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Old 07-26-2013, 06:41 PM   #16
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If you need anything on the east tn part give me a yell . I am 6 miles from Catoosa . Have shop trailer and camping space
Andy cell 931 335 one eight fivefive
Cotton says : This is as screwed up as a rope with 3 ends
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Originally Posted by flyinfuzz View Post
If you need anything on the east tn part give me a yell . I am 6 miles from Catoosa . Have shop trailer and camping space
Andy cell 931 335 one eight fivefive
Thank you sir! I will add you on my contact list and throw a waypoint on the GPS.
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Old 07-27-2013, 09:24 AM   #18
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Spot Activated and Trip Created on Spotwalla.

I'll put it in my signature as well.

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Old 07-30-2013, 04:03 AM   #19
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Trailering up on Friday! TAT starts Saturday! Of course, I have a business trip to NY first. But that will make this week go by that much faster.

We installed some foot peg extenders on luigi's ktm the other day. We went through his packing list..decided on a few last minute purchases he needed (ordered last night through Amazon - I love Amazon Prime). Last night I finalized my packing. Bike is ready to go! I am ready to go.

Eastern TAT 08-13
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Old 08-18-2013, 07:25 AM   #20
Jsherman OP
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Day 0 - Aug 1-2, 2013

Aug 1-2, 2013 - Day Zero (pre-tat)

Five star was on a plane from OH due to some business commitments. Luigi and I got back the day prior from a different business trip. Luigi and I left work early to start loading up the truck and trailer. Fortunately, Five Star's bike is already on location - ready for loading.

When Five Star finally shows up, we immediately recognize his business travels has afforded him no time to prep for our pending travels.

We load the bikes and decide to do an all-nighter up to Tellico Plains - Damn Straight! This will put us a full day ahead of schedule.

Here are the pictures - videos will be uploaded later for all days.

We switched drivers a couple times throughout the course of the night. One or two of us would sleep and the other would drive.

Sometime around 2AM...with Five Star behind the wheel and Luigi and I sleeping...he decided to start looking for a gas station. Of course, he waited until the gas computer says "50 miles until empty" to decide this. So he proceeds to wake us up and we start looking. Nothing. We're down to 5 miles until empty and we decide to pull over and use one of our rotopax to fill up the truck.

Due to this new design, you need a special doo-mah-hickey to use a gas can with these new caps. Rotopax is useless. Luigi is useless (his truck and he has no idea where said doo-mah-hickey is).

So, we decide to see how far we can go with 5 miles left and no additional fuel added. At 1 mile left on the gas computer - we find an open gas station!!

We decide that Five Star isn't driving anymore and we're determined to not get down to 1 mile of fuel (vapor??) in this truck anymore. Five Star states that he was planning it all along and used exact calculations / logistics. Yes, Five Star...we agree. Now go to sleep.

Five Star sleeps all the way to arrival in Tellico Plains.
I guess that is one way out of driving duties...

Breakfast in Tellico Plains - we arrived at 7:45 AM (15 minutes prior to the café open). Five Star already making business calls and showing us how well he slept.

We have reservations at The Lodge At Tellico - let me just say that Walt is VERY accommodating. We are very early...checkin isn't until later in the afternoon. His wife hands us keys to our rooms and a keycard to the garage for the bikes. We'll settle up on price of the rooms later..."get some rest".

I can't say enough nice things about the Lodge at Tellico and Walt - took great care of us and allowed us to leave our truck/trailer in his parking lot while we continued on our journey. I should also note that we stayed here prior to heading back home...again, he took very good care of us (more on this later).

The Lodge has a perfect place to store your motorcycle (for maintenance, security, and peace of mind).

Because we were a day early, we stopped over at the Motorcycle Outfitters and picked up a replacement mirror for one that I broke when parking my bike at work the previous day. Yes, I had not even left, Florida and my bike fell over in the parking lot. We'll call it a trend...related wholly to the following: Kickstand, Weight, and off-camber parking selections.

Can't say enough nice things about the Motorcycle outfitters - because we were a day early, we had time to go play around in the Tellico area. We hit some trails based on recommendations from the Motorcycle Outfitters. He even gave us his map of the trails - with the caveat that we bring it back when we're done. Deal. Warm-ups...

We did let Five Star lead at some point - he usually selects the "least traveled" path. Eventually we have a fork in the road and he decides "UP" is the way to we follow and at the end of a twisty gravel road that increases elevation pretty quickly is a mobile home. We're in someone's driveway. The woman out by her car, looks at us and smiles. I immediately know, um, deliverance? Then a man opens the door and comes outside. He asks - "what are you doing". I didn't let anyone else respond, I immediately said that we had taken a wrong turn and we'd be proceeding back down the mountain. He then says, "are you lost, where you trying to get to". My apologies sir, we're just tooling around on the backroads. Take Care!!! and we proceeded to get the hell out of there.

Five Star doesn't lead anymore.

Day Zero complete. Dinner would be BBQ at Krambonz in Tellico. We retire for the evening with Cigars and Beer on the front porch of the cabin. Reviewing the plan for the next day.

More to come - the reason this isn't real time - I realized immediately that it would be difficult caring for the old folks and getting the posts in daily.

Eastern TAT 08-13
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Old 08-18-2013, 11:12 AM   #21
Jsherman OP
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A couple of items of note for the trip:

1. We had intended on camping more - in the end, we camped once and stayed in hotels for the remainder of the trip

2. We utilized SENA SM5's for communications across the three riders. Because we used the cheaper models, we could only communicate between two riders at any one time. Switching was pretty easy and the third rider was able to interrupt conversations by notifying the person they wanted to speak with through initiating a call. Overall, huge benefit.

3. We had two Garmin Montanas with us - both were loaded with ROUTES built off of the TRACKS created by Sam (purchased off the tat site). I spent MANY hours building these routes, but this was HUGELY beneficial as no one had to deal with TAT rolls and the GPS would literally tell us exactly where our next turn was and how long until the next one. Luigi, who is totally non-technical and had never used a GPS was able to use my GPS TAT routes to lead on multiple days. They were that easy...

I am considering sending my routes to Sam - so they can be sent out instead of the gps tracks...we'll see.

More to come...I've been processing video and prepping images all day.

Stats for the overall trip:
1,878 Miles (this includes the route back from the end of Arkansas to Tellico Plains, TN)

Six total days of travel - five for the TAT and one for the ride back to Tellico Plains
Moving Average = 43.2 MPH
Overall Average = 28.2 MPH
Eastern TAT 08-13

Jsherman screwed with this post 08-18-2013 at 11:15 AM Reason: adding stats.
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Old 08-18-2013, 05:11 PM   #22
Jsherman OP
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Day 1 - Aug 3, 2013

TAT 2013 - Day 1 - August 3, 2013

Official start and man were we hyped. Woke up at the lodge at Tellico and got the bikes ready (ok, we had them ready the night before). Pulled them out of the garage and got breakfast.

We've never done this before - so while excited, I also had some feelings of not knowing what to expect. Anxious is probably the best description.

The day started with the following statement:
"First one down in the water, buys the beer for the night"

Deal. Knowing we had creek crossing number 4 (where someone ALWAYS goes down) - we were all armed with cash in pocket to buy the beer - yet all hoping that it was going to be Luigi down first (except Luigi - he was hoping it'd be me).

With beer on my mind, we started. (this is a picture of some of the winnings - yes, someone went down on number four)

Breakfast - thanks to the lodge at Tellico for a great spread!

Bikes all queued up - Five Star making sure his gear was secure.

Breakfast complete and one last photo (prior to any breakage or injuries) - everyone/thing real nice and clean

Quick video of the start of the TAT here in TN. Just to give everyone an idea what it looks like prior to the water. A day one report usually contains the water crossings and pictures.

Ok, I Know, you only care about one thing...WHO is going to buy the beer? I went across #4 first, it was challenging, bumpy, and wet. But, I made it. We were told multiple times, go LEFT by many people (even the guy at Motorcycle outfitters). Before I went in, I could see in the water a clear path. But, I recognized that there is protruding bed rock on both the LEFT and the RIGHT side of the narrow path.

The predictions are:
Luigi = 2 votes
YoungBull = 1 vote

I took the middle.
Luigi decided he was going to go trout fishing upstream...high centered himself on the bed rock.
Five Star decided he was tired and wanted to take a break in the middle of the stream. resting nicely on the right side of the bed rock.

Luigi is the buyer of the beer!

A little ways after the water crossings, we take a break. The two old guys were helping each other - with what, I wasn't sure and I didn't want to ask.

Soon after, it was lunch time.

Luigi is unhappy in this picture, maybe a little wet in the drawers?

More riding - and we stop at a cemetery for another break. I am a big fan of old cemeteries, especially if they date to the 1800's. This met all my demands.

While the two old guys fooled around with their depends - I was checking out the dates of the stones.

Eventually, it was near the end of the day and we started searching for a place to stay. Hotel tonight - first day on the road and not a campsite for miles. This picture is me appeasing Five Star by looking at his maps - the whole time, knowing that I could just ask my GPS "where is a hotel".

We decide on a hotel in Alabama (due south of current location).

1. Many miles of paved Tennessee back roads. Very few, unpaved.
2. Total miles per GPS is 331 - not sure of accuracy.
3. Moving Average - 35.4
4. Max Speed - 78.1 (um, probably wasn't legal)
5. Wife and family members LOVE having access to our SPOT for real time updates. When we did the final spot checkin at the hotel in Athens, Alabama - they called and named the hotel. Holiday Inn Express Hotel & Suites.
6. Animals -
a. Deer – many many many deer. Pretty sure I chased two for a quarter mile
b. Goats
c. Raccoons
d. Turkey
e. Rabbits
f. Dogs (Luigi was chased by at least half-dozen dogs)
g. Cows
h. Llama
i. Cats
j. Donkeys (at least a dozen or more in one field)
k. Sheep
l. Mouse
m. Opossum

Overall, it was a great first day. I'm very happy the three of us are working as a team and all of our gear and bikes are performing as expected.

More to come!
Eastern TAT 08-13

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