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Old 06-25-2013, 03:08 PM   #16
Even my posing is virtual
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More please!

Update yo!
04 Toyota Sienna, new wipers for 2011!!
Electricity (120 AC), Indoor Plumbing, new kitchen tap for 2010!!!
Color tube TV, Microwave Oven (yes she rotates!),Washer & Dryer,Paved Driveway,
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Subscribed. If you ride with Riley and that crew, you've got to be good people.

Or just a little nuts.
Originally Posted by Mr_Gone View Post
C-Stain is wise.
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Subscribed. Keep it coming.
Take the road of greatest resistance
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Old 06-25-2013, 09:40 PM   #19
Umarth OP
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Where I lost my thunder...

Day 10
Thursday bay

Been a while since the last update and yet not much to report unfortunately. The weather this year been so shitty that the portion of the TCAT that I've done is nothing but a series of mud puddles of various sizes. Add to that a few dead ends and you get some really slow going. For instance, the APORMC members thought me that when ever you see grass in a trail, like so:

You can expect to run into shit like this in the near future:

But beautifully cared for dirt road can also lure one into a false sense of optimism, like this here:

And since I don't care over much to titillate the territorial fibre of the northern red necks that haunt these woods, when I see such a gate, I turn around.

Those pictures where taken on day seven or eight. But to be fair, there was some nice parts too, like this one for example:

This part of the trail was very well maintained! Actually, an hour later I met a member of the board that is responsible for the maintenance. I was taking a picture of his 19th century post and beam house and he came up to chat!

And the church 200' down the road,

Doing all that off roading can tire you up pretty good and that's when picnic areas are so nice: you just lay down on a table and loom at the sky before dosing off for a bit...

Anyway, two days ago I thought it might be wise to figure out approximate dates of where I'll should be so that I can be in Panama by Oct 25 for my boat ride to Columbia. Well, turns out that I need to haul ass! To have time to do and see what I wanted to, I'll need to leave British Columbia by July 16th! That means that, at the rate the TCAT is going, I'm never gona make it. I needed to decide what I was going to do with the TACT.

On the one hand, it's a really fun experience but on the other, it's taking way to much time and something that I've come to realize while doing it, in it's current watery state, you really should not do this alone! So I've decided to abandon the TCAT until I reach BC. I briefly contemplated just skipping the Ontario portion of the TACT but seeing the flood warnings and speaking to a biker who had just come through the prairies and said that they was water EVERYWHERE, I abandoned it till BC. Disappointed but hell, got' a be realistic sometimes...

After all, after a while this goes from fun to annoying...

So today I hit the trans-Canada highway from Sault Sainte-Marie to Thunder-Bay, or just about 700km. By far the biggest day, km wise, of the trip so far. And I must admit, this was quite a nice surprise! The scenery was gorgeous! The road had very little traffic, lots of twists and turns, up's and downs and countless beautiful streams and lakes nested in mountains as old as can be found on earth!

I wonder if Dan is still into Heather?

Guess I'll never know. Nor will you mothafuckaaaaa! Sorry, might have been watching to much Californication recently...)

Big O's take on recent events
Bummer! I was having a ball in all that mud and smelly goo! But I'm sure that BC will more than make up for it! Rocky Mountains here I come!

oh, and here a passenger I had a day or two back.

sure hope he was radio active and that i'll get some nifty super powers from it, like spider man did. wonder what I'll get? Nobbies that never wear out? A self filling tank? Ooh ooh I know what I want: a proper driver!!!

Umarth screwed with this post 11-03-2013 at 09:57 PM
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Old 06-25-2013, 09:41 PM   #20
Umarth OP
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Originally Posted by C-Stain View Post

Subscribed. If you ride with Riley and that crew, Wyou've got to be good people.

Or just a little nuts.

I'll take that as a complement of the highest order! :)
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Umarth OP
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There you go Boss...

Originally Posted by Motoriley View Post
Update yo!
We never did put to vote Henrik's motion that I be nominated APOMRC'S Roaming ambassador...
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BMW GS, Adventure touring since 1939
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Ceri JC
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Subscribed, this is really good. I think this is probably the first ride report I've seen that has managed to convey that feeling of "where do I go now?" of real freedom and no fixed plan.

I like my bike because I can overtake 4x4s down farm tracks with a week's worth of shopping on the back.
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Old 06-27-2013, 04:25 AM   #24
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Hi Umarth!

Looking forward to follow your ride report.

Yukon must be a paradise for Big O and you. :-)
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Old 07-04-2013, 07:26 PM   #25
Umarth OP
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Location: Tramping arround the world for a bit with Big O
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Head in the clouds

Day 11

Morning of day 11 saw me say good bye to Thunder Bay and head on out to Manitoba via Minnesota.

Nice roads and skies.

Not long after,

Even more miles done than the previous day, with a total of 750km. Which, at the moment, is about as long a distance as I care to do on Big O. Was quite happy to get off him when we reached the campground. But I have a feeling that as the days go by and get use to the plywood seat and the ridiculously vibby hand grips, that maximum is going to go up...

One of the things that I've always wanted to see in the prairies is a thunder storm. With the wide open landscape, when on the proper side of the storm front, you get to actually see the storm cell and not just experience it. Well my wish was very quickly granted: I had not one but two cumulonimbus greet me at the Manitoba border!! Seems that if you ride fast enough, you can go through them and once you reach the other side, you get to see them! Nice!!

Big O's take on today's events
What a dreamy place to gallivant! Even the clouds where being herded away by this nice giant.

So that I would not get my feet wet perhaps? How thoughtful of him!

Umarth screwed with this post 11-03-2013 at 09:59 PM
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Old 07-04-2013, 07:28 PM   #26
Umarth OP
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Much adue about nothing

The prairies was the part of the that ride that I thought would feel like a never ending stretch of boredom. Boy was I misinformed!! Manitoba, with its 1mile x 1mile grid work of gravel roads, is simply stunning! The views, the terrain, the gravel roads, the absence of any traffic all made it a pure joy to ride.

But of course, I was missing something today. After all, this trip has been plagued with water just about every time I get off tarmac. Well, no worries, today would be no exception. It's rained some 16inches in three days near the Saskatchewan border and this is what greeted me mere miles from that province:

Notice the car that got washed away....

The locals told me that the road was out and that there was up to 3 feet of water on the road. Well, maybe I misunderstood and what they where describing was the size of the last fish they caught. Anyway, a little water isn't gonna turn back a member of the APORMC now will it? And just look, not a trace of grass on that stretch of watery tarmac!

Saved me an hour detour that did! :)

At around 5pm, started looking for a place to crash so I hit the tarmac. Took a while to find a place as this is really a very sparsely populated region. And I guess it's true that the prairies are the food store of Canada: I think I saw more of these than people!

Big O's take on the day's events

Wow! Going 120kph in loose gravel roads sure does keep you awake!!! What a blast!

And Mgr. Know-it-all was kind enough to adjust by carburetor as I was running a bit rich. We'll see tomorrow if he did it right...
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Old 07-04-2013, 07:29 PM   #27
Umarth OP
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Location: Tramping arround the world for a bit with Big O
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The damn doohickey that I use to charge the computer on the bike broke a few days back and haven't had a chance to charge it since the last entry. Also to be honest, Saskatchewan was rather dry in color so there hasn't been much to write about. To give you an idea, I drove for eleven and a half minutes without, literally, touching the handle bars!

A few days back, I was informed by my neighboring campers, in Saskatoon, that there was a nice loop to the north that would be much more fun to ride than heading straight to Edmonton from Saskatoon. So north I went.

My first destination was Meadow Lake provincial park. I was told that it had one of the nicest campgrounds in Canada; Sandy Beach. Well, as my luck would have it, this was Canada Day week end and it would seem that Saskatchewanians love to camp. The park had multiple campgrounds and where all full. I ended up in a campground right next to Cold Lake. And I was lucky; I took the very last tent spot!

The next day, I headed out west, to end up in Athabasca. Just a click or two before entering the town, I saw a campground sign saying; that way, 17kms. Question: will there be any space left???

So I find the campground which is the self-registration sort and I'm going slowly, looking for a free spot. Not looking good was thinking I. That's when I spotted a lot with a sign saying: resident manager and this guy walking towards me and Big O, with somewhat of a frown on his face.

Enter Ron!

Have to admit that the frown seemed out of place on Ron's face. He seemed, and later proved it, to be much more inclined to smiling and having a merry good time. But right this moment, Sir Ron was frowning because the campsite has a zero tolerance rule, that he enforces, for quads and dirt bike's and hearing happy Big O chugging slowly along, he figured some twat was again attempting to enter on one of those devilish machines.

Ron here took one look at big O and seeing as he's street legal and all, changed his frown upside down into a very welcoming smile. To Big O's smug satisfaction it must be said! Had a quick chat with Ron about me looking for a tent site for one night, where I'd been, what I was about and where me and Big O where heading. After which he promptly showed me where I could set up camp. Hearing that I had some electronics to charge up, he invited me to hop over, once I was settled in, with what I needed to charge and he would fire up his generator for me! I even got to finally fix the tablet charger doohickey! I'd gone to church again a few days back and prayed for a soldering iron which god promptly provided, but had not had access to an electric outlet since. Ron fixed all that! Wow, my hero!

So, once all set up, I walked on over to his trailer, was greeted by Ron, given beer number one and promptly instructed to have a seat while he started up the generator! Things are on the up and up I'm thinking. A few minutes later, the doohickey is fixed, the tablet and cell phone are happily charging and I'm relaxing with a nice beer, getting acquainted with Ron and co. Co. Being his charming family composed of his wife, three daughters, one grand child, a son-in-law and a boy friend. I know I know, I'm horrible! I don't remember all their names and since they might read these lines: I'm not gonna say who's I member and who's a I don't, so as not to stew up any jealousy. In any case, they all greeted me like an old family friend, even insisting on me staying for supper.

I won't go over the whole night, but I'll let you imagine with this little fact: got back to my tent way past 3am, my bottle of scotch was no more and Ron proved to be a most delightful' host!

So, Ron and co., I'd like to thank you all for a most pleasant evening! And all the more enjoyable for being unlooked for. Hope I did not bore you all to much with my ramblings...

Big O's take on the day's events
I'm not so sure I like Ron as much the big slouch that rides me: because of him, I got to spent the whole evening alone. Some neighbour took pity on me at some point, came over and gave me a beer. BUT HE FORGOT TO OPEN IT FOR ME!!! How was I supposed to do open it? I ain't got no 10 fingers with opposable thumbs!

Life is hard sometimes...
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Umarth OP
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The Rockies!

This morning started off with the usual scenery for Alberta.

But the main course quickly arrived!

Finally! The Rockies! The party I've been most wanting to see on the Canada leg of the trip.

Avoiding southern Alberta due to the floods of previous week, I entered the Rockies from Jasper. Didn't take long for the mountains to make me smile like a child in front of a candy store. It's really to bad that pictures just fail to convey the scale of these mountains. But none the less, here are a few.

Made the tourist stop at this glacier. A bit underwhelming to be frank, but then it's the glacier's fault that it's melting into oblivion...

After the glacier, hit a side road to go to Mnt. Edith Caveli. Boy was that a treat! The small winding road in the middle of lush forest. Some of the turns where really sharp; one i did at 15-20kph and my foot pegs craped the road!

And all this, with beautiful mountain back drops.

Hell, even the campground hade gorgeous view. This picture is from my tent:

Big O's take on todays events

Sure, we've had our differences, but faced with all this beautiful nature: all was forgiven! For now anyway... ;)

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Umarth OP
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Karma goes to the beach

Today was all about lakes as Karma (the mascot) was feeling a bit dirty from all the riding.

First stop was Lake Louise. It's beautiful I'll admit, but that ugly hotel they built and the gazillions of tourists just turn me off to much to really enjoy the scenery...

I found that the secondary lakes where actually prettier...

From the hotel, you can walk to the other end of the lake. Near the end the path crossed a swallow stream. Holly shit was that cold!!! The step felt like cold water, the second start to uncomfortable, by the tenth step you figure that's as cold as it can get! Hell NO! It keeps on getting colder and colder! This happens to be glacier runoff water. It freezing cod! I feel in a river in winter once and it wasn't this cold!

After Lake Louise, we went to a near by lake, much smaller oh how much more beautiful. Still a lot of people, but somehow they weren't to annoying here.

Here re miscellaneous pics of bodies of water of the day.

Near dusk, we arrived at Banff. Holly shit what a tourist trap!! Oh well, time for supplies and head on out to the nearest campground...

Big O's take of todays events
Meh, got bored going from one lake to another, each time waiting forever for Mister to walk around take stills. But I got back at him quite nicely: I managed to wiggle out of my counter shaft nut! I now have an self lubricating chain! Woot Woot!
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Island Hopper
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Looks like you had some fine weather for visiting the rockies...

If you still plan to head for my neck of the woods, try to make it in time for a weekend... Week days are very busy right now for me at work but Fri evenings to Sunday I am free to ride...
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