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Old 03-17-2013, 06:39 PM   #1
straightenarrow OP
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How they party in the South? Wisco to Key West! First ADV ride! #greenheadADV1

 photo 807d22ce-7743-49ba-99f2-c319cce664b8_zps6458816a.jpg

On the move through...!
 photo 228344_zps5a794109.jpg

Beautful Countryside!
 photo 20120920_124039_zpsc6f6da43.jpg

Historic Towns!
 photo 20120910_181705_zpsd7283b41.jpg

 photo 20120910_201405_zpsa14fee14.jpg

...and the OCEAN:)
 photo 20120915_070126_zps1a01c497.jpg

Go easy on me as this is my first ride report! I am excited to document my adventure here as you all were the inspiration for my fantastic experiences and ride with your RR's! This trip was Fall 2012! I am not much of a linguist so this report will be photo heavy!

My Brief Background:

I am from Wisco, graduated college a couple years ago, flew aerial survey in AK and the lower 48 a couple years. With that job I have been North of Barrow and in Deadhorse, Alaska which is as far north as you can go on roads, so the basis of this trip will be to take me as far south in the United States roads offer!

I now work engineering at a city water utility. I finally picked up a KLR650 after about 8 different bikes since I've had my license. I have never had an enduro ADV type. Love this machine as opposed to the crotchrockets and cruisers I've had in the past. It's the only machine I can put 12 hours on and not have a killer neck problem. Got geared out with the help of the gear board here ( s3 helmet, roadcrafter suit, wolfman baggers, etc) I am into live music and picturesque views..... along with flying, golfing, bowhunting, fishing, metal detecting, shitty vehicles, canoeing, spearfishing......blah blah blah. I found myself to have time all to myself so I am planned to make it count the best I can!

My plan:

I've had off the 8th of September to the 23rd of September - I got a tent and sleeping bag with only one real intention. Reaching the Southernmost Point in the US of A.


The gist of it will be going from Central Wisco through to Chicago area to stay with a good friend. Onward to the mountains Then on to Knoxville, Tennessee for the state fair. Then finnaggling through the Appalachians. The previous owner has a sticker on the bike for deal's gap so I intended on hitting that road. From there I am going to run down the east coast. A stop in Orlando on a good friends free Westin hotel stay. I may move all the way down to Key West to go as far south as roads can take you in the US!

I've read a ton of RR and take all the advice and suggestions. I am going to pack like I am going on a backcountry elk hunt. Anything even remotely non-essential stays home. I installed new kenda tires for the trip. The bike was at 10k miles so I had the valves checked and the bike looked over.

I hope you enjoy my journey!

-Ryan @ryanb0ll

 photo IMG_0974_zps76f31e86.jpg

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Old 03-18-2013, 03:19 AM   #2
Mod Squad
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Do tell.

ADV decals, patches & flag? Here
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Old 03-18-2013, 11:24 AM   #3
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Look forward to more.
What windshield set up is that ? I have not seen one like that on a Klr, it looks to fit well.
Is it pretty solid, or does it dance around alot at speed ?
ST1300 - IRON BUTT # 23,716
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Old 03-18-2013, 12:32 PM   #4
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Looking forward to the tale. I assume the "cheese wedge headgear" is non essential.
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Old 03-18-2013, 03:12 PM   #5
straightenarrow OP
Gnarly Adventurer
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Joined: May 2012
Location: Central Wisco
Oddometer: 116
Wicked Gearing up and Day 1

While the details are no longer fresh, I will do my best to document the my travels from Wisconsin to Key West and Back with as little embellishment as possible. Feel free to ask questions, I will answer the, and that will allow the next inmates trip to be as enjoyable as mine was, because this forum provided the spark and the instruction for this trip. This was my first trip but definitely not my last. I am already “planning” a 3 week trip this July to the west coast or Alaska. I use the term planning very loosely, it can be described best as picking a general direction and going. I made no reservations or plans except the destination of Key West, and that was even a last second decision. I made this trip solo, and essentially used my smartphone to find campsites, take photos, record gps tracks, find entertainment, and keep in contact with the world.

I've never actually taken a trip like this on a motorcycle, but I have spent my fair share of traveling out in unintended places with little gear in remote Alaskan bush towns. Typically in my experience I usually ended up in good accommodations just an unknown destination. It was the nature of the aerial survey business (ie what you see on google earth simply put)... you fly to clear skies. I've done a few backpack archery hunts which is a good model for packing a ADV ride. So for this trip, while much less remote, my accommodations would be a tent and sleeping bag. I followed most of the inmate advice on these forums with regard to packing. I tried to pack as little as possible and I still over packed I felt. Specifically on clothing. That aerostich suit can make up for a ton of different weather conditions. The wolfman bags and the pelican case would have nearly been enough storage had I packed really tight, but I had a sealline backpack drybag that I used for my clothing. That was the best backrest a guy could ask for bungied in front of the pelican case. A few tools, cooking equipment, tent, sleeping bag, and some other odds and ends rounded out my packing.

Prior to departing I read a lot of threads on ADVrider that would not only inspire, but prepare me for this journey. I outfitted my bike with a few “farkles”. Although not necessary they made a much more enjoyable experience for me. The madstadt windshield is a beautiful solution, it is very stable and I echo the sentiment of nearly everyone that has purchased one! I really think this is the difference maker for my typically hurting neck on other bikes. I also loved having a bluetooth connection through a comfortable helmet in the Schuberth S3, music makes my life go round. The famous DOO was done on the KLR. I through some new Kendas and a valve adjustment on the bike. I sourced a pelican case and some wolfman bags through the gear forum here. I packed my Elk hunting mountain gear (tent, sleeping bag, stever stove, and a few tools) All in all I was prepared. I even had some extra time to rig up the mallard decoy to my headlight housing, and I swore if I forgot anything I would blame it on the time I spent mounting the mallard to my bike!

Geared Up.
 photo DPP_0002_zps25beab1f.jpg

 photo DPP_0028_zpsfdb86a7f.jpg

Day One was to be simple.

I was departing straight from work to head down to Chicagoland by a good friends house! Turns out the weather was rainy and windy as hell. It was a 6 hour trip that had tested my nerve right from the get go! My good friend and I enjoyed some whiskey and conversation. We survived a metal concert at a local bar and met “the president” of a South American country. He had the handshake that never ended, and his slur was that of a foreign language. I never can get in and out of Chicagoland area fast enough... so it was a quick whiskey and breakfast layover!

16 days of freedom from work!
 photo 20120907_150908_zpsc32b90ca.jpg

The Whiskey was on my good friend Karls...
 photo 20120907_233044_zps091a6e8f.jpg

...and Breakfast from my good friend Kristin!
 photo 20120908_105034_zpsb42f6389.jpg

First big day, It starts :)
 photo IMG_0865_zps1b9ced34.jpg
Beginning Mileage
 photo 20120906_183512_zpsdbfc79b9.jpg

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Beastly Adventurer
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Gotta see more !
I got tired of being here, so now I'm there
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Your off to a good start.... How about some more.
Gravity is your friend, don't let it get you down.

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Old 03-20-2013, 06:24 AM   #8
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Nice.... More
200 mph club ace
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Old 03-20-2013, 01:49 PM   #9
straightenarrow OP
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Laugh Day 2 – Saturday, September 8th 2012

 photo map-001_zps5742079c.jpg

Day 2 – Saturday, September 8th 2012

Chicago, Illinois to somewhere in East Kentucky

Quite possibly the weirdest and craziest day I encountered was this day. I slabbed the 4 lanes for the better part of the day looking at cagers and windmills. I initially just wanted to see the Appalachain mountains (glorified hills if you ask me), beautiful nonetheless, and sometimes moreso! I passed through Illinois, Indiana, and entered Kentucky. I've heard the stereotypes of Kentucky, people and place, and its funny how stereotype's are true in most cases! It was definitely beautiful as I progressed through the state and the elevation steepened as the sun sank! I made it to eastern Kentucky ask dusk approached and I realized I had nowhere to stay, my gas tank was nearly empty, and they didn't build cell towers in the area of Crocketsville that would tell my phone how to get to accommodations. The most glorious thing then happened as I weaved down the county roads and a valley opened up to a hillside of tents and fire! It appeared as if thousands of people were camping out way back in the sticks, everyone armed with a four wheeler. I strolled in and was informed that it had rained inches all day, but I was more than welcome with my motorcycle and tent to camp in the alfalfa field with everyone else. As I was setting up camp I could hear the distinct bass of a concert brewing. I took a closer look and there appeared to be a huge stage rivaling that of any I've seen way down in the valley. I am drawn to concerts so after I threw a change of clothes on I headed down the path about a ˝ mile to the stage. Getting closer the music started to sound familiar as I recognized the lyrics of “Daisy” by Halfway to Hazard. Wheelers lined up all around in front of the stage people were singing and dancing and passing around the contents of their coolers. For a dry county I was amazed at the amount of alcohol present, I guess it was no different than the stash a 16 year old in Wisconsin carries... both were prohibited to possess alcohol. The next band was Montgomery Gentry whom I had seen in Wisconsin a few weeks earlier! The crowd was having a great time so was I. I shared some shine with the locals, swapped stories, and through the language barrier I found friends in these Kentucky hillbillies. Fantastic people! As I retreated to my tent after plenty of whiskey I still feared for my life the entire night as the drunkos on the 4wheelers continued to bomb within feet of my tent! I woke up to a brand new “ranger” style wheeler flipped over 30 yards from my tent. In the sober light of day the story became that this festival was a benefit four wheeler ride that was annual. The stage was full log. And I finally met real “hillbillies”. They are fantastic people!

My view as I setup the tent in Crocketsville, KY
 photo 20120908_201548_zps7de475cd.jpg

The stage as Montgomery Gentry sang “My Town”... this song now makes more sense know this is where they grew up!
 photo 20120908_210830_zpsf9c55302.jpg

The fog in my head was still strong in the morning, aftermath
 photo 20120909_075234_zps84d2fec1.jpg

A sticker gift from my Kentucky National Guard friend, and breakfast:)
 photo 20120909_101218_zpsbef4d23b.jpg

An abandoned store nearby Crocketsville, I like the dog on the front step!
 photo 20120909_090529_zps33f6c253.jpg

Thanks for the interest:)
Stay tuned for more...


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straightenarrow OP
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Day 3 - Sunday, September 9th 2012

 photo map-001_zps5742079c.jpg

Day 3 – Sunday, September 9th 2012

Mountain bendies throughout Kentucky, West Virginia, Virginia, and ending in a mountain campsite in Tennessee. It was a Sunday and the only thing that perturbed me was I couldn't find a bar with the packers game, hell not even a bar. Where I come from this is not a problem... at all... not even close!

Just out of Hazard, KY the mining was evident, and the hills and roads were magnificent riding!
 photo IMG_0867_zps4bc0e1bf.jpg

Mountain Riding
 photo IMG_0871_zpsb3d5f32f.jpg

All these roads in the hills required heavy excavation!
 photo IMG_0879_zps3a222c2b.jpg

Dirttaay River
 photo 20120909_140906_zpsd73cf811.jpg

Following a rain on the river bend
 photo 20120909_153526_zps5bb96acc.jpg

This is what the mining in these hills brings, West Virginian Coal... near the hatfield and mccoys feud
 photo 20120909_132837_zpse43a211b.jpg

I was amazed by the amount of stray looking dogs running around the hills
 photo 20120909_143545_zpsb8f93d26.jpg

The music of this area draws me
 photo 20120909_122850_zps2e955256.jpg

The mountains overlooking West, bet the fall colors are amazing!?
 photo 20120909_170025_zps12d04bd4.jpg

The steps leading to my nightcap
 photo IMG_0894_zps159fbb2f.jpg

My first mountain campsite of the trip, where a river flows out of a cave
 photo 20120909_193847_zpsf27b249b.jpg

Stay tuned for more TN and NC in the next couple days!

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Old 03-26-2013, 06:54 PM   #11
straightenarrow OP
Gnarly Adventurer
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Day 4 - Monday, September 10th 2012

 photo map-001_zps5742079c.jpg

Day 4 – Monday, September 10th 2012

Featuring Smokey Mountain National Park that transitioned into road racing on the Tail of the Dragon. Finally commencing in a great Kip Moore Concert at the fair in Knoxville, Tennessee.

En route from camp to the Smokies!
 photo 20120910_102139_zpscdd2373c.jpg

In Smokey Mtn Park
 photo 20120910_140733_zps9477f832.jpg

Within Smokey Mtn National Park
 photo 20120910_133402_zps90147f4e.jpg

This trail unknowingly led to Deals Gap
 photo 20120910_150520_zpsce699e1a.jpg

I wanted to end up on this road because the prior owner had a sticker on the bike referring to it although never made the trip. I didn't expect to when I did although, and definitely not in the middle of a race...
 photo 228344_zps5a794109.jpg

I had the KLR so low in the corners the skidplate caught and almost sent me into the pickers. I ventured down a gravel trail out of Smokey Mtn Park and I ended up on Deals Gap Road!
 photo 228350_zps65fcb53f.jpg

Intense road racing, the crotchrockets admired the KLR's handling
 photo 20120910_151532_zps6427fd8f.jpg

The rest stop well needed following the Deals Gap road course
 photo 20120910_152418_zps914d169f.jpg

Downtown Knoxville is happening, with great food! Recommend!
 photo 20120910_181705_zpsd7283b41.jpg

The chicks and I at the fair..
 photo 20120910_193406_zps610ccb32.jpg

My fav artist “Kip Moore”, met the cutest mom and little girl that loved the song “hey pretty girl”
 photo 20120910_201405_zpsa14fee14.jpg

Enjoy! :)
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straightenarrow OP
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Day 5- Tuesday, September 11th, 2012

 photo map-001_zps5742079c.jpg

Day 5 – Tuesday, September 11th, 2012

Back through the mountains of Tennessee, North Carolina, and South Carolina. Made a pit stop in Eric Church's hometown.

This day was relatively carefree and relaxing... just a nice long windy adventure. Made some phone calls and took in the perfect weather. The nightcap with some great Southern hospitality made my day. The camp hosts let me in late to the park, offered me a great campsite, and made me dinner. We talked for hours. This made up for the man that aggressively wanted a tip to get directions to this fine South Carolina state park!

 photo IMG_0937_zps44061c9e.jpg
Blending in!

 photo IMG_0940_zps48842883.jpg
The Mountain Reflection Shows true this early morning route from the Knoxville side of the hills

 photo IMG_0974_zps76f31e86.jpg
Another beautiful day for riding!

 photo IMG_0950_zps2e337d02.jpg
Flying down the mountain roads!

 photo 20120911_105023_zps25b458af.jpg
The mountain roads were conducive to these little shacks! I'd love to live in one, except the thought of a drunk driver might keep me up at night!

 photo 20120911_161643_zps24a10aa7.jpg
A little side trip to Eric Church's Stomping Grounds

 photo 20120912_074424_zps01c0b5f0.jpg
I am not sure I would've survived the long days without the lemon drops on this trip!

 photo 20120911_195110_zps00f063de.jpg
Ending the day here with great conversation from the camp hosts at Lake Greenewood State Park. They brought me to there site and made me a southern dinner telling me the ways of the south. I listened for hours. So nice. Again the southern hospitality stereotype's hold true:)

Another great day!

Thanks for enjoying!


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Great ride report, thanks for sharing...
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straightenarrow OP
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Day 6 - Wednesday, September 12, 2012

 photo map-001_zps5742079c.jpg

Day 6 – Wednesday, September 12th, 2012

This leg featured extremely salty ham and grits, the best peaches ever, cotton fields, and THE OCEAN!!!! I am in love with big water, especially the ocean so it is always a treat to put my feet in it! I ended the day at one of my favorite parks, Fernadina Beach State Park in the NE corner of Florida.

 photo 20120912_080056_zps20fb1934.jpg
The next morning the ducks woke me up!

 photo 20120912_093925_zps4a07a47e.jpg
I always try grits when in the south only to remember why I don't eat them in the north.

 photo 20120912_111427_zpsf86cd483.jpg
Never get to see cotton fields up in Wisconsin... and I've never seen it this time of year.

 photo 20120912_112021_zpscd983312.jpg
I was pretty pumped to see my first palm tree!

 photo 20120912_120747_zpse5ee9b3b.jpg
My partner in crime! Still hanging on to this day!

 photo 20120912_123521_zps88987bf3.jpg
A roadside peach stand, had to stop!

 photo 20120912_123651_zpsb228a90c.jpg
The peach man tried ripping me off by charging me a dollar for this peach... I offered him a quarter and told him he was getting a good deal. It probably was worth a dollar after tasting it!

 photo 20120912_133858_zps5c4eef87.jpg
The Ocean! In Savannah Georgia.

 photo 20120912_134513_zps959fa983.jpg
Beautiful Every Time!

 photo 20120912_143450_zpsf98755e8.jpg
I dig how the trees overhang the roads in the south, and palm trees!

 photo 20120912_184557_zps992d667b.jpg
Fernandina Beach State Park, there were tons of deer in this park.

 photo 20120912_183544_zps4cb636c3.jpg
Overhanging trees in the park road.

 photo 20120912_180455_zps3fef6db4.jpg
Storms were moving through on and off all night.

 photo 20120912_180505_zpsa0edee98.jpg
A smattering of seashells... amazing colors

 photo 20120912_191442_zpsf18b9d19.jpg
My new friends taught me how to throw nets for mullet. We caught a few but not enough for a meal so we donated them to the other people fishing on the pier and ended up catching a shark at dusk!

 photo 20120912_194841_zpse24828a8.jpg
I didn't say how big the shark was...

 photo 20120912_174914_zps77d2feb6.jpg
Accommodations for the night

Another beautiful day with fantastic people making the experience richer!

Thanks for tagging along!
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Weeee Rider!!!
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Great RR, keep it coming! BTW, grits are an acquired taste, I being from Florida have acquired the taste!
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