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Old 10-07-2013, 08:42 PM   #31
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Originally Posted by Mooney 78865 View Post
Quite possible the front will be worthless in the mud. Pretty sure it will be better than the OEM tire. In the 12k I've put on the bike so far, I'm fairly sure that a 460 lb bike in the mud, no matter what tire I put on it, is going to be a 460lb bike in the mud. No illusions there....
Good point.
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Old 10-08-2013, 07:24 AM   #32
Sporting Wood
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I like the TKC 150 rear but as has been said, way too much $ for a tire that will only last 3-4000 miles. Many years ago, we used to be able to get these labeled, "Made in Germany" and they'd last a little longer... I put 6000+ miles on one once on a ride down through Mexico. Unfortunately the newer ones are Brazilian or something, don't last?

TKC 140 rear is a lot less $ and lasts a little longer too. Not a particular great performing tire in anything but not so bad either. Its a true 50/50 tire, its half as good as a street tire on the dirt and half as bad as a dirt tire on the street.

TKC front has a really thin carcass, I've seen them roll up. If thats not enough to not want to run one then their performance should provide the extra impetus. They totally suck on dirt and pavement. Hate the tkc front. Incredibly, I have a lot of friends that love these. No idea why.

Mefo or Heidenau rear is a great 150 tire for the wide rear rim. Sticks almost as well as a tkc rear, works decent everywhere and will last a long time. Sorta pricey but its worth it. I haven't ran either of these though, since they've swapped the tread pattern to the solid center.

Mefo front didn't impress me. Sucked everywhere and cupps easily.

Heidenau front is a really good tire for street biased riding. Does pretty well in hardpack and gravel too. Lasts a long time and sticks great. I found that it likes to run at a lowered pressure. This makes it flex on pavement in the curves if pushed really hard but prevents any cupping and really increases the grip on dirt.

I really like the Pirelli MT21 front for real 50/50. Its tougher than a 606 and I find that it will stick like glue on pavement when pushed. Not the most awesome tire on dirt but better than any I've mentioned so far.

I am also really loving the Pirelli Rally rear, though on the 2.5" rear SE rim since the 18" version of the tire only comes in a 140. Definitely a 50/50, sticks well in dirt and pavement. Could hook up better in hardpack or gravel or hardpack...though this is fixable with liberal application of throttle. I also have a 150-17 version of this tire on the back of the stupid BMW HP2 with a MT21 on front. Totally different tire, low profile street sidewalls with the same wide knobs. I absolutely love it and the combo with the MT21 front for 50/50 riding back east here where we ride curved asphalt in the mountains that would make ya'll westerners hair catch on fire.! Wish they made one in an 18"!

D908 is durable, tough...will run flat its so freaking HD. I originally laced up the SE rear rim for my ADV so I could take advantage of these for $95...but the price doubled! It isn't so well of a pavement tire but I've ridden nothing that will hook like it in the dirt. It likes hardpack and gravel, its an awesome desert tire. I don't like it much in the sand because it produces a side to side constant waddle...which is annoying. In mud, its really sorta bad imho. On pavement its scary, center worn down on pavement its really, really scary! Unless you like backing into curves regularly on pavement, it won't make you happy here. If you want to take a tire on a long dirt mostly cruise out west or down into Baja...its not so bad a choice.

D908 front hasn't impressed many folks. I have gotten so many partially worn ones as gifts I doubt I'll ever get to use them all. The trick to these is that like their rear counterpart, they're really not for road use...not much at least. They shine in the rocky nasty stuff. Big secret to them is to run lower pressures. The sidewall is so freaking heavy it'll also run flat so little air pressure is really needed. Soften them up and they will stick, they become a totally different tire. I run no more than 25 lbs...and even that is a bit much.

MT90 stock Scorpion rear is a really great tire. I'll take it on a long trip where there will be a lot of twisted pavement and not so much dirt. Its not so bad in hardpack and surprisingly will grind its way through a mud hole. IMHO, its the best tire for the wide rear rim for that kind of riding, say like no more than 75/25. Stisck like a race tire on pavement, few are as good as this in its element. I picked a couple up on sale from Revzilla recently for a little over $100 each too. They last 6000+ miles for me so thats not such a bad deal.

MT90 front on the other hand, I don't have a lot of love for it. I run the Heidenau K60 Scout on front with the MT90 rear. The Heidenau lends a little more off road bite where I need it and seems to be a better road tire to boot.

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Old 10-08-2013, 10:46 AM   #33
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Mefo / Dunlop

I have tried every possible combination of tires. TKS are pure crap. No good in dirt and no god on highway and were finished at 3000 kms.
The best combo I have found is a Dunlop 908 on the front and a Mefo Exporer on the rear. The Dunlop is greasy until it scrubs in and you will get some head wag at speed without a damper. However this combo is rock solid in the dirt and OK on the highway.
The perfect set up is to have two sets of wheels and run a 19/17 street combo as well as a set up on the stock rims for dirt. This save you ruining knobby a when you don't need them.

The stock scorpions are decent but I found that they flat easily so run HD tubes if you choose to run them.
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Old 10-08-2013, 10:53 AM   #34
Off Road Ryder
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Tires are just the price of entry to enjoy these bikes.
IMO the mefo and Heidi are both tires of death. Push them hard and you have a funny car out of control.
My mileage on both are around 3k on the rear. Certainly not enough to warrant using a substandard tire. I get from 1800 to 2200 on the rear with a 908.
Traction on road is only marginally better than a 908/606.
The 606/908 will also work surprisingly well on the tight twisties, ride smooth and fast your fine and have a great payoff with a smile on your face. With that said I rarely get above 100mph on the street, The tires are the limitation here.
In a nut shell it comes down to how hard you ride and what your expectations are.
I know the mefo and Heidi are great tires for many, just not for myself.
Now how about that Rotella, Great stuff
When Quality matters,Its all about choices.
Cyclops Performance LED Vendors thread
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Old 10-08-2013, 12:49 PM   #35
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Originally Posted by scottrnelson View Post
Have any of you guys tried the Shinko 705? The local shop highly recommends them. Are they too street oriented?

The Shinko 705 are a surprisingly good tire offroad. Deep sand, snow and mud are the only times I preferred something knobbier.
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Old 10-08-2013, 01:28 PM   #36
Team Orange
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Originally Posted by WallyWhirled View Post
The Shinko 705 are a surprisingly good tire offroad. Deep sand, snow and mud are the only times I preferred something knobbier.
And I've heard others say that they're bad off road and not that good on road either. But it was probably on some huge bike rather than a 350 pound XR650L that I would put them on.

I still plan to put Shinko 705's on my XR650L when I wear out the IRC tires.
__Scott R. Nelson, 2008 KTM 990 Adventure, 2001 Honda XR650L, Folsom, CA
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Old 10-08-2013, 01:41 PM   #37
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I've got a 705 on the rear of my XT350 with a 244 on the front. I've been really impressed with the combo both on and off the road. Even snow wasn't too bad, but mud is awful with it. It loads up instantly. I don't know that I would want a 705 on a big bike if you ride off road much. Too unpredictable off pavement.

I have MEFOs front and rear at the moment on the 950. The front I'm okay with, but it loads up with mud incredibly quickly. Other than that, it's okay. The rear is good in terms of wear and noise on the street, but it just never feels like it has much grip, especially off road. Maybe it's just all the power and such, but that tire seems to spin up at really unexpected times.
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