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Old 06-17-2013, 10:15 AM   #16
Got some screws loose!
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Originally Posted by FirstPath View Post
Just to throw another idea is looking at the Honda 250CRF L. It'll run 60 mph all day on hwy, good size for off road and reliable. Issue may be finding one since they are new. Thought about that ride too but went with the DR650.
+1 Got a short buddy with one. Between the FMF powerbomb exhaust, somekind of aftermarket EFI controller and an opened up airbox the thing keeps up well on the road and does pretty good off-road with decent tires. It's a bit porky (claimed 320lbs) but it doesn't really feel that way when you ride it.

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Old 06-17-2013, 10:19 AM   #17
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Originally Posted by kubiak View Post
i think there is a lowering kit for the drz400, a lowering link for the rear and slide the forks up in the clamps? i did this on my bmw f650gs and got the seat level down to 34 inches or 32 inch with a low seat.
I have an 06 DRZ400 I'm 6'0 33 inseam and I can stand over the bike with roughly 2 inches of clearance. There is a lowering kit you can get but before you go and do that just try it on stock. Plus keep in mind when you sit on it, it will depress a good bit even if you weight just 150lbs. I'm 230lbs when I sit on it I got a low rider

I love the bike it'll do anything you want it too and it'll keep up with a KTM with a rider about 285lbs on it. DRZ400 is durable as all hell I am rough on my bikes and you just can't kill it.

I had a YZ125 before but it was too small for me.

With the DRZ400's you can do just about anything to them, they are a heavier bike and they got a lot of gucci gear, sensors, kill switches.. cooling fans so on hot days when your friends have to shut their bikes off to pull them out of the mud you can just sit there and laugh at them.
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Old 06-17-2013, 01:16 PM   #18
Remember, Safty Forced
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It will make you a better rider..

after you drop it a few dozen tymes you'll learn how to keep it right side up at all costs....
Dan B.
Thanx for your Tyme, Have a Great Day
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Old 06-17-2013, 05:29 PM   #19
Horrible Mechanic
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If you have narrowed it down to buying new through suzuki ( I am a suzuki fan myself) then either the DR650 or DRZ400 will be awesome. For back roads, and mountain sides, I would lean toward the DRZ400 as I have seen people do amazing things on those. for such a heavy bike, I have seen riders take them on the gnarliest of trails, ride it like a CRFX or WR and then continue on back home on it.

the DR650 is a great powerhouse, good for back country roads, but from what I have seen, you are not going to maneuver it around like the DRZ. suspension is more street oriented IMO

Both have great aftermarket support. has everything you could want for the DR or DRZ.

I ride gnarly, and street between my two bikes, and if I had it all to do over again, I would get rid of both of them and go with the DRZ400. For a slow riding style, with back roads in mind, but the power to get it done, it is a great choice.

Here is a video of a KLX, WR and DRZ(one with the camera mounted) the DRZ is pretty much capable of everything IMO except straight up motocross/Supercros type sports.

Good luck to you in your decision. no matter what, get a bike, and ride it like you stole it!
2000 KTM 200EXC
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Old 06-17-2013, 08:59 PM   #20
redelvis OP
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I appreciate all the info/suggestions. It seems that my best option will be either DR650 or a DRZ400. I'm leaning a little more toward the 650 due to the fact that I will always enjoy going for long road rides no matter how much fun I have off of them. Now just gotta get this ex500 sold so I can have a down payment!
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Old 08-06-2013, 07:54 PM   #21
redelvis OP
Joined: Jun 2013
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So haven't made a purchase yet.... was waiting until I sold my Kawasaki (which is gone now). Can anybody tell me if this is a hell of a deal or too good to be true or whatever....

I appreciate any input/advice you can give me !
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Old 08-06-2013, 08:43 PM   #22
Horrible Mechanic
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Originally Posted by redelvis View Post
So haven't made a purchase yet.... was waiting until I sold my Kawasaki (which is gone now). Can anybody tell me if this is a hell of a deal or too good to be true or whatever....

I appreciate any input/advice you can give me !
Looks legit. With the options it's about right but I would still try to make an offer for $4500. That would be everything you could want though.
2000 KTM 200EXC
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Old 08-06-2013, 08:57 PM   #23
redelvis OP
Joined: Jun 2013
Oddometer: 45
Meant to also post the other option I'm considering...

Hoping to check them out tomorrow and perhaps buy one of them :) All suggestions/advice are appreciated!
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Old 08-07-2013, 08:45 AM   #24
lifelong reject fixer
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To the OP, I'm your height 5'6" – and I have a 29" inseam. After a year of reading here and doing comparisons I bought an '08 DR650 and have been happy with it. I soon found that in stock form, when I was stopped the DR650 was a little taller than my liking. And I was planning a long off road trip, so lowering was in the cards for me.

The first thing I did was to add a Sergeant's lo-seat. That may be the single best mod I've done to the bike to date as there is no substitute for a comfortable seat on a multi-day ride.

Later I lowered the bike using the factory method and it put the balls of both feet firmly on the ground for me. If you are not acquainted with that feature of the DR650, it has a factory lowering option that will put you 1.25" closer to the ground with a few simple adjustments on the bike.

Weight: back during the “which bike” phase I put together a spreadsheet to compare the weights and other factors on the 650 cc dual sports. The BMW F model came in heaviest. Then it was the KLR which is something like 75 lbs. heavier than the DR. The Honda XR came in lightest but I don't recall exactly how many pounds lighter than the DR. However, the stratospheric 37" seat height of the XR had already rule it out, as I didn't want a bike that required a step-stool for me to get on it...

Anyway, the weight issue is relative to personal strength (and how often you anticipate dropping it). I have a strong as an ox German friend who used to ride his BMW R12 GS off-road and he could lift it as needed. He later bought a DR650 and I swear, one day he literally picked it up and "swapped ends" to turn it around in his carport. Neither did he stop talking during the maneuver!

Sooo ... how stout are you? At 365 lbs. or so the DR650 is not a featherweight, but neither is it an 800 lb. BMW GS. If you are reasonably fit lifting the DR should not be an issue. But if you are an out of shape couch potato or an outright wuss, any bike will be a pain to deal with! (Bikes are kind of like wimmen in that regard - lighter is better...)

Seriously, don't let the seat height or the weight of the DR650 scare you away from it.

RE, suspension and the DRZ400: The DRZ is a lighter and much "racier" bike - quicker throttle response, more off-road friendly suspension, higher ground clearance, etc. But benefiting from the value of all that likewise comes down to the rider, his intended riding venues, and not to forget – his level of riding skill. I also looked at the DRZ before buying and it left me feeling like the XR.

Recalling that I bought the bike with the intent of a big off road trip, I did the CDT in 2010 with a local friend who rode a new out of the crate, stock 2009 DR650. He bought it just for the trip, put 600 miles on it to get to the first valve adjustment, and did minimal mods for the trip (bash plate, bark-busters, and a Suzuki gel seat). He is a very good rider and his DR performed flawlessly on a 5,000 mile trip, more than half of which was on dirt, with the stock suspension. The stock suspension is a bit soft but it too has some adjustment options that can stiffen it up for average weekend use.

Naturally my thoughts are biased towards the bike I bought, but given my riding skills and the type of off road riding I do (fire roads, some double-track) I have had no regrets and have found it to be an excellent choice.

And then there is the matter of the fun factor on the streets. The DR650 in stock form is a blast to ride on the twisty paved roads. I now have mine in what I call a “hybrid-moto” form and am planning to take it to the North Georgia mountains later this year.

Finally, you can locate a butt-load of them at this link (and other models, if you prefer).


'00 BMW R1100RT, Gone away: 5 previous BMW's, 3 Honda's, 2 Suzuki's
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