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Originally Posted by dirtdiver View Post
Crap Joe, You should re-name this thread, "990 All in!"

I had to do my upgrades as I had money available, but I commend you in your enthusiasm and wallet!

I enjoyed my Dakar and had some good riding. I remember the day I decided to get a more powerful bike. I had taken my wife out for a ride and at a stop light I wound my way to the front of the 2 lanes between a mercedes and a cadillac. All was well. The light turned green and I tried to get out in front of the pack. Well, with the two of us on the bike BOTH cars beat me in the first 30 yards and passed me.

I told myself. Bullet proof yes. BMW yes. Cool red white and Blue yes. Better than 50 MPG yes. This bike has got to go. Yes.

Anyway, I am enjoying your thread.

Lol... I was thinking of renaming it to something along the lines of "KaptinKaos' 990 Love Affair" or something,

I've been socking money away for a few years now for Dakar upgrades... As I really only need one "go-to" bike that I spend a lot of time and money and effort on and with me handing the reins of the Dakar to a friend of mine in a month or so I figured it's saved money that should into this project, ;) I don't really see it as expensive either if it's going into making this bike perfect for myself and my riding... Yes, it's a lot of money, but I spared the expense on the Dakar 6 years ago and it's always been nagging at me since. I get a fresh start so to speak with the 990 and I'm determined to not go halfway this time!

I love that Dakar... Sure, it has it's limitations, but it never let me down. It never puked oil on my shop floor. It never broke down in the middle of nowhere no matter how hard I flogged it. It didn't win any speed records and 3rd gear wheelies are out of the question unless you walk it from 1rst, 2-up travel is impossible and even some 1-up steep climbs at altitude were a struggle, BUT... It wasn't a KLR and it taught me a lot about riding heavier bikes without the abundance of power to hurt me bad or scare me off. I will miss it and it's first gear wheelies from every light in Calgary dearly... I still don't know how I'm really going to be able to part with the keys... Every nut, every bolt, every screw and every part on that bike has seen care and attention from me (except the water pump... it's a CHAMP!) There's even parts of the throttle body that I lent to a friend from the UK on his way through Alberta that traveled south on his bike and made their way back onto my Dakar via mail! Parts of this bike have gone further than I have and no one else has ever ridden it, lol!!!

Lol, I've spent almost the entire last 15 years single so I don't ride a lot of 2-up. The Dak was intended right from the get go as a 1-up travel machine with longevity, fuel mileage and comfort over time as the primary necessities. Somehow I ended up back at the motocross track with it a week after it left the dealer and proceeded to knock all the signals off and sky it out over the table top with about 10 riders stopped to watch... Sure, I traveled on it, but in the end the stuff I wanted to ride didn't change from dirt to pavement with a bit of dirt. I primarily rode the bike like it was a 450 and had a ton of fun!!! It taught me a LOT about myself as a rider, as a mechanic and also what I really wanted out of a bike. Did I want more out of it? More power? More suspension? No... It is one of those perfect bikes with just some minor armor and suspension tweaks.

You're right about one major thing though... I'm kidding myself and have been for years if I think for one minute that I belong in the fud crowd. The 3 core guys that I ride with always teased me about it and called me a yuppie, etc and they could get away with it. I constantly rebuked them and I was usually the lead rider on any given day unless we had a bunch of weekend warriors with us and I would hang back and make sure everyone was ok. I'm not big on forums and am more of a lurker and info searcher than anything... Riding is way more fun than typing tbh, lol! However, some of my best friends now, ex band mates and riders for life are from knowledge sharing here and on my local DS forum. I should put more back into the system and this thread is my start!

Bulletproof bikes or not, I've never been a fud... I just literally couldn't afford the KTM 690A when I bought the Dakar. This year the sale of the Dakar, an insane overseas tax break and tax return, socked away cash from the last 2 years and possibly a little extra combined with the mindset that this 990 will be everything I want and then some for at LEAST the next 5 years... It only makes sense to me. I spend it now or wish I had them till I buy a new bike. Hopefully there's a bit more about me as a person there and I hope none of this thread comes off in a "tooting my money-making horn" kind of way. I've waited a long time and worked a lot/sacrificed a lot of time at home to be able to do this, In no way, shape or form do I think any of these parts, farkles or mods are going to make me a better rider... I do know that I will appreciate the benefits of having them when I'm in the saddle though!

Cheers and thanks for reading and the encouragement! Helps these weeks in Albania go by a bit faster, ;)

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