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Old 02-04-2013, 12:17 PM   #1
asphaltmueller OP
nomad acc. § 2(3)AVV
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Tauern-Meeting 2013 - into the cold we rode

For all who love 'Asterix' Comix, the cooking usually comes as a happy end. We haven't had the welcome party yet, but we set off with a party, too.

Birol, my friend and partner of many a ride in the middle

Friends from Austria, Belgium, Bosnia and Turkey have come to say farewell

Djafer gives my home-made seat-lock a work-over

preparing a 'side car ski' for potential heavy snow at the last minute out of a discarded snow board an austrian friend had given me

İsmail, the always helpful neighbor when it comes to bodywork

My MZ, supposed to be ready, but we don't have 200 kms on the piston/cylinder and have just nearly completely rewired it. I have to run her in on the road.

But where are we going and where are we starting from ?

We are going to the land of the Ice and the Snow, or to the 'Tauern-Meeting', a high alpine winter meeting in Austria.

We are coming from Ankara in Turkey, where I'm stationed now for more than 3 years as the chief of Admin of the Austrian Embassy and Birol has a mechanics workshop in the industrial zone

Here a look out of the door on a busy day; bike's my Jawa

The true beginnings of the story are located in a Pub in Vienna, around May 2009, at the monthly meeting of the 'scrap-drovers'.
Then I told the mates that my papers had come through and I was going to be posted to Ankara. 'Jawa-Charly' congratulated me and said he had an old friend there, Jawa rider of course. Now, that was many many kilometers and many many beers ago.

Mehmed (rider) and 'Kooarl' (Charly is anglicized) at the Tauern-Meeeting 2011 (see report in my sigline)

Mehmed had wanted to come with us, but the apartment he had rented was sold and he had to get a new one for his family, which left him high and try time and money wise.

We had also wanted to trailer to my parents home in Austria, as 5000 wintry kms is not really an experience I had to repeat. But Turkey has very strange laws on the use of trailers, and we just weren't able to figure out a legal and not really expensive solution, so we decided to trailer to the Turko-Bulgarian border - 700 ks never the less.

We had wanted to go Friday evening, with relaying drivers and setting off in Edirne Saturday morning. As usual far to optimistic.
We set off Saturday at 11h
Some more friends had come to say fare well.

The Lady, Seden, is a MC-Rider

loading the sidecar and equipment in my Cherokee we fınaly part.

saying farewell to Birols son (the rather pale Fotos are usually Birols; phone camera)

An evening out in the beautiful city of Edirne, closer to Europe than to Anatolia. Bırols friend Osman had organized a save place to park car and trailer

In the morning, we reconnected the sidecar and loaded up, which took of course longer than planned.

ready to go

and in a breeze at

and over the Turko-Bulgarian border.

next installment : if you have to make strange repairs, you will likely meet strange people
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Old 02-05-2013, 10:43 AM   #2
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Another excellent ride report ! Please keep posting Asphaltmueller .
-zie egret .
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Beastly Adventurer
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Originally Posted by egret View Post
Another excellent ride report ! Please keep posting Asphaltmueller .
-zie egret .
KTM EXC - in 530 flavor
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'99 ZX9R - because I like the other one so much
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Old 02-06-2013, 12:42 PM   #4
asphaltmueller OP
nomad acc. § 2(3)AVV
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Joined: Dec 2008
Location: an Austrian in New Delhi
Oddometer: 1,008
thanks for the comments

so we rolled on through Bulgaria, making a break now and then

at one of the first, near Haskovo, we discovered the MZ was leaking oil quite seriously. We first thought it was the gearbox, by the seal of the gear shift lever, but later - luckily not to late - found out it was the 2 stroke oil tank. As the oil pump had not been properly set - we had put in a new one - I had added 2 stroke oil to the Gas in the traditional way anyway. So now we put the pump back to minimum and I added oil to the Gas in the full measure.
The gear box leak remained small, some controlling and a fill up later was enough for that.

at a later stop - the nuts of the side cars rear light fixture had disappeared.

we had stopped at a truckstop near Plovdiv and this turkish trucker tried to get us some cable binders - ours were conveniently stored in the bottom of the sidecar. But those were to short and we used some wire.

we had some Kebab and a tea there and rode on; a rather run down place taken over by Turks where some of the myriade of truckers now spend their rest time - guarded parking besides the structure

We had hoped we would make the border, resp. the small town of Bela Palanka inside Serbia, where there is a nice little Bar/Hotel we know now.
But it wasn't to happen. On one of the most ugly stretches of road known to mankind, the ring road around Sofia, a badly potholed 2 lane country road over which all the heavy truck traffic passes, and already after night had fallen, my engine suddenly died. I pulled the clutch and rolled out.

The first diagnoses was that the ignition was gone, maybe some wire, maybe the coil. That ditch in the dark wasn't a place to start repairing and Birol decided to tow me to the next gas station or other convenient place.

I was not to happy about that towing, quite dangerous, the heavy hack with the 500 cc Rotax-MZ.
And the tow proofed to be long, may be 15 kms. Birol later said, he felt the clutch slip increasing while he towed.
We had to pass two big crossings, which normally harbor cops, but luckily there were none.

we arrived at a gas station, and I soon had to discover, that I had left the bag with the most of the tools beside that ditch.
And no chance to find it - not a small black bag besides a piece of dark road we wouldn't find anyway.

A first diagnosis then revealed that most likely the electronic ignition was gone.
The young station attendant had phoned a round a bit and brought Birol his mobile phone. Some guy speaking some turkish and knowing bikes discussed with him. No chance of finding anything a sunday night, but in the morning they could meet. Parts for an electronic ignition would be a real problem, though.
And the Hotel 300 ms up the road would be decent enough and cheap with secure parking.
So the Hotel was, and we rested after having eaten well and a few beers.

In the morning we couldn't make a contact with the guy from the previous evening an so Birol decided to go to Town and have a look himself. With turkish you can get far in Bulgaria and his English is good enough - far better chance than me to communicate and he would know what to look for.

I would in the meantime rearrange our luggage, so that important things like cable binders would be at hand - and wait.

After some cruising and asking Birol had found Dany's shop. Dany is buying bikes cheap from the US, customizing them in Bulgaria and reselling them to Europe. The trade has been hurt by the economy, but he can hold on.
And so he admitted having no idea about 2-Strokes what so ever, he offered us to use his garage and tools. And sent his assistant with Birol to look for parts.


and the Junkyard dog

the parts Birol bought to remodel the electronic ignition into a contact one : Coil, condenser, distributor

the broken part - the sensor of the ignition; the little bubbles show its gone

we were missing the mounting plate for the distributor, so Birol was going to build one out of the plate of the sensor

as it is late I will stop now and will likely resume the weekend; I should be busy the next two evenings

then we'll see the

at work
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Let me get this straight. You start on a ride from Ankara to Austria and back in the middle of January? Great stuff!

I sometimes fantasize how a trip in January would be so I'm very interested how this trip goes.
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Old 02-10-2013, 11:44 AM   #6
asphaltmueller OP
nomad acc. § 2(3)AVV
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Joined: Dec 2008
Location: an Austrian in New Delhi
Oddometer: 1,008
Hi Alpineguerilla !

There are Swiss coming to the meeting , too. On the AiA.Webside, you can find tips on Winter riding - in German. Preprations should be taken seriously, though.
Later likely a 'official report' on the meeting will be published in english,too. I will link that, then.

(AiA : Alteisentreiber Ig Austria; Scrap drovers Assoc. Austria)

Well, we were in Dany's workshop then.

Unfortunately I have forgotten the name of Danys assistant. The boss to the left

With the help from Dany's assistant Birol had bougt parts and 'we' started to work (İ tried not to irritate Birol to much and follow his orders otherwise).
The 'AiA-logistics' had in the meantime identyfied a way to send us a spare electronic ignition within a day to Sofia, but we declined. Birol was sure he could make it work.

we had detached the sidecar to have better acces to the generator/ignition assembly

as I had left the toolbag on the road, Dany helped out, but for the Imbus-screws this combi tool I had in my tankbag worked well

Birol had to manufacture a mounting plate for the distributor. He started sawing of the burned out sensor from it's mounting

the burned out part

we think it had burned out, because when my ignition lock had been problematic, we just circumvented it with a switch for the light and one for the ignition.
The switch we had chosen for the ignition obviously was to weak for the amperes going over it and had burned out, leaving a shaky contact that would supply the ignition with shaky electricity - something the otherwise nearly unbreakable sensors don't like.
From Sofia on I activated the İgnition by simply twirling the blank wires together, later in Austria we put in a sturdy old automotive switch (seen here to the middle/right,with the beautiful knob already lost and replaced by a nut). The light switch is hidden in the handlebar-sleeve

Cleaning the plate with the angle grinder

I don't have fotos about what followed, but the assembly of the bought and home-made pieces was the simple part.

Birol had never seen a MZ with a mechanical distributor and we had no idea where to place it to get the correct ignition timing.
Phone calls and SMS to Austria and Turkey followed, and with the time and more than a hundred kickstarts we got it right.

coming back from the test ride

We then reassembled the rig, which took some time with the sidecar so heavy, and went to buy some food, having skipped lunch for repairing.

having a drink before parting; Dany refused any payment for his services

he even has a webside, though not to well maintained, it seems :

and so we set off, having lost a day and it already being night, we sought of making at least the serbian side of the border or our 'regular' Hotel, 50 kms after the border


Restaurant and Hotel 'Stary Fiaker' (old coach) near Bela Palanka, Serbia

Karageordjeva Schnitzel rolled Schitzel with white cheese inside) - I love serbian food

We slept well and - one of our faults - did not get going to early in the morning.

then off we went, into a gray day

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Old 02-11-2013, 10:49 AM   #7
kobold's Avatar
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Another great adventure with roadside repairs. Thanks for posting.
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Old 02-11-2013, 03:36 PM   #8
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A salute

So glad to find this report.
I shall eagerly savour each installment.
Riders who dare snow and ice are my heroes and roll models.

Moriunt omnes pauci vivunt
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Originally Posted by kobold View Post
Another great adventure with roadside repairs. Thanks for posting.
Well, with this adventure ride, Birol has done his masterpiece in roadside repairs
I met them at the Tauerntreffen in Austria, incredible stories I heard around the campfire ...
Remember when SEX was safe and MOTORCYCLES were dangerous ...
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