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Originally Posted by SuperD! View Post
Interesting story, with a good laugh at the 3:47 second mark...if you don't mind being Lost!
Last Spring we came up Lippencott and on our way to the Racetrack found a couple in a Volvo with a flat. We stopped briefly and tried to help, thought we could offer a few plugs but he hit a rock so hard the cast wheel was junk. He already had the mini spare on and said he'd be fine. We stopped at the Racetrack and a few ninutes later he came by doing at least 40 mph. Next time we saw him was between Tea Kettle and the Crater, the mini tire was gone and he had rolled the wheel right down on the front rotor and punched a hole in the oil pan. I wonder what that tow bill cost him?
Democracy is two wolves and a lamb voting on what to have for lunch. Liberty is a well-armed lamb contesting the vote. -Benjamin Franklin
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Originally Posted by sc00tertrash View Post
I've been lurking around this site for years, but after reading this thread I felt compelled to create an account and reply.

Thanks LostRider!

Thank you Mr Trash, that's very kind of you, glad I could also help you come out of the closet and start posting!
Come on in the water is fine.
Life is short, too short to not live it to the fullest and follow your dreams or speak your mind. I hope you find your path and get Lost yourself in whatever ways makes you smile!
I need to go read through here again, life moves so fast it's easy to get Lost and forget things...

And thank you Mr.Doggle, I'm healing up nicely and will be back in the saddle soon.
I've been working on a big update for this thread, I promise to finish at least one of the stories I have going.

Super D, that's just awesome and made me laugh so hard it hurts! No seriously, with broken ribs it really did hurt. Thanks for putting a smile on my face and sharing that.

dun do dunnnnn LOST IN DEATH VALLEY!!!

It does amazing me the stupidity of people to be out in DV so unprepared and so stupid as to follow a GPS on roads that are clearly marked as 4x4. If that lady would have actually stopped to buy a park pass which is required but not really enforced, the ranger would have warned her, she'd have had a park map, etc...
Also funny how 20/20 can make the story by blaming garmin instead of making a story about stupid people.

Was there a second half to the story? I assume they made it out since they were interviewing her, somehow dodging Darwin's Natural Selection test she so obviously failed.

For now here's a short video of Nancy and I in DV over the winter.

Lost in Death Valley 2013 from Lost Rider on Vimeo.

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Live from THE Hill
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nice vid and nice shit eatin' grins u both have sitting in that pool of water, I wonder why...
ADV'ing from America's fine Crapital...
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cool video man...but it needs more Nancy

and cowbell...
I say, there's no such thing as a bad day's riding. -metaljockey

whats the value of good gear?:
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What a nice shot
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Originally Posted by Lost Rider View Post
I've been working on a big update for this thread
"I would rather wake up in the middle of nowhere than in any city on earth." -Steve McQueen
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I'm with scOOtertrash!
Just watched all the videos,and the hair on the back of my neck stood up!

You really need to start your own production company Finn!.. Books Videos Tours??

As I have said before you have a gift Thanks for sharing And Nancy Too!

Get well soon!!
"For me there is only the traveling on paths that have heart"
~Don Juan
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Lost Rider OP
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Where was I?.

LOST in Baja on the never ending sandy wooped out road trying to make it LaPaz.... and then head North to catch The Big Race.

But first we have some more interesting unfinished business...

Leaving off here in the previous chapter of the ride Nancy and I were on, having recently jumped on the TAT after riding the CDR from Montana thru Wyoming in Colorado and beyond.

These the last posts where I left off if you want the background:

After a short, but spirited ride down HWY550, we finally turned onto the much photographed and famous Ophir Pass.

What else can I say, I mean this road oozes Adventure with the promise of endless gravel roads cut into the side of ridiculously large and colorful mountains. While not a very difficult road, the height is still something to get used too. Something I learned years ago when riding my R1200R through here.

Enough talking, here's our take on Ophir Pass.

To the no no, a little to the hold the pose!

We made it down the pass, riding through Ophir and then were faced with a decision... to do Black Bear Pass or not. After being honest in describing the descent Nancy wasn't down with going down Black Bear Pass, probably wisely, so we went around and had lunch in Telluride. Got to love the local flavor colored houses.

Miles went by quickly now, the Rocky Mountains fading away in our mirrors, landscape quickly changing...
Love the local artistic interpretation of the smily face.


After visiting Nevada, Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, Colorado we were finally in Utah, with the scenery changing drastically once again. Mostly blue skies with a few thundercloud dotting the grand views and a few surprises to keep Nancy on her toes.

Like usual we were racing against the sun, trying to get into Moab but jumping back on the TAT going up and over Mt. Wass, making for a spectacular sunset view. I gotta say, I've had a lot of good times in my solo travels, sometimes a bit lonely with too much on my mind, but at times like this riding with Nancy the taste of Adventure sure is a bit sweeter.

Losing to the sun, but still making it into Moab just in time for a good hot meal we were met by a few other ADV riders out getting Lost, they had recognized Nancy from this RR and stopped by. I'm sorry, it's been too long and with my current percoset pills making me a little loopy I don't remember your name.
Taken from the patio of the restaurant.

We ended up getting a room at a motel, having a glorious shower and a comfy nights sleep which came easy after a string of long days in the saddle. In the morning we were feeling fresh and excited as we got a camping permit and some supplies for the next big part of our adventure - The White Rim Trail in Canyonland NP.
This is such a special and unique place and has been one of the "destinations" on the ride I couldn't wait for Nancy to see, the weather was deteriorating with some dark cloud looming around us but for now it was dry. Nancy was a little nervous, but I have to say I was excited, I mean to be on the WRT during some storms was exciting and something that wasn't very common, I carried a little extra food and water incase we ended up being forced to stay out there on the trail longer than planned from the potential flash flooding. Exciting stuff!

As usual there was nobody else on the trail for miles and miles, the landscape before us just calling to come closer, it was like our own playground to get Lost in and enjoy.
Good times with a relaxed pace, we were getting into places that were much more difficult to ride on compared to the grated gravel roads in Colorado and Nancy was working quite a bit harder to stay upright. Good thing we were in no hurry and stopped often to take in the beauty.


As we got deeper into the park the skies were beginning to show some anger, with thunder occasionally rolling right by us and reflecting off the landscape. Judging by the never ending smiles I think Nancy was having a good time too and was a little more relaxed even with the dark skies seemingly getting closer, nothing to be afraid of... besides a little lighting.

There was sand in a few places, Nancy didn't like sand but managed to get through without falling with sheer determination, was scary for me to watch as she came so close to loosing it but somehow managed to keep going.

OK, this is where it happened.

Not but 2 minutes before I took this photo we had passed a Park Ranger's truck that was sitting empty, something I though was a little strange when we stopped to check it out. Nancy went ahead and I stayed behind to snap a photo, little did I know and didn't see Nancy had gotten a little close to the mountainside and had clipped a rock sticking out, this photo was when she had suddenly stopped for some reason.

I watched Nancy quickly get off her bike and fall over, rushing up to her I found her laying on the ground moaning in agony. It seemed she really didn't know what happened only that her foot was giving her great pain, we took her helmet and boot off to find it turned blue...

I immediately knew this wasn't good, I mean, Nancy was a tough gal and having had foot injuries myself while riding I felt she must have broken something.

I raised her foot up and the whole time while obviously having great pain Nancy's main concern was "ruining our trip", she was more concerned with that than anything and was kind of freaking out working herself up.
So I did what anyone probably shouldn't do, but makes sense at the time... gave her some ibuprofen and a shot of Jack Daniels. I wanted to ease her pain and calm her down, and while I did have much stronger pains meds in the first aid kit I didn't want to knock her out just yet.
We still had to figure out what to do to get her help, at this moment we were about halfway on the WRT loop, or about 70 miles from pavement and 90-100 miles from Moab, it was probably about 4 pm and had taken us this long to get here.

Now, back to the Park Ranger truck, somehow I knew this was one of those coincidences that makes you wonder about the universe to have a serious injury right next to the only vehicle we had seen all day that happened to be a park ranger. But where was he?

We were exploring our option, which really consisted of A. hitting the 911 button on the SPOT or B. putting Nancy on the back of my bike.
I had confidence that I could get her out relatively pretty quickly if she could stand the pain from being on the back of my bike.

A little time passed and my plan had worked and she was starting to clam down, still suffering from a lot of pain, but noticeably better.
Low and behold the park ranger came riding up on a mountain bike, apparently he had been out patrolling via bicycle, camping in the back country with only a small backpack for a few days and was on his way back to the truck.

Another coincidence that makes you ponder things, what are the chances?.....

He sprung into action going through asking the typical question to asses her physical and mental state and inspecting the injury. I had talked about riding her out, and got the feeling he was testing me when he asked me to go back to his truck and grab his first aid kit backpack and Sat phone after giving me the keys. I did a full bars lock uturn while standing up, raced down to the truck at a very fast pace, got his backpack, which wasn't a backpack but more of a very large hiking pack that felt like it weighed close a hundred pounds. I put on the pack and rode back up at equally fast speeds and delivered it. It was quite the kit I must say, defibrillator and all, after asking he ended up using a wrap out of my kit to compress the injured foot, something I should have done to start...

OK, she's stabilized and we start talking about the new options having a ranger there gave us. He didn't seem too excited about driving her out in his truck, he said it would take well over 12 hours and be very rough, I also think they aren't really supposed to transport injured people but he didn't really say that specifically. The main option being tossed about was having a helicopter come get her, the problem was all those exciting and dramatic clouds that make for great photo opportunities also could be enough to keep a helicopter away...
He got on his Sat phone to call in the accident and explore a helicopter and of course due to the weather or maybe just our location he was having a hard time getting through but eventually did.
The other thing being discussed was whether to have him call in the chopper or just have me press 911 on the SPOT since I have insurance with the SPOT that would cover the cost of the extraction. The main discussion was what would be faster since he didn't know how SPOT would route the 911 call. The other discussion was what to do with her bike and gear, I told her not to worry it's something we could figure out and not a concern. It was explored of the ranger taking her gear off the bike back to the station but he wasn't due to be back for a few days, I had also informed him we did have an unloaded firearm in her stuff, which he appreciated, but said we should just not worry about that right now. Better to be honest when dealing with federal officials since we weren't breaking any laws.
Between him making a few calls and our discussion it took probably 20 minutes of going back and forth on what to do, but finally nancy sat up and said very plainly "I got myself into this and want to get myself out, I don't want a helicopter ride."

OK then. I would ride her out.

First though, before he would let us go he wanted to see how she/I would do with her on the back so we crammed her swollen foot into her boot and got her on my bike, he would meet us at his truck and see how it goes.

We rode down with no issues and once we got there nancy said she didn't want to deal with leaving her bike there either, we hadn't fully decided on how to deal with her gear anyways. She was determined to get herself out of her and with her foot back in the boot the pain was much more tolerable.

When the ranger came down we told him what we wanted to do, and while I don't think he thought it was best I felt he understood. We can always hit the 911 SPOT if she can't make it and be right where we started in the first place anyways, at least try to get out. He though there was a few broken bones in there and there wasn't much that could be done anyways, she just needed to get home and let it heal.

So we went back up, Nancy got on her bike after I turned it around and we rode down to the truck, in good spirits now. She was obviously still in pain but I think the feeling of self empowerment with her determination to get herself out helped with the situation.
I know I was feeling lots of guilt, I mean Nancy was a n00b rider and maybe I shouldn't have taken he on this trail something I knew would be the most challenging part of the trip. I felt horrible for her pains, she felt horrible thinking she had ruined the trip, something I kept reassuring her she did not. "You're an Adventure Rider darling, these things happen to the best of us"!!!
All I wanted was for her to not be in pain.

After signing the appropriate papers saying she was refusing medical attention by helicopter rescue we set out heading back the way we came, riding into a storm to complete the scene. Nancy took the lead, riding at her own pace knowing we could stop at anytime and setup camp, even tough you're only supposed to camp in designated areas I told her not to worry, I doubt this ranger would give us a ticket considering.

A couple hours had passed since the injury between getting out shit together and then riding for a little while, the sun was starting to set, but Nancy wanted to keep going and get as far as possible while she was still able to ride.
While the clouds and occasional thunder made for incredibly dramatic scenes, it had only sprinkled a few times, never really raining. While watching my love push forward, knowing it had to hurt I was proud as hell of her, i mean look at her go! The whole ranger thing, along with the skies basically parting in front of us sure gave me some things to try and digest. I'm not a religious person at all, quite the opposite really, but throughout my travels and at times like this it's hard to not put some things into perspective and wonder what forces are happening all around us, even if but a few times in your life...

Right as it was getting dark, after sunset we came up on a designated campsite which happened to be the exact same one I had camped at way earlier in this thread while on my at the time brand new GS,

As soon as we stopped we did what anyone in this situation would do, had a drink!

I set up camp and started making some dinner, the views spectacular, the weather holding out and if Nancy wasn't riding with a broken foot I would have said it was just perfect. Anyone who's camped out on the WRT will tell you it's very quiet having no trees and with the wind being pretty mellow this was no exception.

Dead silent and beautiful.

Her foot had taken on a new color, showing it's pain with a variety of black and blues. I felt just horrible for her, but very proud at the same time, glad we didn't call a helicopter in.... I think nancy felt the same way even with the pain that Mr Daniels was keeping at bay.

It was actually pretty bright out, the moon hiding behind the clouds but making the landscape visible for us to take it all in, in the silence.
the other thing is we weren't alone...

There was a number of little kangaroo looking mice that were hopping all around us, seemingly fearless making short quick dashes straight at us only to change direction instantly to not run right into us. they were exploring all over our camp, climbing up on the bikes, jumping onto the tent and sliding down and generally just entertaining us once we got used to their presence.
Our little camp buddies for the night.

With a little help from some vicoden, sleep came quick and solid for nancy and sunrise seemed to come in an instant. Of course we were greeted with the most spectacular sunrise to date on this ride, like a gift to welcome us this day where nancy would need to be extra determined to get herself out of here. She was in good spirits, though obviously in pain, getting packed up and getting her boots on seemed to help, at least distract her enough to show a smile often.

The day started well, and she was doing very good riding her bike, taking it slow when need be while making good time when the trail allowed. It's all one can do, and the views certainly didn't hurt with keeping her mind occupied. She actually had shifted now to saying "we have to come back, I didn't finish the trail and have to do it!!!"

Let's get you out of here and healed up first darling... It's about 750 miles to home....

Go Nancy go!

the bad weather had passed for now, sweet blue skies giving us hope.

After a hell of a great effort, finally there was pavement! Around here she let me know though she didn't want to stop for photos, let GO!!!!
Sorry nancy...

Stopping in Moab to fuel and air up the tires it was decided to just keep riding and not waist time at the hospital.... Must. Get. Home.

We opted on the most direct route home, which would be mostly but not all pavement, also the most direct route was the most scenic route so it all worked out. The weather had begun to change though, it seemed like rain was inevitable and since it was a little warm, kind of welcomed.

The Storm Trooper Bike had been performing perfectly, and if I say so myself just looked BADASS and well ridden.

Was a long day of riding, going in and out of a few rainstorms, her pain had started to really kick in when the ibuprofen wore out and when we passed a clinic on an indian reservation, in the middle of a bunch of nowhere we decided to stop and have her looked at.
After an X-ray it was confirmed she had a few broken bones, not much they can really do at this point, she needed to get home and get off her feet.
I kept telling her we could ride to the nearest town and out her on a plane to get home, but she refused. We have come this far already, no sense in making things complicated now, "i can do ti!".
We finally decided to call it a day and camp on Lake Powell at a campground, wasn't much of a choice anyways with very little in the area and no motels, in the morning we would take the ferry over to the other side and continue on.

Some RV folks gave us some ice since there were no stores open around, nancy keeping her foot up and iced down while I set up camp and made dinner.


I have to say though, once again the scenery made for a great place to be in this situation. You wanted an ADVenture, well here you go!!

Another sunrise, today was 9/11, flags on the ferry flying at half mast. I was on tour and in Manhattan on 9/11, got donuts at the World Trade Center that very morning having staying at the millennium hilton across the street the night before, leaving on our tour bus 45 minutes before the first plane hit.
Like most Americans the thoughts of that day will always bring much emotion, sadness and anger.
We sat quietly for a while on the ferry while looking at the flag after talking with the captain.

We also met this fellow, a code writer for Google from the beginning who was going to meet his newlywed wife who was also a code writer (I forget why they were separated), they were doing their honeymoon camping and kayaking, the "first time we've been unplugged in a while". Nice guy, living the American dream with talk about being able to retire soon.. at his age I was surely envious!

We knew who really ran the ship...

And we're off! We were to take the Burr trail, another "shortcut" that would save us many miles and take us through more stunning natural beauty.
Nancy's pain was under control, or at least she was hiding it very well... the goal today was Vegas.

It wouldn't be an ADV rider report without some road food photos....

Our time of good luck had run out, looming storms wouldn't spare us this time, we were getting closer to Veags but still had a ways to go, even to get to I-15, but no time like the present to wash the bikes and get it over with...

Day turned to night as we rolled through Zion NP, making an already dramatic place even more so.

we ended up stopping to let this heavy rain deluge pass, visibly was horrible so we sat it out for an hour.

After the rain let up some we jumped on the highway, very happy to be on a fast moving straight line highway. Call me silly but I just wanted to get nancy home and while our adventure was coming to an end, there's always the next one.

We found a nice shady, cheap and quiet motel far off the strip, ordered Thai food and relaxed, again after a full day riding.
Tomorrow we would be home.

No great sunrise or stunning view, today was all about being home. we jumped on I-15 and rode like the wind through the hot desert.


Of course stopping here for some lunch.

OK, now all that sweet talk I had said about the GS, and how there was maybe some higher being looking after us.... LUCK HAD RUN OUT!!!

goddam mother fucker, are kidding me? we have like 150 miles to go, and you want to give me trouble now you mother fucker!!!!

I'll take back all those good things I've said if you fuck with me now STB, don't fuck with me! think of Nancy!

It was acting weird, sputtering, control lights going on and off.... no explanation.

I wasn't going to stop unless the bike stopped, no sense in giving it a chance to screw up nancys amazing ride home.

The bike settled down, light went off, came back on a few times but it never did die, and after we got home never did it again...

Good looking out STB, sorry for yelling at you.

Nancy did however run out of gas 50 miles from home, I transferred some fuel over from my super tanker and we were on our way.

And that's it, home sweet home.
Getting Lost with Nancy on this ride was hands down the most enjoyable experience for me in all these tales found here, for now I'll just leave it at that. She's one special lady.

She recovered from her broken foot and couldn't wait to get back in the saddle, after all we have some unfinished business to attend to in Utah....

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I totally wanted to quote that post due to the pure AWESOMENESS!!!

hope you're healing well Finn!!
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You're BACK I mean really back! There was a post a couple years ago. I wasn't sure we'd ever hear from you again. Then, Nancy came along. Life is funny that way isn't it?

And, Nancy? Holy Hell, you're one tough, cool chick.

I really hope I meet the two of you someday. Maybe, Nancy can teach me how to ride.

Really am happy to see how things have worked out for you Finn. You're an inspiration. Truly.
2015 KTM 690 Enduro R, 2008 Yamaha WR250R, 1971 Lambretta DL
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damn that foot was fooking ugly! And one determined hardass riding lady! I think a lot of big ol mach0 dudes might a given up before home.
ADV'ing from America's fine Crapital...
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Fritos and Corona. Sweet!
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Finn, you have impressed me long ago with your riding and awesome trip reports and photos.

Nancy, you just impressed the hell outta me with your guts, fortitude and determination.

way to go you two...keep it up...keep living the dream
I say, there's no such thing as a bad day's riding. -metaljockey

whats the value of good gear?:
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LostRider (and Nancy) ride again

Great write up!

Nancy is one tough cookie! Most people wouldn't be able to drive a car home let alone a motorcycle (especially off-road) after sustaining that type of injury!

LostRider: Your photos are outstanding! Your pictures are dynamic and captivating they really give the viewer a feel of what is actually happening.

"I would rather wake up in the middle of nowhere than in any city on earth." -Steve McQueen
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around the bend
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Finn - thanks for posting up your great pics and stories.

Nancy - you are bad ass . I broke 4 of 5 foot bones (pinky toe made it!) and it friggin hurts. Great job.
There is a pleasure in the pathed woods, There is a rapture in the smoking pipe, There is chaos, where none intrudes, in the deep dell, with its thrills roar; I love not nature less, but bikes the more. Byron riding.

All pics < 6/30/12 deleted by Apple Now with SmugMug supporting ADV
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