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Old 07-19-2013, 08:39 AM   #46
Sidecar Jockey
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At my old apartment building (in downtown Baltimore, but a good part of town) the parking lot for residents was also 'public' and was often full of tourists.

I had my Ural parked there, and on several occasions came outside to find people sitting in the sidecar. It didn't really bother me, until the little grab rail attached to the windshield got bent, which probably happened when someone put all of their weight on it climbing in or out.

To try to solve the problem of random people getting in my sidecar, I got a cover. That did not work, people would just take off the cover and sit in it anyway.

Then, I started strapping (and locking) my 20L jerry can to the 'step' on the sidecar, thus blocking both the step and entrance cut-away to the sidecar. Solved, right? NO. People started using my sidecar fender as a step to climb into the car. A real fatty must have tried it one day, because I came outside to find a big dent in the top of my fender.

My next idea was to take the Ural off road and get it nice and muddy. I mean totally covered in mud, I purposefully got the sidecar seat dirty too. I then parked it in the lot, and no one seemed to touch it. I guess the stupid tourists don't want to get their nice clothes all dirty! (it was a covered lot, so the rain didn't wash it off)

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hi functioning idiom
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in 2010, I went to the bank - it's in a mall, so I parked my 2009 Super Sherpa in a normal spot, about 3 spots from the mall. I leave my helmet on my mirror, and turn the handlebars to the locked position (all the way to the left). I come out of the bank, and these two idiots are messing with my bike. The girl is sitting on the bike, wearing my helmet. and hanging on to the handlebars. The guy is in front of the bike, hands on the bars, straddling the tire, and trying with al his might to straighten the bars. back a little, then WHAM against the lock. back and forth. as I get nearer they both look at me, and immediately look embarassed.

I said "What the fuck are you doing to my bike? Get off my bike, give me my helmet, NOW"

Woman never said anything the whole time.

guy "oh, uhh, my GF is looking for a small bike, and I wanted her to sit on it."

(she's still on the bike) I'm yelling now "Get off my bike, NOW"

"chill out man, we didn't hurt nothing, I just wanted her to sit on it. What's wrong with your steering, anyway?"

"The handlebars are locked. it's an anti-theft measure, You might have broken something trying to straighten them. Get her off my bike now."

"Geez maan, take it easy". she gets off the bike, and drops it because they had put the sidestand up.

I called the police. I had this bike for a month at this point. brand new. Guy starts to try to pick it up. I holler at him to leave it. He looks at me like I'm retarded. I told him I wanted the cops to see how they had vandalized my personal property without permission.

Long story short, they leave. I followed them to their car, all the while they are swearing at me, telling me It's no big deal because it's a dirt bike, etc etc. I get their plate number. Cops come, I tell them everything, a little old lady comes over, points to her car, says she saw the whole thing and backs me up. That night I get a call from mr & mrs. idiot. "uhh, Hi. I was wondering if there is any damage to your bike?" I told them that the bars were bent, clutch lever broken, the front & rear turn signal lenses broke, and the passenger peg they had flipped down broke. I told them that i was looking at about $300 in repairs for their little escapade. The guy asked where he could bring me $300 to cover it. I told him that Officer Friendly at the police station would hold it for me and that I didn't want him to know where I live, because one day I might find him and his GF inside using my shower, or my stove, or watching my TV, just "to see what it's like".

I got the money.
Don't ride with Nate!
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ocean minded
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I'm shocked at these stories...

Especially the Ural sidecar and Sherpa stories-what the fuck is wrong with people!? It is not OK, ever, to mess with people's personal property.

Regarding the Sherpa story, this was my suv, but I walked out of my office one time to find a pack of drunk people trying to pull the spare wheel cover off...a girl was doing that while another one was pulling on the mirror. I threatened to beat the shit out of everyone involved on the spot and pulled the girls off the vehicle, and immediately everyone started to yell at me to "calm down" and "it's no big deal". Yeah, vandalizing my car was no big deal. They walked away, waited until they were half a block away and started giving me the finger and yelling at me.

Why is considered ok if a girl does it, and why are people such pussies that they waited until they were out of striking distance to yell back at me?
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Andyvh1959 OP
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Originally Posted by SkiFastBadly View Post
As a native of Milwaukee, I remember Holy Hill very well. That's a hell of a climb. Next time yell out the window down to the parking lot "Esto es Jesucristo. Bájate de la moto de ese ahora o te vas al infierno." Works every time.
Well, if I yelled that people would most likely be wondering if I wanted mole sauce or flour tortillas.

Two words of this I DO know; Jesucruisto and la moto.

But y'know, saying "Jesucristo what a ride!" doesn't have quite the same effect.

Good to know this thread sticks with a lot of people. I simply don't understand why people think they can just help themselves to our personal property. If I ever find someone messing with my bike, even my old 94 BMW, if nothing has happened I'll ask where their car is, have them point it out to me. "Why?" will likely come up. I'd respond, "go ahead, take your time, while I go digging around in your car, see what I can find."
When life throws you a curve,.....lean into it!
42+ year rider, 22+ year MSF Coach, Street, Dirt, Ice, ride em all!

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