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Old 11-03-2013, 06:42 AM   #1
Hoogrvy OP
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Sitting on the couch sucks, No plans till I run out of money

I am a jobless, homeless college student and Vet. Government shutdown occur, could not do anything. it was early October and figured if I were to ever do it, I gotta go now.
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Old 11-03-2013, 07:15 AM   #2
Hoogrvy OP
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Joined: May 2013
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Leaving the house is the most difficult part

starting the ride report after some encouragement when I went to the roll the Bones rally 4. everyone was very welcoming. So as I can, I will write as much as possible while still on the road.

Little about myself. I graduated college in august with a BS in Management, and another BS in Marketing. When I buy a house, I will go to the dollar store for the nicest frames they have to mount them I applied to several hundred post with not one potential for an interview. pretty depressing. In August I took the Honda down to the south, Atlanta region, dabbled in Tennessee and rode the Blue ridge mountains home. I wanted to prolong this trip, but I had to do some appointment stuff with the VA. Like Job assistance and I ran out of some prescriptions. not that I do not love my Honda VT1100C3, I do. it has been an awesome bike and allowed me to tack on over 20k in miles. it is comfy and has never let me down. For the next trip however I wanted to step it up.
On craigslist I found a a 2006 V strom from this guy bob who used it to go to Central America with his honey and a really pretty 2000 r1150GS with a dual spark. I went with the Beamer because of the physical size. I am on the tall side and legs cramp up on the Honda. I did the East coast on a 83 500 shadow before so in all reality, anything was an upgrade from when I started 3 years ago.
The BMW was really white and I had dreams of doing a GI joe snow cobra theme. however those dreams where short lived when the owner neglected to say none of the sensor lights worked, it had a bad battery which in turn was a piston rod. the bike sits in a garage and I am unsure what to do. That was 5 grand that could have been better spent elsewhere.
after a week of crying, I put my big boy pants on and decided that was not going to hold me back, called up Bob witht the V strom and we struck a deal.
A little about Bob and his plus one Rebecca. They had a blog called . Bob then decided that neither of them knows how to farm, joined and intership for farming and is know headed towards the big city to do anything but farming again. the couple is super sweet and indulged me to dinner to hear about there adventures, It was a happy transfer of ownership and I am now the proud owner of a reliable 1100 shadow, a beaten but tough wee strom, and a broken BMW.
In regards to the Beamer, my buddy Erik said, "Alex your life is great. 3 years ago when I met you, you were clueless towards if you would eat that day. Now you have BMW problems. consider yourself lucky." I still feel the burn of the bad sale but it helped.
So bob sadly sold me his bike, but was happy the Wee was not going to become a garage ornament. on there site, I saw the what the bike had already down. sometimes no knowing is better. he did maintain it and skinned a chicken too.
Transfer of the bike occurred on Thursday, but we needed a notary so Friday Oct. 8th, night I drove back across PA to bob so we can officially transfer the title. The notary stayed open late so we can do this. lucky us. I then drove back to home base. did some laundry and decided that if I do not leave in the morning, I will not be able to at all. It was getting to late in the season. I like October and September because everyone is back to school, it is not cooking or freezing and wearing your gear is comfortable. I packed up the bike, got inspected, barely. when I rolled into the inspection point, pictures to follow but the bike was ready to go with a TKC 80 strapped to it. the man did not like the front tire but I promised to change it out with the TKC when I get to Canada tonight. I got my sticker and went North.
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Hoogrvy OP
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Joined: May 2013
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I decided a separate post for ridicule on what I thought I needed, and what I did not have. No tent, a wal mart special sleeping bag. a suit and three dress shirt with a collection of Resumes. that took up one of the Pelican cases. the other case had a bunch of other clothes I do not wear and a spare helmet strapped to it. the top case had extra pants for any sexy ladies that came aboard. my first gear liner some sweatshirts. spandex and the like. and cold weather bilt gloves. In my tank bag, that I loathe is a DSLR, legal stuff, passport, bottle of water, a kindle with lots of audio books paired to my Uclear headsetand some wishful thinking and a small amount of PFM.
I am wearing bilt socks, bates boots which were neither insulated or waterproof. bilt pants, a Rev it jacket that is to small. and a QT air SHoei helmet. I hate the helmet. it constantly fogs and has little in the way of ventilation. My pants do not ventilate either but I did not spend 700 bones on them so I expect a little more. Side note, always get your helmet sized properly, doing it by eye, cause "I do this everyday sweety" does not make you qualified. You might be a computer analysis for 8 years, but nothing says that you weren't the worst analysis for 5 of them year. You are your most valuable asset, do not skimp and do it right.
I think that covers gear. I have extra glasses in case one of them does and did snap in half. the most uncomfortable seat I ever sat in, even with my airhawk,. a lot of hopes dreams and wishes. I think that covers most items, and will edit this list about how I feel about each of them once I catch up
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Old 11-03-2013, 08:56 AM   #4
I want off this rock
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good luck

You made the biggest step so far, by getting out of the godless greedfest that is that society. The only good thing about being on the bottom is that it is all up from there.
Things always have a way of working out. I hope its in a positive way. My advice is to stop starting sentences with the words "I hate". Then you have made the turn.
I am basically in the same shape as you minus the degree, hahaha, even though I dont have any real prospects I am planning my next trip back to South America and I am gonna find a way to make it happen.
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Old 11-11-2013, 05:23 PM   #5
Hoogrvy OP
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Joined: May 2013
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Day 1

Thanks for the advice, I also want to add that I am running Heidenau tire in the rear. ran about 11,000 miles that I put on plus whatever Bob did to them. I have a nail in it, rode pavement dirt and salt with no major complaints. just ordered another one from Bike bandit while I was in Florida.

After I left my house I drove up the next town to have lunch. I then drove up I 81 to Binghamton then shot over to Albany. I know I missed some great roads, the Catskills are amazing, but the goal for the day was to party in Montreal.
I got pulled over for going slightly faster then the posted speed limit in Northern New York just outside of Lake Placid. I was honest with the trooper and was able to continue my journey without an invitation to the court. I got lost in the Lake placid region too. went along 9 to get gas. 9 looks like a great road to travel. I would go there again assuming I was not in desperate need for gas, and it was not 10pm with deer running about. I continued until I found the highway got back on , did some circles to meet my sister. Had some ribs and continued North to Canada.
I have never been to Canada and all I know about Montreal is that "we had a great time partying" I entered the border crossing to a very bored guard. Handed him my passport answered some odd ball que's and once I was no longer interesting he said go along your way.
I am in Canada, and when people are like French Canada, the French part was never emphasized enough to me. No cell service, everything was in French and Kilometers, no overnight plans and I did not look at a map before I left. I walked in and out of a few spots, lots of guys, realized I have no money, and used my visa to purchase the absolutely worst pizza I have ever had. I do not believe in waste, but this pie was atrocious.
that night I found a room for 150 with parking at a holiday inn, center of town in China town. it was clean, dry and did alright.
Next day I walked around old Montreal until it really started to rain. My cousin Jill and I talked some and decided the next stop would be Ottawa. I was very fortunate to stay two nights at Jills. firstly I was soaked and could dry off. it rained the next day. Secondly they run a very good dental practice and was kind enough to take out some cavities and make me feel good about smiling again. I left very happy, and then proceeded to have lunch Kingston.
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Old 11-11-2013, 06:08 PM   #6
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Humm, somethings rotten in Denmark

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Old 11-14-2013, 07:53 PM   #7
Bear Archer
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I'm glad you decided to make the ride report.

I'm Zach. We met at RTB, I was riding the silver and red klr, it had stitching on the side.

If you are ever passing through east Texas let me know, you can borrow my couch and garage.
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Old 11-14-2013, 08:16 PM   #8
Gnarly Adventurer
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Sitting on the couch sucks, No plans till I run out of money

Nice to see an adventure starting up.
My thought is (unsolicited advice warning) save the $150 on hotel room next time and buy a decent little tent. You'll save loads of money stealth camping. Get a room when you really need to take a shower and dry out your gear.
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