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Installing Wunderlich rear splash guard F650/800

This might be better placed somewhere else in these forums, but I'm to lazy.

Anyhow, Hey all The good Sir Blackie (I say ďgoodĒ even though heís from Canadia), had asked if Iíd done a step by step photo shoot of my install of the Wunderlich rear splash guard/mud hugger. I certainly failed to think of it, but since it was the biggest pain in the @$$ thing that Iíve installed I figured Iíd go ahead and take a few pictures and explain the hook up.
The instructions that come with it are actually pretty good, but the one big shortfall is the photocopied bad quality black and white pictures included with it, so this may help the most.
First off go ahead and put everything together like the instructions say. Easier said than done. 1) You get these little four rubber seals that are a MOTHER to put on. Why canít this stuff come pre-attached? I fought with it for while before my neighbor suggested a little soap and water to get them seated. Did the trick. Fingers hurt like hell afterwards. Anyhow, 2) after getting those SOBs in there and putting in the cylindrical spacer type inserts you grab the two brackets that each have two screws in them and put those through the back and through the metal brackets in the front. Once again, this is a minor pain. If you canít manage to get the washers with the nuts attached to the brackets, try taking the bracket out and turning it around. Youíre now ready to hit the garage (leave the two bolts out for now).
3) Letís take off some nuts. First (and the easiest) take off the rear brake line screw (1), then the frontmost one (2). That second frontmost one was THE biggest problem of the install as the factory had tightened it down so hard and itís in such a tight location that I couldnít get my torx allen-type wrench to budge it. I wound up having to use a vise grips to unscrew it, little by little. It took forever. Once you have those two off, go around to the other side of the bike and take off chain guard screws (3&4, 3 isnít explicitly said in the instructions, but can only help to be off) and then get in there and remove the inside screw (5).

4) Now move back to the left side of the bike (brake line side). Wipe clean the area on the swing arm between the two screw holes under the brake line. This is where that padded tape will go. Youíll have to cut it to size. I cut it just short of the length of the two screws. Have fun getting it perfectly straight from one to the next. Oh well, good Ďnuf. Now emplace the splash guard underneath the brake line. Now run over to the chain guard side of the bike to make sure itís lined up with the hole of screw 4 and screw 5. Good. Now back to the brake line side. Easiest way for this was to screw that frontmost screw (2) back in (with its spacer on top of the mudguard bracket) through the bracket into the hole. This time I was able to use the torx for re-insertion. Now take the plastic brake line guide and slip it into its slot on top of the Wunder bracket with the front screw (2) and line up the rear hole of the guide and the bracket and put screw (1) back in. This side uses the original screws. Almost done.
5) back to the other side. This could have been a bigger pain, but surprisingly wasnít. You take the black spacer and put it over the hole screw 5 was in, lifting the Wunder bracket up and onto it. Then insert the Wunder provided screw (allen) with washer and screw it on in there (not necessarily a good angle). Itís tight, but manageable. Next screw the Wunder provided allen screw into where the BMW 4 screw was and make sure it lines up on the backside with the Wunder bracket. Now for some dexterity (and thereís no good angle for this either), you blindly reach back and slip the washer on the back end of the screw, then reach back and put the nut on, give it a turn to make sure itíll hold. Then you grab a wrench/socket (10mm or ĹĒ) and hold the Wunder bracket down onto the swing arm to give you space to tighten the nut. Probably couldnít do it with a normal ratchet, but Iím fortunate in that I had ordered the Adventure Designs F800/650 tool kit that has a removable ratchet head that comes off the handle, so I had space to use it. If you donít have something like that then your best bet might be just to use a wrench and spend the time it will take to make a bunch of quarter-turns to get it nice and tight.
6) Put screw 3 back on and be glad youíre done!

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