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Beautiful country! It certainly looks like you're having fun! Thanks for sharing your ride and pics
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Originally Posted by GB View Post
Beautiful country! It certainly looks like you're having fun! Thanks for sharing your ride and pics
Hi GB, thank you for posting a reply.
I was starting to wonder if it was worth my while even posting up the report on here.

We had a great ride.
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Day 6 - Baviaans - PE

Right, Day 6 was planned as a late start with breakfast booked for 09.00 by Jupiter, thankfully (we would find out later) Christine needed to get off early to get her daughter to school, so we agreed to have brekkie earlier.

All of us were up by 06.00 and ready to eat by 07.00.

Before breakfast we all had a walkabout and took some random and not so random pics.

I walked up the valley and past the dam, finding Jupiter in great spirits, packing up his bike.

This was his challet, specially supplied as he had complained about my snoring, before actually experiencing it.

When the dogs and I came back from the valley, I just caught Jupiter leaving his lodgings.

Pic looks like a photoshop.

This was what the Whale's oil leak from the shock looked like before breakfast...... it had progressively gotten worse since leaving Cape Town.

Not to worry.... there was sure to be more oil in there.

I also took the opportunity to go look around in Nico's Workshop/Barn.....

Nice bike(s)

Did I mention Home engineering ??

Lawn mower with grass collector.
Hence the lovely lawns out there.

If you look at the truck behind it, you will get an idea of the size of this lathe..... best of all, look where it is standing, gives you an idea about the weather Nico has to work in.

Homestead and mountain again.

Now you can get an idea about the lawnmower and why it was built.

Breakfast is set out in a buffet style with Christine cooking the hot orders fresh in the kitchen.

Deon must have been grinning madly at this point.

After breakfast we said our Goodbyes and Thank You's and then set off into the Baviaans Kloof
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***** 2006 Sachs MADASS 50cc *****

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Leaving the farm, I noted that Nico had a collection of old car shells, farm implements etc parked along the fence and roadside.
That made me smile..... kindred spirit ?

We crossed many little streams like this, some a bit deeper a couple dried out already after the recent rains.

These roads carry reasonably little traffic, and most of it is of the 4x4 or pickup truck and bus type.

However, again I was reminded that we were not in the city....

After quite a distance, including a stop for Jupiter to show us where he had fallen himself stupid on a blind rise, combined with a bend where the road just disappeared (Not something you want to happen when you are in top gear, giving it some stick) we came to the entry gate to the Baviaans Nature reserve.

Entry was R60 for the three of us, translating to under 5 for all three together.

They have a system of clocking you in and out of the camp, so as to know when to go look for people who do not make it, or have breakdowns and accidents,

The game ranger told us the rivers were still quite high, and to be careful as some Non-Locals had the habit of spinning up the river crossings, thus dislodging rocks in the crossings, making motorbike crossings more tricky.

So we carried on riding, and eventually got to our first river crossing for the day.

Jupiter in the lead, went through.... no problems.

The Dozer went through..... SITTING FLAT ON HIS ARSE :eek7:

Water over the pots of his 1150GS.... No problems

Then it was the turn of The Whale.

Onto the foot pegs and straight through..... I could feel the rocks play at the front wheel, and just prayed that I did not fall over, or more importantly, that the bike did not die on me.... No Problems , pheww!!

We then set off on the road again and a short while later Jupiter pulled over.... quick for a smoke break I thought.

OOOOPPS..... nope, Bike was dead. It had just died.

Fortunately we had our break down right at the most randomly placed caravan shop ever......

While stationary, there were a couple of these roadworks tractors... and I have to say, their road manners were exemplary, slowing right down when passing us, so as not to cover us in road dust. Thanks Guys.

Between the three of us we tried to get Gerard's bike to fire up again, multiple false starts followed over the next few hours.

Remember my comment about having breakfast early vs a lazy start ??

Dozer Magic on the CDI

Not much protection under there then ehhhh ?

What went through the mind of the modifier when he decided to remove all the weather protection from under the seat??

In and out went the components.

And here is the other weird coincidence......

Eventually we all needed the toilet, too much eating the night before and a big breakfast 6hrs before would help.

So what are the chances of finding an open air toilet, with running water flushing system ??

Pretty slim I would say, till you break down in the middle of nowhere.

So after a few hours, Dozer opened his one side pannier... remember the one with the story books and tools ?
And he pulled a moerse long piece of nylon rope from the pannier.

Jupiter looped it around his left hand footpeg, and they were of........ until they hit the same river as before.

Just as we got there, a couple in a 4x4 from KZN got thre, they actualy told us we should not go through the river..... hmmmm ?

Been there, did it, now towing bike.

Anyway, before you could say AbraCadabra, I had the Whale into the river, and of course the coule in the bakkie took some photos.

Dozer was next into the shallow end.

Followed by a dejected Jupiter, pushing his bike through.

I dropped my jacket and electrical goodies and walked in to help him push it through.

I then walked back again to pass our email details to the couple in the bakkie to send me the pics.

By the time I was back on my bike Deon and Jupiter were long gone, stopping at Sandvlakte where the farmer agreed to store his bike till he could recover it, or till he, the farmer went to the coast again, in which case he would take the stricken bike along for Gerard to collect.

Interestingly, with my number plate collecting, I was surprised to see this lot on the farm.

Once Gerard had transferred his stuff to Deon's 1150GS, Deon suggested that he ride pillion and Jupiter ride his bike, as he was used to riding with his wife on these roads.

Loaded and ready to go......

From here it was all the way back the way we had come the previous day, riding to Willowmore on this dirt road...... Jupiter did nit spare the horses and I had to maintain 120km/h just to keep up with them.

Port Elizabeth and Jupiters home was our destination, a looong way to go.

Willowmore offered many quaint looks into rural living in the Karoo.

Note the signs.

Next after filling fuel and oil, we went to a local coffee shop to use the toilets and drink a quick coffee.

After coffee it was onto the weirdest road ever.

A single concrete strip, where both parties yielded when meeting, and dropping one side onto the dirt and keeping on side on the concrete.

The road was incredibly straight and boring.

About 70km from Port Elizabeth, my back gave in for the first time in my life of riding, forcing me to stop and take a cocktail of Paracetamol and Ibuprofen..... Deon told me he would be buying me a kidney belt the next day.

Eventually, and hour after dark, we made it to Jupiters place.

Coffee, chat, and then off to bed......

Guess where I ended up sleeping ????

Day 7 to follow tomorrow or the next day.
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Nice. My wife is from CT and we did a 5 day trip last year, mostly Garden Route but would love to get back and do more. Wife's family is Afrikaans and we had stops along the way recommended.
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Built an "Electrics" work bench yesterday.

650mm deep worktop and 550mm shelf, and 920mm high, (which is just right for me) both heavy duty but in front of the window to have maximum light on small intricate jobs.

I am now happy with the whole layout of the garage's work spaces, welding table, "woodwork" table and this one.

Today I will be mixing some cement/mortar to build a plynth about 3 courses high for the wood burning stove to stand on.

I bought a 900 x 600 paving slab yesterday that will go on top of it.

And the garage got its name formally.....

I saw a sign along the roadside last year, but never had the chance to stop and pick it up, M25 has 3 lanes and it was the fast lane.

Anyway, it struck me as the perfect name.

I think Nicola, my wife will agree, it's called "THE END"

I will come and do the next day or two's RR through the day when I get time.

It is almost weekend.... time to relax and hopefully make a fire and Braai/BBQ
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Day 7, 8 spent in PE had minimal content, excluding commuting into and out of PE business areas.
Tuesday The Whale spent all day at Martin Walkers place, getting fettled.
At 17.00 exactly (He is very serious abut time keeping) we were there at his gate, and got the bike back, he then fitted a small rubber grommet to the side of the engine casing which I gave him R50 for, so the bill below for work done actually totalled up to R300.00 which in English 's will be just a spot over 31.00
The bike felt smoother and the front brake was vastly improved from before.
In typical Martin style, the bill was scribbled on some random paper..... Perfect from a genius.

I have copied the entry I made at the time......
MINI, no really mini update.
Yesterday I spent half the day at Old Mutual and Standard Bank as well as signing documents for Sanlam ( there are all financial institutions for our foreign readers) as some of them are at times not very efficient.
Then we visited some of our aunts, did some grocery (well meat and booze) shopping for last nights awesome BBQ/Braai here at Jupiters place.
On Monday evening for the first time in my 36 years of riding, my back or kidneys forced me to pull over and take Turbo charged Paracetamol and some Ibuprofen about 70km from home.
So yesterday my brother who wears a kidney belt, insisted on buying me one as well, as we are only about 18% into this ride.
I hope that the guys who were here last night and took some pics, will post them up on here in this thread.
Last nights get together was awesome. Seeing old friends and meeting new.

Thanks to everybody who came around last night.
Deon and I really enjoyed meeting some of you guys face to face vs forum faces.
If any of you took pics, PLEASE DO POST IN MY RIDE REPORT THREAD as I cannot upload or post yet.
I also want to make a special mention to two guys who maxed out on feeding my mad habit of number plate collecting.
Schaun "Tiger8" and Craig "Knucklehead" both had me personalized WD GRIZZ and GRIZZ EC plates made up. I was again blown away by the generous nature of guys on this forum, but also South Africans in general.
Thank you also to BigDom for sending me his original GSPOT EC plate that he replaced with a smaller more sensibly sized one.
Thanks to Jupiters network, my bike spent about 4.5 hours under the hands of Airhead Guru Martin Walker yesterdayand now feels tighter and actually idles below 1000rpm.
Today is Wednesday 10th, raining nicely.
Got a few things to do and visits to slot in as well as more deliveries of bits n bobs for UK people sending stuff here. My panniers are getting emptier as I deliver stuff but filling as fast with trinkets, number plates and other touristy treasures I buy along the way for my wife, kids and others.
Tomorrow is an early start up to Elliot, via Queenstown on some less than perfect roads.

As well as the phots taken and posted on here by various members who came to Braai at Jupiters.
ONCE AGAIN.... A MASSIVE THANK YOU TO JUPITERS WHOLE FAMILY FOR PUTTING DEON AND I UP WHILE WE WERE IN PORT ELIZABETH. (We had no option, since he had sent me a PM in August 2012 to state that SA was NOT a Democracy, and that we would be staying with them)
Knucklhead's Entry
thanks to the host (Jupiter) for the venue and the lekka braai, was lekka to meet some new dogs and chat to some old. Attached a few pictures taken, some kay , some a little blurry..sorry...Grizz when u back in the UK i want a pic of the GRIZZ EC plate above the bar!!
1 - some short oke that came along with dozer and grizz in the background
2 - Jason, my laaitjie chilling with the ol man
3 - Grizz tuning the manne about the times he fell off his bike, i think the figure was five
4 - Watch out for the ceiling my china
5 - Crab havin a dop .. aggh i mean a coffee
6 - some of the talent at the pozzie
7 - Jason taking lessons on coals from Jup...4 second rule i believe
8 - Youngster chowing again
have a mooi ride lads..

Aaaaa, Mr Crab, whose sense of humour I loved.

One pic I took, Dozer getting on with what he does very well......

Seems to be a theme here....

And a pic that had me objecting.... From the left, my very long time great friend and buddy, Antoinette, always happy to sort out my shit in SA. Then Paulina, used to be Antoinettes "sister in law" being married to brothers, been a great friend for years, and one of my dad's fans. And lastly, Sonja, another long term friend, met her because of a F650 Funduro many years ago.

While in PE, I noticed, that like in many parts of the country, due to the rampant, indiscriminate crime, even the shopping malls have their own armed response and security companies active.
For the UK readers, the retro cars are/were all available long after European, American builds were discontinued, allowing more South Africans to become and stay mobile.

Again, for the UK readers, and our American brothers.....
Chevrolet Pickup truck..... Half ton (maybe payload is a bit more)
Not pretty, but one of many small pickups used in SA by small business and private people.
It would be the one I would buy if in SA.

We went to see my dad's second youngest sister, who has her own self contained home in the back of her daughters propperty.
She also has a family of about 7 Meerkarts that used to come onto the deck and eat her old Labrador's food, but since a newer stray dog had moved in, they had cleared off to the outside of the fence where the dog cannot get to them.
She still feeds them threats, including raw eggs that they love, and they know her voice. When we went onto the deck to see them, she called twice in her typically high pitched "Aunty voice" to her kids and they were all there expectantly, waiting for chunks of cheese and an egg.

It was interesting watching the group dynamics, one always on watch duty, while the others eat, and they do rotate the eating and watch duties.
Being as fast, nervous and spread out as they are, one cannot get a decent photo of the whole gang at once, note the gueards tail on the bottom right corner of the pic.

While we were out on Deon's bike we also popped around to my old house which is about a kilometer from Jupiters place.
Spoke to the new owner after he came to check up why I was taking a photo and promptly invited us in to take a look.
The house has been modified and updated. Some work is currently being done to create a huge Braai area, which I had planned a long time ago.
I had forgotten how huge my garage had been, and interestingly , the shelves, storage and steel cabinets I had fitted were all unchanged, and even had the stickers I had stuck on them before 2002 still on them.
The garden has gone through two major changes since I had it, and all the trees, except one Yellow wood tree were removed by a previous owner.

The next day we left early-ish for the next part of our trip.
Report of Day 9 later.
Almost weekend..... BRAAAAAAAIIII TIME !!!
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I thought it would fit in with the timing of the RR to add in some of the plates I was given as presents by Knucklhead, Tiger8 and BigDom for my garage.
Thanks a million guys, I was really blown away at the time by all the generosity of everyone, and still sit here grinning madly.
The plates have found their way, as many do, for various reasons to various places about my shged and garage.
The WD GRIZZ plate is on the Woodwork shed door...... Woodwork Department as well as WildDog Grizz
The GRIZZ EC plate is next to the new shelf with all the screw drivers, but specifically where I can enjoy it, and where it covers some of the knife blades hanging there.
And of course the GSPOT EC plate found its way to where people will note it.....

I have also received a load of traded and gifted plates from the USA while away,, and typically guys put a return address and possibly a real name, but never a note of forum name.
Anyway, I am sure they will ask at some point if I received their plates..... then I can say a formal thank you.
Right now is is 12.30 and I need to go lay some bricks.#

Later Dudes.
***** 2006 BMW R1200GS *****

***** 2006 Sachs MADASS 50cc *****

***** 19?? BSA Bantam D7 FREE Bike Resto *****

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Day 9 - Mountain Shadows.

Day 9

This was really just a connecting section to get us to KZN (Kwa Zulu Natal) and Durban where we were staying in Westville at Dirty Boy's place with him and his family, dogs and cats.....

James (Dirty Boy) had also approached me shortly after this trip was announced to offer Deon and I "unrestricted" accommodation, which meant he would not interfere in our schedule, but would be happy to integrate in any rides we wanted to do.
This was a most generous offer which I accepted, even though we have two aunts and a bunch of cousins in and around Durban, as well as Deon's ex-wife, and kids, all of who he is still good friends with.
I chose to stay with James as the "unrestricted movement" appealed to me, and he is a great guy anyway.

We left Jupiter's early morning (well, not really early, everyone was up and on the go) and hit the N2 toward Grahamstown after running the gauntlet of Port Elizabeth morning traffic.
I was amazed at Dozer..... LAWBREAKER SUPREME..... Mounting the pavements on the left of cars to get past all the idiots (2 Policemen in different Police marked cars texting!! )mummies on their mobile phones, sandwiches, makeup and morning coffee's, business men reading documents while driving, sportsbikers darting left and right, all of who were making the whole thing quite dangerous to actually compete for road space. Also changing of lanes without warning by cars and Minibus Taxis was just beyond stupid.
So I happily followed him, using the unused portion of the road for our own safe movement..... next thing I had a maxi scooter behind me as well, Made me snigger in my helmet.

We left the city limits of PE after sampling the joy of Swartkops sewerage plant and Carbon Blacks smells without any issue, bar the mad drivers everywhere.

Riding the N2, which I used to know so well was a bit DeJaVu like, some improvements that have been made over the last 10 years had me happy to see where my tax dollars had gone way back when.

We stopped for a couple of smoke breaks till we got to Grahamstown, proud of its heritage as a frontier town in the days of the Xhosa and Boer wars. I had done some of my Psychiatry training at Fort England Hospital which had the dubious honour of having had a staff member beaten to death by a patient with a bedpan years ago.

This sleepy hollow also is home to Rhodes University, where BigDom used to work as professor of Art when I met him a looooong time ago ( fact or fiction ?? ) In the days of Apartheid, Rhodes was known to be of a liberal disposition and I do not know enough to tell you more, so refer to Wikipedia or Google for more info and history.

We also took the opportunity to fill both the bikes as Queenstown was another 200+ km to go, and PE was 135km behind us.

I love these sorts of signs, usually, including this time, they make me start up the engine and drive off and find another station to fill up at. To this day I remember all the times I used to hitch hike across South Africa and this sort of sign pisses me off instantly, so no business for them.

After filling at a "Mobil" Engen station we found the well hidden Wimpy.... Dozer can smell out a Wimpy at 5000 meters.

Breakfast ordered, he went out to check over the bikes, make a call to his Colonel to extend his leave and have a smoke (multitasking at its best) and when the brekkie landed, Joseph, the incredibly charismatic floor manager went to invite him back in.
That shop has a treasure in Joseph, originaly from Zimbabwe, he really makes a difference and manages the floor like few others I have seen.

After breakfast and a Mega Coffee we set out for Queenstown, our next stop.

In the carpark I saw this survivor.

Being in the market for a 1960-66 Chevy Pickup truck, I could not help myself, and had to stop and take a pic.

Leaving Grahamstown the decay into typical African village was obvious as you moved up the road away from town..... sad.

Just before we got to the T-Junction to go left to Queenstown, I saw another one of these..... again, I love them, but they are also a sign of people's financial status. The rich get richer, the poor still have nothing.

From here the road was interesting with passes, turns, bends and changing scenery.

Riding through the Echa Pass, which I once did in 6.5 minutes as a student from entry to exit, I was surprised I have managed to live as long as I have.

We rode till after Fort Beaufort with only one smoke break.

Then stopped again.... nice spot.

And onward, stepping up the pace a bit.

Getting to Queenstown we filled up, bought more oil at Midas and then contacted AndreE for a cuppa coffee.
We had wanted to sleep over at his place originally, but the distance was too short to break the KZN destination in half.

Once again, for the international riders and readers, this is the norm in South Africa, getting fuel filled, winddscreens cleaned and oil, wheels checked.
In the total of 6200km plus that I rode, I only got one non-smiling pump attendant, and he was surrounded by smilers anyway, so maybe he was having a bad day in Bloemfontein.

Then it was off to AndreE's place just outside town where we were treated like premium guests by his wife and were fed cake and coffee, note..... two slices each. Heavenly man, heavenly.
Thanks a lot guys, that was really great.

I also loved the inside of their shop, reminding me of times growing up, going to the farm shop, just the numbers on the prices have changed, but the contents are the same. Nice to have some stuff stay the same.

Maybe my favourite bit of decor in the bar area.... every one donated on site by the wearers.
There was quite a range of sizes and styles.

Then it was time to leave again and make our way for Mountain Shadows above Elliot where we were booked in for the night. I think this was also a 600+ km day, which included a lot of old Transkei roads.

Before we left, I saw this guy, reminding me again of South Africa in summer time.

Before we left, I made Dozer come with me to get a pic of the old incinerator of the sawmill near Andre's place, I love old steel structures like this and old factories as they have many stories to tell.

After a really great rest, unwind and chat at Andre's place it was off toward Elliott via the "bottom road" which is slightly shorter, but more challenging and interesting to ride.

Just about to leave.

It did not take long before we hit the first of many roadworks stops.

Now here is an other interesting observation for the non South Africans.

Note all the Taxi's , roadworks and coned off lanes are reserved by heavenly decree by the god of dangerous drivers to be used as a passing lane. These roadworks were at the start of a mountain pass, so it was interesting watching minibus taxis duck into the "works lane" and overtake on the left, everything and then swerving back into the active lane.

We got to Elliott by about 16.30 and having stpped along the way to buy a bottle of brandy and 2 litres of Pepsi Max, and a large bag of Dorito's we were ready for our evening at Mountain Shadows Hotel.
Being in radio comms all day saw Deon and I fall into a really nice rhythm of ride, share, chat and we decided to pull over and see if we could get some food at the hotel.... No Problem said the new front desk guy, we have food.

While stopping to make the call to the hotel,I noted this guy.....Enterprise at its best.

When people buy a couple of crates of beer, shopping etc, he is the transport, for a fee.

After this we left Elliott to do the last 20km to the hotel on the top of the mountains, again, a perfect time.... sunset.

One of the great thing about the routes we took, was that it included loads of interesting roads, passes etc.

Barkly Pass was a wide sweeping, but deceptive pass, so we hit it with all the enthusiasm is would allow, Deon commenting on the radio "I LOVE MY BIKE.... IT REALLY DOES HANDLE" having owned and ridden an 1150GS for about 80 000km myself around mostly South Africa, where 1000km weekends were not unusual, or riding to Cape Town from Port Elizabeth on a Saturday morning to test fly an airplane in Cape Town and coming back on Sunday morning with my good old friend, the late Warwick Sparg at whatever top speeds we could squeeze out of our boxer engines, I knew exactly how he felt.
BMW got it so right when they built the R1150GS range, and to this day, I still rate my 1150 GS above the 1200GS that I now have here in the UK.

We were just chatting about how nice the ride had been and how beautiful the mountains were when we decided to stop for a few pics again.

Then is was on to the hotel, with dusk just wanting to push the last suns rays away, we could feel it in the change of temperature.

Last few miles and then we were there.

There is a main hotel, and then these units, where we ended up in. Perfect.

The hotel is a family run affair and even the food in the kitchen is cooked by the granny and her small staff.

We switched our booking from Bed and Breakfast to Dinner and bed, with a sandwich pack to take out.

A real farm meal was served buffet style, with seafood starters, soup and also a stunning desert to follow.

During the day they had actually had two small snow flurries, so it was no wonder we were quite chilled when we booked in and even Dozer was cold, thick skin and all.

Thankfully, grandpa had started a fire in the dining room to warm it all up.

So after dinner we went back to our room, showered, poured a drink and both of us were out cold before 10pm, with only half our respective drinks actually drunk.

Day 10 was going to be a long day down to KZN, with more crap roads and with breakfast sandwich packs which included canned fruit juice, boiled eggs and a sweety for afterwards, we were ready for a good early start.

If the bikes did not freeze over.

Hope you are still reading......
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Originally Posted by grizz View Post
Hi Bud, was wondering if it was even worth posting this ride report on here, thanks for the reply.

Good to meet all the Cape Town guys too, food was awesome too.
Yo Mr Grizz, enjoying your post. it was good to meet you and Deon at Leaf Sushi. Glad you had a good time and pity you didn't get to ride the peninsula and see your old house. Cheers from Welcome Glen, just up the road
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Early on Day 10 we got up and packed our kit onto the bikes.

The Whale took a few stabs at the starter button to fire up, as her chokes had long since been removed, so Dozer and I would kneel next to her like suitors to ask her nicely to start up with our finger manually poking up the sides of her carbs, holding up the levers till she fired up.

We quietly left the hotel grounds and rode in the cold morning air,down the pass we had come up the night before, it did not take long before we hit a wet, cold mist on the Transkei roads we were on, still not fully light, I am not sure which was worse, the cold or fogged up visors..... the minute you opened the visor to see where you were headed, of course the cold made your eyes stream, and early morning bugs were a threat as well.

Again, the mad driving and absolute lack of fear of death, maiming and dismemberment of cars, minibus taxis and trucks continued to surprise me.

We rode to Maclear where we stopped to fill the bikes, buy a machine coffee and eat our packed breakfasts.

The local girls in the shop insisted on coming out and posing around the bikes with the cheekier of the two crawling onto the Whale before I could object, doing the whole Nicholas Cage on a Harley from Hell thing for her mate to photograph on a mobile phone.

They had also asked us to come inside and eat our breakfast at their tables, but we declined, mainly because we had already set it out.

This had to be my pic of the day.....

No wonder the driving standards are what they are.


Memories of the village where we grew up.... septic tanks and the weekly "Suckit Suzy" sessions before mains sewerage was installed.

Another sample of Wildest South Africa.....

Spares delivery, but the rifle actually belongs to the delivery driver, here being played with by one of the locals...... The driver carries it with him, in case he sees something worth shooting along the way.

We carried on for a long time as this was going to be a loooong day.

Thankfully we got stopped at a Police checkpoint, and the ol guy who "inspected" my bike was happy to take a photo once he had asked about the tank size on the whale and our destination.

At the stop, Dozer had said to me it was time for a smoke break, and that he would wait for me at the top of the hill when he found a place to pull over.

So when I caught up, he was smoking and relaxing, inspecting some water pipes etc by the road side.

Next thing we heard a typical, traditional Xhosa herdsman singing at a distance and saw him come walking with his flock.

Where we stopped was actually a livestock crossing, and the evidence as on the road surface where something had very recently been hit and bled out.

Anyway, the pics should tell the story.

Zoooom lenses what to do without them?

Note the fresh blood on the tarmac,

More in a bit.....

Some homework to deal with.
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After the sheep crossed the road we carried on for quite some distance, potholes in potholes, bendy roads and some nice sections too.

Loads of livestock including cows, horses, goats and sheep randomly walking on the motorway surfaces.

Fortunately for us, we grew up in the region and this was no surprise to us, so sensible riding was the key.

We had for some distance on the day and the day before noticed piles of scrap metal old vintage cars, cut up, bits of fencing wire, pipes, poles etc.....

Seems someone was buying up all the scrap that people could carry to the roadside.

I stopped at one of these piles, just to take a photo, and was amazed that there, looking at me was an emblem that read C/10
Could this be a divine sign ? As I am in the market for an early 1960's Chevy C10 Fleetside pickup truck.

It took about 60 seconds before the owner of the pile of metal was there, and we started negotiating.
In the end I bought the badge for R6.00 which is about 65p or under a Dollar.

I also tried to get the Velox badges off, but they were rusted on and I could see myself just breaking them without any propper tools.

Deon had carried on riding when I radio'd him to say I was stopping at the scrap, and while I was walking about, my mobile started to ring, answering it, it was Deon, warning me that about a kilometer further there was a copper with a radar device on an open piece of road trapping..... than goodness for mobile phones, as I would have been hitting the throttle hard to catch up once done with the photos.

The rest of the day went rather uneventfully and we stopped at Camperdown to take a look at house where our mum had died, where they had retired when dad took early retirement so that he could look after her.
The house was unchanged, except for much increased security.
The extra plot next door that my dad had turned into a very large garden was subdivided and now acted as a plant nursery.
A bit disappointing, but then we know now that everything changes and the rose tinted spectacles of youth do help.

We ended up getting to James "Dirty Boy's" place just after the main traffic rush, fortunately our route ran against the homeward bound Friday evening rush.

When we got to his place, he was just cleaning up his baby to go off to transport some youngsters in style.

Of course the dogs also came out to greet us, and who can resist such a welcome?

I managed to get the mattress in the lounge again.... Thanks to Dozers plea's and Goose's pre=emptive strike on my credibility as a silent sleeper.

After showering, and while James was out, I sat on Dozers bed and read, having one of the cats (the friendly one) make itself at home at my feet.

We ended up in bed by 23.00 as we were both knackered from the roads and long day riding.

At about 03.30 I woke with a big lump right behind my butt.... at first I thought I may have shat myself or had a prolapse, then gingerly peeling back my blanket, I discovered the Nasty cat who attacks for no reason, had actually crawled in under my blanket and made herself comfortable in my bed.

I tried some gentle stroking and was met by a neat, loud purrrrr....

Followed by a stretch that would be perfectly at home on LOLCATS and I can haz cheeseburger.

And another.

After this the two of us went back to sleep, as Deon and I had planned to do a 400+ km daytrip on the Saturday, back to our old school, and our parents homes.

More of the next day tomorrow.
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***** 2006 Sachs MADASS 50cc *****

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Went to my local, well it is 10 miles away, council tip to get rid of all the rotten paint and loads of empty paint buckets yesterday.....

A guy was unloading this shield.... it never even hit the ground, just went straight into my car.

I will make a new backing plate for it to replace the broken one, and modify it slightly. Then it will go up on the wall behind the new garage fire place.

Still need to fit the chimney etc once I figure that out.


Esse Dragon was a freebie from a mate in Malmesbury, if I could get it home...... of course I got it home.

Needs a bit of work, the chimney made up and hopefully I have a wood burner in the garage by winter.

Any advice on chimney/flue fitting appreciated.

Also finished fitting the shelves, strip light and a HUGE HiFi in the garage yesterday.... Party anyone ??

Really pleased with the new layout and tool boards.

***** 2006 BMW R1200GS *****

***** 2006 Sachs MADASS 50cc *****

***** 19?? BSA Bantam D7 FREE Bike Resto *****

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"If you can't fix it with a hammer, you've got an electrical problem"
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hi grizz

enjoying the report, i was born in Empangeni and my fols were from the eastern Cape, still one of my wish lists to go back there and do all those passes.

currently in south sudan for work, should be in Amanzimtoti enjoying the winter sun. eish.

keep up the report, i'm loving it.

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