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TB650 OP
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Australian High Country Tour and more

This was a ride I organised with some of the guys from Old Bull Trailriders that went from the Blue Mountains to Gunning down thru the Vic high country, visiting Dargo, Omeo, the Haunted Stream track, Mt Pinnabar, then back near Goulburn then Bathurst, Bridle trail etc. The aim was to spend as much time of dirt which we did. Enjoy

Wow what an amazing 7 days riding, we say all too often if you arenít there you missed out but if you werenít you really did. I reckon it was a better ride then Cameronís and better than the Cape when I did that in 2004. There are those that say adventure riding is soft, if you think that well I can say you havenít done it because we were tested everyday. Check the photos the Murray River is lapping at the bottom of the seat and full of bowling ball size rocks (two bikes were washed away there 2 weeks before and havenít been recovered) the Davies Plains track is a hard slog on an enduro bike and is harder carrying all your self support gear. What about climbing Mt Pinnabar, I have done that before on the XR and was on a tour that time that saw heaps of guys struggle, this group all bar Motodudes KTM made it to the top. Or 54 creek crossing in 30odd kms strung together by phat twin trail with out mentioning the drops into the creek beds and out eh Fish? Dust, the uphills for half an hour, which means there will be a mother of a downhill as well. The guys I rode with are all first class salt of the earth people there for one and all.
I will cover all I can remember including twice dunking the Tenere, once really well actually and other events, did I mention how much we laughed

Kram, Moose and Nick arrived at home and we got ready, I was laying bets straight up that Kram and Moose had to have their luggage fall off at least once

Mooseís setup

Kramís setup

Sadly only Kram had gear fall off once which was better than my river crossing average on day 2

We left home before 8 on the Thursday and sooted out thru the mountains to Mt Vic, we left the bitumen and travelled thru some tracks and trails to rejoin the blacktop at Hampton. Once there we used some of the trails from the Hampton ride over Chainsaw Hill up around the rocky tower

Views thru the mist and fog

We rode the track that runs parallel to caves road we have used before, singles at times including the mud hill I used years ago that caused so much chaos yet all 4 straight to the top. We rode down thru Jenolan Caves and went straight back onto the dirt where we had out first track blow out a dead end. How good was that it signalled a whole unplanned adventure which had some bush bashing and cutting our own track for a while (stuff left out here as those there will know why)

Still more and more pine forests some log hopping and then we popped out of the scrub and everyone happy still out the back of Burraga

We then hooked into a section in the Abercrombie National Park, 40 odd kms of ripper twin trails that flowed, windrows, hills, windrows, a creek and a hippie commune

We had to then do a detour to Barraga for Kram and Moose to get fuel. We lunched and then ran the dirt to within 20kms of Gunning

417kms for the day, the Teneres used 21.5 litres of fuel for the 417kms, the only problem we had experienced all day was the Mighty Quin had started running like a busted arse and was blowing black smoke. Kram was seen running around cleaning his filter and getting the Quin fixed

Gaz was there and everyone arrived within an hour and the beers etc started flowing.

Lotsaís DR

Motodudeís KTM

Tryhards KTM






XTZ660, WR250R Prerun bike awesome!, ex GHR XR650, A second XR650R and the mighty CT110
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TB650 OP
Would be Adventurer
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Location: Blue Mountains, Australia
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I organised a table for us at the Chinese restaurant at the Pub for dinner

I wanted a 7am start and well the next morning we were all ready at the front of the pub ripping and ready to go all 10 now

We blasted down some fun dirt roads that had to odd sharp off chamber corner ready to get you thru the fog and dust. Soon the message was passed forward that the mighty Quin was getting worse and as we had hit a dead end on one of Micks tracks and needed to run around the edge of Canberra I thought we should shoot across the nations capital and to a Old Bulls workshop where we could effect repairs and get the Quin going again.

Juliaís house

I organised what was needed for Kram to make a foam air cleaner for the Quin, we choked down a bacon and egg roll and left, unfortunately the quin was no better and far from mighty. It was decided that Kram would go back to Factoryphilís workshop and get him to organise a local bike shop to get the Quin going and we would continue on to Jindabyne where we would wait for Kram, thus we would do the route in reverse. Mickp had hooked us up on a ripper track including a causeway crossing the first of some 70odd water crossing including a bloody big river. We visited the site of the Old Adaminaby which Nick wanted to see

Once at Jindabyne we had a counter lunch

Fish, the man with so many wrinkles he has to screw his helmet on

When we heard that the Quin would be mobile we got some rooms and some beers and sat out on the grass over looking the lake waiting for Kram as he slabbed it down to Jindabyne. We cooked our meals and enjoyed some beers

Once Kram fronted he started cooking his meal

Day 3

We arrived on time to the agreed meeting point only to find Mickp, Lotsa and Tryhard werenít there, we went up to the only other bridge close by and there werenít there either. We travelled back to the camping area to be told three bikes had gone down to the Murray and crossed yesterday evening. That left us with no choice but to cross and try and find them (turns out they hadnít and they came up behind us as we started crossing.

Boulder was straight into action and waded out checking the depth and giving advice. It was clear long legs and good footing was going to be the order of the day with the depth and current. I was shitting myself and had talked myself into falling in, which was the only thing that would happen in that state mind. Boulder promised me he would be with me to help, but he couldnít keep up in the deep water.

Boulder straight in

Kram heading in

Kram getting across, staying around the rocks edge where it was the shallowest but the most dangerous as thatís where the rapids started

Kram nearly done


Boulder yelling at Shane to get away from the edge


Moose crossing, you can see the water depth in relation to the bottom of his fuel tank

I donít have a picture of me going in, it was only in for a split second and no real damage was done at this crossing.
XTZ660, WR250R Prerun bike awesome!, ex GHR XR650, A second XR650R and the mighty CT110
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TB650 OP
Would be Adventurer
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Joined: Sep 2008
Location: Blue Mountains, Australia
Oddometer: 796
The next crossing was the one that had 30 odd blokes rushing down to watch what they knew would happen, I was so freaked out I could only fall in. I ended up in proper with me leg pinned under the bike with my head under the water until I could twist up and get my head out to get a breath. Thanks to Lotsa who dumped his bike and was straight in with the others to help me. Now I was proper wet and fully drowned the bike. The 30 odd guys watching were a great bunch, they helped de-water the bike (I will do a how do video after I have had two PMís asking how to de-water a bike and and EFI bike) Fish and Mickp were selling their arse, first born and anything they could to make sure they could get pictures e mailed to them of me and the bike laying in the river from the guys that had cameras

Once dry and running we left and rode up the Davies Plains track which I have done before, itís a great enduro bike track and a cracker on the bigger bikes. Very steep in spots, rocky just a real good demanding ride

Nick had a moment on a downhill that saw his new helmet no longer new

Top of Davies Plains track, 1700m above sea level

We checked out a hut, Moose and Nick

Me, dried out and feeling warmer

Once we got to the end of the Misery Trail I checked my oil, I knew there would be water in it which is why I wanted to check it mid ride. Sure enough you could see it had water in it, I asked Mick to take the group to Ensay and then Dargo where I would meet them, Nick said it would be better if I didnít go on my own so we went via Omeo just in case we could get it done there. When we got to Omeo we went straight to the Mobil in the main street. The woman there was on her own and when asked why I wanted the oil she said to use the workshop and anything we needed in there. I dropped the oil, there was a little water so I gave it two changes to be sure there was no water and we left
If you are in Omeo and need fuel or anything including goggles, gloves or other things they are a bike friendly shop

Mobil Service Station
170 Day Avenue
Omeo (03) 51591611

Nick and I slabbed it up thru Mt Hotham which was spectacular to say the least

Nick at Mt Hotham

Mt Hotham

Once we left Mt Hotham we found a track that covered the remaining 65kms to Dargo. We went straight to the Dargo store and met Dargo Dan, what a legend he helped us cover some maintance, showed us his setup which includes genuine KTM spares etc. He was saying he has had 15 bikes there some evenings fixing them for people. Danís workshop is a self help setup, he has it all, knows the area and is a legend, he also rides a 990. Nick hooked us up with a house opposite the pub for $24 each. With the bikes sorted and fuelled we parked in front of the pub and grabbed a beer saying they will be hours. Turns out rather than risk getting in late they took a different route, we moved into the house, used the dryer, lit the fire and either grabbed a cartoon. Some cooked meals, other got dinner at the pub. As Mick mentioned Krams laugh could be heard from the pub ALL night and Moose said they got swept out at closing time with the cigarette butts :P

Tryhard and Lotsa cooking their meals

Tryhard, doing, well being Tryhard

The fire or the drying area as it was soon surrounded by socks and boots etc

When I got up I found Shane and Moose on the front veranda as Kram was snoring so bad the cold was a better choice they reckoned :laugh: :laugh:

Day 4

I knocked on the door of Boulders and Fishís room and walked in to find the happy spooning couple OMG!!! WTF!!! I ran for a camera and was back in under 10 secs only to find them dressing and looking embarrassed or maybe that was the morning loverís glow :whistle: :blush:

The standard pub and bikes photo was required

Away we went to do the Haunted Stream, shit !!! 54 creek crossing, oh well I had to get the Monkey of my back which I did. We did a hard very over grown track into the start of the Haunted Stream track which had me thinking what was Mick playing at doing this F&*king track!!! I got to the bottom and yelled what were you thinking Mick!!!! He replied I am only following the track you plotted Oh, sorry mate I said, as you were :whistle:

The haunted stream was great with some tricky drop in a climb outs that caught Fish out and saw him on the deck. The track had everything and 54 crossing which I was happy to get thru but felt better for it.

The track after was a ripper as well, we had been blessed it seemed, we continued onto Omeo for a counter lunch. The happy couple sat at their own little table on the garden, we think Fish even requested the beautiful lunch music

I took over the lead and we headed for Mt Pinnabar, I have done it before and seen guys struggle on enduro bikes, if you havenít ridden Mt Pinnabar do it, itís a must do. We started up a track and missed a turn, as we turned around Motodude dropped his KTM and split the fuel tank, Boulder was quickly on the job with the quick metal

The boys waited for the quick metal to go off

We turned around as it was getting late to take a track I knew rather then explore and unknown o late in the day. We started climbing and climbing, Mickp had a crash coming into a mud puddle that saw him and the 690 slide along low side. We continued to the Tom Goggin intersection. We waited for the others, I was amazed at how well the Tenereís move in the twin trail. We waited and waited for Shane, it turns out he knew last year his bike does run well at altitude but didnít do anything about it except put jets in his bum bag :blink: Also because of his racer nature his air cleaner was blocked from sitting up people arses :laugh: and those things lead to the fact his bike would go no further up the hill. We got to the top and I asked where is Moose, Kram and Shane to be told that Shanes bike wonít get up the hill. Well that meant we wouldnt be getting to Corryong. We shot some photos the climb was made harder with the sun square in your eyes. You couldnít see the step ups and ledges you just rode and hoped stay on. Nick didnít crash go up the hill either Mick I slowed in the sun and said over the blue tooth watch out for the sun I cant see, Nick got baulked and stopped was all. He lifted of and got going

360 degree views an incredible place my favourite ride destination

We rode back to the others and told Kram and Moose to ride up and check it out while Lotsa helped Shane sort the air cleaner out, he wanted to change his jets there and then!! The call was made to head down the mountain, spending the night on the hill wasnít the best option. I had adjusted my brake pedal the day before and must have been dragging my rear brake a little without knowing and the pedal disappeared. No real drama just poured some water on the calliper and was straight back in business.
A little fast talking at the bottom and we got out over the bridge. We stopped and had a vote that was 9 to 1 to continue to Thredbo. Mick was to 1 and yes Mick it was a fair vote, mate. We left with Mick dragging his lip mumbling about how cold it was going to be. Mick was right but if we camped around Thredbo it would be colder then there at Tom Groggin. To be honest I think most blokes didnít want to camp anywhere. We had a great scratch up the bends to Thredbo, I even tried wheel standing the Tenere with some success. We had a beer at Thredbo pub and a group decision was made to head to Jindabyne pub. It was a slow trip in the dark watching for wildlife. Rooms organised and we assembled at the back of the rooms again in the dark for some well earned beers, it had been a big day out.
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TB650 OP
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We left Jindabyne early, well the 6 real adventure riders continued that is
:laugh: We filled up and we went back up to lake Adaminaby to go to the actual town that we blew past on the way down. There Kram got on the blower and spoke with Joe at Joe's Motorcycles where he had the new 2nd hand carby fitted. He organised to have all our air cleaners done if we pulled them out to which they said no worries. We left and headed up through a national park to the lookout we had stopped at on the way down. Kram hadnt seen all this before as he had slabbed it down to Jindabyne. It seemed at this time as though he wouldn't get to see it again as he hadn't turned up. Fish went back to see what was doing back there, it had been discussed that Fish's bike was noisy but we could hear him for at least 6 or 7 mins I reckon without doubt bloody noisy thing*

Krams bike had thrown the chain again it had only been throwing it on the bitumen but was now starting it on the dirt. I suggested he have the Cush drive bearing checked when we get to Joes.*

We took the dirt road across the causeway that Mick had put us on when we travelled down

Once into Joes we whipped our filters out, here is shot of Nick's the air goes into the middle of the Tenere filter

Bloody dusty in spots, this ride I had spent sometime mid pack and can vouch for it being dusty

Krams Cush drive bearing was rooted and he also had a seized bearing in the rear hub as well. We wandered off for a kebab and when the job was finished we left Queanbeyan and took a series of dirt roads and generally explored etc. We had a couple of dead ends etc
We started heading to Tarago our planned overnight stay, it was the only planned pub stay of the trip. We had also arranged to have a load of washing done.

We actually swapped rides about 30kms from town, Fish got onto Nick's bike and I swapped with Kram. About 15kms later Nick and I swapped again, me on Fish's and Nick on the mighty Quinn. About 8kms from town we stopped to get our bikes back, thought was we didn't want to turn up on those bikes. Well Fish turned Nick's bike on when we stopped and left refusing to stop and Kram followed Fish's lead and disappeared with my bike bastards!! Anyway 1km from town we came across a freight train blocking the road, they had to stop and we got or bike back :P

At the pub we did what we always do, we went straight to the bar. Once we had a few the bikes were moved around the back into the lock up yard rooms sorted and showers had it was down stairs to drink play pool and have a feed. I spent sometime checking the route for the next day as the boys wanted to redo the run through the Abercrombie national park as it's is a cracker run. There were some beers consumed and would be some dusty heads in the morning

Day 5

So we get to the bikes and Fish's bike wont start, valves was the call but before we could worry about pushing it the flat rear needed dealing with. The normally cocky Fish was straight on the job with his bro. The bike propped up

wheel off

The big man in action

Kram topping up the Quinn with a little oil (again)

This is a cracker photo of Kram selling the good points of the mighty Quinn

Fish's DR was confirmed to have closed valves and was push started, as it would for he rest of the trip when cold. Once push started it would run all day, didn't idle well all the time but kept going (good lesson there)

We did the normal pub bike photo

We used back roads and tracks in the fog to about 10kms from Goulburn, we slabbed the last bit and headed for the main street as Fish needed to plug his runny arse. Kram and I went and purchased jumpers as I reckoned I was colder here than in the high Country. As I walked out of the shop Boulders bike went past making a filthy noise, when I walked over and said to Nick where is Boulder going he said the bike shop for chain and sprockets!!!! So we all wandered down to the shop and the brothers got busy. It wasnt all that long and we were heading out towards Binda.

Boulder then got a flat, the love team ripped into action, nice bro thanks bro good bro

Once at Binda we picked up a cracker track out towards Burraga were would would have lunch. Not far from Burraga I came sooting over a rise on a dirt road only to be confronted by a steep, deep causeway which I hit a speed drencing myself. I had called out to Nick who thought it was pretty funny.

Lunch at Burraga and we left almost straight away as we wanted to get to Hillend although as we rode Nick and I discussed options because we couldn't see us making Hillend. We rode the*on pushing pretty hard not stopping, the rain was threatening wet weather gear on steaming up but still won't bloody rain, it's so hot in the gear I was wishing it would piss down.

We fueled in Oberon, finally Nick and I decided we will push on to Hillend, will finish in the dark but will get over the bluff before dark. Just out of Oberon we waited and waited at a corner when Moose and Kram front saying Kram had thrown the chain again and now the chain was rooted proper rooted!! We had no phone range there and shot down to O'connell where the phones worked. I got Nick to ring the Honda dealer in Bathurst explain our predicament. mate said they had a chain and closed soon. We told the others to follow at their best pace and we pinned the Tenere's on the legal speed limit of course ;) When we got there we spoke within mister personality :angry: and found out they had sprockets as well. Kram got there paid the bill and we set about finding a place to stay where we would have some lights etc to change the chain and sprockets on the Quinn. We rode around Mt Panamara as I thought we could camp the top but no big signs clearly saying NO CAMPING.

We checked 4 pubs all booked so it was of to the gold panner motel, famous statue as you come into Baturst.

The staff there were super helpful, Boulder and Kram got stuck into the Quinn, Nick and I did a piss run to Dan Murphys were we bumped into Adian. When we got back I got in and finished the Quinn with the boys

The Quinn strapped up

We ordered Thai food and it was funny as when old mate delivered the food his car wouldn't start so Fish and I pushed started it, turns out Fish would become good at push starting this trip :laugh: :laugh:

Once we had a feed we had a few drinks and we all sat and watched the Top Gear special that had a road of death like Nick would face the next day (nick doesn't like heights)
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So it was a planned early start from Bathurst, the mighty Quinn was fully prepared and ready to rip up the Bridle trail to Hillend. I wandered through the rooms, the love bro's room was another interesting visit only one bed messed up there

I watched with interest as Moose loaded the New York State building

And Kram strapped down the Twin Towers again how nothing fell off these two bikes amazed me*

The Tenere's sat waiting

Fish started the walk off shame to do the roll of shame, but it started fine and ran strong all day.

We shot out of Bathurst and headed onto the Bridle, the Bridle trail is actually closed to traffic because of a rock slide on the bluff, the bluff looks like this

We stopped on the river, beautiful

From there to the famous Roothog crossing from the 2005 Australian Safari

We climbed the bluff and stopped at the rock slide for a chat, this is a bloody amazing place and ride

At the Hillend end

We had breakfast Hillend general store

Found an OBT sticker still on the Hillend pub

We soon left for Sofala, more later

XTZ660, WR250R Prerun bike awesome!, ex GHR XR650, A second XR650R and the mighty CT110
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TB650 OP
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It was a quick stop in Sofala after the run from Hillend, we had miles to make and people to see. The compulsory Pub photo at Sofala

From there we rode the Turon river route, this goes through a couple of farms about 6 gates and around the same number of causeways / creeks. From there we got to Dark Corner and decided to regroup at the Stringy Bark turnoff. It was here Boulder pulled up and said he had a broken clutch cable

He had a cable repair kit, this kits will be compulsory for all adventure rides and I will organise a bulk buy from Sutto's regarding this kits when I get back in a couple of weeks. The problem was the break was under the stinking hot header pipe

Fish waiting

Once mobile again we did the back way into Capertee with the 8 creek crossings and past Micks ditch, still shake my head how he ended up in that :

We stopped at Capertee servo, they rock there and we at OBT have stopped there heaps. They have a new deal there for all trail bike riders which is "a tank of fuel, a hamburger, chips and a can of drink for $20!!!!! (limit 15 litres) that's value. We enjoyed a sausage roll or a pie and bolted again people to see places to see :lol:

But now Boulders bike wouldn't start :ohmy: Push start required lucky Fish was a pushing expert :P
We ran the railway service to a single track up to the Garden of Stone track, from there we went down 3kms of bitumen to a dirt road to take us to Kram's ditch, Kram hasn't been back since he broke his wrist nearly 12 months ago.

Kram hill featuring Kram rut

He showed us where he ended up, look carefully you can just see his foot sticking up

Here he is in the ditch so to speak

From there it was all the way down the railway service track to Cullen Bullen, dirt road to Mal5.1's work, 5 kms of bitumen to 10 steps hill. What was I thinking as I rode a 240 kilo bike up 10 steps :ohmy: Gaz double dog dared us so it had to be done. After a quick scout where I took the wrong line it was back do and straight up to mine and Nick's amazement I think. I have ridden it on the Tenere without bags and gear before and it certainly was heaps harder with all the fruit.

Here is Nick on the lookout rock halfway up 10 steps

Bikes at the halfway

We rode through some twin tracks to the Black Fellows hand trail, then a single we used last year on the birthday ride only to come at out the corner. Moose remembered the corner as I know STM and Micknmeld will also, the blue flame sideways 650 corner :woohoo:

From there more railway service track with some good hill and gravel to Bell. From there we slabbed it to Bilpin because we had to see the guy that made the racks that Nick and I had on our bikes. nicks racks had broken in the High Country :( we had contacted Steve from Adventure Moto on the Sunday that it happened and he had got in touch with Jason who had made them. Jason is a real nice guy and he was very destressed that the racks had broken. He had listened to what we thought and had already made a set up to go straight on Nick's bike which had had modified based upon what we had told him. While we were here it startd flogging down. Nick choose to keep going with his racks tied up rather than waste time swapping them, Jason would send the new ones up after he made another modification we suggested. Thanks to Jason and Steve for there help. Further more Steve has recalled the racks sold to be modified and all stock he has has been taken back to Jason to be updated.

From there we rolled through Mt Lagoon, Colo River and Colo Heights and down the the ferry at the back of Wisemans Ferry all on the dirt. A quick 22 kms on bitumen and we arrived at St Alburns. I had dropped the Tenere while doing a "U" turn because I ended up up a rock ledge

Once in St Alburns we went straight to the camp area to yes camp, for the first time we would camp!!!!

Then we hit the pub, there was a jam session on the verandah and it was great fun, yes I got dacked by Fish :laugh:

We got smashed, Moose got on the guitar

We bought some beers late that night and we headed back to cook dinner it was way past dinner time. Kram was smashed and when dragged out of his tent took 6 steps and fell over 3 times :laugh: He fell back into his tent at about 30 km/ hr :laugh: I hit the hay and the others went to another camp where Moose again featured on the guitar :P

The perfect end to a fantasic ride

Thanks for reading TB
XTZ660, WR250R Prerun bike awesome!, ex GHR XR650, A second XR650R and the mighty CT110

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Ed Muggles
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awesome ride report

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Bloody terrific . beats the desert shit any day.
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Ripper Ride report thans for taking the time to share it with us
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Well done, great RR.
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bloody hell

that is a great RR. Seems like hard work
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What a journey, you had it all. Greatstuff.
"I`m not peeling that!" Quote- Hamster, Top Gear in America.

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Great report. Makes me wish i did that
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