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woody's wheel works OP
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Ask Woody about your KTM 19/17 wheel set-ups

10 June 2014...quick review /update....It's 5 years since i started this thread,,,,we've been putting the 19/17 on 1150's and 1190s since their inception....having someone copy your ideas and products is a form of flattery i'm told... i guess i should feel flattered that the 2014 1190 ADV sports 19/17 rubber straight from the factory these days

in the next few days i'll spiff up this post so ya don't have to wallow through years of Yakking......kinda like the ''good parts version '' of 'The Princess Bride''

FYI,,,,this thread is dedicated to synthesizing and collating as much info on this topic in one easy to use place. I'm starting this off with a quick review of the highlights advantages/disadvantages/trade-offs of the conversion,,,and providing some links to threads/posts/pictures that provide you with interesting info/opinions/data accumulated over the years. I'm doing this to cut to the chase on this topic and help ease the pain of wading thru tons of searches..i need your help too,,,so if you find some new and better data or links,,,POST em!!!

here we go,,,,this upgrade transforms your bike from a great dirt bike to an awesome touring...canyon carving,,,grin-eating experience!!!,,simply by swapping your wheels

Here's the advantages:
1..greatly improved road handling and enhanced canyon carving ability
2,,,increased braking
3,,,sits 3/4''-19mm lower to the ground,,the inseam challenged folks love this,,makes it easier to maneuver while sitting on the bike
4,,,access to the largest selection of dual-sport tires
5,, with stock gearing ,,the smaller rear wheel puts the oem 17/42 gearing spot on the money for snappy acceleration,,equivalent to you all lowering your gearing to 16/42 or 17/45 when using the 21/18 oem wheels.
6,,,you can snooker and smoke most everyone in the twisties

Here's the downside:
1,,,on some models the side-stand may be too long,,we can shorten them or provide an adjustable unit
Another solution is buying a shorter side stand say from a SM
2,,,you lose a little real dirt riding ability
3'll cost you $700-1700 depending on what you opt ie using your hubs as the basis save $599-700,,using your disc saves $$$

here's some links to:

Feed-back,,,,discussions,,,,threads,,,,photos,,,You Tube videos:

1a,,,ADVRIDER thread ''19/17 Setup Review '' from yellow pig:

1b,,,You Tube videos:

19/17 close-ups by vasqueshd before installation:

19/17 on bike by vasquezhd:

2,,,McMann's comments n pics using the larger 5''x17''rear rim & 160/70x17tire size different than usual 4.25x17''rim using 150/70x17 tire

''I went to a 5" rear wheel and 160 size tire for my 950A because I like the way my 625SMC handled with stock 5.0" X 17 rim & 160 rear tire. A 5" will allow 160 or 170 size tires. ''

3,,, ADVRIDER thread ''[IMG]images/misc/navbits_finallink.gif[/IMG] 17/19 wheel combo - what width rim?''

4,,,This is the thread discussing optimal tires for the 2.5" X 19 front & 4.25" X 17 rear is standard

and here's Pyndon's comments plus a routine ride thru his beloved English back country roads ,,,showing you what he can and you too could do on this Superlaced wheel combo:

'' my 19"/17" with Michelin Anakees fitted. An awesome tyre for all year round riding in the UK, from sunshine to pissing it down with rain, these things seen to do the job

I mean, there's not many multi-purpose bikes that are quick and handle well in the twisties, will cruise at 100mph all day long (done it ) and enjoyable offroad too. I mean feck, lock-stops while backing it into a tight turn on a 500lb bike......I love it! '' sez Pyndon

5,,, cjracer with his friends 19/17 Superlaced wheels using Bridgestone Pilots getting em gumballed during a track day...
Originally Posted by cjracer
1st track day on the 950. What a blast. This bike can do anything.

You can see here that I gumballed up the sides pretty good, but still had the nubs in the center.



1,,,photos from Abyss:

2,,,photos from: smitty 141 :

Got them on yesterday.... Scrubbed them in today... WOW I like um... Smitty

more pics:

4,,,Doug Matson's front:

once again Sakurama hits the nail on the head....

LANGNIAPPE = a lil something this case observations replies and commentary from some of my highly respected customers/inmates on this forum:

I present SAKURAMA.....

01-09-2007, 06:15 PM #25
on an endless build

Joined: Oct 2004
Location: NYC & PDX
Oddometer: 1,340

I've weighed in on this before but I'm bored and taking a rest from studio chores so what the heck. I've got two sets of wheels from Woody: 21x1.85 & 18x2.75 and another set 19x2.5 & 17x4 (same as the BMW GS). I have about 10,000 miles on each set in a variety of terrain. I've ridden all different tires including Scorpions and TKC80's on both wheel sets so this is a fair comparison.

Here's me and my buddy Eli at Woody's with the man himself picking up a new set of wheels for a trip to Elko:

21/18 Impressions -

These wheels are great off road. The stock ones are weak but the ones Woody built are bullet proof. The larger size tracks very well and isn't as easily deflected. It rolls over large obstacles very well. In sand it works very well but the handling is heavy and slow but with a tendency to head shake. On pavement it's vague and it's possible to lose the front if pushed to the edge. It's not so much ultimate grip but the speed with which the front will lose traction once it starts to slide. You can still ride it quickly on pavement.

19/17 Impressions -

This is frankly my preferred wheelset. The bike is a compromise being really too large to do seriously technical off road work. It's best (in my opinion) as a GS type do everything bike. Everything tends to mean pavement. The smaller wheels are much more stable. This is contrary to what you may hear from KTM but the smaller front actually eliminated the head shake I used to get - go figure. The bike transitions quicker, holds a line better in a corner and has more grip and more rubber up front to make a front end slide recoverable. This is on pavement. On dirt it's still better. Maybe ever so slightly more vervous but I like it. In sand it's pretty miserable and augers in and no amount of throttle seems to pick it up. In rock and rough stuff it's still pretty good but doesn't track nearly as well as the bigger wheels.

Overall I think the 17/19 is better in dirt than the 21/18 is on pavement. I've got 24,000 miles on my bike and now that I've done the crazy stuff with it I feel it's best for exploring the less traveled path but not so good at blazing a path. I'll keep the big wheels if I go to Baja or Alaska but otherwise I like the smaller set.

Here's a shot of Eli riding over Rollins Pass. This is a pretty difficult pass and we knew of a few GS riders who tried but couldn't do it. The big wheels are essential for these big rocks.

Personally I think the bike should come with 17/19 as standard (and so does everyone who's ridden my bike with those wheels) but the S model should come with the big wheels. It's nice to have both though.


My reply to Sakurama's post above..i noticed that all his great pictures have been deleted..perhaps because he uses too many pixels??? here's post #29

once again Sakurama hits the nail on the head....

there's nothing i love more than tasting and experiencing the realm of the QUALITY experience,,,,,

and to introduce another or even better yet share that QUALITY experience/domain with another is truly one of my life's great pleasures.

i refined and simplified the notions of the big Q experience after digesting Pirsigs tome...Zen and the art of mc maintenace,,,,whatever it is ,has to work/taste/etc as well as it looks,,,and look as well as it works /etc. Consistently,,,most folks arrive at similar conclusions when given the opportunity to ''experience the difference'',,,hence BYOE mcdonalds hamburgers and sleeper hotrods don't make the the former doesn't taste as good as the pictures and the later doesn't look as good as it runs.

reading Sakurama's report is one of those big Q experiences because it is concise,,,,,has well balanced objective-subjective data,,,,combined in an aesthetically and technically rich potpouri....

he has hit the nail on the head with his comment that this bike should have been offered from the factory with the 19/17 combo akin to the BMW GS series...btw he was on track to do the SM set-up too

i assert that if i took 20 riders out and let each one try a 950 shod with the appropriate tires on the rim combinations below and have them run a test course that runs the gamut of single track,,forest trails,,hard pack dirt roads,,curvy canyon roads,,,freeways,,and a road race course that at days end they would agree with Sakurama's analysis.

the bell curve would have the dirt riders and canyon carvers on the outside fringes and the majority of the riders would unanimously agree that the #3 19/17 combo did more things great and that the #4 SM and #2 dirt really worked better in their respective riding terrain than the others

that leaves me wondering what KTM had in mind, ,,,i think they are selling an image to us wannabee Paris -Dakar ,,world travelling adventure's an optical illusion thing,,,the 21'' front wheel plays to the dirt bike element....

at days end,,,when you've taken your stock oem 950 over all the terrain and pounded as much pavement as Sakurama too will more often than not find that taking your 950 over rugged mountain passes or canyon carving would have been a lot easier/and perhaps more fun on appropriately sized and shod wheels.....or maybe even save that territory for a more appropriate steed.

and then somewhere in the back of your head you'll wonder ''what am i doing taking my $15,000 500+ lb dream machine and pounding it,, my body and my pocketbook'' and admit....that that 200lb thumper sitting in the garage would be a better tool the next time ya want to cross those passes

bike #1...OEM 2.15x21 and 4.25x18 ie KTM's version/vision

bike#2...1.85x21 and 2.50x18 ie the dirt bike lovers vision

bike#3...2.50x19 and 4.25x17 ie the dual sport vision

bike #4...3.50x17 and 5.5x17 ie the SM canyon carver vision and now for the genuine Tubeless -rim crowd:
we offer the best cross-pollinated wheel around...
Aprillia CapoNord rims on billet hubs...

the Gobbler in action on MT. Palomar with his new Caponords

one pic is worth a thousand words.....+++++

Nowwhat's set up being flogged two up...

Nowwhat's opinion:

[I put the Caponards on for 100% street use to haul the wife around...would never dream of taking them off road....on the street they are extremely confidence inspiring....It was only a few minutes of riding before my boots were scraping the ground in the turns.... ]quote

more info on this set-up here:


1,,,Tire fitment chart.....just click on these words to see what rims and tires work together...REMEMBER!!!,,the narrower your rim the less likely it will bend in the rough stuff...optimizing tire and rim combinations still have to fall within the tire manufacturers standards,,hence me offering this chart to get ya in the ballpark

2,,,speedometer/odometer re-calibration link

Gadget Boy's HOT-SET-UP to search AdvRider via Google. It yields quick and copious results! Check it out here

Pass the word,,and chip in!!! As we all post in this thread i'll try to move the contributions into the above categories via links and cut n pasting.

hope this idea flies and works for you all...There's so much valuable info in this forum,,,this should get the best of it out of past threads n posts,,,it'll save many from endless searching and others including myself from saying the same thing over and over,,,Pssst,,me???,,,i'd rather be riding
If you have any questions... Post Em Here
..For more info check our website...
....Wanna e-mail us...
......Wanna talk,,,call us
toll free... 1-866-936-0232
........If you're lost???... GPS = 39*40'33.86N x 104*59'54.69W

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