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Old 07-18-2013, 04:55 PM   #16
mknight OP
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Many have asked how they can be of help to Josh or what kind of fund raising efforts we have this year.

Asking for, and accepting help, is something really hard for us to do. To do it two years in a row, makes it twice as hard. We love talking motorcycles and sharing our experience regardless.

Jon at has been a huge help this year in putting together a great T-shirt design. Jon has been a great resource to the riding community for years and I would encourage you to check out his site for info on custom graphics and printing. Here is the design of this year’s T-shirts:

We’re selling Adult sizes for $20 and Youth Sizes for $15. That includes shipping. We are only able to do one run of shirts, so unfortunately, when they’re gone, they’re gone. Several have already requested shirts so if you’re interested, please let us know.

Another great resource this year have been friends Burt and Troy from Highline Recreation who make the Tugger lift strap. These straps have been made famous by use in such high profile events as Erzberg and the Romaniacs and other Extreme Enduros. Josh ran Tuggers both front and rear last year in Germany and they were a huge help in the gnarly, muddy conditions of Germany.

They have made a generous donation of Tuggers to Josh, and we are selling them for $20 a piece (Style 1 Rear Tuggers) which includes shipping.

Their retail is $24 plus shipping, so this is a win-win….you get a cheaper than normal price, and Josh gets some help.

Another very similar offer and win/win is the ability to purchase a Turn Tech lithium ion battery. If you send a note to Joe at Turn Tech Battery and mention the Josh Knight ISDE fund, he will donate a portion of the sale to Josh. You get an awesome battery, save a few pounds on your bike, and help Josh in the process.

This year, we are fortunate to be able to host another Open MX practice at the incredible Ogden Cycle Association motocross track in Ogden Utah ( Last year we had a very successful open practice at this same facility and everyone seemed to love it and asked if we were doing it again last year. We have been members of this private track for over 10 years and the club has been very supportive of allowing us to host another fundraiser. If anyone is in the area this weekend, you can come out and ride for $20 a day per rider. For anyone in the Utah area, you know, there is no track anywhere in the state that has the quality dirt like OCA.

Here’s a little promo video Josh put together for the fundraiser a few weeks ago.

And, I would like to thank our wonderful neighbors who hosted a BBQ fundraiser for him this past Monday night with Cowboy/Western singers Dave and Jenny Anderson. It was an awesome way for the local community to support him in a “non-motorcycling” type of way. We have incredible neighbors and a great community who came out and enjoyed a casual concert in the shade of the trees at our local community center.

Josh got the chance to thank everyone and explain a little bit more about what it is that he is doing. It’s kind of funny because even in the motorcycling community, a lot of people don’t know what the ISDE is, yet alone a bunch of our neighbors. Although since last year, I’ll bet more of them could explain the ISDE better than a lot of motorcycle enthusiasts.

More stuff is showing up for the bike, so I’ll have more follow up on that later, but for now the focus is on hosting a fun, safe, and successful open practice this weekend.
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Old 08-14-2013, 08:19 PM   #17
mknight OP
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Location: Harrisville, Utah
Oddometer: 367
It’s been some time since an update and there has been a lot happening.

We had two fundraisers in the same week. After the BBQ/Concert, we had an Open MX practice day at the OCA MX track. We owe a huge thanks to the OCA MX Club for allowing us to host this event again this year. It was a huge success and despite the near triple digit temperatures, everyone had an awesome time riding the greatest MX track in the state.

Here are some pictures of the event.

Josh and friend Carson Giles


T-shirt sales, concessions, and escaping the heat in some shade.

These kids were trying to hold their free sno cones while getting around on their PW50.

Desert racer Braydon Bland loves moto too.

ISDE T-Shirts and Sno-Cones

Nothing like OCA Dirt.

Josh enjoying the track and getting in some practice time.

Little brothers Benji and Kobee get in on the action too.

Thanks to everyone who came out and enjoyed a great day at the track, enjoyed some concessions, sno-cones, and motos with good friends.
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Old 08-14-2013, 09:34 PM   #18
mknight OP
Gnarly Adventurer
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Joined: Aug 2005
Location: Harrisville, Utah
Oddometer: 367
With the fundraisers under our belt, it was time to get serious and focused on the bike. As previously mentioned, we were stressing over getting the lights setup and working properly on the bike. In the end, with the help of TrailTech, and Brayden at ADS Motorsports, we got everything working great. Unfortunately we were not able to use the TrailTech light due to the 2013 fender mounting system. As a result, we ended up using a Polisport light that has 4 rubber mounted attachments and worked out great with the 2013 fender.

Little Sister Kaytee has been a huge help through this whole process as well, helping to deal with all of the other things that take so much time. Here she is organizing all of the sold T-shirts. Most of the T-shirts are now on their way, and more to be sent in the next couple of days.

She also was super excited to help paint the crate. The rest of the family is bummed that they can’t go to Italy this year, but they’ve all been incredibly supportive to help in any way that they can.

The AMA requested a specific paint scheme this year on all the crates, to provide a more professional and consistent look in the U.S. pits.

BulletProof Designs Radiator guards…..are exactly that, Bulletproof.

T.M. Designworks chain guide, coupled with a BulletProof designs protector over the very vulnerable tabs on the KTM swingarm. Dirt Tricks sprockets, and Regina X-ring chain as well.

TrailTech hour meter, stator, wiring harness/switch, and computer, along with new graphics.

New Flexx bars….these are awesome!! The TrailTech Computer tucks in nicely behind the light and everything fits well.

Sunline V1 Flexx levers and Acerbis handguards (full wraparounds are not allowed this year, but this is our preferred setup anyway).

It was then time to do some suspension testing and make sure everything was “tight”. It was a good thing we did because we were able to resolve a water gasket leak, and a weeping oil leak on the new ignition cover after installing the new stator. Josh loves the bike and says it really rips for a 250F.

Finished product.

Finished bike in front of ADS Motorsports in Ogden, Utah.

We had one last opportunity to do a small fund raiser out our local community heritage days festival. We set up a booth, sold some more hamburgers, T-shirts, and talked to community members about the ISDE. In this picture are Josh, his brother Kobee, and several friends as well as his Grandpa (my Dad). There is a cool little twist this year, his Grandpa Knight is going to Italy with us. We’re totally excited.

With all of that completed, it was time to get serious about getting the bike in the crate on its way to the AMA in Ohio and then over the big pond to Italy. Josh and I both commented that it felt like deja-vu to be doing this all over again!

All of that has to go in there.

Somehow we made it all fit.

This is the last we saw of the crate. This is last Monday, sitting at ADS Motorsports before the truck came and picked it up.

And finally, a non-motorcycle related pic. This is me, Josh, and my other two sons Kobee and Benji, sitting on top of Kings Peak (13,528 feet elevation) last Thursday on Josh’s 18th birthday. After getting the crate shipped off, it was a huge relief. We already had this backpacking trip planned and had an awesome time hiking in Utah’s backcountry and taking a reprieve from all of the ISDE prep.

With the bike gone, it’s now time to focus on riding, training, school, staying safe, and final prep before leaving. We have just a little over 5 weeks before we head out and I know that the time will escape us quickly.
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Old 08-14-2013, 11:25 PM   #19
Southest US Thumper
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Day Yum!

Thanks for the update!!! So bummed I didn't pull the trigger on the airfare last year! Bike looks ready, Josh looks ready, and the family looks beyond ready! Too cool that Pops is going along tis year.

My buddy and ADVrider Inmate "Jethrodog" aka Chris will be down there, and I think he'll post some trailside pics whenever he gets connectivity.

Best of Speed and Safety Josh!
It's the Most F5orite Time of the Year!!!
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Old 09-17-2013, 08:59 PM   #20
mknight OP
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Location: Harrisville, Utah
Oddometer: 367
It’s been a while since I provided an update. Since the bike shipped at the end of July, life hasn’t slowed down but we’re getting incredibly excited. We board a plane in 5 days. Fortunately, with riding, training, and racing, Josh has managed to stay healthy. During that time he has been able to race a National Hare n’ Hound in Nevada and watch Kurt Caselli wrap up the 2013 NHHA Championship. We were also able to attend the first National Motocross race in Utah in 40 years, and witness the incredible riding of the MX Pros. It was crazy watching Zach Osborne and Ryan Sipes tearing up the MX track, knowing they will be U.S. ISDE teammates in Italy in a week.

A week and a half ago one of our local clubs hosted the first Enduro in Utah in about 9 years. The influence of the Idaho City ISDE qualifier and a greater awareness of the sport of Enduro has been permeating the Utah racing scene for several years. The event was a huge success and I loved seeing people get excited about this race format. Here is Josh in a Utah/Nevada style grass track at that event:

It’s really hard to believe it’s been a year since we were going through all of this in preparation for Germany.

We received confirmation today that the U.S. container has arrived in Italy and is going through customs. In the past few weeks, Josh received a few goodie packages. I think these KLIM jerseys look awesome this year:

And the timeless look of the trademark U.S. skunk helmet from Arai:

I would like to personally thank all who have helped Josh and our family attempt to fulfill this dream one more time. Doing it two years in a row has been a real challenge. Asking for help and accepting help have been a real struggle. However, I have been completely amazed at the support offered and the generosity extended by so many people either in their time, donations, or willingness to help in whatever way possible. Thank you!!!!!

I hope to be able to provide some great ISDE coverage this year and share our ISDE experience from Josh’s perspective along with my perspective as support crew. I can’t wait.
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Old 09-18-2013, 05:24 AM   #21
off-ramp slayer
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Can't wait !
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Old 09-24-2013, 03:02 PM   #22
mknight OP
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September 23, 2013

First full day here in preparation for the ISDE next week. Most of the U.S. Team members arrived today so we pretty much just bummed around trying to acclimate ourselves to the surroundings and go see some of the countryside. We managed to find a few of the special tests and walk a bit of them.

The Hotel is hopping now with U.S.Team members. I think every "restaurant" in Italy is a Pizzeria. We finally found a place that was not a Pizzeria, nor a Bar that only served drinks. It was an "American" restaurant Italy style...that served Hamburgers and Sushi (is that really an American combo?). It was funny to see the pictures on the wall and their perspective of Americans. They cranked the AC/DC after we sat down. Josh said he felt like he was in weightlifting class in high school with the AC/DC going.

It's going to be a long week. Josh already wants to ride and we haven't even uncrated bikes yet. That should hopefully be tomorrow.

View of the pool last night from the balcony on our hotel room.

The "paddock" (pits area) is an actual dock in the sea with big ferry boats like this all around it. There were a lot of factory rigs there like this KTM one, just getting setup.

These are what the street signs will look like to get to all the special tests and time checks.

The American team is staying in the DoubleTree. This picture was taken from the paddock area so we are really close. It's a nice hotel compared to most of the others in the area.

Typical view from along the coastline. The course for days 1-3 runs north from the town of Olbia and goes right near the water many times.

This is for all the ladies out want an Italian Stallion, here you go (We stopped by one of the local public beaches for just a few minutes).

After driving around for a while, we found our first special test course. This is a temporary sign marking the start of the test. They will have electronic gates installed when the event actually starts.

Josh walking the test we found. It's a really dry hilly area where they've come in with a tractor and clear cut the brush. It's dry and going to be incredibly dusty.

More special test.

Josh walking the test...that's the Mediterranean Sea to the east.

A better view of what the terrain of the test looks like. There is short stubble of all the brush they've cut out. There is nothing very technical about the looks fast and flowy.

They were just getting all the ribbon tied on the lathe for this test. You can tell by some of the Swedish riders walking the test with their shirts off, that it is pretty warm. Hydration is going to be a lot more important this year than in Germany due to the dust and heat.

More special test walking.

Driving around, we found some of the sections where the course diverts on trail. This is what the terrain looked like. I sure hope they get a lot of offroad riding. So far we've seen a lot of marking on the streets.

A view from the actual trail course....not a bad view.

We found another public beach and stopped for a few minutes. The Mediterranean is very blue and the beaches are shallow and could wade out in them a long ways.

Josh enjoying the view....looking east into the Mediterranean. The mainland of Italy is out there somewhere.

We saw this getting off the airport in Olbia Italy yesterday. It's a cool thing when you see dirtbikes in the airport

Our dinner last night at one of the bazillion Pizzeria's in town. It was good, but I can already tell we're going to struggle to find much other than Pizza.....and soda with no ice.....again

A great view tonight while we were driving around looking for another special test.

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mknight OP
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September 24, 2013

We originally thought today was going to be spent at the paddock unloading the U.S. Crate and setting up the pits and beginning bike prep. The container was not available, so we went to Plan B and found 3 other special tests and spent most of the day walking them.

Pretty much all of the U.S. Team is here now. It was fun to see familiar faces, and meet some new people from all over the country.

We first found what is known as the "KTM Test". This test will be ridden 6 times (over 3,000 riders). It is going to be brutal and full of rocks. Check out the pictures for more details.
We then found found the Indoona Test (Special Test 3 on Days 1 and 2). It's a very traditional grass track...very flat.

The third test was the Metzeler Test. Also known as Monte Pino (Pine Mountain). This one is at the most elevation and is deep in the trees and couldn't be any more different than the other tests. It is tight, somewhat technical, and a lot of singletrack.

Check out all the pictures for more details.

It's very warm the 80's and all the tests are going to be dry and dusty, but there is a constant small sea breeze. I was pleasantly surprised to find the diversity in the tests so far. I was initially nervous when the first two we saw were very similar.

There are still 5 more terrain tests to find as well as the final moto.
Tomorrow we are meeting at the paddock to unload the U.S. container and finally get our hands on the bikes. Should be exciting.

Shawn and Jeff O'Leary from Texas. These two brothers are racing together on one of the club teams. Super nice guys and we enjoyed walking one of the tests with them.

This is the KTM test. I originally was going to call this the cow turd test as evidenced by the picture. However, as soon as the test transitioned up the hills, those cow turds all turned into large granite boulders.

The KTM test is right near the ocean. There is a really nice public beach within walking distance. Here, Josh an the O'Leary brothers from Texas check out the terrain.

An ISDE special test with an ocean view. This test is wide and fast, but has a zillion hidden granite rocks everywhere.

Ryan Kudla walking the KTM everywhere.

Ryan Kudla walking part of the KTM test. There are some really fast and very off-camber corners on this test. Did I mention the rocks? They are everywhere.

More rocks in the KTM test. This is what it looks like everywhere. Sharp and jagged granite rocks sticking up.

Jeff O'Leary and Josh Knight walking the KTM test with the city of Olbia Italy in the background.

My Dad has been enjoying going around to the tests with us. He reads a book while Josh and I check out the terrain. This is taken at the "Indoona" grass track test.

The "Indoona" test is a very traditional European styled grass track. It is set in a large field that has had the grass mowed down. In some places it is going to be super slick because it has layers of straw like grass.

There are a few marshy areas thrown in for good measure. Josh looked at this and acknowledged it could get bad, but his perspective on bad mud sections is very relative after riding in Germany last year.

A few of the Indoona grass track. Very flat, no rocks, and pretty fast sweeping corners.

Same test, but just thought this tree was cool.

Josh in his element....he loves turn tracks.

Me checking out the grass track. This is just to prove that I am really here.

Another view of the same test. At this point, we were much further inland. The terrain changed a lot. There was a lot more vegetation. This island is one huge granite rock.

Our third and final test for the day was the Monte Pino (Pine Mountain) test. Also known as the Metzeler Test. This test is high on the mountain. We stopped to take a picture at this overlook just before the test, overlooking the city of Olbia.

Day 1 and 2 course marker. Riders follow the same color for Days 1 and 2.

It was a great view up on top. The paddock and our hotel are right in the center of this picture.

We found the Metzeler Test. It's right on the side of this mountain and at first, these long lanes give the impression that it is going to be pretty open. Nothing could be further from the truth.

It transitions into the trees. I took this picture because this was a really off-camber turn but the picture doesn't do it justice.

Off-camber turns became the theme for this test. This test did not have a ton of rocks. The soil is a decomposed granite. That is what Idaho City soil is like, but the problem is that this has absolutely no moisture in it at all. This was a serious off-camber turn that will be like riding on marbles. It also is a lot of virgin trail so it has the potential to rut up really bad.

Very different from all the other tests. This test is a lot of singletrack and very tight in the trees. They didn't even have lathe on most of the test. The ribbon is just tied to the trees.

A small waterfall/technical section in the test.

More tight stuff. You can see the ruts already from just a few test riders riding the course.

Pictures don't do this downhill justice. Josh is holding on to a tree because it was too steep to walk down on the slippery soil. There is a tight right hander off-camber turn at the bottom.

More tight and semi-technical section on this Metzeler test. It was great to see the diversity in the terrain tests. It's a shame there is no moisture. This test could really be awesome with some moisture in the soil.

This shows the 10 different tests, their names, and GPS coordinates, and the sheet on the right shows all the countries participating, the number of riders, and the day they will go through technical inspection and inpound. Check out the number of Italian riders....181!!
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On the plains of hesitation lie the blackened bones of countless millions who at the dawn of victory lay down to rest, and in resting died.

Go forth and be a force of the awesome!
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Southest US Thumper
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Glad to see you guys made it intact!

Really looking forward to your coverage again this year Mike.

FYI: Mark D aka ADVrider Markvfr from Canada is there again this year, keep an eye out for him in the pits, er sorry, Paddock, Parc Ferme....

I'm guessing Josh will Shine in the dry conditions!

What I'd give for an authentic Italia Pizza right now, but please not a weeks worth!

Go Josh!!!!
It's the Most F5orite Time of the Year!!!
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Too Cool.
Thanks for share'n!!!!!!
Any bike can be taken off road. The question is; How much fun did you have doing it?

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on the gas or brakes
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Seems Jeff Fredette cut his hand on a cutoff wheel just before leaving and needed stitches .. seems like he will do fine from his FB posts.

Go USA !
Thanks for the 2015 support: BELL HELMETS, SCOTT USA, Kriega USA, SEATCONCEPTS.COM , Galfer USA,, GPR stabilzers, Sidi/Motonation, Masters paint and body, Magura , Motolab , Loctite and Dunlop tires .
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mknight OP
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September 25, 2013

First thing this morning, everyone was able to get over to the paddock and begin unloading the U.S. Container. With everyone jumping in, we made quick work of it….putting up the U.S. Canopies, unloading the crates, and organizing things enough so that everyone could get to their bikes and begin work.

The majority of the day was spent prepping bikes. Tomorrow will be much the same and we then plan to spend the afternoon walking some more special tests.
The first team meeting was conducted tonight and all team members introduced. Impound is this Friday afternoon, and then Photoshoots and opening ceremonies/parade on Saturday.

All hands on deck unloading the container.

Main U.S. Canopy going up.

Pits starting to take shape.

Josh Knight and Ryan Kudla assembling tire changers.

The mechanics were put to work assembling new tool stands.

It was great seeing this crate roll out of the container and know that it made it to the other side of the world.

The Factory KTM bikes look awesome as always. Here is Mike Brown’s 500. He is riding in the E3 class this year. Caselli and Mullins bikes are behind his. This is before the mechanics had really got to them, right after they uncrated them.

Josh’s bike and all our “stuff”.

Wishing he could ride right now.

Ryan Kudla assembling his ISDE special edition KTM 300. He had lots of goodies to install.

The legend, Jeff Fredette calm, cool, and collected as always as he preps his KX450 for his 33rd ISDE!

Zach Osborne’s mechanic his Amsoil Geico Honda. I think Zach is going to do great on these tests and be a real asset for the American team.

More eye candy.

The U.S. Pits were busy all day with all the bike prep.

Rachel Gutish doing homework in the pits while her dad preps her bike. It was great to see another young rider trying to juggle priorities of being a high school student and athlete at the same time.

Josh and Grandpa relaxing at the Metzeler tire rig ready to cough up all our dough for a week’s worth of tires and bib mousses. Thanks to all those who have helped with donations and fund raising. This is where every little bit helps!!

The Metzeler tire moped. If you’ve ever been to a Six Days, you’ll recognize this familiar site.

It might as well be Christmas.

More prep and craziness in the pits today.

Thanks you ADS Motorsports, Sage Riders, and Ogden Cycle Association (many other sponsors to acknowledge later). It sounds cliché, but we seriously could not be here without you.

Thank you Epic Moto, Tugger Lift Straps, and Joe at TurnTech Batteries. Josh’s Tugger is installed and hopefully will not need to be used, and the Turn Tech Battery was connected this morning, and after 2 months of sitting in a crate, it fired the bike right up.

It felt good just to get the bike started. Josh was itching to just get on it.

View down pit row from the U.S. pits.

KTM and Husaberg support tents.
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Wishing you a good ride in ISDE 2013 Josh!
950 SE. WR250R. 950 ADV
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Originally Posted by ICERIDER View Post
Wishing you a good ride in ISDE 2013 Josh!

Go get 'em!!!
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Setting up of other roads, travel on in old accustomed ways."
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