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Old 04-10-2007, 11:28 AM   #1
MikeO OP
Wage slave...
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Joined: Jul 2002
Location: Scarning, Norfolk, today...
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MikeO's 2007 Ride Report Thread...

I'm not above imitating Nachtflug - so this year I'll post any new ride reports here...


All text & original photos © Mike Oughton 2004 - 2015
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Old 04-10-2007, 11:30 AM   #2
MikeO OP
Wage slave...
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Joined: Jul 2002
Location: Scarning, Norfolk, today...
Oddometer: 7,021
Saturday 7th April 2007

I spend the day doing chores on the Adv. I has been out of the crate for a couple of weeks now, but it’s garaged fifteen miles from where I’m living at the moment, so minor chores tend to become huge evolutions.

But today I fit a replacement speedometer. The original one started behaving aberrantly just after the bike arrived back in the UK - I found myself doing a steady 150mph down the Dereham By-Pass, for example. Luckily, my mate Simon (Swesty from GSClubUK) has a spare I can borrow whilst I try to hunt someone down to service the original. Cheers Simon

Slight difference – it’s from an 1150R – identical in all respects to my Adv speedometer except it has a chrome bezel *BLING*

After fitting the speedo (Simon let me have a matching tachometer as well, but the length of the cable to the multi-pin plug on the loom was different) and finding that I had only one working instrument light (out of two) in each clock, I fit new bulbs and re-assemble the front end.

I then use my trusty TwinMax to synchronise the throttle bodies – I noticed a bit of a harsh buzz last time I was out. It’s all squared away within ten minutes…

All done, I ride the bike back home and pack for tomorrow’s trip…
All text & original photos © Mike Oughton 2004 - 2015
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Accredited Jackass
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Get started, ya slacker.
I guess your get up and go needs a coffee. - Drif5
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Mod Squad
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Nachtflug hasn't posted a report here in ages.. he's stuck in the basement..

Lookin' forward to yours

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Old 04-10-2007, 11:49 AM   #5
Johnny Dakar
Fuckin' Smartass
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Oh my...she looks CLEAN...
"Just sharing this quiet time is intimate, our tent, our bikes and our faces illuminated by yellow light from the fire. This is why we travel. To experience those rare moments of perfection of solitude of life."
-Simon Thomas
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Old 04-10-2007, 02:01 PM   #6
MikeO OP
Wage slave...
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Joined: Jul 2002
Location: Scarning, Norfolk, today...
Oddometer: 7,021
Sunday 8th April 2007 – Easter Sunday

I wake early and have – as usual – no trouble dragging myself out of bed to ride a motorbike. I have a quick shower and load the rest of my gear into the panniers…

Locking the door behind me, I put my helmet onto my still-damp hair – soon to adopt a style known as Knackered – by Arai and set off into the cool morning sunshine.

Most of the roads through the little villages are empty – the locals indoors gorging on chocolate eggs, no doubt…

I get onto the A47 and start heading west. I stop at the market town of Swaffham to get some cash out of the ATM. Swaffham has a very nice old town hall.

Getting back on the bike, I’m dismayed to find that I can’t get my immobiliser to disarm. Bugger.

I take the ‘plipper’ apart and bend the battery contacts closer together and it works as advertised - phew

I continue along the A47, joining the A17 at Kings Lynn and heading north west towards Lincolnshire, through Sutton Bridge.

Shortly afterwards, I stop for a bite to eat at the Farm Café – a favourite haunt of local riders – some of whom are having a quick smoke outside when I arrive…

I go inside and am quickly served…

…the Farmhouse Breakfast. As recommended by the British Heart Foundation…

Managing to squeeze back into my riding gear, I press on west until I come to the junction of the A16 and then start heading north through Boston. The weather starts to cloud in a little, but it’s still mild and I’m making good progress on familiar and well surfaced roads…

The bike’s running very well – the throttle body balance was obviously accurate and, despite the engine having more than 117k miles under its belt, it’s as smooth as silk.

Well, perhaps not silk.

Cotton maybe.

Smooth as cotton – that’s it.

Or sackcloth.

Anyway, I continue to press north towards the river Humber. It’s been at least an hour and a half since breakfast – time for coffee…

Suddenly the bling of my chrome bezel seems to be eclipsed…

Indeed, I feel it’s positively understated…

I meet up with the owners inside. They are locals who are just on their way home from a rally in Scarborough (just up the coast) and are having a cup of tea and a bacon sarnie to finish the trip off. Nice people – as most enthusiasts are.

Re-caffeinated, I head north and I’m soon crossing a gusty Humber Bridge…

…where they still charge motorcyclists £1.20 to cross – they really need to get with the programme and let bikes cross free…

I’m soon into Yorkshire and heading towards the moors. The sun has come out – and so has everyone in the UK with a vehicle. Ability to drive or ride was apparently optional when this decision was made. I see some seriously bad riding by some chaps on sports bikes who were old enough to know better – Darwin must’ve been staring at them in their mirrors, had they looked…

I take a break from the madness and ride through the inner ring road at York…

What on earth are Bile Beans? Sounds like I need to get some.

York Minster is peeking out from behind scaffolding and the old city walls…

The daffodils are in bloom everywhere – it really feels like a Spring morning…

It’s Easter Sunday and, as I ride through a succession of impossibly twee little villages – probably populated entirely by stockbrokers from Pinner – I notice each church has devised its own method of marking the day. I liked the simplicity of this little cross…

The villages are pretty though.

I continue pressing roughly north west…

…encountering this flock of sheep, running and pooing in panic as they try to get back into their field. The chap leading the clutch of sports bikes coming the other way was very switched on and got his followers’ speed down in short order.

For the next mile or so I give the ‘slow down’ signal to dozens of bikes and cars.

I’m soon riding down the fairly steep Sutton Bank and shortly afterwards arriving in Thirsk…

…where this chap’s pride and joy is getting an outing (presumably while he scans the sky for any possible sign of rain)…

I bet it didn’t look this good when it left the factory (in about 1970, judging by the number plate).

I press on towards the town of Masham.

There’s a wildfire on one of the moors nearby, which is causing a huge plume of smoke to blow south east.

Masham has a beautiful stone bridge.

I’m soon out to the west of Masham and the smoke clears completely – I’m riding through the Yorkshire Dales…

I never tire of riding this area – it’s beautiful whatever the weather (it was pissing down last time I ride here and it was still fun!)…

The road is edged by dry stone walls – they also divide the fields from one another - there must be thousands of miles of them. The amount of labour involved over the years in building these is staggering…

I spot this carved wooden anemometer thing turning in the wind. It has various faces showing fish, sheep, the sun and birds.

It's a bit crap, isn’t it?

Never mind, let’s keep heading west…

I pass through the village of Hawes – to find it entirely taken over by motorcycles…

Onward! The traffic has died out a bit and the road’s my own for a while – brilliant…

Hmm… I wonder what’s for dinner?

I pull into a little ‘one man band’ petrol station and fill up. The bike’s doing 39mpg, which I’m pretty happy with, given that I’ve not been hanging about today. I go in to pay and the old boy behind the till asks how much – I tell him £31.77. He stares at me and says “Good grief!”

I’m soon back on the road, riding through the last of the Dales for today and briefly join the M6 motorway north. I arrive at the Rheged Discovery Centre at about 1445…

…where my good friend Jane, who makes the best chocolates in the world…

…feeds me free chocs and then tells me to get going up north to the house – she’ll follow me in an hour or so.

I ride the last twenty minutes or so to the town of Rosley…

Where I’m warmly welcomed by Bob and the children, Rebecca & Cameron. Bob’s just putting a leg of lamb in the oven…

Jane arrives home a while later. She forces me to help their research by blind tasting two different types of chocolate…

After which I have a shower, in an attempt to look as if I come from the same species as the rest of the family, and we all settle down to a long lazy dinner…

…aided by generous quantities of red wine…

…which leads to a very pleasant and mellow evening’s chatting.

A great day.

For everyone except the lamb.

All text & original photos © Mike Oughton 2004 - 2015
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Old 04-10-2007, 02:23 PM   #7
Local Yokel
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Great report, Mike

I loved the riding around Hawes too, even though there was on-and-off rain last May when I was there Had to stop at Wensleydale for some tasting though

I'll be back up North in September (AT meet in Cumbria) so will get to enjoy them again, hopefully

My Ride Reports
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Old 04-10-2007, 02:25 PM   #8
reading is hard
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subscribed to this thread, top class ride report Mike.

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Old 04-10-2007, 02:34 PM   #9
Breaking Wind
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Location: Bay Area, California
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I thought you'd emigrated to America, lad.
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Old 04-10-2007, 02:39 PM   #10
Gnarly Adventurer
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Location: Salisbury, UK
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Fun report Mike, I really must try the "stills whilst riding" thing.. hopefully in time to take some piccies or Rallybug at the AT meet
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Fuhrworries's Avatar
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Healed and about.


Glad to see you out and about again. I trust you healed up well. Great report. I hope to someday see your country as you did ours.
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Old 04-10-2007, 05:47 PM   #12
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Originally Posted by MikeO
Mint sauce!

Nice write up.
'15 KTM 1190S
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Old 04-10-2007, 06:22 PM   #13
Gnarly Adventurer
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Thumb Thanks!!!!

Thanks for the pics of the Yorkshire Dales. I read the James Herriot books years ago and hope to see it for myself someday. Thanks for taking us along.

I'd give my right arm to be ambidextrous.....

'00 K1200LT , '06 R1150GS Adv

And some Rin up Hill and Down dale,
Knapping the Chucky Stanes to Pieces wi' Hammers,
Like sae Many Road Makers run Daft.
They Say 'twas to See How the Warld was Made.
Sir Walter Scott(1824) “ St. Ronan's Well "
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Old 04-10-2007, 07:28 PM   #14
freaking RT
will golf for food
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Hiya, Mike, nice ride!!!!
“We, the people, are the rightful masters of both congress and the courts - not to overthrow the constitution, but to overthrow men who pervert the constitution.”
– Abraham Lincoln

"If you like your health care plan, you can keep it," - President Barack Obama
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Old 04-10-2007, 10:23 PM   #15
Varadero Journeyman
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Enjoyed that - thanks!
Maybe try the breakfast at the Farm Cafe next time I'm in south lincolnshire - where exactly is it?
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