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Old 03-12-2013, 01:00 AM   #31
pirate63 OP
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Here we go again

Georgetown has a lot street art dotted around and is very good, we wish we had more time to check it all out, anyway that might be an excuse to go back!…..

Street art

Street art

Street art

Then back to the hotel for a shower and rest, then out for dinner…we seem to do a lot of eating on this trip!!!
This place had great food but you had to wait awhile for it,so they encourage you to write something on there wall,so a bit of self advertising!!

Love Lane


The next morning we set off for Penang Hill, but on the way we stopped to watch the Hindu Penang Thaipusam Festival.

Hindu Festival

When the moon is full on the tenth month of the Hindu calendar, the Tamil celebrate Thaipusam, a major Hindu festival in honor of Lord Murugan. Followers come together for a procession, carrying signs of their devotion and gratitude.

They also carry milk pots and simple wooden kavadi. Some followers take to piercing their cheeks, and tongues as their burden!

A few have piecing in their back which look like fish hooks all in a row up and down their backs and some had huge hooks in their backs, I reckon you would have to have had a lot to drink to have any of the piercing’s!

Hindu Festival

The procession is colorful and loud, I’m glad we got to witness it.


Next was Penang Hill-also known as Strawberry Hill, owing to the history with Francis Light! When the British settled Francis Light commissioned the area to be cleared so they could grow strawberries, it wasn’t a success, not a surprise there!

As it was difficult for them to carve out the forest area! To get up the ‘Hill’ as its 830 meters above Penang, we went on the Train it cost us RM 30 but for locals RM 8.

Furnicular Train

It was packed (Sunday) when we arrived I think it was about an hour before be got to ride up the mountain and the ‘trip’ only took about 5 minutes as the train was really fast, I reckon it was as steep as the Katomba Rail in the Blue Mountains!

Penang Hill

Once up the Hill, you have a fantastic view of Penang and all the high rise buildings along the coast, at the summit there’s a Mosque, Hindu Temple, kids play ground and of course a food hall…

Fast asleep

This is how i feel sometimes after a big meal.....
We decided to follow the path around the summit and came across some beautiful English style cottages… that I believe were built when the British came to town!


Old cottage complete with English hedge.....

With Penang firmly crossed off our list we went back to the hotel to catch up on some blogging and start packing so we could get an early start for country number two.....

We decided to catch the ro ro ferry off Penang Island to Butterworth on the mainland, it was pretty busy early in the morning and it was free for motorbikes, bonus!!…

Say no more.......

Say no more....
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Old 03-18-2013, 07:04 PM   #32
No Longer Trapped!
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Thanks for sharing! Subscribed.
No longer trapped: Riding the Pan American Highway right now!
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Old 03-24-2013, 05:20 PM   #33
pirate63 OP
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Location: brisvegas,oz
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Thanks guys with your patience with our updates

Our summary and thoughts on Malaysia.........

The people are kind, friendly and very helpful.

The Muslims are not against Christmas as ‘they’ would have us believe in Australia, we went to a shopping centre near one of the biggest mosques in Malay and they had Christmas decorations up…go figure!.

There is a big ethnic mix of cultures, Chinese, Indians, Malays and they all get on fine.

The petrol is cheap with the price a litre being $.59 Australian.
We used 154 litres of fuel.
We did a total of 2,210 klms.

The roads are very good, especially the expressways which are free for motorbikes! take note Thailand!

Some foods are very spicy, tastes great but for are delicate stomachs we had to have a break from it once and a while…

They do the best bakeries thanks Roti Boy for the extra kilos!!!

The best tasting tea at the Cameron highlands.

Fried banana with soft brown suger yummy!!!

Starbucks do the worst coffee here.

Local food is very cheap and tasty.

It was hard to source fresh fruit and vegetables, until we hit the Cameron Highlands.

Legoland amusement park rocks! We will be back….

Hot springs were fantastic.

Moterbikers always waved at us and when they talked to us it was ‘where you from’, ‘how much was the bike’ ‘how much did it cost to bring over’.

It showers a lot ha ha! we got caught a couple of times!

Hard to get a beer sometimes, being largely a Muslim country.

Lots of great history.

We previously only had short stopovers in KL and we didn’t realise what a beautiful country Malaysia is, we only stayed a month we could have stayed a lot longer!

I don’t think we would have seen as much as we did and meet some the fantastic people without having a motorbike.

Thank you Malaysia…Number 1….

Next post will be southern Thailand, were still a bit behind, three countries in fact, and we are madly running around like chooks with our heads off organising for getting into Nepal....
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Old 04-04-2013, 05:36 PM   #34
pirate63 OP
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After exiting Malaysia with no problems, we then went to the Thailand border.

Thai Border

Thai Border

After we spent an hour going back and forth to immigration and customs.

We were finally off…Yippee country number 2.

You immediately notice the difference in the road surfaces once in Thailand… bumpy, patchy and in need of some ‘love’.

Heading North

We set off towards Ao Nong with me riding as fast as the roads would let us, only stopping for a couple of breaks......

The ride took about 6 hours, so we were pretty pleased with that.

Ao Nang is a small resort town and sub district in the Mueang Krabi District of Krabi Province; it’s a region with lush of jungles, limestone cliffs and serene islands floating just offshore in the Andaman Sea.


We managed to get a bed for the night in a hotel that we had previously stayed in a few years ago, as we knew it had a safe place to park the bike

After a quick dip in the pool and a bite to eat

We went for a wonder around town, I must admit we both found it very busy with loads of tourist, just like last time we were here, but I think we have changed and are less tolerant of ‘some’ tourists.

That evening we got straight on to Trip Advisor to see what was around…’BINGO’ we saw a place (Pine Bungalow) that looked just what we were after.

Next morning we headed off to check this place out (Trip Advisor you are the best)…lucky for us they had a vacancy in a hut directly opposite the sea…YES…
The place has lots of huts at various prices, the whole place has a relaxing charm about it, uneven brick walls put together by kids I think… surrounded by lush trees and plants.

So back to our hotel for a quick pack and back to here.....

The ride down to are bungalow was pretty steep.

Pine Bungalows

But i could park the bike right outside are bungalow.



After ‘moving’ we went for a swim in the crystal clear waters …
This was just what we needed, some R and R.

Although we did have a couple of days of ‘exercise’… and throwing the frizz bee to each other in the sea!!!

Hard day at the office

With a couple of days of just doing…not a lot really we decided we needed to keep doing some more of the same!

Ao Nang

So we extended our stay a couple more nights, it was just what we needed.
On one of the days we were there, there was a flurry of excitement; the Princess of Thailand was coming past ‘Pine Bungalows’ (she has a summer house about 5oo meters on the same road)
So we went up to greet only to be told ‘No photos’ and you had to kneel by the side of the road as she went past
We couldn’t really see her anyway the tint on her car window was REALLY dark, plus which car was she in? As there were about 20 cars in her procession!
After another evening of watching the sun going down we had to drag our selves back to our hut to start packing…

we don’t want to leave this place of peace, sea, sand and hammocks.

Ao Nang

With the chain oiled and the tyre pressures checked , we loaded the bike.

After spending nearly a week here , we were heading north slowly to Cambodia.......
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Old 04-05-2013, 09:35 PM   #35
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Great update! Keep em coming!
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Old 04-07-2013, 07:50 PM   #36
pirate63 OP
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After all the pre checks on the bike had been done, set off for Prachuap Khiri Khan, which is heading north about 548 kms or just under 7hours, either way it was a hard day.....


we had a few break stops to refuel us and the bike, it was a pretty uneventful ride on bad roads.
We arrived late afternoon and checked into The Golden Beach hotel, unloaded the bike, all the same stuff we have done before!
We are getting quite quick at this now, loading and unloading!…
One of the first things you notice in this town, is how many stray dogs and cats there were, some with no fur on their bodies due to fleas or what ever…it breaks my heart to see animals like that, but I knew that from when we were last here although it doesn’t make it any easier!
Any way off to the local markets in the main tourist area to see what its all about! Mostly the same stuff you get everywhere else, We did buy a few things though…starting with some amazing pork kebabs, corn on the cobs, some unusual (but tasty) samosa then for desert banana and chocolate pancakes…you just can’t beat stall food, so cheap as well.

Reclining Budda

The following morning we set off on the bike to check out the ‘Reclining Buddha’ Wat Khao Tham Khan Kradai, we parked in a little fishing village and made our way up the 100 or so damaged steps, a bottle of water is a must …apparently very few tourists come to visit the Buddha.

Not maintained anymore...

Once up the top you had to carefully climb down the makeshift steps and clamber over the rocks, you then came to some very large feet and as your eyes adjusted to the lack of light in the cave, you could make out the Buddha’s body and head…wow… he was amazing.

Reclining Budda Cave

We could also see that the cave went on a little further so i went and did some ‘exploring’ with my torch,the mrs followed closely behind incase anything jumped out!

With the torch light dimming we could make out some shapes.
I decided to take a photo and see what ‘lurking’ in the darkness…
WOW what a surprise when we checked the image on the camera, it was rows of Buddha’s sitting cross-legged 3 across and 6 deep, plus there was also another Buddha, a smaller version of the ‘Reclining Buddha’…
Its such a shame more people don’t get to enjoy this beautiful place…but maybe that’s the way the locals and Buddha likes it!

Prachuap Khiri Khan

Before returning to the bike we wanted to check out a newly built Temple that we saw...
Just before we got there someone let off a load of fire crackers, well the mrs, myself and a couple of stray dogs nearly shit ourselves....

Even though the Temple was new, it had such grace and charm about it.

Next on the list was a photo shoot with the local monkeys…back in town.
I brought some sweet corn off an old lady (who sells fruit and veg to the tourists so they can feed the monkeys) and I got the camera ready and very quickly put the sweet corn on the motor bike seat, so I could capture the ‘monkey on the bike’ picture.....
These monkeys are smart, monkeys were coming from every direction, all heading for me....

Eventually we got the photo we were after…well as close as we could get anyway, thank goodness for wet wipes, the monkey’s left a right mess on the bike seat.

Monkey on my back....

Monkeying around......

We didn’t have to go far for our next adventure (had to cram a lot into one day).....
Just above where the monkeys live is a mountain called Mirror Hill, and right at the top of that ‘hill’ is Thammikaram temple (Wat Thammikaram), to get to climb it we had to go through the markets, armed with bottles of water we set off for the marathon of steps 396 to be precise


We really should have waited till early evening to do this climb, and not tackle it in the middle of a stinking hot day!

A lot of steps......

Finally we made it to the top…and boy what a fantastic view, we found a ledge with a breeze to sit on and enjoyed the view over looking the town and the surrounding countryside.

Prachaup Khiri Khan

Thailand is very narrow at this point, and we could see mountains across the border in Burma, which is only about 12km to the west.

After all that excitement we headed off on the bike to Thailand Air Wing 5 Command beach....
But before you can enter that area you have to sign in…it’s a place the public can go through to use the beach Ao Manao....
Before you get to the beach you have to cut across the Air force runway to get there!

Wing command 5

There were barriers saying stay off the runway,but i couldn't resist....

Instead of having a swim we opted for an iced chocolate instead…. all those calories we lost going up the steps, we put straight back on and some more

That evening we went to a restaurant just down the road from our hotel, and were joined by an English couple John and Sally that are also traveling the world by plane......

at the start.......

The bike is performing great and touch wood hasn't missed a beat yet and tyres are still going strong....
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Old 04-08-2013, 08:23 AM   #37
out riding...
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if you could throw in some more in depth details of the border crossings, paperwork required and fees if any, also gas and hotel prices would be great to know, heading there soon and like something to reference off...keep it coming great report so far
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Old 04-13-2013, 06:48 PM   #38
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Great read!
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