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Thanks for the update on the area LB. I did some surveying for the Park Service before the new highways were built (mid-Late '80's ish), mapping and lay out for development of the Johnson / Windy Ridge Centers and interpretive trails down by the lakeshore. Mostly winter work..yup, cold and raining sideways. But it was always great seeing large herds of Elk feeding in what was once a barren landscape.

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Ladybug0048 OP
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Shooby, thanks for helping the park service make the views accessible to more people. I think everyone should go to both Windy and Johnson to see what it's all about. While Windy Ridge is my favorite both are must sees.
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Very nice Ladybug...

I especially enjoyed the segment on Mt. St. Helens. Interesting.
Ride on.
No, I don't know where that road goes, let's find out!
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Set Adrift
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Hi there LB Just sitting down and finally doing some catching up. I can see you have been having some excellent rides this summer. Beautiful country up there but some of those places have so many trees how do you see the forest  I'd probably get all claustrophobic or something.

I like the way you present a very insightful perspective of everything around you. I suppose because you go slow enough to actually take the time to be acutely observant. I am trying so hard to emulate the philosophy of smelling the flowers and stop racing through life.

I found this statement (below) to be a very intrinsically insightful disclosure. You may remember per our conversations that I made some very bold life changing adjustments (changes)myself and have never look back. Once I made the leap, I said, hey that wasn't so bad. Too bad everyone around me is screaming, but that too will subside.

"Age is an issue of mind over matter. If you don't mind, it doesn't matter."
Mark Twain

ďDo anything, but let it produce joy.Ē
Walt Whitman

"The closer I get to my retirement years I worry I wonít have the money to do the things I want because I have spent my life doing things I wanted. Then I see people like that who worked and saved their entire lives to get to retirement but not able to enjoy it. At least when I am forced to stop doing thing I do either because of health or lack of money at least I will have my memories and ton of pictures. "
You are a wise person. As my Daddy once said When's the last time you seen a Hurst with a U-Haul behind it! Can't Take it with you keep doing what your doing and I keep reading about the Great Adventures of Ladybug and her trusty steeds.
My Ride South of the Border
Riding Nevada's Pony Express Trail May 2013

To travel is to discover that everyone is wrong about other countries.
Aldous Huxley
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Hi redog1 Nice to see you are still following along.

Hi Sam It's always good to see you. Compared to me you are zipping along on this ride: but have slowed down compared to your normal pace. There are flowers out there waiting for you to enjoy Now about those trees, believe it or not many times if you are riding slow enough you can see in between them.

I like those quotes you shared. Thanks
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In January MustangShelly posted an invitation to the lady riders in ADVland to join her for the 2013_PNW_Ladies_Adventure_Ride July 26-28. That sounded like fun and a good way to meet other lady riders. There arenít a lot of women riders out there and even less that ride dual sport. While I enjoy my guy friends itís nice to have other gals to hang out with too.

Once I determined I could make this ride I invited Rainbow007 to join in for the fun and she was on board. Remember back at Hells Canyon one of our friends showed up and surprised us? Lee from Montana who is now MTLee on ADV was also invited to join Rainbow and I for this little adventure and a plan was in place.

Introducing Rainbow007 in the lead with MTLee following

Iíll leave you with this as I work on writing up the story about our Ladies Ride.

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With all my rides I have everything planned out, Iím a planner and always feel better having a plan in place before I leave home. Also with my plans I always plan a lot more than I can reasonably do in the allotted time so the plans are subject to change. Rainbow and MTLee donít care how crazy I get with the planning they just happily follow along, laughing at me a bit, and having fun doing it.

The plan was to head out Friday morning and meet the rest of the gals in Tygh Valley, OR at camp that evening and go from there. The ride MustangShelly had planned would be along Barlow Road, which I have wanted to do for a while but I havenít gotten around to riding it and I was really looking forward to this.

The route I had planned for the four days we had ahead of us:

For a Ladies Ride pink routes are appropriate. Right?
Day 1 Friday July 26, 2013
Rainbow007 and MTLee met me at the gas station, we fueled up and they were all smiles and ready to ride.

You never know what you'll find out on the backroads in farm country.
A caterpillar on a stick?

A little blurry but it shows we did fine with getting an early start and we were already in the Rock Lake area.

As I was riding by Rock Lake I was thinking about how a few months before some of the Spokane/Couer dí Alene riders were talking about a fall ride out at Rock Lake but we didnít follow through with the plans. We really need to do that because there are some interesting features out there that needs to be exploring but for now weíre riding farm country to get where weíre going.
Why are there arrows on the road pointing the opposite direction of the lane travel?

Riding a road I havenít been on before was fun. I always like seeing new things.

In an area that seems to be flat and straight on the map and from the Interstates/Highways there are some very fun twists, turn, ups and downs. Hidden gems out there in the Lower_Channeled_Scablands that most people donít see.


We found the south end of
Rock_Lake, which of course wasnít hard to find, since we were on the road that skirts it.

We rode a little bit of nice fresh pavement.

Found a road that looked promising and the moon was still out. What the heck? It should be down by now. Oh well, itís the moon it can do whatever it wants to do.

When I spotted this driveway I had to stop and check it out.

Rainbow007 and MTLee still have big smiles.

A closer look at the "welcome" to this ranch.

Iíll pass on going in for a visit, they donít appear very friendly although they do have a sense of humor.

Seeing these people out working made me smile because I wasnít working.

The post office/general store in

I led Rainbow007 and MTLee to where a geocache is located. Itís one Iíve found before so I was able to just sit back and watch them look for it.

Rainbow007 was hot after that geocache.

MTLee spotted the cache and Rainbow007 played monkey and went after it.

Cache retrived.

Log signed

And the cache was returned to itís hiding place.

The old water tower is still in use.

You probably canít tell it in this picture but the pipe coming out of the tower and the hose hanging down are new. Fill Ďem up? OK maybe not.

MTLee has picked up some habits from me already. Rainbow007 and I are ready to ride but MTLee is taking pictures. I love it, she has learned well and rapidly. Wahooooo!

We were moving again.

After crossing the Columbia River (I missed getting that picture) we stopped at the
Vernita_BridgeRest Stop for a rest and a cache.

MTLee and I were wandering around trying to figure out where the cache was but inquisitive Rainbow007 saw the wire sticking out of the post and said "hmmmm whatís this?" and pulled it up. At the end of the wire was a tiny geocache only big enough for a small rolled up log to sign. Some people are so clever with their hides.

We filled up our water containers, had a snack and MTLee fueled up her bike. During this trip her bike only had about an 80-mile range as the bigger tank she had bought wasnít installed yet. Sometimes gas stations are few and far between when you are playing on the back roads.
Of course I had to take pictures for my own amusement.


The ride was in July and this particular weekend was hot, hot, hotÖÖ we were headed toward Sunnyside which is one of the hotter towns in WA during the summer. We stopped in Sunnyside for fuel and we were all dripping with sweat but still having fun although we didnít screw around as we wanted to get moving again with the hopes that as we climbed up out of the valley to Bickleton it would get cooler. We deliberately didnít look at or for temperature signs as we passed through because we figured what we didnít know wouldnít melt us into a puddle.
As the road climbed out of the valley the temperature did drop and the cooler air was so welcome even though it was still very hot. I think I will leave you here sweating for a bit but I will be back to tell you moreÖÖ
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You can do it!
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Originally Posted by Ladybug0048
MTLee and I were wandering around trying to figure out where the cache was but inquisitive Rainbow007 saw the wire sticking out of the post and said "hmmmm whatís this?" and pulled it up. At the end of the wire was a tiny geocache only big enough for a small rolled up log to sign. Some people are so clever with their hides.

What a great little cache!

hey Ladybug, I like your new sig line! Wise words.

Sam's WW line is good, too:
ďDo anything, but let it produce joy.Ē
Walt Whitman

hi Sam!

OSO LOCO!! osoooo!

Oso bored? you can find the rest of our ride reports HERE
make stupid your favorite!
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dreaming adventurer
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Great stories, ladybug.
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Loud Al
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A Quick Trip to Big Sur

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Originally Posted by Klay View Post
Great stories, ladybug.
Hi Klay,
Thank you.
Nice to see you pop in and check things out.

Originally Posted by Loud Al View Post

Hi Allan, nice to know you are still checking on me. You'll recognize this next section.

Don't you have a ride report you should be working on.
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The plan was to have lunch in Bickleton,_WA,which is about half way to Tygh Valley, OR with the route we were taking. It was clear we werenít going to make it to Tygh Valley since we were stopping often and taking our time to get moving again. We were having fun, which was the priority. Our lunch was going to be later than we planned too so all three of us was looking forward to the meal.

The route we were riding for the day with stopping short in Biggs, OR rather than riding to tygh Valley as we were hoping to do.


About 20 miles before Bickleton there was a lighted warning sign indicating Hwy 97 was closed and there was a detour ahead due to a fire. We could see smoke billowing up NW of where we were but it was still north of where we were headed. At Alderdale Rd. there were officials (I think they were Natural Resources officers) detouring people down Alderdale Rd. toward the Columbia River and Hwy 14. Our route wasnít taking us to Hwy 97 and the fire looked like it was a ways from Bickleton so we continued on rather than taking the detour.

It was after 2:00 pm, I was hungry and I knew Rainbow007 and MTLee were probably hungry too plus I wanted to get in out of the heat for a while. I started to wonder if the cafť would be open with the fire and detour. If not it was going to be quite a bit of time before we would get to where there were facilities.

Bickleton,_WA,is said to be the bluebird capital because of the thousands of bluebirds in the area. There are bluebird houses all over the place, hundreds of them, but this one entering town from the east is my favorite.


On the way in to Bickleton there was a temperature sign which indicated it was 98 degrees. It felt cooler there than it did in Sunnyside so we speculated it was over 100 degrees in Sunnyside. No wonder we were hot.

The smoke from the
fire was heavy in the air but The_Bluebird_Inn was open so we would be able to have lunch and cool down a little.



Bickleton,_WA,is a nice town I always enjoy a stop there although the smoke sure doesnít make it look appealing.


After drinking a lot of ice water, having a nice lunch and cooling down we were refreshed and ready to ride again.

Bickleton,_WA,we would be riding some fun roads.


We headed south at Cleveland, passed Dot School, the turned West on Newell Rd.

Dot school

Newell Rd. ~ Rainbow007 was getting some shots on the fly. I was leading, MTLee right behind me and Rainbow bringing up the rear.




The road is only straight and flat for a short distance then it starts dropping into a canyon.



With this being a ladies ride and ladies like to shop we decided to shop for a house.

This one has water.


Nice big house with lots of windows for plenty of fresh air.

Letís take a closer look.


Iím sure that at one time the house was very nice. The tree this is attached to is huge and none of us knew what type of tree it was. We picked it, cut it in half to see what was inside and took it with us. Maybe a walnut but it didnít look like a walnut. None of us had ever seen a walnut growing.


The house has a little structural damage.


It has a shed too.


There was an artisan well. Nice cool, clear water was bubbling out of the ground here.


There were berry bushes all over the place.


Nice yummy berries that MTLee and I enjoyed. Rainbow007 passed on grazing on the juicy delicacies.


There was also a cherry tree and I thought I took a picture of it but I canít find it. The cherries had red skin but the inside was golden. They were very sweet and yummy. Anyone know what kind of cherry that would be?

Time to ride.

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An over the shoulder shot of MTLee and Rainbow007. I need to practice with the over the shoulder shots, I'm not so good with them.

With house shopping done it was time to do a little car shopping.

Thereís one for each of us.

I think Rainbow007 wants this one. It has lots of trunk space. She checked it for bodies.


I think I will take this one, itís short like me.


That leaves this one for MTLee. She got the left overs.


The bikes were wondering if they were being replaced.


The smoke from the fire was getting thicker and we were further away from it.


There were at least 20 of these planted along the dry creek bed, might be Rock Creek. The map doesnít show the property belonging to Forest Service or Native Americans so it might be privately owned and the owner has planted trees.


I think this will take us back out to the main road.


We were on Rock Creek Rd. for a while headed south then headed west on old WA 8. I was surprised to find it paved and nicely paved at that. There were some incredible views of the Columbia Gorge from this road but the on the fly pictures didnít turn out. It would be a great place to go at sunset and actually stop and get some nice photos.

I was trying not to stop so often but I finally had to stop and look around.


The ride through the wind farm felt a little strange. As those big blades go round and round on each side of the road it was like we were playing dodge ball even though I knew the blade were distanced plenty far from the road.


From the wind farm we drop to the lower part of Hwy 97 not far from the Columbia River and Hwy 14. The smoke from the fire is still in view.


MTLee had never been to the Maryhill Stonehenge_Replica_War_Memorialso a stop needed to be made.


About 2 miles from the memorial is the Maryhill State Park. We talked about it earlier and planned to camp there. Itís on the river and they have showers, which after the hot day of riding was something all three of us wanted.

We wandered around enjoying the memorial.



With the smoke in the air from the fire the chances of a colorful sunset were pretty good. As much as I dislike riding after dark with it only being 2 miles from the campground I decided I wanted to go set up camp, return and watch the sunset from here.


The plan sounded good until we dropped down to the campground and discovered it was full. After a short discussion we decided to cross the river to Biggs, OR and get a room. Iíve stayed there before and the rooms are fairly reasonable and an air-conditioned room was very appealing.

"Camp" for the night.


We do ADV parking well, each bike pointed a different direction. Weíd drive the cruiser riders crazy with are mish mash parking.

Across the river wasnít that much further than the campground to the memorial but it was far enough I decided I didnít want to go up there just to ride back in the dark. Instead we hung out, relaxed and went to bed fairly easy. The sunset wasnít as colorful as I thought so I wasnít disappointed that I didnít go back to the memorial. Iíll do it some other time.

We were going to get a good nights sleep and get an early start the next morning while it was still cool and to see if we could make it to Tygh Valley before the gals headed out from camp.
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Location: Spokane Valley, WA (the dry side of the mountains)
Oddometer: 11,404
Day 2 Saturday July 27, 2013
We woke up to another clear day and we were eager for the ride ahead.

Rainbow007 was going to fix something for breakfast and eat at the motel meanwhile MTLee and I were headed across the street to the truck stop restaurant for breakfast. I like starting my day with a good meal. We rode our bikes across the street, fueled up, moved the bikes to the side of the restaurant and had a nice breakfast. It wasnít long and Rainbow007 joined us with her bike fueled and ready to go.
Even though we were getting a fairly early start we werenít sure we could make it to Tygh Valley to meet the rest of the gals before they headed out. Planning ahead and knowing our plans were pushing it I had PMed MustangShelly for the group ride route before we left Spokane in case we didnít make it to Tygh Valley in time. We figured if we didnít make it to camp in time we could follow the same route as the rest of the group and if they stopped more than we did we might catch up with them. Yeah, right. If we didnít catch up to them we would meet them at the campground at Timothy Lake.
After a quick chat about how we wanted to proceed for the day. Do we want to hit pavement and b-line it to Tygh Valley or do we want to take the planned dirt route? The dirt route won even though that would reduce our chances to ride with the other gals from Tygh Valley. The goal was fun rather than just making time and we could meet everyone else at Timothy Lake.
For this next part I debated back and forth about how much I wanted to share with ADVland so I wrote this up and let it sit and simmer for awhile. When I started this ride report my plan was to share pretty much everything, the rides, things along the way, ups, downs, thoughts, and even how my thought process works or at times doesnít. I decided to tell it all even though I could gloss over a lot of the details and make myself look a lot more accomplished than I am. I want people, especially the other gals, to see my riding and me as it really is, good or not.

If you prefer the pictures and shorter descriptions for whatís going on skip this section and return for the next part which will have a lot more pictures and a lot less words.
Now on with the story. . .
We were ready to head out. Rainbow007's bike was started and running, MTLeeís bike was started and running. I pressed my starter button and nothing!!! No grrrrrr, grrrrrr, no click, no nothing. What the?!? The battery was a couple years old but it hadnít given me any problems and even that morning going from the motel to the gas pump and again moving to the side of the building it started strong but now nothing. Crap, crap, crapÖÖÖ DR200s have itty bitty batteries and when they die, they die, no warning or at least that has been my experience.
Of course with three of us being there we had to chitchat about what the problem might be. In my mind it was pretty straightforward, a dead battery. "Is the battery it low on water?" "No, shouldnít be itís a sealed battery Ė or I think it is". Then I started to doubt myself and thought if itís not a sealed battery this is going to be very embarrassing because it hasnít been checked. "Maybe one of the connections came loose." "Well, it shouldnít have since it was doing fine between the motel and here, but you never know." OK, time to take a look at the battery. I pulled off the side cover and found the battery. Whewwwww, it is a sealed battery and the connections were tight. Loose cables would have been an easy fix but I wasnít that lucky. At least I didn't have to be embarrassed about low fluid in the battery.
We were in Biggs, OR so at least we were in a town and it didnít happen the day before while we were out house or car shopping. Of course Biggs, OR is a small town and doesnít have a motorcycle shop. After more chitchat, because thatís always the way things are when there is a mechanical problem and more than one rider, I pulled out my smartphone to see if it would help me. It was working to pull up the internet but it was moving very slowly, the connection was minimal but it was working. Cool, thereís a battery store in Biggs. With it being a truck stop town I knew it would cater to truckers not so much motorcyclists but it was worth a shot. So much for that idea, the phone number was no longer in service. I tried the internet again but it was pulling very slowly and kept freezing. Iím spoiled with the immediate response from the internet at work or home and with me delaying other peoples ride I was very frustrated.
With all this messing around it was already close to 9:00 am, so much for the early start. I didnít want to fight with my phone any more trying to access the internet to find a battery.
After thinking about it for a few seconds I decided to call Allan (that guy I told you about meeting back in Menlo at a rally all those years ago) for a little internet help. Now this call was a bit difficult to make because this was the Ladies Ride weekend and there is the "we can do it ourselves we donít need no stickiní men" theory that some of the women subscribe to during things like this. I have been riding for a lot of years and I have no problem going out into the middle of no where alone but at the same time I will ask for help when I need it. I know my limitations and I wonít beat myself up to prove anything to anyone and especially not to myself. I didnít want to let the other ladies down by asking a man for help but at the same time I didnít want to delay my riding partners day by screwing around any further when I could get help.
Luckily for me Allan answered his phone and even though he was busy with plans for the day with his girlfriend he took the time to help me out. He really is a terrific friend. I asked him if he would check for a nearby motorcycle shop and let me know where I needed to go. After about 15 minutes he called me back with good news. Fun_Country_Powersports in The Dalles, OR had a battery for my bike. Allan asked them to put it on a charger and get it ready to be picked up.
Rainbowís XT250 could handle the interstate speed better than MTLeeís TW200 so it was decided Rainbow ride the 20 miles to The Dalles for the battery while Lee and I waited in Biggs. Not long after Rainbow headed out Allan called me again with a plan for Lee and I. If I could get my bike started we could ride over to The Dalles and join Rainbow since it was going to take a few hours for the battery to charge. His thoughts were that at least the three of could wait together which would be more fun. Allan looked up a route for us so we wouldnít need to be on the interstate and gave it to me.
Thanks Allan for the assist and being thoughtful enough to come up with a plan to get all three of us to the same place.
I carry a Slime_Tire_Inflator kit on the Superbug which has cables that can be used to jump the battery. We decided we would jump the battery, get the Superbug started and head for The Dalles to join Rainbow007.
We hooked up the bikes, started the TW200 and let it run for a few minutes before trying to start the dead bike.

No luck, still nothing. Oh well, we would just wait at Biggs. While we waited we got the old battery out and the Superbug was ready for the new battery to be installed. It had gone from being a pleasant morning to scorching hot so we went back in the restaurant to wait. The staff there was very nice and didnít care that we were taking up space.
After a while Rainbow returned with a nice new battery. Where the battery goes is a tight fit and the cables arenít long enough to put them on with the battery completely out of the box. As I was tightening the bolt the wrench slipped and while on the one post the other end came around and hit the other post Ė Sparks flew, lots of sparks!!! I was startled then my next thought was "did I just kill my new battery?" Once I finished hooking up the battery I tried the ignition and all was good. WhewÖ.. Time to put the strap on the battery and replace the sidecover.
The downside of too many people working on a bike is things get done that someone else (me) might not see. As I started to replace the battery strap I noticed a cable not attached to the battery and I didnít know which post it needed to be on. I didnít even know what it went to, everything was working. The cable was long and I was afraid it belonged on the far post, which is a bugger to get to. Grumble and more frustration. I decided everything was working so I was just going to leave that one unattached.
Lee had stayed inside with all the stuff we had at the table so we went in to get her to leave. As I was telling her about the cable and she remembered taking it off the battery. It belonged on the front post so it would be easy to put it on like it should be. Iím glad she knew where it came from. With the bike problem fixed and everything back where it belonged it was well after noon. We decided to have lunch then head out.
I'll be back soon with more pictures and less words . . . . .
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Over lunch we looked at the map and contemplated our options. All three of us had Monday off work so we still had plenty of time for a good ride but we were now about a day behind for the Ladies Ride and group events. To go to Timothy Lake would have us heading south then west and we needed to start making our way east first thing the next morning.
As much as we wanted to join the other ladies we decided to ride to Tygh Valley as originally planned but head east from there rather than west. We would follow this route for the day or what was left of the day.

No longer feeling the pressure of meeting up with others we were back to enjoying ourselves and it wasnít long until we stopped for a hillclimb and a cache.

View from the cache.

The cacheís hiding place.

MTLee and Rainbow007 checking out the contents of the cache.

There were some cool rocks up there.

Time to come back down.

Next stop: Fairbanks, OR and the school

The school was all locked up but we were able to look through the windows.

I wonder which ADVer left their mark? Bet it was someone from the Hood River contigent. OK which one of you was it? I liked seeing the ADV on the chalkboard.

There is a cache near the school which I found a few years back and now Rainbow007 and MTLee were going to find it. I tried to get them to park near it but they chose to park up by the school instead so now we're going for a walk.

Hot on the trail of the cache.



Hmmmmmmm whatís in here?


The geocache is found. MTLee is getting good at this.


We were off riding again until we saw some pretty mountains we had to stop and get photos of.

Looks like I was sliding down a hill on my butt again. That butt decoration must have been acquired at the hilltop cache earlier.


Maybe one of the Oregon people that knows which mountains these are will pop in and tell us.



Enough screwing around letís ride.


Whoa! Not so fast, thereís something over there we need to check out.



Uh oh, Rainbow007 is playing monkey again and there isnít a cache in sight.


House shopping again?


Not a bad backyard.


Off to the North we could still see smoke coming up from the fire near Goldendale, WA.


After checking things out we needed to get going and the bikes were waiting patiently for us.
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