade so I wasn't excited, just amused by the trivia.

We found that the neighborhood grocery store was THE place to be if you wanted to find some attractive women. What is it with hotties and eating food, huh? We grabbed some beef, hotdogs and beer for a night of grilling and chilling. The house we stayed at featured a Coor's Lite canopy in the backyard. See?! Coor's Lite stuff is like some kind of symbol for this trip. It's everywhere. They also had a sword fighting arcade game that I played for a while. Slept well and got up to go explore.

We saw some of these things....

as well as many of these things...

plus a few of these.

Perhaps the funniest thing that happened was getting harassed by this lady in the rain gear.

Down by the seals or sea lions or otters...(whatever the hell they are) we could hear this bitch on a megaphone yelling at people. Her voice was barely audible over the crashing waves and wind. Many of us stood around trying to figure out what she was saying. Oh well.. some bitch freaking out over some stupid shit probably. Yup. That's exactly what it was. We got up there and stood around watching her and her crew. There was a lot of information about mating rituals of the creatures and she was trying to make sure the nasty land-fish were able to get it on safely. Cool! I like that she's doing that but maybe she doesn't have to be a pyscho about it?

I started up the ol' GoPro to capture the entire scene. It was just too weird for me to pass up. You can't explain this part of the coast and not talk about the weirdos. So her little buddy sees the camera perched on top of my head (poor man's tripod) and points this out to the yeller. She turns around....

"I know what you're doing!" she shes with a nasty tone.

LOL..."Yeah, this is a neat scene here."

"I know that's a camera and that you're watching us. We're sick of you guys following us and we have cameras too." She replies.

Oh great... being mistaken for an undercover agen...AGAIN! What is it with people thinking I'm a narc?

Her little buddy makes a joke I thought was funny. "At least he hasn't it up there and not pointing it up skirts." And I laughed at her funny joke. It's true, I wasn't trying to scope some sweet titties or anything. There were some cute girls there but if I wanna see some hotties I'll use my PornViewer (internet browser). Yeah, then ol' rain hag snaps at me saying that "it's not funny because we're women". Is she saying women aren't funny? Is she saying that it's okay for the one woman to say those things about me but not okay for me to laugh? Just pure crazy, I tell you! Crazy! Later on I went back down to where some old people were getting a little too close to the hornless narwhals and encouraged them to get closer.

"Get right in there! Go ahead! Don't be shy!"

The didn't but I could hear Bull Horn McGee whiggin' out over it. This elderly couple had no idea they were being shouted at by a mad woman and she had no idea they couldn't hear her. Since these ladies thought I was an undercover, anti-environmentalist I started telling people about the lady up there and had them take pictures of her in a obvious fashion. Maybe five of us were all getting pictures of her at the same time. It made me laugh. Maybe this isn't funny but oh well.

Other than all that we saw people surfing, a cool little cave thing by the ocean, some kind of parachuting people riding the air currents off the cliffs, San Diego-ans, I don't know what else. It was a pretty laid back couple of days. There was a navel base we checked out as well as some tide pools. Pretty neat stuff but we didn't think we'd be staying long so we never went riding.



And let's not forget about the other thing,

Time to go!

6:00am February 12th, 2012. It was now time to leave San Diego and head north. LA does not interest me in any way. Rojo felt the same and neither of us heard good things about the traffic. Our only chance was to drive it early in the morning. Did we drive straight through? Was it around LA? I really can't remember. Getting past LA without any problems was a huge victory and we were closing in on San Francisco where we had arranged to stay with some friends of mine. Then alluva sudden we drove right around SF and towards I-5 to go straight north up into Oregon. Then after a while we decided to head back to the west and get onto the coast so we did that. After not too long of being on the coast the sun was going down, rain was getting heavier and the temperature was dropping. We stopped to pick up some brandy and whatever else and started looking for a place to camp. There are no pictures of this. There was nothing to get a picture of. Really it was a very cold, wet, stupid night. We settle on a little campground near Fort Ross or farther to the north. Not sure which. I get my tent all set up and pull of the fire wood we've been hauling since we left Missouri. The rain and wet wood require a little coaxing to get going. I'm not going to tell you my secret method for starting a fire in the rain but let's just say I completely doused it with some oil/gas mixture from a lawnmower and lit the SOB up. I burned millions of pine needles that night and drank brandy until way too late while Rojo slept in the back of the truck.

In the morning I started to pack up my things and realized that someone had stolen the fire. Serioulsly.. they stole the fire. There's no way it would have burned down to nothingness with all that rain. It wouldn't even stay lit unless I blew on it frequently. It was just gone. The brandy I forgot to put away was still there so it was all good. Just as we're about to leave some greedy-ass park ranger comes up asking for a check for $35 dollars. Fuck. There was no sly plan, no easy way out, nothing. Rojo looked at me hoping I had some elaborate rouse to get out of this situation. Nope.. I said "Where's the sign that says how much it is to camp here?" and she claimed there was something near the entrance. My balls there was. I'm kind of thinking now that maybe that lady was full of shit and possibly not even a ranger. Always ask for an ID before you write someone a check! I'm not sure but $35 is waaaaay to much to pay for sleeping on the cold, wet, ground. Don't they tax people in California to pay for parks? WTF? The real kick in the nads was when she asked if I needed quarters. WTF would I need quarters for? You know what it's like being hungover really early in the morning and confusion is about the only emotion you can feel besides regret and self-loathing?

"For the showers". She says.

"For the what?"

"For the showers."

"B..b...b...b...but I just gave you a check for THIRTY FIVE FUCKIN' DOLLARS!"

Then I snapped out of my day dream and politely said "No, thanks."

After leaving the park I remembered that I hadn't correctly filled out the check. Would it clear? Would I get a fine? Should I just cancel the check and get hit with a fee from the bank? Fuck it. California is a broke state and they need what they can get. We'll consider that money a donation to charity.

February 13th, 2012

Where does the time go? It was amazing to think that we could be at our destination by the end of the night if we powered through and didn't stop to check things out. We could be sleeping in beds, have a hot meal, see friends of mine I hadn't seen in several years. It could be awesome. Arriving would mean that the driving part of the trip would be over and it would be time to find jobs and save up money for the next big ride.

The day was pretty silent. Everything felt cold and wet. Making this last part of the trip boring was my plan for stretching out the time living a transient lifestyle.

The ocean is hard to comprehend. Being landlocked your entire life and then having the never-ending view of waves for two days straight is unbelievable.

What's a shead? We found a park named Whaleshead beach. We still don't know what part of the whale is the shead!

That day we made it to northern California and stopped in Crescent City to sleep. We wanted to camp in the Red Woods but guess how much it cost to stay for 6 hours in the woods where most sites were closed, there's a danger of bears, no fires allowed and nothing but mud to sleep on? Same price as a hotel. Neither of us smelled very good so showers were non-optional. I think it had been since Arizona that I took a shower. Lol.. what's that, like, 4 or 5 days before? Eww. I drank too much brandy, Rojo and I practiced knife fighting and I may have peed on something I shouldn't have. What's it like up there, on that high horse of yours, acting like you've never pissed all over a hotel room?

February 14th, 2012

Drive all day up the coast some more. Getting anxious. Gonna see one of my best friends in less than 5 hours. Can't contain myself. We peep out this dude's fishing boat and I get a tour of the engine room. Rojo was too scared he'd take us out to the middle of the ocean and dump our bodies for the sharks after having his way with our mutilated corpses. I can't remember... did that happen? Hmm...well.. I guess it's too soon too tell but I think that guy was just old and rugged. I'm the kind of guy that's unlucky enough to be approached by actual weirdos and crazies so I'm pretty good at telling if someone is likely to kill me. This man had no reason. Looking back on it I think it was a good idea for Rojo to stay behind just in case I did get slaughtered for fish bait. He'd at least be able to explain to my family that I had violated one of the first rules they ever taught me about strangers and that's why I was dead. At least it wouldn't be a story about getting my brains splattered all over the highway on a motorcycle, right? For what it's worth I'd like to say that someday on my tombstone it doesn't say "Got too old and died while in diapers." or "Never took a chance and never had a story to tell". If it says something like "Eaten alive by carnivorous chihuahuas in Antartica" or "Death by Snoo Snoo" I will be pleased. Cheers to being digested by wild animals!

So.. now what? That's pretty much it. We arrived in Salem a little later than I told my friends I would (by about 16 months), I met one of my new best ever friends, Olivia. She's a darling little girl who is normally so well behaved and interesting to talk to that I don't mind she's only 3.5 years old. Previous to meeting her I detested children and swore I'd never have my own. Now half of me says "Yeah! A kid would be awesome!" and the other half of me says "NOPE.JPEG".

Well, I suppose ya'll better just stop checking this thread from now on because nothing cool happened after this. Well, except for this...

and this...

also one of us had to return to Iowa! That was a bunch of suck and I was mega-sad ..... until he came back a week later! Yes!

Oh.. and we went riding off road at a really sweet OHV park.

We also have checked out Fort Steven's, Astoria, spent nights on the town in Portland, found jobs and girlfriends, FORGOT TO PUT OIL IN THE KLR AND NOW i CAN'T RIDE

It will be at least another week until I can ride again but I promise you guys I have some pictures, videos and stories to share. We have riding events to attend, places to camp, gold to dig, food to sample, trips back down the coast, DR-Z400SM's to locate for our friend we want to initiate into our "gang", caves to explore, a return to Iowa to pick up a dog and a plethora of other exciting and interesting things to come.

Stay tuned for minor updates about small trips we've taken and my opinions on what it's like to be a midwestern in the "North Wet".

Thanks for reading or skimming to this last sentence and pretending you can read!

Now, if you'll excuse me, I have some peanuts to eat!
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Talking Good news!!!

I finally reassembled the KLR and Rojo is back from Iowa. Oh yeah.. did I mention he went back to Iowa? Well, he came back...for a while. Then he went back to Iowa again! But it's all good because he came back. This time I believe it's for good. Well, until we roll out to the East Coast or down to San Diego before riding to Machu Pichu.

The KLR is now a 685cc beast with a new exhaust camshaft, new chain, rear sprocket, shiny new stickers and missing bolts have been replaced. That brake pedal bolt just loves to fall out, huh?

Before the weekend I was able to get it broken in and ready for about 200 miles before coming home to do another oil change. I spent the weekend out at Nestucaa OHV park near Carlton, Oregon with my lady-friend and her family. Rojo and I rode a few trails and I returned to set things on fire and pan for gold. There's not a single picture I have to offer to prove what I say except for one.

I wouldn't have put on all that gear if it wasn't really running.

This is all very good timing because now I can make it to the 2012 NW Oregon Adventure Ride, hosted by MY ADV and KTM Northwest. This thing is absolutely going to tear me up. I'm probably doomed and won't return from the ride but I think it will be worth it.

Will post more then. I've got to get busy on coming up with gas money.

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The end!

Well, after riding for the weekend I believe it's time to call this thread complete. I've managed to find solid work and will be moving out of my friends house and farther north. That won't be for another month but now I feel like I officially live in Oregon now and not just stuck here/traveling.

Just a day before the KTM ride I discovered another event happening during the same time and not too far away from Gresham. Instead of leaving Salem at the ass crack of dawn I was hoping to camp somewhere. Peterman made a post advertising for the 4th Annual Pacific Northwet Gorge Gathering and I thought it sounded like it would be worth checking out so I could meet even more of strangers from the internet.

99E to 405N to 30E to 84E. Long, sort of boring ride. I know there are better ways to get there but I was hoping to catch someone in Portland and get there quick so I had more time to hang out and possibly ride with other people.

Friday night was an excellent time and I'm pretty sure I met people I recognized from ride reports a long time ago. Maybe not. Most people who have beards kind of look the same to me. Remembering real names is also a lot harder for me than screen names so I could list most of the people I met by their handle. But I won't. Instead I have a few notes about what I noticed. I met Sasquatch, a guy who does suspension work in Boise. He has an excellent reputation for his work and I might end up out that way so I can eat at Taco John's again. If I do I'll stop in and maybe get a new spring put in the shock. That guy also really likes cats so we talked about cats for a while and methods for carrying a small pet on a motorcycle. TourPros was a hilarious, self-proclaimed asshole. The stories he shared were a riot and he knows his shit when it comes to food. By the time he pulled the chicken off the grill I had already devoured two plates of beans, cucumber salad and corn. That chicken looked Bon. Another interesting note is that he looks like he could be El Guero's dad. He's not and I know this because I met Guero's dad before. The resemblance was weird though.

While we discussed plans for Saturday I was encouraged to not go on the KTM ride and go with Gorge guys instead. While I wanted to I knew I shouldn't for several reasons. Rojo was going and he expected me there. If I didn't show up I think he'd be in the right if he decided to throw me off a cliff. Also the ride had a waiting list and if I bailed I'd be wasting the spot and look like a dick to a bunch of complete strangers I might want to ride with in the future.

Up at 5am to leave for Gresham. I was reminded that in Oregon you can not pump your own gas so if a gas station is closed you can not get gas. That law is stupid and I wish it was a person so that it could chock on a bag of salty scrotums. The ride from Mt. Hood to Gresham is very nice. Every one encouraged me to take I-14 on the Washington side of the gorge but I like being closer to the river, don't mind the slab and traffic, I wanted to get there quick for that free breakfast. I'd post pictures of all that but really I think any one reading this can imagine what free breakfast looks like. It's friggin' awesome. We didn't leave the parking lot until 8:30 and I think it took us an hour to get out of town.

We rode a lot of paved roads to get to the off-road bits as I was told we would and I had to say "ah toad a so" but.... LOL. Whatever. It was still fun. I've never ridden with so many people before and I thought that was worth doing.

Here's what I know about riding in the mountains now. I'm slow as hell. Brake fluid can boil. Make sure your bike is really in the proper condition for the road because something is bound to fall off. I lost power when we were 30 miles from town and I had to tear off the tank to expose the wiring harness so a VERY nice guy looked for the short that kept blowing fuses. Every one there was really cool about it and didn't give me a ton of shit for wasting their time but I still felt really bad for holding them back so I decided I'd better just ride back to marked roads and go off on my own.

After lunch there was a bit of talk about which route they'd take and when they started taking inventory of the people going they didn't include Rojo in their count. I was told that he took off for home. This surprised the hell out of me because I know he'll take off in some unplanned direction and I'll follow not knowing where they hell to but to just bail on us completely was unbelievable. Sitting at a boat ramp in Nehalem is not very interesting but I had files to transfer and wanted to wait for Rojo because I was pretty sure those dudes didn't know what the fuck they were talking about.

While I finished transferring the video files from my camera to my laptop I heard that familiar XR400 exhaust. I friggin' knew he wouldn't just leave without telling me. It didn't matter. We were on the coast. 101 just one turn away and we actually had the motorcycles on it to ride. All of the hours in the truck we spent on 101 were cool. It was still a pleasure to see it but we both were disappointed at the time because we weren't riding. We took the first left that pointed towards a beach so we could stare at that big dumb ocean. We talked about how someone could ride for hours to get to the coast and be so close to it but not go hang out on it. This proves that people from either coast are spoiled because they can go to the ocean and see one of the most breath taking sights in the world.

People had all kinds of kites they were using to roll around on skateboards in the sand or on surfboards. It's so bad ass to see what people do at the beach. I've seen it in movies but I've never gone to a huge beach with a ton of people all just doing whatever they want. We wrote some nasty stuff in the sand and I chased birds because I hate them. Around 6pm we both decided it was time to get going because it's not a short drive to Portland.

76 miles to Portland? 45-50 more miles to Mt. Hood? I don't know or want to know. I got back at 9:30pm and people were surprised to see me. I ate as much food as I could fit onto two plates and drank a few beers. It was good to be back with a more casual crowd of people and have time spent learning from the knowledge of the more experienced riders.

Alluva sudden TourPros is telling us it's rude not to watch the musician who came out to play. "Oh yeah, I guess I should have known because this music sounds like it was made after 1985", I thought. I didn't even notice someone was performing but I'm glad I was told because if I was so close to going back to my tent to sleep. Instead I pulled out a camera, a fresh beer, a fine tobacco product and then laid in the grass watching from right in front of the stage where it's nice and loud. The music couldn't have been better. I seriously thought I was going to die from having too much fun in one day. The artist is Tony Smiley and he uses audio looping equipment to create some amazing beats and sounds. He has an interesting acoustic guitar that has the head stock of an electric guitar. I'm sure that's not really rare but I've never seen it. He used beat boxing, electronic drums, bass guitar, keyboard, wah pedal, some other gadgets I didn't recognize. He offers some of his music on his website for free so I've been listening to it all day and while I type this. Check his stuff out and go see him if you can. "Arch Nemesis" is my favorite besides the one in my video. I have no idea what the title of that song is so I'm sorry it's not listed. It's really neat to watch him do his thing as well. Tony Smiley - The Loop Ninja, right? You know he's a powerful ninja because there's only one of him. Dude should seriously think about playing up the ninja aspect a little more.

5 hours later I'm realizing the party is down to 4 people and two are just about to get into a cab and go home. For whatever reason I was not feeling tired so I went to my tent and decided to watch all the video I had recorded that day so I could make a plan for editing. I was sleeping like a baby (not the kind that never sleeps and just cries for an hour EVERY FRIGGIN' NIGHT like it's some kind of surprise that it's time for bed) within five minutes.

The next morning I hung out with B50Paul and El Guapo Nada. I hope I spelled those names right. El Guapo seems to ride similar to how I ride (except he's probably faster) so I'm looking forward to future rides in that area. I decided to leave around noon so I could get to Portland for a Sunday brunch I always seem to miss. Once again I missed the actual brunch and all the people who showed up but I got to hang out with my roommate and his sister for a few hours so it was just fine. After a glass of champagne we sat in the garden and enjoyed the sun for a few hours before I had to leave. Those last 60 miles were extremely hard to start but I also felt an incredible sense of accomplishment and I though about how the riding I did for the weekend has been a dream of mine for years and has been delayed so many times, set back by mechanical failure or lack of funds. It still seems like it was a dream and that it still is but now I know I'll be riding a lot more of this terrain for years to come. My skills will improve now that I have access to great areas and many cool people to ride with. It's weird to think I've only been riding offroad for less than a year. Before last fall I only took the bike on gravel and dirt roads very rarely and never very far or fast.

Rojo really missed out by not going to the party. He would have had a blast there and would have met people who ride like he does. Oh well, it was still a damn good time and I got to do nearly everything I wanted to do over the weekend. Every thing except for riding around Mt. Hood. That will have to happen later. We're already talking about camping there this weekend or next weekend. It will be much better with just a small group of us too. The large group ride was neat but I think I prefer going alone or with 2-3 other people.

Since I've decided to end this thread I'm going to be really lazy with the photos and specifics. I did spend all day working on a video so that should be good enough....especially because I have no idea how many people even read this mess. There hasn't been a response in months Whatever. Fuck you, you fucking fucks! Enjoy the video!

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Beach "cruise"
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Wow. As a result of this adventure, we have landed semi-permanently in Portland. That stuff was almost a friggin year ago. Wow.
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