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Old 10-09-2012, 02:21 PM   #316
Jettn Jim OP
This is Liv'n!!!
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Originally Posted by FloorPoor View Post
You ok out there Jim? Havn't seen an update in a while. Hope you're well.
Hey Brother...
Originally Posted by WIBO View Post
Great RR...just read it from front to back over a Sunday morning cup of tea!!!


Thanx man I appreciate you taking the time... got another goin' as we speak!^)-

Originally Posted by NomadGal View Post
Last I heard he was in Canada waiting for his 705 engine to be get there, but it got hung up at customs. Sure hope he got it by now and is putting it in.
Hey Esther.... yes been stuck (if that's the appropriate wording Hahahahahah) here on the Rock "NewfnLaand" for two weeks as of today... UPS has totally Fu**ing dropped the ball on shipping my other engine. Sooooo I'm playing carpenter at Harvey's cabin out in the sticks.... lotsa Work, Moose, GREAT FRIENDS aaaaand RUM!!!
All in alll............... an EXCEPTIONAL EXPERIENCE!
As usual the universe has dished me out another CRAZY dish.......

I'll update the list of passed on Friends as soon as I have some free time.... a few more have passed on since I've been on the road in the NorEast.
Peace to ya all,

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Old 07-10-2014, 08:39 AM   #317
Wonna Be ADVrider
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Jump to the end, subscribed. Another awesome report to read.
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Old 07-10-2014, 09:30 AM   #318
Gnarly Adventurer
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Where have you been. Nice to see this report come back to the top. Did you ever get things figured out? Hope all is well.
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Old 07-10-2014, 11:25 PM   #319
Jettn Jim OP
This is Liv'n!!!
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Joined: Mar 2010
Location: NE PA Some... PNW Some... On HIGH ADVENTURE Most!
Oddometer: 1,814
Thumb WooooHooooooo.....................

Originally Posted by AteamNM View Post
Jump to the end, subscribed. Another awesome report to read.
Thank you, thank you... my brother!!!

Originally Posted by LumpyOne View Post

Where have you been. Nice to see this report come back to the top. Did you ever get things figured out? Hope all is well.
Hey hey.. wellll layng a tiny bit low since 2012 as far as Ride Reporting... believe I've only ridden 6,000mi on the bikes (yup plural, just added a stablemate and may sell Des') and probably 45,000mi in the wonder van Monique.

Also lost my old AWESOME shop to a flood... but that brings up some new digs. and a reminder to lessen my load A...LOT and start shedding tons of stuff aaaand attachments that no longer serve my joy during this most wonderful of rides, the only one like it in the universe! I will come out of this transformation lightweight and FREE'er

I'll do a SUPER short summary here and then add it all to the last RR in a week or soooo...

Actually have been to some serious awakenings up and down the east coast, out to Colorado, Moab, PNW etc... Could write a whooole 'nother RR on the last year and a half! Have done a few sweat lodges studied and digested dozens more books, came to the realization of what "Just Be" (as it was/has been pointed out to me many times) really means, bought some remote forested property in Washington near the B.C. border central eastern.

Making plans for the next HighAdventurTour... and after PMing Esther yesterday for approval... I may just join up with NomadGal on her 3rd year living on the road ~ her awesome Ride Report is here: ~

I'd join her somewhere in Ontario/Quebec in Septemberish and ride on with her through Quebec, Labrador, back to Newfoundland and then down east!^) WooooHoooo Very excited since Labrador had in the past eluded me... After four planned adventures there that ended juuust short I believe the timing is now right to ad- venture there and find the message that it has hidden for me. I believe I have found the key...

Have just this week teamed up with Wolfman Luggage and will be going LIGHT WEIGHT, BOMBPROOF and DRY with a hardcore assortment of new kit for the new KTM. VERY excited about this!!!!!
Hats off and a big THANK YOU to Wolfman Motorcycle Luggage for joining up with the HighAdventurTour!
Check out their gear here:

Then there's the another RR I added titled... HighAdventurTour 2012:From Insanity and Beyond,
it's here:
That I've been waiting to finish up. Time was just not right.
Only I'd say... three post's left and I now feel I'm ready to cap it off and summarize what the escape from insanity is all about.

I've come to some fricking cool universe shattering/remembering realizations over the last few months and am looking forward to sharing them with you all and taking off into the New World of My Dreams.

It'll start out with the new RR this autumn titled... HighAdventurTour 2014: Welcome To Your Reality!!!

Ride off into the Taiga with Esther and then back to the Pacific Northwest property where I'll keep reducing my load living mostly in a 28' toy hauler in/under some cover next to a shop in the mountains for a crazy fall/winter of hiking, hunting, fishing, kayaking, Mtn biking, skiing, and RIPPING on the new2me 530 EXC I just picked up down in Dalton!!!
While there I'll be re-determining whether or not the property is right for me and the good of all or too much load and the wrong direction... time will tell. Either waaay it's a WIN WIN Wild Adventure!

I am now co-creating the bike... (Kate ) into my and her own, really... perfect bike, much like Desiree' is/was to me and plan to do some lightweight waaay baaaack in touring out west.

Ok that about sums it up for the most part... at least 3% of it . Gotta hit the hay now, get up early and run off to Ocean City, MD to lay some carpet for a friend on the beach. This will be HighAdventurTour money going towards the Taiga.

Peace, Love and Motorcycle Grease to you all, (Thanx GaryAK)

(Kate's still in the Gym aka... dads shop getting transformed as we speak)

Desiree' getting lighter...

Here's a post I put up about the new bike Kate in the Spokane area riders link. ..

"Ok after learning that I can't zip zap across country every year on a thumper without losing an engine to bearing failure and after lightening my ol' faithful steed Desiree' (a highly modded out KLR) up every year to make her more off-road worthy. (note: she did have a verrry large Gerber and a folding saw strapped to her)

I finally decided to just quite the high mile cross continent riding and do more localized single track and lightweight adventure trips in the mountains. Some 2,500mi maybe two week long (yea if I can stay off the bike after only that long) trips from the Pacific North West, British Columbia into the Rockies of Colorado into Utah and back kind of stuff.
To this end I decided to drink the cool-aid and picked up a 2011 KTM exc 530!
It's the last year of this particular model, all the bugs worked out and the last year the 510cc engine was still carbureted, which for me is a PLUS in simplicity, mechanical and electrical reliability.

It feels like a mountain bike with a 60hp engine!
This one had lot's of mods done by the PO some of them were cosmetic and are coming off everyday but allot were function, like DE smog, upgraded stator, lighting, water pump upgrade, clutch slave cylinder guard, GRP damper, a pair of 3.4 and 6.3 gallon tanks etc...

I have installed a Dirt Tricks 50T rear sprocket, picked up three ktm countershaft sprockets a 13-14-15t for gearing changes, a Dirt Tricks cs washer, TM Design Works Sliders all over the swing arm, new ProTaper Contour high bars, 714 grips, wheel bearings front and rear, D-606's front and rear, and just received the new HighwayDirtBikes Ultimate Guards and Scotts damper mounting lowers with custom top clamp and billet dash yesterday from Paul for the soon to install Vapor. Have used two aftermarket seats and have a Fisher Seats from down near Boise being carved up right now.

Also installed a Globetrottin/RTE 9lb rear rack from Jim out in Utah and plan to hang a pair of Wolfman Expedition Dry Saddlebags on it for those camping trips into the mountains. I feel I can keep this bike light yet still go off HighAdventurTouring.

Will be fitting a Scotts damper from NomadGal when it arrives and a new Britannia fairing later this summer after Ian designs a new Lynx with the new Voodoo lighting set up!

This thing will hit the rev limiter in the first two gears while your shifting up through 4th all during a wild ass 60mph wheelie!!! It IS addictive! I bought it close to three weeks ago with 3,900mi on it and it has close to 5,000mi on it now.
Am slowly adding my upgrades and converting it to my perfect bike, just like I did with Desiree'.

Will be posting several takeoff goodies for sale in the Flee market soon.

Here are some pics mostly from last Sunday out in the PA State Forest single tracking..."

The day I bought it...

Just removed the old hand guards and was riding her naked...

The track...

It goes straight toward the brightest sunlight between the tree's...

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just jeff
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ErikMotoMan: "People struggle with many things in their lives. But the answer to struggle isn’t MORE struggle. It’s peace. If you want more joy, peace, love, happiness… you have to GIVE those things first. You have to THINK those things. You have to have faith that they’ll come to you, despite what you may see. The truth isn’t in what you see with your eyes. It’s what you feel in your heart."
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