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Old 11-12-2007, 05:03 PM   #241
Beastly Adventurer
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Wow!! Awesome pics and great narration. Makes me feel like I am right there with you. And I wish I was, I am so envious.

Keep it coming guys, I am really loving this ride report.

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Old 11-13-2007, 10:45 PM   #242
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Mexico's Department of Tourism should hire you guys.

The story and pictures are priceless!!!!

Be safe!!

ki-speed (Mark)
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Old 11-14-2007, 10:14 AM   #243
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Big Mistake?

"O my! The place was jumping. The couple next to us were drinking shots of tequila. My brain wasn’t working too well so I say “Dos vasos de tequila por favor!” (Two shots of tequila please) Big Mistake……."

TJ and HJ,
Obviously, the "Big Mistake" must refer to how you were feeling the next day, because you sure looked like you were having a great time up to that point!

Once again, thanks for taking us along and allowing us to live your trip from a distance. Its truly appreciated! Keep up the great "work".

While many others and their fine ride reports have helped do the same, thanks also for continuing to dispell the negative myths about Mexico. The many people who think Mexico is what they experience at their resort enclaves have no idea what they are missing.

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Old 11-14-2007, 10:55 AM   #244
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Great report

keep it coming!!!!!
"As a teen I would have fucked a snake if someone would hold it's head, drunk or not.

But I've matured. Now I'd make sure I was drunk before I tried to fuck a snake"..........Bueller
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Old 11-14-2007, 11:14 AM   #245
Where we riding to?
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Originally Posted by cavebiker
Our last day in Puerto Escondido Heidi and I went to the surfer side for breakfast. The Pacific swell was big that day. The waves were building up to over ten feet high and all the surfers were a buzz about the event. People were practically racing to the beach with long lens cameras and surf boards.

After breakfast Heidi and I walked down to the beach where all the activity was. Surf boards, big dog cameras, ocean jet-skis, babes in itsy bitsy bikinis, people standing around with there thumb and pinky sticking up in the air. It was so cool. The swell was not coming in at a very good angle so the waves would build and break fast, almost all at once. This made it very difficult to catch and ride a wave without getting hammered almost immediately. That’s what the jet-skis were for. This is serious business. The jet skis would tow a surfer at high speeds into the lip of the chosen wave. The surfer would let go at just the right moment and ride down a huge wave, duck down low while the wave curled into a tube and a second later get smashed when the wave collapsed onto them. Heidi and I were standing on the beach right in front of all the action with our mouths hanging open. It was like watching Wide World of Sports but a hundred times more dramatic. After the surfer would get smashed by the huge wave, out of nowhere the jet-ski would appear running at high speeds straight at the downed surfer. The surfer would grab onto the handholds of a flat raft being towed by the jet-ski. The jet-ski would then gun it’s engine and peel off, towing the surfer away from the next breaking wave that would have crashed right on top of him. This was almost as dramatic as the surfing itself. We couldn’t believe the skill and timing of the jet-ski driver. It was all done with split second timing and if the driver was off by a second or two both the jet-ski and the surfer would have gotten smashed. I have never seen this before but the surfer wore a life vest and didn’t have a tether line attached to his ankle and the surf board. The surfboard would eventually just wash its way up on shore. Way Cool……. I wish we had our camera along.
OK, you two are fired as official Cave camera men/women! Sheesh a buildup like that and I'm expecting some more of your awesome photos.... only to read "wish we had our camera".

j/k Sounds like quite the sight, really enjoying your ride report.
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Old 11-14-2007, 02:32 PM   #246
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Fantastic ride report as expected!! Glad you and Mrs. Cavebiker are having a blast. Stop by and visit me and papa dolce in the hill country or in S. Louisiana on ya'lls return. Keep it coming. Thanks, Pistonslap
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Old 11-14-2007, 03:21 PM   #247
cavebiker OP
Old School Adventurer
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Thanks a ton all! Cavegirl and I really enjoy all the super replys. If ya like this stuff we will keep it comming....
Just today we blasted out of Oaxaca. We hit a rain storm about an hour later near a little town of Matatlan. We were in the mountains and it was cold so we made a bee line to a little hotel, $11 a night, nice clean place. After the rain stoped we went out walking and discovered Matatlan is the CAPITAL of MAZCAL! What a score! It was like it was ment to be. We had breakfast and toured all the little Mazcal factories and of course sampled some of the best Mazcal I have ever tasted. Aged mazcal, cream de coco mazcal, cream de coffee mazcal. Of course we stocked up and are set for a while. Oh Yeah......
Report and pics to follow
Have a dream, live it. Set a goal, achieve it.
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Old 11-14-2007, 04:14 PM   #248
Proud to be an Infidel
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Great read keepin up with this...what a beautiful country and people, fantastic!
Proud to be an Infidel
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Old 11-15-2007, 06:42 AM   #249
KLR commuter
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Great pics, great adventure- your livin the dream. Cant wait to hear and see more.
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Old 11-16-2007, 02:52 PM   #250
cavebiker OP
Old School Adventurer
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Location: Hayward, WI
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Laugh Oaxaca to Matatlan to Tehuatepec:

A few more pics of life in Oaxaca:
This is where I go to have a large cup of coffee with hot milk every morning, 54 cents.

We stayed a week in Oaxaca and that was barely enough time to scratch the surface.

Heidi and I aren’t into the tourist scene that much but here we enjoyed it. But, after a few days we had the urge to get away from it and dive into the true culture of Oaxaca. I suggest to Heidi we venture out of the tourist zone and check out the area where the locals shop.

We head out. This is stepping out of our hotel courtyard and onto the street.

All these stands get set up every morning and get torn down every night.

People set up shop anywhere there is space.

We walk the opposite direction from the centro zone and cross a walking bridge leading to this big market area for locals.

First, we stop for some juice. Heidi gets orange juice, I get papaya juice. The girl squeezes the oranges and blends the fresh cut papaya right in front of us. Way Good….

Out of the thousands of people we saw here, there were zero tourists, except us.

Heidi and I thought we were really into the Mexican culture by hanging out at the centro zone market and streets. Well I have to tell you, when we got to the Centro Comercial Zona it was like a nuclear explosion of sights, smells, sounds, tastes, and feelings saying, we are in a place like we have never been to before. People, food and stuff everywhere. Our senses were flashing ‘RED OVERLOAD’. This area is so large it is impossible to accurately describe the real scope. We gave up almost immediately trying to cover the whole building and area outside because we knew it would be futile to do it all in one day.

Inside the market building there were several restaurants. It was hard to pick one. We just circled several and picked the one that felt the best. We first both order café con leche (coffee with milk). This is what we get???? (photo below) I say to the server “?café con leche?” she nods “si” Heidi and I are looking at it like, what the heck! It was a bowl of warm cinnamon milk with a bun. Oh well, we just go with the flow and order food. Heidi orders carne asada, I order enchilada de pollo con mole negra (chicken enchiladas with black mole sauce). The food was good.

The woman sitting next to us had a small child sitting on the table. The child started crying, to get her to stop the woman said “Miras los gringos” (Look at the gringos). Heidi had fun making faces at the kid after that. (Toto, we’re not in Kansas anymore)

A couple more shots of the market.

On our walk back to the centro zone we see this. Cool.

Back at parque centro there was a buzz of activity. Heidi enjoys listening to the music and dreams of when we learn to waltz together.

The police presents was huge the last several days we were here. This day we saw big army trucks filled with soldiers. Getting close to parque centro we pass a truck parked unloading new M16’s from there boxes and handing them out to soldiers. While we were sitting at a table there were soldiers standing around with their guns. We find out from one of the vendor ladies in the park that tomorrow the park will be closed-off for a teacher demonstration. She said they were closing the park to keep from scaring the tourists.
Have a dream, live it. Set a goal, achieve it.

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Old 11-16-2007, 03:06 PM   #251
cavebiker OP
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Location: Hayward, WI
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Laugh Matatlan:

Today we are heading off closer to the Guatemalan border. We are in no big hurry so we plan to break it up into a few days ride.

The forecast showed a tropical disturbance in the Pacific Ocean close to where we are heading. We woke up to a cloudy day, the first clouds we’ve seen since we arrived in Oaxaca. We decided to just make a run for it and play it by ear. If the weather turns bad we will just find a place and hunker down until it ends. Yes, we have rain gear and we have the ability to ride through a storm but that doesn’t fit our plan to play it safe and not rush it.

About an hour out of Oaxaca we tool through the town of Matatlan. The clouds over the mountains ahead were looking very black. Just as we get out of town on the other side it started to rain. I get a solid jab from Heidi meaning ‘Time for an equipment change’ like ‘rain gear’ I stop, talk with Heidi about our options and ask if she saw a hotel in the last town. Heidi says sahe saw a place that could be a hotel. We stick it into gear and blast off back to the last town, Matatlan.

Casa de Huespedes(Guest house) sounds like a hotel to us.

Yes! It is and we get the deluxe suite #1 that has a toilet in the room. Sweeet! No seat on the toilet but this is common south of the border We are liken it…..

The rain came down hard and then left. We were still happy to be here safe and sound. We find out later that Matatlan is the capital of Mezcal, a tequila type of beverage made out of agave cactus. OK, we can handle a day here I think……..

Heidi and I take a long walk through town and find a great place for breakfast. Eggs, ham, black beans, tortillas, fresh squeezed OJ topped with a sample of cream de mango de mezcal.

Next we tour the towns mezcal factories and shops. Good time and we were the only tourists here.

These guys are preparing the agave cactus cores called pineapples, for shredding.

Here is a photo of a small mezcal distillery. The pineapples are shredded then squeezed by this big stone wheel to extract the cactus juices. (Note the small still in the background)

Here is another small mezcal distillery. Notice the vats of shredded agave cactus pineapples. This is part of the fermentation process before the big stone wheel squeezes out the juices.

This is a nice quiet town, Heidi and I enjoyed touring it on foot.

This town must be super old. Taking a close look at the brick work on many of the buildings reveled, straw, sticks, stones and they looked like they were made by hand.

Agave cactus are growing everywhere.

Several distilleries in town were smoking up a storm.

We enjoyed checking out all the shops in town and buying a few small samples. The prices were very low for the best mezcal I have ever had, $3.60 for a pint bottle of aged or cream mezcal.

Matatlan! Cheers……
Have a dream, live it. Set a goal, achieve it.

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Old 11-16-2007, 03:21 PM   #252
cavebiker OP
Old School Adventurer
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Thumb Tehuatepec:

Next day we head out early and shoot toward the pacific coast. The road is through the mountains and is in good shape filled with twists and turns. At one point we get passed by three GS riders fully loaded for adventure touring. We enjoyed waving and beeping at each other as they blasted past us.

The road straightens out as we get close to the coast. We tool into the town of Tehuatepec and decide to look for a hotel early and enjoy another Mexican town.

Dogs were everywhere in this town, on the streets, in the central market building, lying all over the place. We like dogs….

Get a load of the taxis here…..

The market building is small compared to Oaxaca but the words Heidi and I came up with to describe it are “Hard Core” It’s dark and hot inside. No photos would turn out, but everything is close quarters with raw meat, people cooking and stuff all over. We were glad we stayed here and checked it out. It’s another new flavor of Mexican culture and we Like It…


We are getting so close to Guatemala we can almost taste it. We are both super excited to cross the border but for me it’s also an anxious feeling. The way Heidi and I travel is to explore deeply the places we go to while trying to find a place we can call our home away from home. We live at the places we travel to. We need to feel and become comfortable and safe. This is not trivial. Heidi’s safety is my number one priority and I’m taking her to places I’ve never been to before. There are infinitely more possibilities for things to go wrong because of the extended period of time we spend at any one place. At this point in our adventure we are not getting closer to ending our trip and getting home but are getting deeper into the unknown and further away from any place where we know we are comfortable. The unknown, the adventure, the challenge. I look at every day as a military mission that is not impossible but is only possible by being ready for every bad thing that can come our way. Bike dies in the middle of nowhere. I know what to do and am prepared for it. Flat tire, I have all the tools and experience to do everything solo. Bad guy gets in our face. We are both prepared and practiced. Heidi or I get sick. I have meds and we will take care of each other. Just like any adventure or extreme competition; compile scenarios, hammer out solutions and be prepared to implement them. To challenge is to live. To live is to challenge. (Wow! Did I just say that?)

We hope you are enjoying this type of ride report. Nothing written here is by design but simply a narrative of what is going on in our lives and in my mind during our motorcycle adventure of a lifetime.

The ride continues…….

Have a dream, live it. Set a goal, achieve it.

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Old 11-16-2007, 03:46 PM   #253
Beastly Adventurer
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Wow, you are having the time of your life. And a life many of us would like to have. Enjoy and keep sharing with us, we are living it through you.
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Old 11-16-2007, 05:08 PM   #254
kinda slow
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Originally Posted by cavebiker
We hope you are enjoying this type of ride report. Nothing written here is by design but simply a narrative of what is going on in our lives and in my mind during our motorcycle adventure of a lifetime.

The ride continues…….


I'm without words..........
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Old 11-16-2007, 05:33 PM   #255
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Really nice trip report. Are you guys wearing leathers . Whats the comfort factor down there if you are. Really curious ????
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