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Old 11-17-2013, 06:09 AM   #61
WesleyDRZ400 OP
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Originally Posted by Pickup man View Post
This is a bit like a episode of Eastenders, the story and drama is building then a cliffhanger. I love it. The trails and tracks in that part of Slovakia look very nice, and you are quite brave to go it alone in there especially with no off road experience. Cant wait to read more !
Thank you, however.........

You get Eastenders in Toronto!!!!!
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Old 11-17-2013, 11:02 AM   #62
WesleyDRZ400 OP
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So i keeped riding this loggers route and the route became more muddy and i had more falls, i then rode down a large slope and lost control falling off at the bottom. After i pulled the bike upright and it would not start so i left it to settle and after a few minutes it started right away.

I turned to look at the slope i just went down (slide/crash/fell down!) and realized there is no way i would get up that slope again due to my lack of skills, the thick mud whilst running MEFO tires and the extra weight of the bike. to me this hill was the Erzberg and im no Graham Jarvis.

I cracked on and the track got real muddy and the rear wheel would sink down to the swing arm which became a nightmare to be constantly dragging out on my own, it was like playing the game twister in the mud with around 180kg bike (fully loaded that is)

The ground looked ok but it was real soft and wet and even from just walking on it my boots it would sink in quit far down and the further i went the softer it was getting......

I then took a break and rested my bike up against a tree after lifting it up from dropping it again in the mud i got out a bottle of water and just rested thinking to my self "right the fun & games for today is over lets head back"

But where was back and i can only go forward.......

After i carried on down the track not knowing where it would take me, it was the only route out due to the muddy hill i nick named the "Erzberg" behind me which was impossible for a novice like me to conquer and to my horror just alittle way down was another large muddy slope in front of me just as large as the one i went just came down, well actually slided,crashed,rolled,fell down!

I was at the bottom of a large "U" shaped muddy track with a Erzberg slope in front and a Erzberg slope behind (ok its not the Erzberg as i mentioned but large muddy slope's either side so for a novice like me it was my Erzberg!)

The only way out would be to unload my bike and try ride up this hill, i stripped the bags and made my first attempt in which the bike stalled just alittle way up and i fell off so i dragged it out again to harder ground , i was getting very tired so i took off my jacket, helmet, gloves, and then made a second attempt in which i got 1/3 up however the bike was stalling and after alot of attempts there was a real burning noise which i could only put down to the clutch from constantly dipping it and opening up the throttle (im no bike mechanic either) i fell off again and the bike got really stuck and took me around 1 hour to get out.

After this i realized i am not going to make it and rode my bike back to the center of this upside down "U" with the horizontal flat part being around 200 meters long so maybe i could find another way out either side of this track but it was to wet, muddy and steep with trees so i did not want to risk hitting a tree.

Reality hit me and what had set out as a adventure riding a motorbike was turning into a bear grylls survival exercise and i knew the only way out would be on foot, i then emptied my day sack bag of non essential items and filled it with what little food i had and also the only water i had which was now just 1 bottle and also a sleeping bag and a few other items and started to head back on foot but back to where?

I started walking the way i came but i rode for hours so i decided to cut across the tracks and get to high ground to see any buildings nearby i could get help from, as i was walking i started to get real tired and it was very late into the afternoon and i did not like the idea of being on foot walking around at night time as my Slovakian friend ( Who i called the Beast from the East or Butcher from Bratislava) had warned me of Bears and wolfs that live in these areas and i did not fancy coming across a Bear however remote chance it would be but when you are alone and tired not knowing where to go this does enter your mind.

I keeped changing direction and also finished off the bottle of water i had, in hindsight maybe i should of took my GPS of my bike to help me but i was to tired to think about that, I did however have my spot tracker but i cant use it for this surly you can only use this if your legs hanging off right? i was far to proud to use this anyway to me this was only for real emergency situations and not getting my bike stuck in mud and getting lost

then in the distance i could hear a buzzing noise.....?

It was very faint but it was there it was a light buzzing noise, i stopped dead in my tracks listening carefully like a wild animal does listening for any passing prey. Yes it was the noise from a chain saw and i never felt happy hearing it, right i can get help all is cool again!!!

So i set off heading in the direction of the faint noise from the chain saw which kept stopping and starting so the best method was to look in the distance in the direction of this noise and pick out a tree which was different form the rest and head in that direction, this method worked well.

I soon came across a open field and noticed a women on a light brown horse about 500 meters from me, i started running towards her however i was to tired to run fast but she noticed me and came towards me. As i got close i thought i was dreaming and just stood there this girl looked like a super model with long blond hair and blue eyes and her horse was massive (im from Norfolk so i have seen a few) it was the muscliest and biggest horse i have ever seen like somethink out of the lord of the rings.

She spoke to me in Slovakian and i replied in English and she ask me what i was doing here in pretty good English, i explained the situation i was in with my bike, she then asked me if i rode the bike here all the way to Slovakia and why? i told her i am just passing though on my way to Tajikistan. She spoke again in a loud voice and said "On your own!"

I said yes and she said i best come with her, i followed her back to her house which was amazing it was a large log cabin with a barn for horse's next to it which was in a real remote location, it was my dream home, I soon realized from the machinery around me this is a woodcutters/ lumber jacks house so that would explain the size of the horse's from pulling logs

She showed me around and took me inside for food and coffee and then called her boyfriend who was out working but has a tractor she said he will help, she then explained that less than 2 weeks ago there was 1 meter of snow everywhere so that would explain the extremely soft ground. she explained that 3 brothers live here with there girlfriends and she was a girlfriend of one of the brothers and was also studying economics but also takes care of the horses.

Her boyfriend turned up and she explained i am a tourist traveling on my own form England to Tajikistan on a motorbike which is stuck in the mud about 2 miles away, he just stopped and stared at me which seemed like forever and replied back in very broken English "off course you are we go get your bike"

She spoke good English better than her boyfriend and he was asking where roughly it was, i explained the upside down "U" with around 200 meters flat muddy tracks with the "Erzberg" type slops either side and also other areas i recollected and she explained this to him and i was totally surprised when she said he knows exactly where it is. i suppose if you spend all your life in this area you know it like the back of your hand right? i know my local woods where i live like the back of my hand although its only around 1000 meters by 1000 meters.

So i jumped in the tractor with him and we set off to get my bike....

You can see my sorry DRZ towards the end of this video,

This was a hard lesson but as Solo novice rider you have limits to what you can do on your own, i learnt this the hard way however this would not be the last time on my trip i was in this predicament...... but more of that later

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Not much you can do in real heavy mud. But when you are in uncertain grounds and the bike is slippery, ride with your feet hanging so you can catch yourself quicker and avoid falling.
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Old 11-17-2013, 11:28 AM   #64
WesleyDRZ400 OP
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Any one know how i can post the youtube link direct to my thread like the pictures? as my ride report has quit a few videos also. I would like it on my page in full size rather than a link which i currently have

I am also mainly posting photos that i got of my Facebook page as i smashed my laptop at the end of my trip from constantly falling off, well my laptop and 3 cameras also.

So i just got my laptop screen fixed last week and i have 1000's of pictures so once i sort out the good ones i will use them on this blog.

I think this will take a good few days to sort out as i never put them in separate folders i just dumped them on the computer every time the camera SD card was full, I did however have a brief look over these photos and it felt like the end scene from Hangover 2 when they find the phone with all the pictures on, was pretty funny

On this laptop i also have pictures of this Slovakian Princess and the log cabin so once i find them i will edit this part of the blog and post them where they should be
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Old 11-17-2013, 11:29 AM   #65
Wonna Be ADVrider
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Helping you out here.

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Old 11-17-2013, 11:30 AM   #66
WesleyDRZ400 OP
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Originally Posted by TheBlurr View Post
Not much you can do in real heavy mud. But when you are in uncertain grounds and the bike is slippery, ride with your feet hanging so you can catch yourself quicker and avoid falling.
I also learnt later on in this trip that riding a bike offroad is a little like my stand-up jet ski days, Throttle is your friend BBrrrppppppppp

If in doubt hit the Gas!!!!
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WesleyDRZ400 OP
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Originally Posted by AteamNM View Post

Helping you out here.

Cheers AteamNM how did you do that? for now i just quoted your post of the video and copy/pasted the link and edited it back to my blog

I would like to know for my post further on in this blog, im trying to take this ride to Ukraine tonight where this trip really kicks off

I am at work tomorrow for the next 2 weeks so i will be very limited on internet time for blogging until i get back

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coool logging tractor with chains ...
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PM in bound.
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Damn! Looks like even the chain clad tractor is wheelspinning like mad....

F-ing in Iceland and Faroe Islands, 2013.
--- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- ---
Detailed BMW X-Challenge build thread.
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Old 11-17-2013, 02:15 PM   #71
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Some decades ago, I lost 2 bikes in "mud" : One in a dry lake, never found it...
Another making off road in a highway road construction place. The bike was sucked down , but I had time to use a rope and was able to get it out after more than one hour of crazy work. Reading the first part of you RR, I start to feel a little anxious, as there a difference in between muddy tracks and large parts of mud ,which can hide big holes too...
Happy for you : You won a tractor tour, and saw The Princess of Games of Thrones
Anyway, I'm sure it reminded personal anxious moments to some AVD riders...

ps : mud is good for the skin !!
uno avulso non deficit alter
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Old 11-17-2013, 02:38 PM   #72
It's a small world
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After finishing post #4, I could already draw some conclusions.

A- Ewan McGregor may be a celeb but he's not as much a chick magnet as you are.
B- I am persuaded you didn't sleep too many times on the sofa

And damn. You even found one that was happy to do your dirty and muddy laundry...

Thanks for all the pictures. I definitely wished I was in Europe and not in the big Island of the Americas

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Old 11-17-2013, 03:01 PM   #73
WesleyDRZ400 OP
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Slovakia to Ukraine or Poland???

So I and Ladislav (The Slovakian Princess’s boyfriend) headed of in the tractor on a search & recovery mission deep behind enemy lines of the Slovakian Mountains to find located and get eyes on the Sputnik Explorer who we planned to liberate from our foe and common enemy the notorious and deadly Erzberg “U” shaped pass…… Well not quit like this but it kind of felt like this to me

So once we found the Sputnik Explorer I rushed over and quickly picked her up carrying out a quick scan for any life threatening wounds she could have sustained during our last assault of the Erzberg, after I checked her over I looked over at Ladislav who already was wasting no time by putting my soft panniers and other items in the cab of his well equipment assault vehicle, the Slovakian version of a T34 tank but in the wood/log cutter trim.

We then tried to put her on the front of the Slovakian assault vehicle however as this was the wood/log cutter version it had no front bucket so would not fit, there was a few seconds silence but I had a feeling what was coming. Ladislav pointed up at the Erzberg and then back at me and then what happened next was pure genius, with hand gestures and drawing in the mud with sticks we devised a master plan some might say the plan of plans...

I was to gun it up the Erzberg on the Sputnik Explorer carrying out a surprise attack firing on all cylinders (well just one 400cc cylinder) catching it off guard and Ladislav would storm up behind me and once the Sputnik Explorer caught up too much flak and I bailed off Ladislav was to hold the back of the bike and then we would both go either side and start her back up walking her up the hill with me operating the clutch and throttle to the top where we would claim our victory. It was on!!!!

One on one, me and my nemesis the “Erzberg” going toe to toe (well not technically as I had Ladislav with me), so I headed over to the sputnik explorer moving my head side to side from shoulder to shoulder like a Olympic athlete about to give it his all and then Ladislav looked over at me with a stone cold icy stare and with the nod of his head I knew he was ready.

I then mounted the Sputnik Explorer (on the left side as I learnt from my mistake mounting on the right side in Belgium) and put my hands on the grips and moved them slowly in an strange romantic and kind of erotic way to the top of the headlight fairing tapping it letting her know I was ready and wishing her all the best as we both knew this could be the end of the trip right here as one of us might not make it through the other side

I then looked down at the floor silently feeling the same feeling I used to feel as a kid when I was a amateur boxer about to walk into the ring then with my right hand held out vertical and with a clenched fist I raised my thumb as far back and vertical as it would go to let Ladislav know I’m ready, it was a thumbs up that even Marvick of top gun would be proud off.

I then started her up building the revs up alittle and then dumped the clutch making the most of the hard ground we placed the bike on making my surprise attack with all cylinders firing (again just one 400cc cylinder as mentioned before, it’s a single cylinder bike) this time I got half way up before bailing off and as discussed Ladislav was storming right up behind me stopping the bike falling back as we righted her up and with one each side holding her firm I then started her up holding the clutch in and controlling the throttle as we walked her up however the rear wheel bogged down she stalled again but without any delay and true heroism Ladislav showed his true colours as a rufty tufty wood cutter and with super human strength he lifted her out and then shouted a war cry I will never forget until the end of my days which to me was the green light for Go Go Go!!!

So I started her back up and we then walked her to the top and together we both defeated our “Erzberg” (or small muddy hill) !!!!!!

Once at the top Ladislav gave me direct orders with hand signals the directions to the house as we would now split as he would take another route back, I watched Ladislav get in his tractor and as we made eye contact before I set of we both could tell we now had the 1000 yard stare and a bond that would last a life time.

So once back at the house Ladislavs other 2 brothers turned up to see who this lone traveller was along with some other people and they offered me more food and coffee again as I prepped the DRZ for traveling again, they also offered me to stay the night however I really felt like I did not want to impose and also I had a slight feeling they thought I was a little crazy as we probably all would if some random foreign guy just turned up in the middle of nowhere with his motorbike stuck in the mud saying he is heading to Tajikistan for no real reason on his own. So once the bike was ready I thanked them and hoped on the Sputnik Explorer. They then looked at me and ask where to next from here.

I asked how far Ukraine is and what direction, or is Poland closer? The Slovakian Princess smiled and said Poland is closer and gave me rough directions so I then thanked them all and headed off.

It started to get dark so the new plan of the hour was to gun it to Poland and then find somewhere to stay.

On route to Poland

So Poland it is then……………………………………

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Are you making this stuff up as you go.:>)
I'm finding it hard to believe what I'm reading.
I'm not a drinking man but in your honor I will have a shot of single malt,maybe two.
To your health and safe trip.
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WesleyDRZ400 OP
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Poland short but sweet and very friendly people!

Poland's National Flag

It was very dark by the time I made it to the Polish town of Zakopane and once there I found a Mc Donald’s to use the free wifi, as I rode to park my bike near the window I never spotted the high curb and as I hit it my DRZ got alittle air time and I skidded right next to the window in a uncontrolled manner but I pretended I was meant to do this as I got off playing it cool.

I had parked next to a group of kids on scooter around 16 or so, they seemed really friendly and we started speaking about bikes and they asked where I was staying, I told them Im not sure and one young guy said I can stay at his house as he is staying with his friends tonight (or girlfriend) so I followed him back and parked my bike outside and he spoke to his dad who came out and he seemed to have had a few drinks so once inside I joined him, although I could not speak Polish or he English it was a better night than I would have had back home in any pub and I started to get very good at this game of hand charades to commutate with people.

After my fair share of straight Vodka I fell into another Alcoholic induced coma. In the morning I was Woken up early for a full breakfast and discussed my route to Ukraine which with various hand gestures he suggested I go to Lublin and cross over there so I set off to Lublin

Free home stay in Zakopane as i was a guest of a young scooter kid

Prepping the bike to go

So i then headed to Lublin

On route i came across a bike shop and stopped to get a oil change and no longer had i rolled in the guys made me a cup of coffee and not only changed the oil but cleaned it all with muck off and oiled the chain also, after talking about what i plan to see in Ukraine and the Carpathian mountains they also suggested i should follow the Carpathian mountains all the way down into Romanian also so i thought why not..?

Bike shop in Poland, very nice fine gentlemen i must admit

Finally the Sputnik Explorer gets a drink also

So i then set off again heading to Lublin and got there late in the day and found my self lost in a residential area some how, well a lot of people where walking around as it was around 6pm so must of been coming back from work and one fine gentleman i saw i asked if there was any wifi cafes near by so i could check for somewhere to stay, he did not speak 100% English so called his wife who came down and soon i found my self in there flat as they said i could use there wifi

Well before i knew it it would be pizza washed down with some of this

They then suggest i should put my bike in there garage and i stayed the night which was very kind of them so i did however i got no sleep as i was dreaming of Ukraine all night, Finally i will be out of the EU i could not wait!!!

I really liked this family a lot, well in the morning we said are good byes however they then showed me the way to the road i must take to the border as now i was only using my GPS as a speedo for KM read out as i never figured out how to change my DRZ display from MPH to KM

Photos of in the morning when we said our goodbyes, a very nice family

So on route from Lublin in Poland to the Ukrainian border

As i approached the border i stopped to take it all in, i felt like a kid who had his Christmas & birthday on the same day, i felt a little nervous but in a good way abit like that feeling you get on your first ever date as a teenager, i felt like i had won the lottery, I felt alive and would not change my place for anyone in the world at this moment in time

I felt like this Kid whilst sitting looking at the Ukraine border post on my trusty Sputnik Explorer !!!!!!!!

The Ukraine border from a distance

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