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Enjoying the ride
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Looks like a great family trip. I was thinking I would like to do some of that with my wife, and was considering the 990. How does your wife handle the long miles pillion? I like the 990 and really don't want to go GS for her to come along a few trips a year. I'd appreciate your input.
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warp9man OP
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This is Patty (kevin's wife). I havent rode on the back of a gs so I cant say how it compares to the 990. My experience on the 950 and 990 is very good. I find it more comfortable than a vstar 1100 or a zx12000, lol. The stock 950 seat that was well broke in was pretty comfotable. The stock 990 gel seat had the same profile but was very firm on a long ride which required me to stand up on occasion. We tried seat concepts seat and renazco but both were uncomfortable for me and had me sliding forward downhill into kevin and putting my hips in a weird position. Both seats were good for kevin. We just had a seat custom made so I sit much more level and a bit wider for me. On the 3000 mile trip it was great.
I have a trunk box that acts like a back rest. That is a must. The footpeg position is great allowing me to stand up fully on the pegs to stretch or offroad. I use the saddlebag mounts for handles if he has to brake hard or something. I fall asleep on the bike, lol.
My biggest comfort is knowing the bike handles very well, especially offroad. Having a bike act nervous would detour me from wanting to ride as a passenger more than anything.

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Enjoying the ride
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Thanks Patty, I really appreciate the input. I have been leaning towards the 990 anyway. It's good to hear from someone that has put the miles in. We knew from short test rides that it was probably going to be the one. I can't wait for some good long trips with the Mrs. Thanks again Steve
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warp9man OP
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Day 7 - January 18, 2013

We make our way to breakfast about 8am. Dave shows up shortly after. We’re all wondering if J & J have left already because they were going to be at breakfast at 7am. We haven’t heard any bikes start up this morning.

ADV’er Mike and his wife are at breakfast. We meet some very cool people from Switzerland and Austria. Another guy and his daughter are passing through moving a trailer full of furniture to their new vacation home in Los Barilles down from Denver. It’s always a good time hearing all the stories.

A short time later we see John and Jacque coming down to breakfast. They walk in and say “wow, you guys are up bright and early”. We say “we thought you guys were coming to breakfast at 7am? We thought you might have left already”. They think it is 7am. Evidently their phone had the wrong time. They are pretty surprised, make quick work of their breakfast and head off to Loreto.

Morning view from the yurt.

Nice place by the river to chill.

We take time to chat with Mike about the possibility of riding a dirt road section on our way back north to Bahia de Los Angeles in several days. We ask how rough the road is and if it can be done 2-up? He says it can be done 2-up with a good rider, that there are a several sandy sections, usually not too bad, depending on the time of year, a few short technical sections with some larger loose rock, but that we will be going downhill thru the technical sections so it should be easier. We make rough plans to take hwy 18 up near Benito Juarez, head east to El Arco, thru El Progreso, then north thru San Rafael and up to Bay of LA. Mike says the road is paved to El Arco or something like that so it is an easy ride, then the road turns to dirt but it fairly easy until you get closer to the coast and start heading north then it is a bit rougher.

We reluctantly stop chatting. We know we should get on the road soon since J & J have been gone over an hour. We pack up, grab some fuel and get on the road with Dave.

Getting ready to head out.

We run into some horses on the Hwy. The black horse has this “you wanna dance” look.

I don’t feel like dancing and opt for a safer off-road detour.

He looks pretty proud that I'm in the dirt and he is on the road.

We are having a great time thru the twisty’s, the weather is nice and winds are light.

I'm Lovin'this!

The roads don't suck much.

Dave is having a good time too.

Coming into Santa Rosalia

Dave's pose.

Santa Rosalia

Yeah! Who doesn't love a good Tope!

Policia Station in Santa Rosalia.

We make a gas stop in Mulege. As I pull up a guy asks me “are you kevin?” Umm? Yes. He says yeah your parents stopped in here and told me to say hi to you. Lol. He said they came thru 45min ago.

Bridge over Mulege river.

Killer beaches in Bahia Conception.

This doesn't suck much. It helps to have an onboard photographer.

We drive on to Loreto. We aren’t 100% sure where our hotel is but we have a cross street and know it’s close to the mission. We head down the street getting close to hotel. We pass the mission square and see Jacque on her BMW? We wonder if they have already been to the hotel and are sight-seeing or if they are lost? We spot our hotel, Posada Del Cortes and turn in. Patty jumps off to walk to the street and flags Jacque down. They have been in lost in town for 20 minutes. They got separated in town and lost their ability to use their Bluetooth coms. I leave Patty to check in while I go out on the bike to find John. I find him down on the Malecon doing laps, lol.

Hotel let us bring the bikes in the courtyard. Nice!

Hallway to our room with the balconies.

Courtyard fountain.

Cool outdoor stairway to rooms, courtyard and spiral stairs up to the rooftop terrace.

The hotel is an awesome surprise. We have been to Loreto before and walked around here but never seen this place just tucked in off a main road. We grab something to eat then go roam around town.

Town square, Loreto.

Loreto museum.

No idea what this is at the Museum

Loreto Mission

These trees near the square are very cool.

Local banana tree. Still trips me out they grow upsidedown

Dusty old taxidermy in a local shop.

Patty found some art for me! saweet!

Town square at night.

Tomorrow we are off to Todos Santos!

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Mucha distancia
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Great report, and liking all the pics. We got back yesterday from a Baja trip.
Looking forward to seeing the rest..
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warp9man OP
Gravel in my Travel
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thats great, when do we get to see your RR?
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warp9man OP
Gravel in my Travel
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Day 8 – January 19, 2013

We grab some breakfast so we can get out early and ride to Todos Santos today. We have 270miles today. We are all leaving at the same time but Dad and Jacque tell us we can ride ahead and they will meet us there. Dad’s GPS isn’t that great and since they got lost in Loreto I tell him if the road signs get confusing that we will stop and wait for them. We haven’t been south of Loreto so we will be relying on the Zumo today (or Patty’s Blackberry, lol)

Turkey Vultures spread out to catch the morning sun.

The roads are nice and twisty along the coast and over the mountains leaving Loreto. It is an amazing ride!

Once you hit the flats it becomes farm county and pretty flat.

We roll thru Ciudad Insurgentes and it is getting pretty warm. We pull off to shed some layers and are enjoying the heat of the south.

We pass thru Ciudad Constitucion and have a nice ride down to La Paz.

Coming into La Paz.

Sites of La Paz

I'm guessing this is a junk yard?

A mall in La Paz?

Even a Walmart and Sam's club.

In La Paz we know we have to stay on Hwy 1. I tell Patty to keep an eye on the road signs to make sure Dad and Jacque can figure it out when they come through. First turn is well marked and says Todos Santos. At our next turn, there are no signs indicating that you have to turn right to stay on Hwy 1 or to go to Todos Santos. I’m thinking if they blow past this turn it could be awhile before they figure it out. I turn around and decide we better wait for them. Me, Patty and Dave chill on the side of the road so we are easily visible.

We are entertained watching the assortment of vehicles by. Cars with no exhaust systems. Literally smoke shooting straight down from the exhaust manifold out the bottom of the car.
A full size van so packed full of people that they had their arms hanging out every window.
The bus system seems to be that you just wait on the side of the road and watch for a bus and flag it down. We watched people jumping on the busing carrying and old school 32” TV.
Checking out the local pizza delivery guys who all ride motorcycles.

After about an hour, Dad and Jacque finally arrive. They assure me they would have figured out the turn eventually.

Dad and Jacque just arriving in La Paz at our chill spot.

We all get back on the road with just 50 something miles to go. J & J tell me they are sure they can find the hotel so we speed on ahead of them.

Coming into Todos Santos the Zumo is being a little slow to update the turns, so I keep overshooting them. Patty can remember alot of the turns and her Blackberry is updating faster than the Zumo until it loses our location. Between the two of us we find the hotel without much work.

When we arrive, the hotel owner tells us we can park around back in a locked area. I’m a bit worried about J & J finding the hotel so I leave Patty and Dave at the hotel to check-in while I ride back to the Hwy to watch for them.

I’m riding all over and doing laps around town for about 20 minutes. I ask some kids in town if they have seen any motorcycles go by, they say no. After I past the same kids for the 3rd time they yelled “wheelie”. So, over a natural dirt tope, with a knobby, and still fully loaded with gear, I get a crap load of traction and the ass heavy bike into a “oh shit” type of wheelie, which of course got me some amazing applause and a few heart palpations.

I eventually find them at a Pemex in town asking for directions. I guess they had blown straight though Todos Santos and were on their way toward Cabo until they past a sign that said something like, Thanks for visiting Todos Santos and decided maybe they had drove thru it and turned back around.

We eventually all get to the hotel, Posada La Poza. This is our splurge for the trip. It is a tropical oasis! We are excited to spend the next two nights here!

Our upstairs room has a balcony with a killer view of the fresh water lagoon and the Pacific Ocean.

We decide to paddle a row boat across the lagoon to check out the sunset over the Pacific Ocean.

Panorama of the Pacific Ocean.

Patty enjoying the sunset surf.

Awesome beach.

Can you spot the crab?

We seriously debated on taking the kayak and leaving the other couple with the row boat. Row boats suck!

It took me like 20 min to paddle across the small lagoon in this rowboat! Atleast the view was good. Well not of me, but the sunset.

The pool, hot tub and grounds look amazing.

Patty grabs a few photos as the sun sets over the lagoon.

It was really that nice.

Looks pretty inviting.

Tomorrow is gonna be great!

We don’t want to leave again so we eat dinner at the on-site restaurant. OMG the food is good! Dave decides to walk to town to check out a concert in the town square tonight and the famous, Hotel California.

After dinner, all of us head down to the hot tub. It wasn’t exactly hot, which was a bummer, just barely warm. John goes in to ask them if they can turn it on for us? They say it’s on a timer and turns off at 8pm so we can enjoy it tomorrow. That’s annoying since it is only 9pm.

Up to the room for a HOT shower and we chill outside on the balcony for a while listening to ocean and an occasional owl. The hammock swing on the balcony was putting both of us to sleep. Nice end to a long day.
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The Walrus
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Patty, you do an outstanding job of taking pics from the's one of the high points of the ride report.....keep 'em coming Kev.....

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warp9man OP
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Day 9 – January 20, 2013
We actually get to sleep in for a while today. The bed is great and on this rare day, Patty actually wakes up before me. We slept with the sliding glass door open last night. The sound of the ocean and fresh air made for a great night.

I'm still crashed out.

Patty grabs a few photos from the balcony while I’m sleeping.

View from our balcony.

Another shot from the balcony.

We make our way down to breakfast (included) and meet up with the rest of the group.

Crazy tree on the way to breakfast.

Breakfast is served to order in the restaurant and it is great. We want to relax today, so after breakfast we head down to the pool, lounge and enjoy 80 degree weather.

Trees near the pool.

More coolness....not me.....the tree.

View around the pool.

This is what I was dreaming of when I was stuck in the snow at home.

Taking a nap in the hammock didn't suck too much.

Dave was going to ride to down to Cabo San Lucas today because he has never been there. The rest of us have been to Cabo before so we don’t plan on going. When Dave gets out to his DR650 he finds he has a flat front tire. He comes to get me for assistance knowing I have patches and tools. I help him to get the wheel off. I forget what a pain it is without a center stand. Then I dig out my patches and an unopened tube of glue only to discover the glue is empty? John has made his way to us and pulls out his tube of unopened glue which is also gone? Evidently the glue evaporates or something even if it isn’t opened. Dave has a spare rear tube but not a front, so John grabs his spare tube. We get it aired up and back together. John makes a last minute decision to ride to Cabo with Dave. He is a little worried about Dave going alone.

While we are messing with the bikes, Patty and Jacque take a walk around the lagoon and out to the beach on the Pacific. When we get done, Dad and Dave leave for Cabo and I head to the beach to find Patty. The three of us relax and enjoy the beach.

A turkey vulture flew down and started picking at something on the beach so we walked down to see what it was.

We found a dead puffer fish. The vulture didn’t seem to be too interested in it and left.

Jacque headed back to the hotel while Patty and I stayed on the beach and ended up spotting some whales off shore! We decide to walk around the other side of the lagoon, just to check it out. That was a bad idea. It sucks! We walked thru deep sand forever before we get to a hard pack dirt road that heads back to the hotel.

The dirt road we came to after the hike thru the sand.

A trail just off the road as we walked back.
By the time we get to the hotel we are sweating to death and can’t wait to get in the pool.
Jacque was already in the pool and said it was cool, but nice. Patty tells me just to dive in while she tip-toes down the stairs. So….yeah, it was pretty cool. Patty got to her knees and bailed. I did a quick refreshing lap and got out. We decided to go to the room and rinse off in the shower instead.

We soon decide we are hungry and want to head to town to grab a late lunch and walk around. We start looking for Jacque to let her know we are leaving. To our surprise, we find Jacque but also John and Dave up on the terrace? I’m thinking “that was a short trip to Cabo?” They tell us they got a little bit out of town and Dave’s DR650 started running really bad then it died. They said it wouldn’t restart and smelled flooded. A local guy with a truck offered to pick up the bike and take them to the hotel but they were still messing with the bike and told the guy no. They soon regretted their decision. John had to tow the DR back to the hotel with his BMW!

The 3 of them decide to eat on the terrace while we head into town. Dave has a fouled spark plug so we will try to hunt one down while we are out. We will mess with the bike after some food and allow it to cool down outside. We jump on the bike, ride around town for a minute and walk to a little pizza place (Napoli I think?). We had a really good potato pizza, salad and toasted Focaccia bread.

While we were sitting there we watched a horse walk up the middle of the road.

He stopped at a corner to smell a pile of horse crap that we never noticed before. He looked around as if he was hunting for his buddy. Then some guy comes jogging up the road. I’m guessing this was the owner because the horse took off running as soon as he seen him.
We don’t see that every day!

Patty pulls off some Spanish to ask our waitress where to find motorcycle parts. She points out a few places on the map for us. Patty decides to walk down the street looking for the parts store while I go grab the KTM. We find a few places but nothing is open since it is Domingo (Sunday). Patty spots a small group of local guys all dressed in MSR gear and motocross boots. We stop and try to ask if they have a spark plug. They don’t speak English and Patty isn’t sure how to say “spark plug” in Spanish, After pointing to the motor and some other retarded hand signals I realize I have a picture of a spark plug on my phone (I have a DR service manual pdf). Sweet! Patty shows them the photo and asks if they have one. Nope. Damn. Oh well. We have a good time sort of talking to them. They are amazed with KTM. They point to 990 decal and then point to the motor and say “engine 990?” as their eyes bug out of their head. They say “muy grande!” I grin and say “si”. They pet the carbon fiber exhaust tips and give me a thumbs up. The ask “wheelie?” I smile and say “si, wheelie grande”. They give me another thumbs up for my highway pegs, They thoroughly check out the GPS, dash, all my switches. Then they ask “fast?” I could do this all day, lol….”si, si, muy fast”. The last question, “cuanto?(how much)”. Patty translates 13 thousand. At the same time I’m pointing at a custom oil cooler they have fabricated on to an old Honda XL185. I give them a thumbs up.

We head back to the hotel. Dad and Dave are outside with the DR650 and say they got it fixed. They were checking out the carb and found the pilot jet sitting in the float bowl! Sweet! Screwed it back in, cleaned off the fouled spark plug and the DR was running good again.

We headed up to the rooftop terrace to watch the sun set over the lagoon then headed down to the bar.

Not a bad view.

This is doesnt suck much either.

View of our room, top left. Dave's room is bottom left.

We found Dave at the bar and decided to grab some chips, salsa and a few drinks while we chatted about the trip. Relaxed from a few cocktails we decided to head down to the hot tub while it was actually on, lol, before 8pm. It was a nice to relax. We head back to the room, shower and chill on the balcony for a while before heading to bed.
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warp9man OP
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Day 10 – January 21, 2013

We wake up, start packing, and then make our way down to breakfast. John and Jacque are going to leave as soon as they done eating and check out. Since we are heading back, Dad can just follow the tracks on his GPS to Loreto. We finish up breakfast and Patty heads back to the room while I check out.

We did most of our packing when we got up so we were ready to go. It takes Dave a little time to finish packing up before we head out. John and Jacque have already left. Dave wants to stop by the Hotel California. We stop for gas so we tell him we will just meet him at Hotel California when we are done. At the Pemex, Patty starts looking over our hotel bill (she does the finances) and discovers we were overcharged for our room and our restaurant bill is $174 for one dinner and a few drinks? Damn! Too much to ignore so we find Dave and tell him we have to go back to the hotel. He will hang out in town to sight see until we are done. The hotel figures out the problem and corrects the $100 over charge. We head back to find Dave and finally get on the road after 11am!

Heading out of Todos Santos.

The temps are perfect and beat the hell out of snow!

We pass thru La Paz and head north.

La Paz has these really interesting roads that short cut across an arroyo. There are also some mini motocross tracks down in the arroyo.

I'm thinking this became a popular short cut so the city decided to put a traffic light in.

I cant believe they have covered parking?

It's getting warmer.

We stop to grab lunch in Ciudad Insurgentes.

There is a pretty strong millitary presence in Insurgentes.

We wanted pizza but it appeared to be closed so we ate some tacos across the street.

While we are having lunch we see a family come out of the pizza place. Damn! They come out and start huddling and pointing at the KTM. Of-course we keep an eye on them. A younger girl in the group goes over and poses in front of the KTM while an older guy takes a photo of her. She goes over to inspect his photo. She must not like it because she goes back over to the KTM and poses for another photo. Awesome! The poor DR gets no love.

Patty managed to get a crappy photo of the KTM paparazzi.

We are soon heading east thru the mountains with the amazingly beautiful and fun, twisty roads.

I love this part.


I'm drooling....

Yep...still having fun.

This goes on and on and on.

Who do I to.....


Hahahahaha.... ...

This is the whole reason you ride a motorcycle in Baja!

We get into Loreto and check back into the same hotel, Posada del Cortes.

We decide to take a walk down to the Condo we stayed in last year to ask the owner about making arrangements to going out to see the islands tomorrow. He sends us to one of his favorite, Francisco Davis. We are having a good time reminiscing about the other parts of town and walk around for a couple hours.

We get back to the hotel then get a message from home about a big problem with our daughter! Argh! We end up on the phone and email for over an hour dealing with it. Jacque is also trying to find out what our plans are for tomorrow. We tell them we are going on a boat to the islands; they are all invited because the price for the boat is the same up to 6 people. I guess the hotel owner wants to know a bunch of information about who we are going with, etc, to make sure we are well cared for so, Jacque is doing a relay back and forth. We are pretty stressed out about things at home so I’m being pretty short with Jacque.

We walk to grab some dinner so we can chill for a bit. The food wasn’t very good but at least we are more relaxed.

We stop and talk to Dave, John and Jacque. We fill them in about our plans tomorrow and see if they want to come. Dave says he wants to go but J&J say they are tired and are going to relax tomorrow.

Back to the room and head to bed.

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warp9man OP
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Day 11 – January 22, 2013

We head to breakfast then walk down the Malecon to meet Francisco at the marina at 9am. He is taking us around Coronado Island.

Dave's breakfast.

Walking down the Malecon to the Marina.

The marina and Lighthouse.

We all get on the boat and make our way out of the marina. It is a great sunny morning and the water is like glass. We have a great time just boating thru the Sea of Cortez.

Great way to spend the morning!

We are chatting with Francisco about his life. He was born and raised in Loreto. He loves it there. His mom was a native Indian and his dad was from England. He has like 12 siblings and says half of them are short and dark skinned like their mom and the other half are tall, blue eyed and light skinned. The Calle Davis street in town is named after his family. He said just 10 years ago they were a real small town and you could buy beachfront property for like 10K and now it is over 100k. He has two kids and dreams of buying small cabin cruiser when he retires so he can spend 2 months on the water. He loves to fish! I could keep going but it will be a novel, lol.

This is awesome!

He takes us close to the island and starts showing us all the sites. He soon points out a school of Dolphins so he takes us over to go play with them. It was pretty cool. We have never been so close to Dolphins. They were hunting but would come play with the boat too. We would have one Dolphin on each side of the bow just under the surface, riding the bow wake. We got some great video that I will try to post.

We get done watching Dolphins and head back to the island.

The water is so clear!

Francisco points out a ledge with some Blue-footed Boobie’s . We were looking into bright sun so we couldn’t see their blue feet.

We motored on to “stinky point” where the sea lion colony hangs out. They were pretty entertaining and barked louder as we got closer. Some of the big old males didn’t seem to are and just laid there like “what’s up?” while the young ones jumped into the water.
The smell is almost nauseating!

yep...he knows how to relax..

He then shows us “Eagle rock” and “monkey head” rock.

He joked and said “eagle with flies on its head”.

We then come to several white sandy coves. Francisco takes us into one of the coves. The water is amazingly clear and looks like the Caribbean. I will let the pictures speak. I feel bad that Dad and Jacque didn’t get to see all this.

Coming into Coronado Island


We could seriously camp here!

This Pelican landed on this boat as it was coming in. I guess he decided it was easier to fish this way,

Patty visited the Banos and funny thing was there was 2 pit toilets inside? Bring a friend and watch each other?

We walked to the other side of the island to check it out.

More rocks but perfectly clear water.

We had to check out some of the shells.

Patty chillin with her feet in the sand.

These skulls were everywhere along the tide line? They looked like turtles? Any thoughts?

A dead baby Stingray we found.

Patty had to demonstrate how clear the water was by standing in it.

We walk back over to the other side of the island where we landed.

DR Dave was determined to swim in the beautiful Sea of Cortez.

He said the water was about like Lake Michigan in July or August.

We have to get ready to leave.

We can stay as long as we want but eventually have to go back. We happily pay Francisco $100 plus a tip. We walk back to the hotel to drop some stuff off so we can go eat.

We run into J & J on the street. They say they have been having a good time walking around town. Jacque isn’t hungry so she’s just going to take a nap. Me, Patty, Dave and Dad go grab some lunch. We have some great food and have a good time chatting about the trip.

We head back to the hotel. Patty heads up to the rooftop terrace to chill.

I talk with Dad for a bit then head up to the rooftop and find Patty asleep on the couch. Sweet! She has the right idea. I kick back in a chair and put my feet up.

Dave comes up and I point out one of the lounge chairs in the sun. Soon all 3 of us are napping on the terrace. Eventually the sun starts getting low and it gets cool enough to wake us. We go down to see what Dad is up to and find him wrenching on Jacques BMW. When moving it he discovered her
steering head is loose. Dad and I work on tightening up her head bearings.
Later Patty and I hunt down the little pizza place we ate at last year but only to find it closed so we head to the little Italian place in the town square instead.

We go back to the hotel and talk with everyone about the ride plan tomorrow. We are only going to Mulege so we debated going up to the San Javier Mission but we have never spent time in Mulege so we decide to pass on the mission. Patty and I have been there before so we are happy to check out Mulege. We actually have reservations at the Playa Frambe Lighthouse Resort. We found the place last year when we were checking out some of the dirt roads and decided we wanted to stay there.

Back to our room to chill for the night and head to bed.
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Day 12 – January 23, 2013

We all go grab some breakfast and head out on the short ride to Mulege today. We have great weather and enjoy the twisty’s especially along the Bahia Conception. Patty took lots of photos on the fly, so enjoy.

We peel off the highway onto the dirt turn off for Playa Frambe Lighthouse Resort. Me, Patty and Dave arrive at the turn off before John and Jacque. I tell Dave he can go ride around and check out the beach area and we will meet him at the Lighthouse. It shouldn’t be too hard to spot, lol.

I'm chillin waiting for J&J to arrive at the turn off.

Dave out expoloring the area.

Dave's travels

Dave hits this beach and loops back on the hwy to us.

J & J arrive and after missing our turn we arrive. Dave has not arrived and we figure he is out checking the place out. We get checked in. As a surprise bonus the owner has informed us that since we rented 2 casita’s (they ea have 2 bedrooms) that he is throwing the Lighthouse room in for free. It is very cool but much smaller. Dave will probably dig it rather than sharing a room with J&J as planned.

Heading into the resort.

Pulling up to the resort.

View from our bedroom.

View from our room.

The resort lighthouse.

View from the top of the Lighthouse.

Looking toward our room.

The guard dogs...

It is still somewhat early in the day and we want to go into Muelge to check the town out but Dave has not arrived? I jump on the KTM to go find him. I have a good time racing the now empty KTM around the beachfront. I can’t find Dave and head back. Apparently just after I left, Dave arrived, lol.

The resort has a 4-5” deep gravel entrance that is about 80’ long. Me and John make our way out of the entrance and are waiting for Dave and Jacque but they don’t come right away and John turns back to see what is up and I follow. Jacque has wrecked pretty hard in the deep gravel. She was pinned by the BMW and Dave had to come lift it off her. She ended up with gas all over her due to her fuel cap coming off (Pemex attendants evidently didn’t get it on correctly). I jump on her BMW and ride it out of the gravel for her. I tell Patty, ‘no wonder she had a hard time. Her bike is awful off-road’. The ergonomics are definitely made more for road riding. (Note: Later Jacque found out she broke 2 ribs in that fall).

We all ride into Mulege and stop at a restaurant to eat. While there we run into fellow ADV’ers riding DRZ’s on their way to Argentina (thread- Venturing South on DRZ's). They sat down to eat with us while we gave them a few tips on places on places to stay further south. They tell us some funny stories of their adventures so far. Sounds like they will have a good time.

We check out the DRZ's

To be continued......
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great report! subscribed!

i've been drooling for a 990 for some time now and this report might have just pushed me over the edge.... curious about what your height & inseam is?

very tempting, and your wife is a trooper for sure!
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Day 12 continued.....

Me, Patty and Dave are going to go ride around town while John and Jacque opt for a walking tour. We go thru town then follow the river out to the lighthouse. The last hurricane (late 2012) really beat the hell out of the riverfront area.

Riding around Mulege.

It is always interesting checking out the towns.

Riding up to the Mulege River. You can see the road has been worked over.

Huge chunk of concrete are just ripped apart.

These little Palm trees were completely underwater or ripped out.

There is still debris everywhere.

More debris..

The road dead ends at the Lighthouse.

After the Lighthouse we head back to town, cross under the bridge and head up to the Mulege Mission.

Heading back toward town.

They have tried repairing the road..

Cool looking resort (i think) across the river.

Heading down the one way street in town.

I was worried the bike would scare the little Burro but he didn't care and the kids were cheering at us. Got to love them. Atleast they are riding something.

The owner of the Lighthouse told us the river was just 3 feet under the bottom of the bridge! Looking up and riding under the bridge, I cannot even imagine what this place looked like! Everything would have been under water. It has been several months and you can still see the damage!

So I cannot imagine the water being 3 feet under the bottom of this bridge.
We would be needing a snorkel right about now!

All of this was under water.

Got to love some of the buildings.

It is crazy to see the stone work on these buildings. Behind the mission there is an incredible overlook where you can see a field of lush Palm trees. It would have been cool to catch the sunset from that lookout but I’d rather not ride back in the dark. We head out and ride on the other side of the river. The damage is just as bad on this side. The road takes us up to the hwy and we head back to the Lighthouse for the night.

We arrive at the Mulege Mission.

These old buildings always amaze me. Huge blocks of stone and walls like 3 feet thick.

Stairs up to an overlook.

View of the Mission from the overlook.

Holy Sea of Palm Trees.....



Now that is a door..

Time to head out.

Another interesting house with mulitple Palm trees growning thru it.

It is very evident the destruction that came thru here but they don't get a bail out from the government.

Atleast there is enough road left for the motorcycle....

We pull off the hwy toward the Lighthouse.

Dad and I are really into solar and wind energy and get to chat with Bob (the owner) about his off-the-grid system. He has a pretty amazing set-up. Patty and Jacque head to the beach to check out the unlimited variety of sea shells. Just mounds of the things. Bob uses the shells to landscape with and it looks pretty cool.

It gets dark rather early so Dad, Jacque and Dave go play some cards in the main Casita. Patty and I head to another casita, throw on some music and have a great time playing Air Hockey. Patty gets so into it that after an hour or so she ends up with a blister….lol….feisty girl!
We eventually head to bed. We are happy they have good beds. A small noisy clock in the room is keeping me awake no matter where I put it. Patty finally says ‘just put it in the mini fridge’. Sweet! Now I can sleep!

Little do I know it yet.... but tomorrow is gonna be rough!!!
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Originally Posted by vintagespeed View Post
great report! subscribed!

i've been drooling for a 990 for some time now and this report might have just pushed me over the edge.... curious about what your height & inseam is?

very tempting, and your wife is a trooper for sure!
Hello, my inseam is 34" and im 5'10". my 990 started out with the standard suspension which is great and I could easily touch with both feet. I ran across a guy who wanted to trade his "R" suspension so my bike is taller now. but honestly stock height is fine and it corners better with the OE suspension on the street.

Yeah im really lucky the wife enjoys riding as much as I do. sometimes I get us into some pretty technical offroad and im amazed she doesnt just bail off haha.

I have a 950 and 990 adventure and they both have pros and cons but overall its a great bike that really performs.

Good luck on your decision.

Ride safe.

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