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Joined: Apr 2008
Location: Bulgaria SOFIA
Oddometer: 74
Tunis 2011 & fj1200 25day

Salam aleikum and evribari and bondzhurno too. I finally struck a few lines on my last travel Tunis2011. This is a 25 day journey that I have traveled 6,500 kilometers and faithful wife FJ1200, as some coins 2600lv without preparation 600lvd about it.
Thanks, Ljubco, Negarchcheto, Lithuanian, Rosen, Churov of offroad bd, DUKE, AND MY WIFE which proved to be the toughest satellites and many other nameless Jedi and Hope of
-May the Force be with them .... etc.. To complain: Tech-co who do not know it yet sell mineral oil REPSOL and gave it to me for semi synthetics that burn before Palermo quote (I-aa, it no longer makes taking this mineral is better.) 4L-60lv also 7-8 bd tion Sliven mangasari you can not count them exactly I was busy gathering their wings in puddles of customs at Bari while my wife dug luggage.
Schinkel front 120/70-zr17 FOO9 model-140 BGN
Heidenau K65 and rear - 177lv (very nasty slip on wet)
Seals and oil around the front 35l
Air filter orginal 37 lev
Slam valve Uveks GT350 got him a promotion to 140 BGN
Front rim straightening 50lv
Regina kit with wheels sabni 240lv
Right exhaust 60lv
repair left 40lv
fluid helix 12lv
Kit vesrah 55lv
and other stuff I can not remember where now, like sd cards ak.bateriy, upset stomach pills (McDonalds them bad), flashlights, tools, Res. plugs, wires, patches, oily rag +60 cm copper wire from an old reactor developed 1.2 mm wire emphasize because it was a very interesting group of English rockers coffee crash between turns Duz-Matamata list was long and had it in my previous trips picks in the top frame.
and added only two mask. due to the poor prognosis night we got two raincoat
tomoru successfully launched earlier to 6.30 and glorious with moderate gas drifted to kulata.Ot luggage felt as motor ship Radetzky but counted after 3-4 days it will lighten to the provision of other materials and less will get a normal average-tourist -transkontinetalno-weight, shortly after Sofia had to wear raincoats because of rain. So I went on monotonously about 140 km / h in Igoumenitsa of call to the 5.30 rear Heidenau I did bad surprises at sharp overtaking etc and crossing the white line with plenty of gas made it almost successful attempt to break our travels, not only was known .

Fell to the gate and shuffle the first stop where there were signs bg started to convince a cashier

twisted English with Arabic muted notes, cashier blankly okokoli is obvious that strangers

English dialect, I put a little bit pantomime wife helped me with a few Bulgarian words then damsel

turned to her pure Old "want two tickets to the deck and one for the motor" YES ofkourse nod

smile "knowingly follow knocking on CBD and smile with the best price to us. Smiling and slightly

relax with wet pants on the floor of which was a large puddle of turn and watch me pull two Roma

rezorvoara backpack so I shake the bike, put to flight, and they keep calling me girl your luggage that is full

Kurds and steal, well told me. But at least call us wait for the barrier that had been planned strike

at 17.30.

under the shelter of the customs evolved battle scene from 20 military and 40 masks disheveled Kurds. nyakakav Captain waved nervously where but after seeing three tickets remove the military to clear the ground by attacking people went through suffer a heavy heart and heavy legs of 800 's rain km

I was wondering what the rules of the parade ground, and another 3-4 hours with interest looked flying motorbikes vans

Cars and border police when they heard gunshots and then a slight ten minutes but on behalf of many

acrid smoke hung on the parade ground, with these cars and trucks are locked inside, we are not left anything

but to a far away and quietly kneel and Puker frivolous in the water (I have not tried

(sarin or typhoon or not know what anybody was that tear gas) but packed his throat like barbed wire and thick

Elastic saliva snot coughing sneezing Puker and others. when the wind took it tired moved with 10 m

side and staring wide-eyed at war with masks running brushed from two trucks that were on a

flashlights into trucks and checked documents. ship was opened but not yet cast after we checked

told us that the documents can climb.

so tired by now but withered legs refreshed by the evening cheerfully tear gas hdim deck

and some thoughts like (where I had led my wife) went

taking account of the failed revolution in Tunisia before 3 months we were prepared for such things, but not

so early, adjusting her luggage until I remembered the suitcase martial masks took me quite angry that

I missed the opportunity to try them but as you know we were busy with other things

Yet 24 hours to slowly pry the pier and headed to Bari, Igoumenitsa left me quite pungent memory

of talks with Iranian drivers of whom we knew he was a ghetto of illegal

immigrants who jump trucks to flee decaying capitalist world. where beer and

available women.

dozed uneasily in the common room out because it started to rain again, and blissfully thought he got rid

the rain, Roma sarin gas

utrotoshvanati as always waiting with a cup of coffee in dreams and plans for the future 19 days
divided equally between Africa and Sicily

trip lasts 12 hours during which you try to find the most comfortable bench but alas...

at one time Captain megaphone shouted something, but it was not on the horizon and the Pirates anything for anyone if

jumped overboard as already seen Italian soil, Barry thought that the port captain dropped

right instead of left at the third buoy

unfortunately, the enemy pouring rain seemed to October,
in general we have chosen to travel May because of relatively lower temperatures
the idea was to arrive in Tunisia after the last towns Tatooine Remada about 600 km south
to see the true Sahara

Pilot approaches and took the tow ropes that hung third time to maneuver tractors until they

I watched tons of broken water and wondering how much 2-3000 horsepower and what was it like to drive

Tuned by FJ 3240 horsepower. board with slow shaking howl and Bondzhurno Italy ....

I'm still hoping for dry weather but alas

a descent shot with two fans from Sofia, who spent the evening
** who did his trophy to Malta
As I got out of Level 3 cordon of police and three types of metal enclosures verification of documents

found two braziers of Igoumenitsa how they boarded where they are hiding do not know, is one one was in

crankcase TIR DAF, but his eyes shone happily suggest enjoyed festering capitalism.

them had spent the night in the gym, and we saw the bike said that we
*I detect a road 3-4 times
Dressed again cloaks and line up in the column of th checkpoint just before our turn,
**van that was in front of us suddenly went back without assistance, to illuminate any light while trying to

Kindle and run away hit our bus Yamaha and half remained under the car and the rear door darkened

poured bags 10th wife fucked on the glass of the driver (Sliven Gypsy) to stop

who diligently gave gas and wondered "why was not going back" while I was churning and my fairings

fender flew to pieces. a horde descended braziers helped me pull the bike

under the bus, one that lifted the van and I drew three motor customs and watch the fun trucker behind us with lights

lights while my wife was digging through puddles looking pieces. For a moment the thought that went off in here but we

though the clutch lever was all over but the horn of a ram on stakes dripping oil from leaky seals

sat on the boot side. quickly checked for total damage but unseen under the bike was pretty spotty

of oil bent to check the oil radiator and see what a 35 inch screwdriver between

radiator and subtract zabornika goggle screwdriver and Mangala shouting "Where is the male Skeet gone lock" after

learned that a gesture pins screwdriver between the bumper and the rear door of the truck. sat in a puddle with the help of

hands and feet restored the trunk configuration and seamless lit, moving slightly twist the handlebars

also had some front brake nothing galling, lighthouse shone anything aside rider knows every player was "not

lighthouse makes motoru "mitnchara ask our passports I say that I want to call the police but apparently he did not

busy. manga guilty waiting for me at the exit shouting over d.v.m.ts. Give money was unskilled d.v.m.ts. I pull them

crushed 10 euros grabbed them and went then I do not remember the next 100 km

was important to be riding back, it turns out that without a front fender nah easy at almost torrential rain
especially in the suburbs of the water front with rubber running down a sandy-muddy stream of the person or

my breasts dependent on speed.

We crossed the heel of a boot in the race when the rain finally dawned less
Taranto really beautiful town with fun to look at but if they are wading braziers bus.
Let's return

We stopped to buy one euro a mandarin and a sober look at the damage on the engine, everything was normal, strengthened

mouse tails scotch broke protruding pieces and stowed in luggage.
Evening slept by the roadside near a big store near Crotone.

The next day I had to get a ferry to Sicily in Reggio Calabria

Ferry found easily but the tail learned that tickets are bought by much cash back on street

The integrated propeller blades goats thought in broken Ragusa

Ferry goes to brotherly Sicily for 30 min

from going down, and I felt bad maneuver

adio Italiii chao Sicili..

Akost in Messina left the bike and headed a familiarization tour here started our

journey, for now eager to say that we had a plan whereby we go to boot one night about

Crotone other at the foot of Mount Etna and wait one night near Palermo in the morning where gr.Cefalu

We at the station for tickets for brothers Tunisia

View of the Mediterranean brotherly Messina

1999 Bulgaria March 9 day(Honda Rebel),2000 Middle East 23day(FJ1200)
2005 Makedonoia 10 day(FJ1200),2006 Greece tour 15 day(FJ1200)
2007 Romania tour 10day(FJ1200)2008 Explore isl.Crete 16day(FJ1200)
2009 Czech -Hungary 16 day(FJ1200)2010 Balkanika FJ1200
2011 Tunisia 23 day (Fj1200)

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Location: Bulgaria SOFIA
Oddometer: 74

After exploring we headed south Messina coastal villages and consider approaches to reach

Etna movement is still fairly busy thinking only in Greece is noitaliantsite convinced me otherwise

occasionally stop to rest and eat mandarin Scalea Zanklea

turns in going down to the infamous Taormina where they say it is best as a place to look at erupting


Taormina is on top of the rock the way that it came like a pile of spaghetti

Center exotic style German Tourism

went to Giardini Naxos

Moreover, cities are off-road and have input Nord Est .. but
the truth is that the town should look + mare
ie coastal part of town that looked like a separate village

Traffic was pretty heavy anyway coast is beautiful if you look at it until you stop

After exiting the madhouse zahodihme smaller mountain road in the region Alcantara

The road wound and great slopes were mandarin

seeing such great katusi not resist Sorry Photo

Toured several villages hotel but the price was between 50 -70 euros for a pair
their way to our "bed & breakfast" where we slept chain of 30 euros

Crouch on the roadside in this canyon ate spaghetti with beer poured Sicily
* brotherhood of Messina

The next morning early early off to qualify earlier on top

Along the way, interesting villages

Vines grown mainly

There were old houses from the Corleone inundated with frozen magma Road

Here are the first signs of volcanic piles of congealed magma

morning while drinking coffee in the small hotel keeper told us that he could not go on the way we

drew because last year was spattered lava and advised us to go further to the south crater

s.Millo and hence 0shte 20 km but cool in the lift Zaferano Etnea

time is changed after every turn now drizzling sometimes cooked

While non-crossed some invisible barrier and fog and bad weather stayed below us

then the sky showed the snow looked etna

then lift the Jeep


Elevation 3000 4x4 is behind us which we got

Guide aging causes a lot of us that got a lava field
and straight to the crater

started climbing alone is not licensed forbidden

once ran one of the organizers and roughly pulled me by my jacket because I had finished it I expected replica

and gesture, I knew the first time.

That I really closer Unable feet sinking to his knees in a nasty rasping bottom slag is hot
the dust Unable to breathe irritating throat Army unused masks slightly Mary hydrogen sulfide

It is yellow sulfur Mary of hell

This is a picture of deception, the German grannies led them to this crater, which is almost harmless, naturally Etna is

money machine as said before lump cinder cost me € 100

next coming ..
1999 Bulgaria March 9 day(Honda Rebel),2000 Middle East 23day(FJ1200)
2005 Makedonoia 10 day(FJ1200),2006 Greece tour 15 day(FJ1200)
2007 Romania tour 10day(FJ1200)2008 Explore isl.Crete 16day(FJ1200)
2009 Czech -Hungary 16 day(FJ1200)2010 Balkanika FJ1200
2011 Tunisia 23 day (Fj1200)

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Joined: Apr 2008
Location: Bulgaria SOFIA
Oddometer: 74
tunsia vol3

But the memory is priceless Victori brotherly greeting from Etna erupt when I catch the first plane to Taormina with two raw steaks in the bag to ward lava.

Once we got down, we went back through the ring of rain and mist and encircled south east of Etna Then we headed to Klaniseta and touched the BC coast Campofeliche de Roccella ot tam 20 km do Ceflu

nice shops

nice promenade where to contemplate Sicilian girls

or cactus

or beach pretty cold water

or cold Kastello

Sunset is unique

So I spent the evening of appetizers beer was included in the price of beer 3f. a cold beer but at the expense of 660ml.
difficulty arose from the table and may have been of hydrogen sulfide vapors

After the walk crucified on a secluded beach in the corner where he can sleep disturbed
only by the sound of the sea in the moonlight

If anyone knows what the result is buy one. There tart flavor is smooth as Myrobalan is
kind of succulent is apricot pits are like a chestnut.

So we had breakfast of coffee pins Sicily, beladonnata cups from the bar made ​​me peek to see where the
coffee cups back to me there's no
coffee twisted tourist exclaim englisht loooong loooong
belladonna asks wide-eyed: American coffee? then the machine is doing something which just drip three
drops in our glasses, water sth Do they know what 'expensive? LFS pointing a thumb down more more more,
more in disgust Apply 3 drops of machine and handed us a kind of poisoned again looked into his cups and
(I thought the coffee was not to be for intravenous administration and passed the bar to look for insulin syringes)

After these refreshing sip of coffee reached Palermo covenant, but because coffee does not come to belly
to go astray in the city trying to find an endless sea station until finally studied a map of the city next
stoplight, triumph fan approached me I thought he would want to make his diagnosis of candles bad work
, but he showed me where (ketro meters desre semaphores sinistra tsinkuanta tsirkularetsento Stazione metro)
here widened and he himself offered to take me to the station,
but maybe not-understood what I said cause is still trying to figure out how much work and how
many cylinders are cylinders that triumph.

A column of dust waiting for our Africa team and three were the only normal jeep vehicles Tunisian spideri,
shuttles and star destroyers bore in his tone interstellar luggage roof and no sidelights

I spoke with the guys who went to yet another trophy Saharan wanted to get first hand information and mixed turisricheski Esperanto beat my situation

with a few strokes. while talking about Douz Kebili Nefta MatMata BoriZoumit
** repeated several times gasoline nous, but I ignored why the guy was just finishing a shift at Camp Jeep hub.
something fucked up due to lack of lubricant and while three of the group traveled on trucks trailers
Support with the grease out big hammer and stood camp in place.

During this time the ferry ramp and took off half column started not successful attempts of intimidation engines and external combustion,
pushing pulling, even I participated in bobsleigh. Because we were the first SUV to have this downloaded hubs to put a hitch in
Ferry and there continued repair
Meanwhile, I witnessed the Iranian driver to open taklamita VOLVO-fat and then scoop up the hammer
handful green grease and a run came in the Ferry.

loading continued flows of 4-5 hours spaceships and shuttles from distant galaxies, horse harness smell rotting fish,
sheep house, ignited brake dust, burnt rubber and rotten seafood were billowing, strumming and beating with hammers veiled girls and children crying
Take my hand in hand, all of the colorful parade stretched into the ship as he sank to his work Waterloo line.
Others to join in strengthening my forearm though Mongol longshoreman said there will be no problems

The corridors seemed friendly but the gym was already packed with Jedi who took up strategic locations windows messages and contacts rugs rugs towels and towels on the ground and frankly was about to sleep here.

We went up on deck where there was a yellow dust from the Sahara dust I guess felt it with pleasure

at 12:30 howling with slow sailing from Palermo and at least 240 atmospheres of 3-4 - and 5 boiler traveled to Africa

With mixed feelings watching retreating Sicily and the world as we know know about New Year in Tunisia revolution broke out which escalated into civil war, the passengers looked poor but peaceful and good-natured except for a few groups who drank beer and talked out loud.

It was not so bad

kids in the hall were broken by the roar of the now tired and nap with their mothers while looking great ragamuffin with undisguised interest in our gear and threw corn sticks on the floor

Frenchman sat next to us that 10 - year working Tuniz.Dokato talked with him began to give greater plasma News from Tunisia, where armored vehicles and soldiers smoke around them roaring people running on the road. The whole hall was silent for a second then burst into shouts, all stretched to the TV shea dozen Arabs stood in front of the screen in an attempt to increase the volume, mothers crying children struck the Arabs before the screen started to talk more high piles of people from distant galaxies crowded the door to hear the news another pile trying to come to tell friends in a neighboring salon. tyagosna atmosphere was tense and gripping my wife blanched lips frightened France asked what the problem was, looked at me otsastvasho and again stared at the TV
I imagined (how to keep the iron fence with my wife in the camp for white slaves as three persons stoned dirty Arabs dealt Gas Yamaha-my parade ground and firing Kalashnikovs "

Sweet Until now few people seemed more frightened operties Jedi from the galaxy Corby, poking with his elbows, their spittle flew from his mouth while arguing, waded my feet and stared angrily wife mi.Na amid all the cacophony in the megaphone rzanese be something like ( Tutti la senyori pasadzheri ....) later remembered it but after svarshikapitana all jumped to his feet and to yurnaha doors slamming, kids cried again with their mothers took a phone call and began to sob ended with .
I really thought that it might sink (as I had to look before you go Titanic)
With my wife and I were alone in the parlor on the third floor had popcorn, pretzels, corn chips, chicken wings, wet towels, seeds empty bottles of mineral water, towels, looked at each other blankly be frightened. Frenchman crashed into our astonishment and looked again asked him what was going on, deep and pay much attention garnered luggage and said that "Due to armed conflict can not ship to enter the port and returned to sea." Said something but I was startled the news, and I heard nothing more came out with a bang, at least not sink the Titanic
My wife asked me, Bob was where we went left her children. Tried to infuse joy as I said:
-We will participate in the first Arab revolution.
I left her crying angrily in his chair and himself went into the great hall of restoranta.Oshte as I opened the door I ran smell of sweat and eastern Podravka mixed with Arab angry speech habit italianskia captain megafona.Arabelite have alleged claims and master distributed to all cabins (while waiting for the smoke to settle and those of NATO to collect shells) but the condition can be assembled in four ADEDY. Be ordered miserably last in line Tuck clearly understood that if we want to survive and succeed must descend to the level of meat prod ie elbows occurrence fierce unceremoniously pushing thin no giving or taking out a little more money. Nevertheless, I got almost to the last reseptsiya, handed two red passport and tickets (the Tunisians are green)
steward raised irritated glance at my assertion "ai am Fromm Bulgari WITCH May uomen double pliys"
Yet with a tired smile gave us other tickets which opened its new cabin (hardly over you, double cabin € 130 +30 euros motor> 60 euros for two on deck + engine)
[Img][/ img]

After we'd been involved in a revolution helpful to sleep before the fight. I heard gun-fire in a dream and I thought ballistic curves but secretly hoped not yet invented gunpowder in Africa.

Detailing our aspirations and concerns to see how transient everything around us.
We went on deck with a heavy heart, I expected to see ruins and burning braziers running ragged bloody Street. Actually I found smiling girls have coffee and shprehat on their phones smiling from galaxy Jedi Tatooine ordered deck enjoyed flying swallows (knowing swallow stay in Tunisia during our winter). Looked incredulously between docks dissected human bodies and blood on the ground , bullets, shell casings but no. asked without smiling 4-5 front teeth uncle who was happy to make room to him and his wife nodded Mademoiselle :) YES-mayfrend problems?? , View grandfather surprised my question
repeated and made perfect pantomime of firing Kalashnikovs':
- "but but estadey big problem but the problem velkome know" smile and showed his lack of front teeth.

I stopped to kiss me, just the fact that the sky my type.

Calling at La goulette
At customs, I tried to push as an Arab but my efforts I was always last. There
clear signs in Arabic and even confusing in French, finally a fallen Jedi ragged deaf was hired as my guide for 5 euros (then I pulled a five officers) Do not ask me how I understand it but it went by notes where I pointed to the signature, where the Pope was calling my name I wrote my father Extend only the question of when I owned this car, but they helped me off road jeeps group, they filled in a questionnaire on my wife back I was ready to go Come called the Jedi and this:
But-but lasenyor officers signature, it duplicates another. aa queuing up on the fourth line, where tight bearded sergeant beats by steam printing machine second precisely'm almost pulling me to sign backpack Fucino leads me to the counter Awww I have something else printed on a dot matrix printer batsalvam € 3 fee for the first Jedi
club. Come back to the officer who wearily pushed the door on me and turned away potential.
I turned to my Jedi Master with sweaty dirty smile, he took all my documents pushed me out back bent almost to the ground and burst without knocking etc grande.Neiskah officers to look inside I was fed up looked even Unable to navigate where motor and wife. I got my documents and a nasty gesture with two fingers My Jedi he wants more advance € 5 was prepared with minor tried to grab the documents but he was quick batsalnah penny. Hit me friendly, wiped them on his beard
a learned gesture and put them in the bag.

still pass through the streets with shattered windows and scattered stones oil paint cans, but still surrounded by smiling under his Tunisian Jedday

Things lined up perfectly even missed my little revolution. For example, we slept in the cabin is bathed
with soap and mostly arrive in the morning light and not at 1.30 in the night curfew from 21.30
I think that the power was with us.

Plan for the day was simple. If you do not kill us, raped or sink our ship to reach the north-eastern Tunisia gr.Tabarka prez La Marsa, BuSaid, Bizerta, Lake Lac Ichkeul

Once passed the initial stress sat in a meat Crouch itchy coffee
* staid there were 30 guys with mustaches curled that we measured no more especially my wife,
man rush comes and fit to sit on the left there was for women and Gentiles and the right sat Jedi and only Allah, brothers, Better not tell him that I know personally Obi OAN Kenobi

Chaotic motion dirty noisy struggle for survival, auto fleet turbolet 3-Series to steampunk

reached Bizerta

The old pirate port poverty and misery shelled buildings ne word fun.

local kingfishers knit tapestry of fishing dash and enjoy the simple life

Harbour wall

of emotions found starving local maк-donalts and ordered a cheeseburger with egg and what is the big pot where simmer. Boy helpfully flies Drove up with a good drop and scooped up a decent gesture of cooked beans but more beige and round that Mary cooked a sock. baguette cut one in half and that's lunch menu for two, I asked him what it was but he thought that there is enough pungent seasoning and top smlay chopped green pepper. velkome tuniziya hiccups until Tabarka

Everywhere there was increased military presence groups of soldiers
with rifles stood a large
* intersections and near cities often stops us with a smile You want my passport please

Finally, even preferring to leave the bike in the group with men with baggage, I was more calm

After the lake where unseen pink flamingo is loaded fields and BG

Northern Tunisia does not differ much from us after about 100 km to the south end of the atlases are that natural barrier which begin desert areas in the old days we noticed that the bottle had gone to the water in the bags and uncle stopped to pour water

Tabarka original idea was to sleep in a tent on the beach and between cities but amid the general misery everywhere wandering paduini and price of accommodation of 25 bg leva double with breakfast did not need much prompting

Tabarka coast seemingly perfect but strangely no heavenly bathing

Once we got swept small hotel with local youth on Promenade Walk

people are kind and friendly but shy girls say hastily, head down welkome...

Tomor first jump on the terrace to see more Yamaha takes you, there was a leap of dates and palm leaves next evening after torrential rain.

I almost think that Africa is not raining, we go to shop

There was no hot breakfast but because even had freshly slaughtered sheep and intestines just shampooed sidewalk

Our breakfast was prepared baguette freshly baked inevitable, milk jug filter coffee Jedi marmalade, jam, butter cheese, etc.

To pull off a 10 Ain Draham, Jenduba, Le Kef, Makhtar, Kaserine, Gafsa oasis Tamerza

Still not knowing what to expect and thought to get in the way all cities

Northern Tunisia is very green but these are only the first 200 300 km

Alternating green fields and young Paduin'с who proudly rode their donkeys

Further already completed Jedi traveled daily to the water source for approximately 20 km

Tunisia is different from Monastir and Sousse and one big poor country with poor people so that noo truth. Seems only developed coast and the capital (Bizerta Tunis Monastir Sfax)

Into the southern regions will no petrol station

The people themselves are struggling for survival

What most imagine Tunisia was shot in the courtyard of a four star hotel

This is the truth about Tunisia poor

* dusty country with good people.

Lekef reached Ise got to see the hill fort

Guard dozing in the chair and we put no money to take a quick look

The heat burns out we were only a few young Paduin Ball

continued south through the small towns was the terror of highway men cafes toast in honor of our

On the road to do any significant transactions and pay talks

At the beginning and end of the city bore the barricades in the road where they were burning tires
wires were still piles of burnt asphalt.

The colors changed to yellow.

The population decreased

Reached Kaserine hungry
aaresahme to a representative Tavern arabela-fastfood and stopped

While signing autographs to his fans maestro was making fried eggs and salad

It was ended when the pen aftografi maestro with tapping the back comet Come lead me,
to our VIP section

Way melts fingers sneeze and snuff 60% of the ingredients of each dish

Here's a picture of my Jedi-master and his young paduin passed the first test for pungency
May the force be with us, my wife even gave the salad

female community is quite shy while sniffing a dish
hostess with one hand hiding his mouth and with his other helped me in conversation
noticed that their feet are black

I shared my doubts with my wife paduin on brown-purple color of the soles of our hostess
* and said that the Sith Wars Rage of the tribe have similar color. It turned out that many girls are Jedi paint the legs with Henna
. Our mission has progressed I have a hard lump in the abdomen. Everywhere in small towns and villages trash wallow freely in the streets were flying in the air shopping bags or depth across such piles.

Riverbeds are used for roads

Young Paduin salute wandering Jedi Knight on a horse blue "blue wagabond"

cars from the road disappeared and were replaced by donkey drawn carriages that were probably private providers Jabba-Hatyatina

grills sizzle

motorbike buzzing................

Lukoil had opened :) The computer board but my forearm showed a transition from stock 320 light years

The interior of the country is extremely poor dry petrol and diesel sold on the street and in the grocery store where he was tied and one sheep for sale.

30 kilometers from the Algerian border went Gafsa several times I was warned not to go into town so it is very troubled and changed the route we took on secondary roads along the Algerian border

Definitely palate and my teeth felt the breath of the Sahara

* You can rely only on inside, and preparation of machine

indeed untrue that I would have to wade through sand but quite honestly was inundated areas

The heat warmed us and stopped to rest and chat tie

To call using old French dialect of the desert planet Dune people

1999 Bulgaria March 9 day(Honda Rebel),2000 Middle East 23day(FJ1200)
2005 Makedonoia 10 day(FJ1200),2006 Greece tour 15 day(FJ1200)
2007 Romania tour 10day(FJ1200)2008 Explore isl.Crete 16day(FJ1200)
2009 Czech -Hungary 16 day(FJ1200)2010 Balkanika FJ1200
2011 Tunisia 23 day (Fj1200)

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Tunisia vol.3

There was a decline in the power and when we asked Seth saw approaching disguised as a raunchy Jeddah

Young paduini fled with fear and disappeared in others destroyed or unfinished buildings or stables

ObiUan saw the spirit of the boy who buys 500ml enriched uranium fuel oil, then set off with a small click, the rear sub-light brusteri 30 meters and then stopped for tuning the circuit while carrying out their social contact and wait for me young man finished his lemonade situation rear bruster repeated once, but apparently local dealer this space-shuttle was too far behind the magelancloud .

Following desert scenery. I thought about my rear brusteri were crushed and when was the last time, go to the fifth light gear and prepared to jump into hyperspace. Then I remembered a conversation with a young paduini BG teh.suport of our team in the rally Oil-Libiq-Tunizia held in the area Remada-Duz-KsarGhilane, 2 weeks ago, uploaded (Lyuk. .. Luke ... no lubrication rear brusteri the sands Lyuuuuk .. remember,
Battle of KsareGhilan where our Kan-Am spideri suffered exactly this)

Emerge from hyperspace noticed that there are now fresh sheep meat

And young paduini in recess
Some genuinely glad to fly as low HilyadoletenSokol salute with the left hand and right hand lies on the kickers R2-D2 beeps and reported low oil svelinen main engine. Calm had 1.5 liters of the same in suitcases.

We stopped for a photo session and scheduled maintenance on the main engine lubrication and stretching back bruster

следващите 100км бяха неизменнто такива

according Navigation Plan oazisTamerza had to be somewhere close
but within a radius of 70 km heavenly saw live chicken

increased thrust main engine and left a dusty trail in the air, the sun was trying to jump over the horizont of our experience on this planet, we found that the sand sunrise and sunset, especially here is extremely fast, around 40 minutes between daylight and darkness.

Again I increased traction with the idea to catch the sun, according to the trip odometer in miles that is now transferred Ophiuchi with point 40 km

Discuss board communication channel shown the young bullock Lea behind me said I let the force be with you in the galley Lyuuuk have two cans, 8 olives Pita Bread, 3 gallons of water no problem.

Suddenly appeared on the horizon mirage of meditating Jedi Master once quiet whine of engines Hliyadoletniya-Falcon and the ash settles information to the disc dead land. Asked me - Tamerza dis wei??? nodded knowingly in the direction suggested by me (he did another).

I felt the Force is with me and I gave the maximum thrust of the main sub-light engines

While traversing the maximum gear and prepare for hyper jump Rd-D2 reported disturbingly low readings
from the main tank. But the force was with me without hesitation I took the main thrust and went in a quiet tourist economy mode 98km/chas 3400 rpm.

Rd-D2 beeps and approval succumbed to the silent joy of surrounding landscapes.

After another 40 km showed signs of life and security impurities with leaves of palm trees, according
Board had overruns of about 140 km

If it was meditator Jedi was ready to swear that we are the Algerian land, I paused to look at the navigation plan long stare and half a bottle away too soon discovered that we have strayed and are stuck at Oum El Araies near mountain Jbel Jalabiq.

Trip patted on the back was not his fault. Yeah it before us was the cherished Tamerza

Communication announced a channel which rasped of sand in your ears that have reached my destination.
young Paduin behind me expressed some hesitation. attempt to quell rebellion and joined the 1st gear
with moderate thrust headed.

Sand people were hiding in their stone kasht and only their eyes glowing in the darkness of the fibrillation windows

With the help of the Force, but mostly against three Tunisian dinars and running in front of me were a young paduin
accompanied by the innkeeper camping Tamerza.

Shaped the formalities of French-Arabic dialect

Sketching bags and floated to the waterfall. In pustules this water is particularly esteem. Swept After bathing the canyon.

someone was playing a djembe drums

We went out to walk the hills, for the price something around 15 euros for two, incl. Euro-breakfast in the morning.

Oasis is small and down the valley surrounded by this lunar Paisley
crowing roosters, goats bleat
1999 Bulgaria March 9 day(Honda Rebel),2000 Middle East 23day(FJ1200)
2005 Makedonoia 10 day(FJ1200),2006 Greece tour 15 day(FJ1200)
2007 Romania tour 10day(FJ1200)2008 Explore isl.Crete 16day(FJ1200)
2009 Czech -Hungary 16 day(FJ1200)2010 Balkanika FJ1200
2011 Tunisia 23 day (Fj1200)

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tunisia vol.4

after we got to the Millennium Falcon, had left two German motor fan with his son
spoke said that the boy had fallen down the canyon because the rear detachment bruster.

We were very tired at night is not cold but very cool to hear from the valley splash of water and dull beating on djembe drums

On the roof of the shack salamander already smelled the exotic taste of my socks and greedily watched

Inside our hut decor

while my younger paduin told me to throw the lizard was already asleep

Path passes between Sergius and several Jedi wrapped like a mummy sleeping back in rugs

fetid odor is brought marijuana bovine manure + + something else

After intelligence welded sleepy Germans and struck up a conversation about navigating some
fantstishe plaats.

Our conversation continues in conference-shed at breakfast use of the upper limbs is simply a must have bad english father and a good French-speaking manager and a Jedi boy precise English with us and translates his father's

The food is hearty, sweet coffee sharpen quite a teapot, but talks dirty and the atmosphere makes you relax over a stinker nosh betrayed amazing sounds and djembe drums mixed with the Jedi left an incredible impression for life

a local had to sleep outside and bikes now watered palms, German gave him little money.
my card is between Allibert and Nouvells

We did not start from that primitive, quiet place but are ferries to Tunisia week and you have to execute the plan fully

collect the camp along with the Germans give the boy his drift and lubricated track him tell his father that he threw rust and has a small resource but they will catch the Ferry to France

We exchange addresses and absorb any way and dreams

Next kilometers are scenic desert.
With moderate thrust wide-eyed take on the track.

No signs of life, absolute silence, the smell of ash and heated driver

Downstream from oazica which now lies alternately displayed.

Joy is crumbling like sand everywhere

reach small oases towards Chebika

The northern part of the mountain Jbl Chuoabine

As you can see Yamaha dealers and have not heard about this place, so it is
* expect a lot of them, my phone was off the whole time and I can tell you there was not coverage
But even if there was how would you explain the Arabic by 911

Enclosures against blowing sand from the road

Chebika which reached because most accessibility is quite commercial
is immediately recruiting for a jeep tour

From door to slam bargain from 25 dinars it took 10 which is about 8lv out like mud round
stone is broken in two dozens of blue candy as a kernel of a walnut

Jedi with yellow turban took us around to the path and impersonate as our guide told us that we have to give him another 5 dinars. As an evil Sith Lord waved his most expressive (run dirty Jedi) gave him a sign to disappear but it does not affect me. Was clearly obsessed with Power. I stayed back and was wondering if my wife will not catch lice as discuss battle tactics with the beam sword.

Although he banished him trotting behind us and left us to enjoy the moment

Brown stones and green leaves great combination

all this is in the valley, these crystals they are children who pick through rocks steadily
1999 Bulgaria March 9 day(Honda Rebel),2000 Middle East 23day(FJ1200)
2005 Makedonoia 10 day(FJ1200),2006 Greece tour 15 day(FJ1200)
2007 Romania tour 10day(FJ1200)2008 Explore isl.Crete 16day(FJ1200)
2009 Czech -Hungary 16 day(FJ1200)2010 Balkanika FJ1200
2011 Tunisia 23 day (Fj1200)

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What an amazing adventure! Well done.
Marty F
'13 Triumph Sprint GT; '14 BMW G 650 GS
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TUNIS vol.5

Thank's men , sory for my bad english. translate ths page with google translate .

Jedi discussed issues and so we reached political themes (currently yellow turban makes a pantomime escaped their president "

I turned the engine at full thrust and twenty-three falcon
a silent split spinning dust towards Tozeur one of the last towns in southern Tunisia

Navigating the go pointing the finger at the map while looking ahead and then looking back
next Name

Just wanted to put the remaining kilometers to Tozeur

R2-D2 has continued to report an emergency low level in the main tank

I was wondering how many miles ago was the first flash and as well as I thought I had to get at least an inch Deygushi where you just hope to have fuel

Discussed the problem with the fuel young princess who shared my fate, she paused meaningfully

In order to inspire optimism in this young Paduin clearly and explained that if you raise camels shit about us and our water and rest my dirty socks as a catalyst to provoke fermentation process which will gain methane to be moved

Conceived in the formula of methane (simulating the mind fermentation process) went looking for camel shit
I noticed that the road is not a straight line down the road my card, I turn to the north and then pointing to the horizon in the west.

Now I realized that I made ​​a terrible navigation error (which increases our route about 40 km) to 3 liters enriched uranium metal fuel tank rust on the Millennium Falcon, and about 40 kilometers remaining normal route.

We stopped in the mirror pustules, just dusty trail showed us where we came from, I opened the main tank in the hope that R2-D2 was wrong this time, but not wrong.

I took the calculator and made accurate calculations (need to because I'm in miles) is proved if we go down the same road will increase 4 or 5 kilometers transition but did not know if this is for me Sagdoud, or Bedouin

I chose to be discharged back to the intersection where I do check the tank and if you go back to where Chebika to the Jedi Jog the Yellow Turban

We went back to the super economy mode Accidental Tourist 3200 rpm 55 miles per hour

These are chebika Balkans after the southern slopes of Mount JbelChoabine

Just looking at them and licked his dry palate (
already imagined vultures feast on my flesh and the ugly camel overeat with my navigation maps for $ 14)

Well that my Princess Leah behind me who said (let the Force be with fb Lyuuuuk

Ok, I felt a surge of power

Millennium or just twenty-three summer Eagle was never passed me especially at this time

Howled dismally through the wilderness and submission thin strip of dust in the air

They began to see signs clear sign of approaching civilization

I enjoyed every plate on the way

And we shot it because otherwise seen

I felt like riding on the planet Dune sand worm only that, my son was not eating spice and slightly enriched uranium unleaded.

The mountains had strayed far

At one time the yellow replaced by a white, nasty stinging eyes showed that maybe this is the right salt lake Chot Ell Gharsa

After twenty kilometers Degache city appeared already at the first intersection was a petrol station

Filled to the top, I looked at the map more Kebili + 130 km to 27 to 27 to Douz + back + to exit 87 to El Hama. Where if I have to give my virginity to a gallon of fuel. Then continue to the Pipeline Road Ksar Ghilan miles where there was no map and distances are measured in days.
Again, I was obsessed with power, air tasted like ash and adventures.

Moving quickly Tozeur eat doner with sand, wind and blowing nasty little people running across the street with wrapped heads, we can not even pull the camera you already restrained lens
Reached Tak Chott El Jerid. A huge salt lake, fantastic landscape.
Here Neil Armstrong took the first step on the moon, Dzherit and pin flag

Again, we have troubles with the focus of the canon, disgusting blinding whiteness eat salty eyes red with The wind.
First human steps on the moon.

Manageable first spacecraft landed on the moon Chott el Jerid and his Jedi-Master.

I made the main thrust of the sub-light engines. We went to look at the telemetry and prepared to jump into hyper-space

We were approaching the biggest intergalactic spaceport Kebili

Spaceport was collected the best star pilots of all races

Was wandering knights, Jedi-Master

test pilots, uniaxial chariot driven by animal power

well-rounded girls threw merry eyes under his black
* eyebrows
The most searched alien commodity was desert Rose took her two, but when it came to BG had become five.

There was a smell of decaying incomparable seafood, which made ​​me think that I'm reaching the fish market

When performing ceremonial Jedi Lunch on the sidewalk watching the brave.

Nervous flying Paduin's

Everyone was busy with their activities

Once loaded, the Millennium Falcon, ammunition and proviziy.

go on runway

People disappeared, leaving only sand in the eyes, and the monotonous howling of the main sub-light, ear

Here we have the first pictures of mirage
After another 30 km occur again brightness.

roadside restaurant

Young paduini with feet removed from the table immediately fire Primus made ​​the coffee-pot,
We we learned them away. We were shown a stuffed scorpion as big as a sparrow

1999 Bulgaria March 9 day(Honda Rebel),2000 Middle East 23day(FJ1200)
2005 Makedonoia 10 day(FJ1200),2006 Greece tour 15 day(FJ1200)
2007 Romania tour 10day(FJ1200)2008 Explore isl.Crete 16day(FJ1200)
2009 Czech -Hungary 16 day(FJ1200)2010 Balkanika FJ1200
2011 Tunisia 23 day (Fj1200)

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Tunis vol.6

Young paduin with feet removed from the table immediately fire Primus and made the coffee-pot, we learned we put them away. We were shown a stuffed scorpion scorpions as vrabche.Otnosno in Tunisia wear some myths, such as that there are areas where the wind blows like crumble as the noise of the trees, especially in oases where he slept with blankets HanKrum time, I saw no-more 2 but depends on the season, of course if you use 5 star hotels will have a problem


Then we headed back on the road in serene desert.
We drove with the windows lowered and bathed in sweat, but in contrast, the air was thick with salt
cool and eye irritation.

So millennial floated 25% of thrust with 75 miles, force fields and monotone hum salt dust rose behind us.
Life saver system in the form of chutney jar with olive kneading, 3L water and stiff bread functioned normally in the cockpit telemetry showed no abnormalities RD-D2 went into stand-by.

Efforts are gurgling in the intestines showed paduinite obviously not washed the pot or simply just run this
I do not tolerate the young paduinka behind me confirmed my fears and stopped for another dose of "lopedium".

Knowing even to Jedi Master like me, with the help of the Force was unable to master the boycott of the colon, so we took measures svoenvremeni before becoming an accident similar to Chernobyl since 1988.

This desert planet showed no signs of life, even at one point I got bored. But this is a risk in such journeys and experiences to satisfy you raise the threshold.

Reached BorjSaidane paduini young again saluted us, I felt a rush of power or Lopedium now takes effect.

After some time we reached ElHama.

We stopped for refueling and fuel provizyaiya, we're about to go deep in the desert areas, filled galley with tomatoes, fruit, bread, water.
At the station, I could not unlock the tank to switch went halfway, lock around it was filled with ashes pushed in countries with a safety pin and a spare oil for half an hour I opened the bag into the tank was polished metal to 4 seats.
Villages were pretty rundown, garbage on the ground were more than ever, the wind wore beige-yellow powder, and my neck where the collar is rubbing his team are bruises blood.

We went out of town with mixed feelings that distress was the strongest. There was no sign of KsarGhilan then remembered to ask for the so-called PipelineRoad immediately get their way.
This time it was built as a way of supporting the pipeline Algeria-Libya.

These are 3 consecutive pictures at 20 km

Now in almost desert regions could feel my dreams become reality dusty, glued to the palate, and air filter Millennium Falcon. As a child, I imagined that the desert is a great beach.
Then imagine me changed, but what I saw again changed my ideas about it.

There was sand and fine orange yellow dust such as that leg kick with small craters formed by falling in.

I remember first impressions and fear I experienced in small-Syrian desert 13 years ago, on the way to Palmyra.

VICTORY for all fans and fans who chase their dreams finali.

We used the time to look at the bike and blow chain although there is disagreement opinions on this question, the Canon again a problem with the lens removed, sand it seems too much for still hoping to earn at least KsarGilan, 2 days now sticking protective plates and sucks out a champ.

Desert from here to KsarGhilane is mostly rocky, sandy desert absolute abomination, it does not even stick to offroad filing sharp stones scattered chaotically and sand is fine dust where it sank cool.

With my bike it was not possible to walk and 3 m in this area.

Continued below

Follow the direction of your dreams while on the road with 15 km before the oil refinery two soldiers stopped us to check the documents, said the young paduinka me to hide behind the camera.

The first larger dunes we stopped for a photo. I ran across them and be happy as a child of the Eskimo ice cream 25tsenta

Well there was one running along the sand as children usually play the first snow.

dust out while we were shooting the lens

And then as far as emotions seemed to settle succumbed to the silent contemplation.

We stayed about 20 minutes, the wind grew louder and decided to go.
Strike is fastened in pay anything wrong in the engine growled.
Fire engine with an abnormally high speed and mine and R2-D2 horror lit the oil lamp as horrible scraping did not stop. Quickly I put one out of the ignition switch and then 2 seconds haunting horror, I tried again.
To my even greater surprise, even with turning the key engine light again with nasty scrape and light control lamp oil this time and reserve fuel. I think I weighed 100 with more white hair, I put one out soon, young paduinka ask (what happens, what happens) made ​​two unsuccessful attempts to
speak. For a moment I thought that I broke the ignition

main bearings that are released in the crankcase as remorse squirrel nuts and full synthetics for 60$ carefree flowing in the ground to the delight of grazing camels engine run dry, to the delight of the owners of the camels.

I got off the bike and I have not ran anything. I considered all options and tried to start again as I listen to the engine, turned the key again and noticed with astonishment that a fire engine straight nasty crunching,
* shone on the dashboard (FUEL OIL).
The answer came immediately to me
Just look at the START button, which stood treacherous than 3 minutes on position.

I felt again the power is with me, sit Millennium still trembling legs. Startup blagopuluchno, telemetry was fine again, cautiously handed moderate thrust and after 3500 we passed the 2 ... 5 scenery around us again moved in the direction Ksar Ghilan.

Landscape I ever had one, silent communication channel tense, somewhat non-believer still think we got away.

I could still slag mouth.

But as the kilometers rolled old memories and there was no turning back., What was so angry at myself.

Around us began to see the grass, still survive.

At one point, the road stretched to the horizon and again doubted whether we would stay alive. But true fans and fans is that the man has a huge inventory hidden force or effect, and only waiting for the right moment difficult to show.

Even in the form of camels.

Approaching the oasis and no animal had gone from moderate presence of normal power, without realizing that so more quickly reach the next difficulty.

We are seeing the first dunes of the Sahara

A Jedi across the endless fields.

And then I do not know how many miles to the next difficulty. Entrance KsarGhilan I say shoot and tents on me I can further.

Just believe you can not give back the first gas swore previously converted slip away motorcycle mud walked in just 5 meters and is buried in the sand up to discs, I wanted to get off
the bike, but you can not lean it anywhere stripped merisheh team has a true Jedi from Corby or just a sweaty camel. Behind me there were two shots Leaky cylinder Tenere to me to park my Jedi Guardian as a smiling person and thunderous YamahaTenere. I speak Esperanto "May Frend howw mani kilometers to the oasis was?." He told me something, then pointed two fingers.
1999 Bulgaria March 9 day(Honda Rebel),2000 Middle East 23day(FJ1200)
2005 Makedonoia 10 day(FJ1200),2006 Greece tour 15 day(FJ1200)
2007 Romania tour 10day(FJ1200)2008 Explore isl.Crete 16day(FJ1200)
2009 Czech -Hungary 16 day(FJ1200)2010 Balkanika FJ1200
2011 Tunisia 23 day (Fj1200)

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Tunisia 20011 vol.3

Walked just five meters and buried in the sand up to discs, I wanted to get off the bike but I could not lean

anywhere stripped merisheh team has a true Jedi from Corby or just a sweaty camel. Back came the

two-cylinder Tenere Leaky shots to me to park my Jedi guardian in the form of smiling

Arabella and thunderous Tenere.Kazvam Esperanto "May kilometers Friend how changes to the oasis was." He told me something but he

I realized then pointed two fingers where I put one out just bike struck up a conversation which is realized only

beginning is difficult.

Now merisha except Jedi and toasted clutch, but with the support of my Master and young paduinka that trotting after me with the luggage, forward boldly.

From Millennium Falcon became millennial plow so You have plowed the ground with his feet. Moreover, there was a difference in the two so


Stops talking to manual Esperanto offered to take me to the camp where chiip and eating and sleeping is

many chiip for both is about 30 dinars with dinner and breakfast, and then we added a morning bath in hot


Keep ahead as a straight young paduin had forgotten him running after me will have three kilometers.

Well here almost finished after Jedi Yamaha transition in land for camels.

We received a huge tent with satellite and Yamaha was almost under our window.

Time progressed inexorably as hair loss and my hurried to catch the sunset in the desert as they do beberian.

1999 Bulgaria March 9 day(Honda Rebel),2000 Middle East 23day(FJ1200)
2005 Makedonoia 10 day(FJ1200),2006 Greece tour 15 day(FJ1200)
2007 Romania tour 10day(FJ1200)2008 Explore isl.Crete 16day(FJ1200)
2009 Czech -Hungary 16 day(FJ1200)2010 Balkanika FJ1200
2011 Tunisia 23 day (Fj1200)
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Tunisia vol.9

this has had major trouble but eventually became friends at 40bgn

Thus making our cost blackmail us with the desert as Kemal said that neshtem took it to bounce oasis

was his, that what there was his house, etc. I said hey keep your sand-you-I-Fuck Mother mangalska in melodic recitative. We turned a rotten mood did some photos and turned to go.

He dismounted and with slightly different tone our offer price from € 20
** Little-transition Kemal as a sun-off.

2 tripped desert ship and began our journey

Do not be fooled temperature in short shirts we just did not know What did we expect

I guess anyone thinking of imagining great desert heat and sand, and only as

During the day but at night so it gets hard-on, summer temperatures at night dropping to 2-7 degrees

Because it is found that the wind blows constantly even has a slight taste of ashes

It knew it before but just not euphoria were dressed

entered about 4 kilometers

sun off in the tunisian desert Ksar Ghilane

The sand is very cold especially top

its 10 min game off

and started the process of ascension of the ships of the desert

I wrote somewhere above the price maybe included dinner and breakfast.
My birthday dinner is hot but cool, young paduinka again was just white bread and meat from the drumstick, cause skin and rice was fire.

Ksar-ghilan oasis is already very commercial and has a lot in it including camps and bungalows

1999 Bulgaria March 9 day(Honda Rebel),2000 Middle East 23day(FJ1200)
2005 Makedonoia 10 day(FJ1200),2006 Greece tour 15 day(FJ1200)
2007 Romania tour 10day(FJ1200)2008 Explore isl.Crete 16day(FJ1200)
2009 Czech -Hungary 16 day(FJ1200)2010 Balkanika FJ1200
2011 Tunisia 23 day (Fj1200)

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Wow!! What a great ride!! Thanks for all those pics and taking us along
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tunisia vol.10

Thank you all glad when my travels are shared.

even before we knew that there is a source of hot water in which it condemned the young paduinka you should bathe - tomoruu's finders are springs flows

Oasis is a great 1-3 km

as I said Commerce

I love it this desert pictures



The second time I was in the desert this time as you can see I'm a digital photo 8Gbt unlike before 11

years in Palmyra. Bulgarian riders is no rich men's. This trip we made with a monthly salary of € 300.


traces of lame sparrow in the desert

I got so little light and fountain

Do you know the water is warm but Mary sucks sulfur and bottom sediments of a thing to like the old shit
(and like Mary and so) but I guess are salts of the mineral water I hope, I hope.

In any case, much convinced my paduin difficult to get to at least the knee in
* water at least for a picture that will show though.
Of imitation had breakfast buffet in a tent, even had cornflakes
* immutable baguette milk, instant coffee, tea, olives ...... I still full of goodies from the Jedi who took

a lot.
With new Jedi Force'm in the final stretch of sand over the road is the right of the young

paduinka again have to walk with helmets 3km.No not forget that Jedi quest has been tested

though not trip

this i s a link to download a trip trak to skaned map

Having died in Ksar-Gillan, brushed the dust from the morning and again teams

we headed down the dusty highway towards Mata-Mata

For this purpose, we turned to the north at 75 km Pipeline-road and then right
(some would say that such a heavenly way there but I think the west or east is, then right)

The road is very picturesque and cult of fans, judging by the topics in other forums.

Mostly ocher stones, suggest-segment Tamerza-Matamata

Here is the place to say that after Morocco Tunisia is the most affordable country to Europe where you can make a great off-road trip. South of Remadaa completely lifeless desert but really dangerous. Had there Rally Oil Libya-Tunisia-

This is a Tunisian wheatfield.
It seems quite difficult to make the people here asked survive.

That Jedi cemeteries also Tunisian

Somehow I have respect for people who live in the harsh environment,
provided that there e have many other better places to go.
The road winds between the beautiful hills and often baked a ridge or just below it.

I paused for a moment to rest and eat, and to make the photo session.

Along the way Jedi small villages, and almost no movement.

Between the villages a great bit, monotony smoothed towards Matamata

To explain that in the area of ​​Matamata and nearby

places photographed legendary trilogy Star Wars movies.
I am naturally biased and used fiction since my young years
I guess my shows.

I'm talking about the first three series of course other three are full animation are not that bad

but the first thrill was inhuman. Keep in mind that in Bulgaria we watched this movie 7-9 years after its construction.

Frivolous Seine turns out, when after another group of English fans one of

I have just received slightly falling.

I went to ask is there a need for something that at the Millennium Falcon, only chicken eggs do not carry. Two aging fans advenshari brand new BMW GS (an impression of rich old man married to a young medical student) gathered around me and asked for the biggest KEY I have.

With well-placed gesture dirty rag I developed a tight copper wire 2.5 mm 1 meter which was wrapped, French-key to 28 screwdriver - and that switch 12 mm chain tensioning. Without doing your advertising these English rockers with new advenshari looked like mannequins just gotten off the cover of a magazine, unlike me, over my head sbramcheha 5-6 flies were apparently why. Once I looked at the engine looked at each other knowingly (in line with this Yamaha that I came up here?.?). Nyakak timidly asked me how long I'm in Tunisia. I casually
Long, Long Time. I guess you are and how their perceptions advensharite will look like 23 years my bike. I returned the tool, now they only have a vise so unfortunately we were one of the fans went with me to a nearby village had to
charges and seek a local BMW dealer or at least a vice as I Fuele station.

Aging fans looked at me again with interest how tied in cloth and tied with a tool copper wire with quick movements learned. (Just for information wrap a rag and then with copper wire cause much jingle in topkasa.)

Naturally in the forum that says worldwide. Some especially after the translation will not catch the irony in my voice. Maybe it's envy people Koto can afford to travel around the world that I admire and others genuinely crave it.

Appeared and scooter drivers as usual

Do note that once again Doisy no fuel stations. And I have to rely on local shops or local dealers call them.

but now parked outside the meat shop a little more than that shit would just Ifone 4 and the right of canned tomatoes and seeing dusty skapotsennata tube with liquid. That jacket is a seller out ladies stockings with which to filter the fuel falcon. How nice of him I had just started to get worried. Anyway I looked in the tube of sand, but it was just outside of the same tube I guess 40 years ago is poured into the tank of Han Solo.

10 liters bit more expensive but about 20 cents up ..

I shot back my change with filter element and away we go ... .

Entry into Matamata as usual for us meat stick Guide on scooter after twice toured the village he overtook us and asked us to stop. Then our bid for 10 Levs show us dugout Luke Skywalker.
1999 Bulgaria March 9 day(Honda Rebel),2000 Middle East 23day(FJ1200)
2005 Makedonoia 10 day(FJ1200),2006 Greece tour 15 day(FJ1200)
2007 Romania tour 10day(FJ1200)2008 Explore isl.Crete 16day(FJ1200)
2009 Czech -Hungary 16 day(FJ1200)2010 Balkanika FJ1200
2011 Tunisia 23 day (Fj1200)

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Thanks for the updates.. and thanks for making the effort to post all those pics.. My guess is you're using an online translator, so it makes reading the text difficult, but the pictures speak for themselves
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Yes of course, translates to google-translator just a sample made ​​him re-translated into Bulgarian and horror you can not read my shit, I'm sorry about this, but these are my options.
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That's ok, the pictures tell the story
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