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Old 05-12-2013, 10:31 AM   #1
Tom-Nor OP
Wannabe Adventurer
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Location: Norway west coast
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Two Ninjas on the road to the roadshow

Updated with better pics.
My English grammer sucks but thats ok becouse so does my Norwegian

The weather in west coast fo Norway has been shity, i usualy start the seson in mid april, but i have only had on day trip this year so far.

I live in a small town and there are only on motorbike dealer close to me, its about 1 hour driv, the next one is four hours
And every year in may,Suzuki,Kawasaki and Honda brings theyr roadshow to that dealer.

Me and a very close friend had been planing to take a day of from work to ride the longway round to go to the Hondas roadshow, we planed this three weeks ago and wher hoping for good weather.
Well the weather report wasent to optimistic but as we say her in Norway "ther is no such thing as bad weather,just bad clothes" so we decided to go anyway.

When i woke up at 07:40 in the morning and looked out the window i just saw a blue cloude and grabed the phone and txted him "YES! the weather is great"
and ofcourse 20min later it was all grey...DAMIT!
I hade to drive 30min to get to a ferry and on the other side i would meat up with Svein. As usualy i always have the best time in the world when i am making my self ready and wich almost always backfiers.

I didnt set any world records on my way to the ferry but i wasent far from it, i road streght on to the ferry and the gate closed right behinde me and 5sec later the ferry was on the move, so yeah close.
When i came out of the ferry Svein was waiting and we had a cup of coffe and a smoke, we where in no rush.
Svein rides a Kawasaki GPX600 from 1989 wich he bought for 150$, the state it was in then was not pretty. But he is a hell of a mechaninc and fixed it up and repainted it him self.
So hers to Ninjas with Svein in the middle

After two coffes and som catching up talk we got on the road. The rain came and it didnt look like we where geting any blue skys and sun, but we wher enjoying the trip and had a good time anyway. After 30min we had to take another ferry, so more coffe and talk.
Me and Svein have know each others since kindergarden are born the same year. We wher always toghter, we tasted alcohole for the first time togheter and we puked from alcohole first time toghter, we started smoking togheter and puked form smoking the first time toghter, we tok our moped linces togheter to. the years went on and Svein found his girl and know has 3 lovely children the youngest is 3 and oldest 12. So he havent had time to ride much or hang out with me, so we didnt whant to rush this trip and take our time.

Waiting on the ferry.

After the ferry we drov for about 20min and stopd for gas and som more coffe.It was still raining.

We then hit the road again when it sudenly cleard up and the sunglasses came on
Time to stop for coffe,talk and pictures

Time to hit the road agein, but this time we switched bikes, Svein first on my ZZR1400 and me on his GPX600. I was suprised that i from the first secound found my self very comforteble it, the power is ofcourse not close to my ZZR but it was funn and very stable in corners.
About 15min in the ride, Svein sudelny started blinking left and right. Couldent understand what he was doing in figuerd that he was only playing with the blinker. We wher in a 80kmh speed sone entering 60kmh sone. It was a long nice streight road and no cars in sight, ahhh to hell with it lets test this old race bike i tought. Kicked it down two gears and pinned the throttle and passed Svein. On my left i saw a person sitting in the field on a chair, WTF is wrong with that person i asked my self, sitting alone in the middle of an empty fi.......FUCK! Its the police with a radar!!!! I pulled the breaks hard and to my relife i finaly saw that she was shooting the other way PHUUU!
Oh course she heard the bike accelerating hard and turned around to look what kind of a psyco was comming, id hade by that time got domwn to 60ish and tried to look casual and looking at the mountains.

My impression on the old GPX600 was posetiv, the midrange is actualy litel tourqy and the seating position was ferly good, the bike was stable and tight in the corners and very flickeble. The shocks could be rebuildt but for crusing they where ok, the breaks where awfull and you had to squize them hard to get any real effect. Thank god for evolution on that part.
All in all for a 150$ bike with maybe 150$ on new parts and paint for 70$ its lot fun for the money.

We arived at the Honda roadshow 1345 and it started 1400, ofcourse me and Svein wher to busy to chate and laugh about my police encounter that we forgot to sign up on the test ride, so we didnt get to do it before 1600.
I signed up for the VFR1200 from 1600-1630 and the CB1000R from 1630-1700, Svein did the opposit so we had a whole hour with the bikes and could switch it like we wanted.
I started with the VFR1200 and first impression was very good. The seating position was very good with a litle forward seating position a very good combination of aggresiv but still comfortable position. First we had to drive trough the town is some traffic, it was a litle jerky but i am sure a powercommander solves that. Then we hit a micro alps section with som very nice hairpins that are perfect for secound gear.
The chassi of the VFR are very good and shorter then my ZZR wich makes it more flickeble in the turns and i loved the chassi, unfortently the engine was not in my taste. have have riden the VFR800 1999 a lot and like that engin, but the 1200cc V4 was for me a disapointment. Under 5000rpm it was lazy and for a sportstourer with 1200cc and 173HP ther should be torqu in the low/mid revs, you should not have to beat it like a 600RR bike to get som power IMHO.

After almost 30min we stoped at a smal town and switched bikes, i couldent wait to get of the VFR1200.

First impression of the CB1000R was strange, i havent tried a streetfighter befor and i felt like i was sitting on the front wheel, but it was suprisingly comforteble. We pointed our nose back to the roadshow and found traffic right away with a trailer in front, the roads are narrow and not easy for a car to pass, but thats not the case for a bike, and realy not for the CB. I toke down car after car and then the trailer, the CB is awsom, its a toy for adults,a hooligan looking for trouble. The bike gave me a stupid grin and i was gigglign all the way. Its so light and flickeble and the tourq from 2000rpm and up is bloody great, even if its not as much as in my ZZR, its enough for this bike...well enough is never enough
The CB is a blast and the Honda guy laughed when he saw my eyes, i probebly looked like pshyco on speed when i parked the bike and gave back the keys.I didnt push the bike to the limits but i pushed it hard and almost 5min later Svein pulled in on the VFR1200 "Jesus Tom, you disapeard like you had Salma Hayek waiting in year bed" was the first he said

So the short verdict is two thumbs up for the CB1000R and one thumb down for the VFR1200F.

A firend of my that owned a GSXR600 1999 for many years ago, is lusting for the GSR750 and i do the best i can to get him to pull the trigger, realy sexy bike.

It was now 1700 and we had plans to go to a resturant and get som proper food.And then ride the same way back as we came.
When i came back to my ZZR i noticed a wet spot on the left side of my tier, FUCK!!! the left fork shock was leaking realy bad, probely hit a pothole or somthing realy hard and blown the o-ring(forgot the english word).
It was not safe to ride it back home, even if i took the short way home. I would most likely get oil on the discbreaks so i had to leav it at the dealer.
The upside is that i finaly will get öhlins springs in the forks, i also orderd a sett of Metzler Z8 tiers. So on may 23 i will get the bike back.......i hope.
Luckely a guy from my home town was also ther, he came with his car so i got a lift back home with him.
Bummer that the trip was shortend, but thats life, nothing you can do about it.
We had a great time on this mini trip and a lot of laughs, so it was a success even tough i didnt compleat it.

Me and Svein have agreed to take a weekend trip to Geiranger when the weather is ok and he can break away from his famely dutys. So fingers crossed

Trollstigen(troll ladder/trollroad)
Kawasaki ZZR1400(ZX14)

Tom-Nor screwed with this post 05-12-2013 at 02:02 PM Reason: The first pics sucked
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Chronic High Fiver
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Don't worry about the English! It sounds like a great day trip with a great friend! At least you noticed the leak and didn't have an accident on the way back home, plus you now get upgrades to it
"A straight road never made a skilled rider"
'06 White VFR
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Old 05-12-2013, 11:41 AM   #3
Tom-Nor OP
Wannabe Adventurer
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Joined: Feb 2013
Location: Norway west coast
Oddometer: 470
It was a great day, and i have been planing to get new springs anyway, since the original are to soft.
I forgot to write that if you take the GPX600 over 130kmh the mirrors colaps.....or so they tell me
Kawasaki ZZR1400(ZX14)
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Old 05-13-2013, 02:55 AM   #4
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Originally Posted by Tom-Nor View Post
Svein rides a Kawasaki GPX600 from 1989 wich he bought for 150$, the state it was in then was not pretty. But he is a hell of a mechaninc and fixed it up and repainted it him self.
Sounds like your buddy got it right. Buy it cheap - fix it - ride it!

Some good looking countryside there BTW.
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Old 05-13-2013, 11:44 AM   #5
Tom-Nor OP
Wannabe Adventurer
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Joined: Feb 2013
Location: Norway west coast
Oddometer: 470
Originally Posted by nickmo View Post
Sounds like your buddy got it right. Buy it cheap - fix it - ride it!

Some good looking countryside there BTW.
Thank you.
He tok his motorcycle license a couple of years before me, thers where he meet his wife
So he havent been riding since, He is a car mechanic an traded it to him with a pice of junk Mitsubishi Colt that where going to the scrap dealer.
He also has a Mustang Mach2 that he is renovating. He also just finished renovating their house and raises three children. The guy is a work horse
A bloody good one to.
Kawasaki ZZR1400(ZX14)
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Old 05-14-2013, 10:13 PM   #6
Riding for Fun !!
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Originally Posted by Tom-Nor View Post

Trollstigen(troll ladder/trollroad)
Loved this two pics the most...Great Click!!
Riding for Pleasure
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Tom-Nor OP
Wannabe Adventurer
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Joined: Feb 2013
Location: Norway west coast
Oddometer: 470
Ehhhhhh i stole those pictures from google
Hers mine from Geiranger
DSCF0474 (2)
DSCF0478 (2)

And from Trollstigen
Kawasaki ZZR1400(ZX14)
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