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Old 10-26-2013, 09:33 PM   #1
Dirtbiker78 OP
Getting there...
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I burnt the chicken and she took off

Hi Guys, This is me, Dirtbiker78

This is my first attempt at anything like this, it's my first ride report and my first week or longer ride too. I've read reports (as we all have), I've commented on a few (I enjoy reading others comments aswell cause it keeps it interesting) and I've also simply browsed through some looking at the photo's.

A little background before we begin? Sure, why not. I was born at a very young age...... LOL, no, just kidding.

Less than a week ago it was my turn to make dinner, and as guys do, I burnt the chicken which resulted in.....
So the next morning, my fiance gets a call from the company we worked for asking her to come and please help close up a project in her specialty field and "poof" just like that, two hours later she's on a plane and gone for 3 weeks.

With nothing on the cards for the next 10 days..... I decide I can sit at home alone and hand out candy for haloween, or, I can go see some of the country I now live in..... easy choice

I pack my stuff as fast as she did and I'm out the door as quick as Wazzisname Bolt with his shoes on fire.

I've always wanted to ride Route 66. Maybe not the whole thing, but certainly a part of it. So I started there. And then I got to thinking, Man, I've always wanted to ride the pacific coast highway as well... and slowly as I made my way to Phoenix through the early morning traffic, a plan began to form. Yes, I didn't have one yet but I was riding, so it was "all-good".

I arrived in Kingman AZ. just in time for a light lunch... okay, not so light, it was McDonalds. I don't like them either but I was hungry and they were the first place after the turn off, so what can you do, man's gotta eat, and this one's gotta do it on the cheap

I left Kingman as quickly as I could, headed for Oatman down Route 66, I think I stopped in the wrong end of the town cause the lady at the Walmart in Kingman looked like she was gonna eat my motorcycle

Kingman to Oatman on the "Historic Route 66" is awesome!!!!! It's twisty and mountainous with no guard rails and I like the scenic views so much that I didn't stop (sorry for the lack of pics, I didn't know at the time that I'd be writing this report, I'll do better in future) The speed limit/guidline is very low but I didn't see any cops and the road is too narrow for them to pull you over anyway (it is bumpy and not well looked after though, but I didn't see a single hole so that's good) and it's got this sweet little shop in Cool Springs. I hadn't seen a "Mobil" sign on anything since the early 90's when a company called "Engen" bought them out in South Africa (where I grew up) So that was a nice little "blast from the past" for me and brought a big smile to my face.

It also had some cool old fashioned gas pumps and some rusty old cars parked outside and I felt like "Lightning Mcqeen" from the movie "Cars" (just glad they didn't make me repave their street with my "big white beast of burden")

I reached Oatman just in time to see a staged "old timey" gunfight take place in the street which was pretty cool. I loved Oatman and spent a long time walking from shop to shop just browsing, chewing on jerky and trying not to step in the in the streets. LOVED IT!!

"Bank Robber"

"Sherrif" (having shot bank robber)

Two of MANY! Burro's

I blew through the next two towns cause I had a silly "I've got plenty of fuel" moment. So by the time I was down to a quarter tank and 80 miles to the next town I knew I was in trouble
I was doing some serious mathematics in my head there for a while and any which way I sliced it, I was gonna come short. I was gonna come waaaaaaay short, by about 15 miles So there was nothing to do other than pull off Route 66 and onto the freeway so I could tuck in behind an interlink dragging multiple carriages (I told myself, naaa, he's never gonna be able to stop quickly, LOL) and for the next hour and a half a did nothing but stare at the 5 foot gap between myself and the trailers brake light hoping upon all hope that we didn't roll past a copper and I pulled into Essex, the engine spluttered and died with in sight of the fuel pump What a relief, lets try not to do that again.

I did manage to snap the compulsory sign before I had my fuel crisis

My lucky gas station

I spent the night in a tiny little one horse town (one of those ones where the horse is actually already dead). I think the towns name was Boron and they had the BEST Mexican restaurant I've ever been to. If you're ever in Boron, go here!!!

it's the only place with music and they only play it if you ask them to but like I said, the food is awesome!!

So, That's me and this is my story. LOL. I'm skipping from there to Monterey cause that was a boring grind of slab mile after slabbed mile
I'll pick it up again from there... but it hasn't happened yet. I'm off to go find a beer
Camping without weed is just pretending to be homeless
S#!t happens when you party naked
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Old 10-26-2013, 09:51 PM   #2
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It's not that you burnt the chicken LOL!!!
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Old 10-26-2013, 10:43 PM   #3
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good start

looking forward to the rest of the report

what bike are you riding?
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Old 10-26-2013, 11:45 PM   #4
Dirtbiker78 OP
Getting there...
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Joined: Feb 2013
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Originally Posted by GoneBallistic View Post
looking forward to the rest of the report

what bike are you riding?
I'm riding a 1200 Yamaha Super Tenere
Camping without weed is just pretending to be homeless
S#!t happens when you party naked
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Old 10-27-2013, 05:12 AM   #5
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Wow!! Maybe I can burn the chicken and get a few days to ride. LOL
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Old 10-27-2013, 06:37 AM   #6
More Undestructable
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The force of the chicken runs strong with you.
When she gets back, try burning the thanksgiving turkey.
I bet you get a whole month to ride.

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Old 10-27-2013, 06:46 AM   #7
Joined: Apr 2011
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I think the best trips are the ones that are not planned............
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Old 10-27-2013, 06:53 AM   #8
I do my own stunts!
Joined: May 2011
Location: Charleston, SC
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Some of my best rides haven't had much of a plan beyond heading in a general direction. Here's to a wonderful journey.
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Old 10-27-2013, 07:06 AM   #9
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Good start DB78 - keep it coming!
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Old 10-27-2013, 08:06 AM   #10
Rust never sleeps
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I agree. No plan is the plan.
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Old 10-28-2013, 06:35 PM   #11
Dirtbiker78 OP
Getting there...
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Joined: Feb 2013
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Cold Cold Cold

Right, I'm back

I"m not gonna bore you with the ride to monterey, I rode the highway all the way there to get to the coast as quickly as possible and then just crashed in a cheapish motel for the night (where I sent my last post from).

I woke up the next morning to a coastline socked in with rain and fog and knew I was in for a harsh day on the bike when the air temp gauge was reading 42 F
There was nothing for it though, I just had to pull on my man pants and tough it out. In the same breath I now tell you that only now do I fully understand the reason why so many people on this forum are all about the heated grips (I don't have that yet but it's now officially on "the list" )

My Big White Beasty and I facing a dreary looking morning

It was not long after leaving that my stomach started to growl at me as though I'd eaten a small lion, so I stopped at a farm stall right next to the road to grab something to eat. Cold makes the inner man in me hongry!!!

I bought some bananas and some dried mango... and of course I ate it in full knowledge that some poor public restroom down the road was going to pay the price for my indulgence

I took great care in observing the "unwritten man rule" of Never Look Another Man In The Eyes While Eating A Banana.

I pulled into Santa Cruz in search of coffee and to defrost a little and was amazed at the hustle and bustle of humanity to be found on the streets. There were people jogging, walking and riding their bicycles EVERYWHERE!! I'm not sure this town's aware of the invention of the internal combustion engine and that there's an easier way to get around But I stood around drinking my coffee next to the cliffs overlooking the beaches and simply looking at the birds and watching the crazies go by.

There was also a lazy looking sail boat bobbing in the bay that looked quite lonely cause he was the only one out there with not a breath of wind to be spoken of. Beautiful.

From there I decided to knuckle down and get some miles done. But that didn't work out cause not long after leaving town a group of sport bikes passed me then slowed and waved me over. Turns out they noticed my AZ number plate and then insisted I follow them to a place called "Alice's"

These Guys

Motorbikes at Alice's (sorry bout my fat finger which got in the way)

Alice's was crazy, it was Sunday morning and there were bikes EVERYWHERE!! the air around the whole place vibrated to the thumb of engines, cruisers, rockets, tourers, adventure tourers, you name it, and it was there, and the road going up from the brewery outside santa cruz to Alices is a little slice of biker heaven. It's so twisty it feels like you're riding a roller coaster and the switch backs seem to curve and curve until your mind tells you you've gone through a full circle!! it was Awesome (sorry I didn't get pics of that, I was doing my utmost to not keep the group up too much, those guys were fast)

From Alice's I made my way down off the mountain on route 46 (I think) towards San Fransisco and before I could clear the visions of tight twisties and switchback corners from my eye's I was joined in my travels by what felt like every car in California!! Suddenly, there were cars EVERYWHERE, all around me and I had a feeling of utter over stimulation cause I hadn't seen a car in hours before that and I found myself on a multi lane interstate with people going in all directions to see the sights the city has to offer. Buy the time I'd gotten acclimated to the hustle and bustle of the traffic I was inching my way towards the Golden Gate Bridge.

I couldn't believe my eyes, I'm naught but a humble South African boy that used to spend his holidays causing trouble and getting up to mischief and here I was rolling my wheels down a sight I'd seen in so many movies. It really was overwhelming and I was standing on my pegs, waving at everyone like a celebrity and smiling like a bafoon inside my helmet. WOW!! What a sight!! I loved that, just cruising with the traffic and being a tourist was awesome and I enjoyed every second of it as much as I did the tight twisty road I'd been on only an hour before

Alcatraz Island!!!!!! One of my favorite movies is The Rock with Nicolas Cage and Sean Connery, I had to get a picture of it, the island was so close you almost felt like you could reach out and touch it!!

(I had no idea it was so close to land)

I did the touristy thing at the "Vista View" and joined the throngs of people waiting to read the copper plated inscriptions adorning the monument and almost got fed up with the other people who refused to wait just half a second so I could get a picture of the monument to seafarers with out them in it, what's with chicks throwing their arms around this guy? I've obviously been in the wrong line of work

Another tourist waiting to give "copper chap Jack" a hug

I left San Fransisco in a bit of a hurry because the sun was going down soon and I wanted to make my way out of the city to a smaller town further north before settling down for the night. The sun was approaching the horizon, the mercury was falling and I knew I had a lot of ground to make up if I wanted to see the redwoods tomorrow.

By the time I rolled into Bodega bay I was visibly shaking from the cold and my teeth were chattering so loudly I thought I was going to chip the front ones and square off my molars. So I pulled into the only visible hotel and asked for a room for the night. They said sure, gave me a discount cause it was so late in the day and a Sunday and told me it was 180 bucks for the night!! Needless to say, I baulked, told them it was a little out of reach for me and left to find someplace else.
Luckily my trusty ol' gps lead me straight to a holiday inn more inland and about half the price and I had a great night there, I showered three times just to get the chill out of my bones and then poured myself straight into bed for a well earned rest.
(sorry for the lack of photo's on the last part, I ran out of daylight).
Camping without weed is just pretending to be homeless
S#!t happens when you party naked

Dirtbiker78 screwed with this post 10-28-2013 at 08:17 PM
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Just Learning
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Keep it coming, I can read the rest on my return trip.
"Single Trac is like Scotch, you have to aquire a taste for it!"
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Dirtbiker78 OP
Getting there...
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Laugh I can't believe I'm doing this!!!!

I woke up this morning with a sence of anticipation and an excitement so palpable the air around me felt electric. I've wanted to ride the pacific coast highway since the first time I heard it's name.
"The Pacific Coast Highway" WOW!! Even the words sound intimidating and exciting at the same time when strung together in a sentence! I jumped out of bed half an hour before my alarm clock chimed and rushed over to the window. Halleluja, BLUE SKIES!!!!! I was showered and dressed, scarfing down breakfast and orange juice before you can say "pacific coast highway", handing back my room key before the door had properly closed behind me.
I couldn't wait to get on the road today and the weather was playing it's part like a Cello in a symphony.

For mile after mile I was looking out at the ocean as if seeing it for the first time. One breathtaking view after the other.

I had to press on, I knew if I stopped each time I wanted to take a photo I'd only do about 10 miles all day.

This is where I pulled out my gas stove and spent a bit of time making myself a cup of coffee. The sun was shining but it wasn't warm in any sence of the word.

(I tried to take a picture of the brewing process but the view of the ocean gets lost and it didn't work)

This is my happy face, okay, not really, it's my please get it right this time!! face, I'm not very good at the whole "selfie" thing yet

It's very difficult to capture the essence of a road and all that it stands for in a photo. A road can mean many things to many people. Some-one may have lost some one dear to them on a road which would make it a sad place for them, yet at the same time some-one else may have had their first driving experience on that same stretch of road which would make it memorable for a completely different reason. The stretch of road I was on today is the most exciting, exhilarating riding I've ever done. If heaven is a road for bikers, this is most certainly what it'll look like. It twists and turns, rises and falls, climbs and drops, it wears you out to the point you want to crawl in you pannier and have a sleep and it beckons you to continue, mile after mile, twist after turn. It's dangerous, very dangerous, but more fun than a first kiss and you cant help wanting to do it all over again when you've stopped.

I rode around two hundred miles today, it doesn't sound like a lot, but it was the most taxing 200 miles I've ever experienced. I don't think it was straight for a single stretch that lasted more than half a mile and usually only a fraction of that to the next corner. I pulled into the motel in Garberville completely wore out, mentally drained and physically shattered. UNFKNBALEVBL!! Hours and hours of going "set entry speed, find apex, roll on, look through corner, roll on more, roll off, set entry speed, repeat" BRILLIANT!!!

I had a little "tourist moment" today too. I couldn't help it, it had to be done

You can tell in the photo that this is close to the end of the ride, I was mentally fried by the time I got here but so happy to be where I was that I felt like a kid at the circus for the first time.

The place with the drive through tree had a beautifully manicured lawn with a small lake, I lay flat on my back under the sun for twenty minutes to regain my composure before I wanted to walk around and see the sights. It was fantastic and rejuvenated me completely, I'm convinced that lawn's there just for bikers coming up the pacific coast highway.

Thanks guys for tuning in, I wasn't sure anyone would read this, but I'm glad I can share my adventure with you.

Camping without weed is just pretending to be homeless
S#!t happens when you party naked
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Ride More
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Awesome ride!! Welcome to the west coast. The weather in Oregon and WA has been great up until Sunday, then it all went to hell, sorry. I hope you can dodge the rain on your way through.
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When I saw Santa Cruz I was happy to see you made it to Alice's.
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