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Old 02-03-2014, 08:17 AM   #16
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The RD user has to know the faults of his unit. And just don't be stupid. I have a Bel 8500, it's by far the best detector I have used, it's in the wife's truck, I run an Escort in the "fast" car. Don't be the "point" guy out front because you will get tagged. Eyes open to the front, and listen up to your RD, don't be stupid. Most leo's are giving more tickets now days, even though I got a warning the other day, 75 in a 70, not paying attention and yakking on the phone. The RDs are just a tool and if you use it wrong, tag, you're it. Just my opinion.
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Originally Posted by Thanantos View Post
Fair enough then. Fastdadio knows, but for the rest of you, I'm a cop and have been trained and regularly use both radar and laser for speed enforcement. Given that, I'll also say that in the end this is just one pig's opinion. Take it with the appropriately sized grain of salt.

First of all let's discuss laser because that's where most MC speed tickets come from. Laser is virtually instantaneous and pinpoint. No laser detector can tell you of there is a laser speed measuring device in the area because the laser beam is so small. Basically, if your laser detector goes off it's only telling you that you're about to get pulled over (if you were speeding).

Radar is a similar story, but where these devices have a very small chance of saving you. LEO's are trained to NOT activate the radar until they have identified a speeder. This is partly to foil radar detector users and partly because it's unnecessary.

If you sit in one spot for 5 minutes watching traffic, even the untrained eye can spot which cars are faster and LEO's are not only trained at this but spend a lot of time at the same locations doing just this.

If I activate my radar to measure your speed, the odds are very high we're gonna have a chat. So again, the detector only tells you that you're busted.

It is possible that you will find an LEO improperly using the device and measuring the speed of every vehicle, but that would be rare, IMHO.

I am sure many will post about all the times their device went off and then they saw a cop a mile later, but how do you know it was his radar that caused the device to go off and not other interference?

Then there's the intangibles. LEO's have discretion in who gets a ticket. Most LEO's I know write far less tickets then they give out warnings. (unless it's a traffic car, those guys would write there Moms tickets)

But, when you use one of those devices it's viewed by most LEO's as an intent to break the law. Talking your way out of a ticket with a radar detector attached to your bike will be MUCH more difficult, if not impossible.

There's more, but this is already long and I've had this argument before so I know it's impossible to change the mind of real RD believers. For those of you who are considering it, I'd recommend you stay away.

EDIT and P.S.: When I was in the academy the RD our instructor used for training broke so he went down to the local Radio Shack and bought another. He gets it back to school and fires a radar unit at it. Nothing. He goes back and gets another. Same result. He then brings his radar unit to the Radio Shack and tested every unit they had of this high end brand and every unit did nothing when a radar unit was activated at it. He found a cheap one that worked and bought it. How would you know if yours just didn't work?
One of the most informative posts I've ever read here. Don't you know that this forum is supposed to be reserved for trolling, flame throwing, or spreading ignorance? Sheesh!
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Old 02-03-2014, 11:29 AM   #18
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Originally Posted by SkiFastBadly View Post
One of the most informative posts I've ever read here. Don't you know that this forum is supposed to be reserved for trolling, flame throwing, or spreading ignorance? Sheesh!
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Old 02-03-2014, 12:14 PM   #19
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Originally Posted by sandsman View Post
...even though I got a warning the other day, 75 in a 70....
Are you serious?? For 5 over at freeway speeds?? When I lived in Atlanta, 10 over meant you're the slowest guy on the road, until rush hour when everybody stops.

I've used radar detectors, but not in a long time. I've gone through radar traps doing 10-11 over, and nothing. I expect out here in the desert, they're waiting for a bigger fish to fry. So daily driving, I try to keep it to a safe speed, which usually means there is someone else going faster than me (decoy).

When I'm travelling longer distances, I hang out at around 10 over, until somebody passes me going faster. Then I'll put about 1/4 mile between us, and pick it up to their pace, while watching ahead for brake lights. It's a pretty common effect that even people driving slower than the speed limit will hit their brakes when they see a police car.

I've had 2 speeding tickets in the last 7-8 years, and both were caused my inattention on my part. I wasn't paying attention to the speed limit or to how fast I was driving, and didn't even realize I was speeding.
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Old 02-03-2014, 05:28 PM   #20
David Shapiro OP
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The fact is that I don't really speed, much. As I've aged, I'm far from the fastest guy on the road, car or bike. That being said, there are still times that I would like some warning, Thanatos' excellent post notwithstanding.
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Old 02-03-2014, 07:20 PM   #21
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Never seen the point. Every time I've riden in a car with someone who had one there are so many false positives they just ignore it.

Cops around here are more concerned with squids doing wheelies than me on my dirty DS. The few times I have been stopped I have been let off with a warning after they see all my paperwork is in order.

If I do get a ticket I have a few friends that are court clerks. Sometimes paperwork just dissappears
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