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Old 12-26-2012, 12:08 PM   #31
Apocalipsis FZR
Im too old for this....
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lets clarify a little bit the situation.

Current situation in Argentina regarding the obtention of Foreigner Currency is EXACTLY the same as the implemented in SOUTH AFRICA almost 4 years ago (I've experienced this situation last year in ZA).

There is an extremly heavy control from Argentinian IRS regarding WHO wats to spend money overseas , buy foreingner currencies, real state investments, or even buy cars; and from WHERE the money is comming to perform those operations.
You know excatly WHY the IRS wants to know this (Snowwhite has a lot of money to spend in SA, and Dubai is too far away to invest ...).

I dont like and I dont want these new limits for trade/use my money (in reality this piss me off a LOT) , but I can live with them, and if I need to travel overseas, is because I have to do it due my specific type of job, so I dont have any problems to get the currencies I need.

If you need to sell Dollars, Reales, euros or anything else in BA and you are a little bit reluctant to the "dark side of the force black market", PM me. I work in an Oil&GAs company, so I have legal foreigner currency with me all the time.
I dont have a lot, but I can give you a hand to finf a fast solution, or I can send you somewhere else where you can change in an excelent rate in a nice and secure place.

Getting robbed or suffering a scam in a BIG MEGALOPOLIS (BA has 14 MILLON people, Sao Pablo no idea but is larger, Mexico DF...... etc) in South America or in Africa is the same...
Dont be stupid, shake your head, and switch your brain mode from "First World Cultural/All inclusive Tourist" to the "Third World Adventure Tourist".
If you are not sure about any currency, ask pocket money instead of one big note.

If you are comming as a Tourist, YES, bring as much USD CASH as you can .
It will reduce in almost 40% your dailly expense .
TRY to avoid the use of Credit cards, because they will make the deduction at the official exchange rate, and you will loose that 40% reduction of legal / black market ratio .

Find a local that can support you for local deals (last time a Dutch buddy came down , we were be able close an excelent deal in Leather Jackets, paying in Cash with dollars).

Nothing else, just my 2 cents.
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Old 01-07-2013, 05:52 PM   #32
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Fully agree with your thoughts Apocalipsis, and thanks for the offer to help out around BsAs. We have been in Argentina for a couple of weeks now, entering from both Bolivia and Chile, and can add the following advice, for whatever its worth:

From Bolivia -

Pull out USD direct from ATM machines. This was possible in Cochabamba, likely in other major cities. Some banks/ATMs allowed it, others didn't. Change money at the border on the Bolivian side, at least at Yacuiba (but don't use that crossing if you can help it...). We received our best rate there: 6.55

From Chile -

We found it worth it to pull out Chilean pesos from the ATM, then convert to USD at a cambio in Chile. I know there are a lot of fees involved with that, but getting a 40% better exchange (~6.5 vs ~ 4.8) rate in Argentina quickly compensates.

Rates we found -

- 6.55 /Yacuiba (on Bolivia side) around Dec. 3
- (Salta we didn't exchange but heard around 6.3 or 6.4 from changers on the street)
- 6.25 /Mendoza around Dec 22
- 6.4 /San Martin de los Andes (go to the money shop, not one of the cambios) around Dec 27
- 5.5 /Bariloche around Jan 1 (bad rate, maybe too touristy?)
- 6.5 /El Bolson around Jan 7
- (Buenos Aires we didn't exchange but heard highs of around 6.2)

Compare any of those to the official rate of 4.8 and you will see why bringing dollars is worth it...
Travel 3 days, get your 4th day FREE!!!

And to alleviate some concern about the perceived sketchiness, most of the exchanges we've made have been in businesses. Only one was out in the open at the border, but that's fairly common. Often your hostel, hotel, campground, friendly waiter will be able to direct you to an appropriate place, or you will notice a posted sign.
Travelin' Light ride report - 2 up on an 89 Transalp through the Americas
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Old 01-08-2013, 05:33 PM   #33
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Originally Posted by GastonUSAChile View Post
What an ignorant we have now. Read Clarin, go to AFIP, hear the people from Argentina. You live a thousand miles from reality Banana. I do a lot of business with Argentineans every month, and you know everything about it.
This have nothing to do with shipping or no shipping. Thishave to do with a reality in a country that is living a serious downturn. A country that is trying to live a healthy economy and it can't .
I have plenty of Argentinean blood and relatives and I love that country as well as mine. So go with your personal shipping statements somewhere else. This thread is to inform others what to expect in Argentina when they enter through airports and possible soon through borders. What to expect when they use their plastic cards.
This is what this forum is for , not to your non sense quotes.
Just figure a couple of American tourist, entering Chile for the first time on airport arrival $130 per head.Then they fly to Argentina, another $160. Then Bolivia crossing a border, another $130 or so.

You are not South American, I am an a native one. And do me a favor, there is a NZ guy trying to find the way out of Ushuaia to U.S. and then to NZ. Please help him but seriously help him FOR FREE, as you advertise on the shipping section. Since you are an expert send him a whole breakdown. I don't get involve to much on that side of the country. I have a lot to do with other areas of my interest. PLEASE.....?


Why can't this be stopped I get so tired of GASTON and his postings on this one and others no one else here knows as much as him and it always and he has to have his biz listed and tell you he is the best at getting stuff done... This has to stop

Nomadicbear (James)

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Old 01-08-2013, 08:48 PM   #34
bush pilot
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Originally Posted by nomadicbear View Post
Why can't this be stopped I get so tired of GASTON and his postings on this one and others no one else here knows as much as him and it always and he has to have his biz listed and tell you he is the best at getting stuff done... This has to stop
The shit flows both ways between Gaston and Bananaman. Try on a looser pair of panties for a change.
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Old 01-13-2013, 12:39 AM   #35
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I was there in 1975 and the black market was going full steam. I found the best place to change money was at jewelery stores. They lock you in a private showing room and you do your business in private.
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