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Old 08-15-2007, 09:55 PM   #16
Beastly Adventurer
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Joined: Jun 2006
Location: North Carolina/Idaho
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Sharing your passion with your son is priceless
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Old 08-15-2007, 11:04 PM   #17
Life Is The Adventure!
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A bit premature, but thinking ahead -

Four more years

The world is a dangerous place to live, not because of the people who are evil, but because of the people who don't do anything about it. (Albert Einstein)
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Old 08-15-2007, 11:31 PM   #18
Mike in Atlanta
Oh Noes
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Taken last month, 33 years to the week of riding with my pops


07 R1200GS
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Old 08-16-2007, 03:36 AM   #19
GS Bones
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Joined: Nov 2005
Location: Upstate NY
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Bones and Little Bones doing the dirt bike thing, together.

And...heading out for our recent "Dreams DO come true..." trip.

Great times, indeed.


"Context is everything."
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Old 08-16-2007, 04:24 AM   #20
anal retentive
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Thumb Me & Pops

My Dad and I have been able to spend some time together riding the last couple of years. Unfortunately he recently sold his bike. But says he’s gonna get something a little smaller than the Wing..

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Old 08-16-2007, 04:45 AM   #21
Adventure Mojo
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Location: Sydney Hills - Australia
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Sydney Australia

I really enjoyed the Father/daughter thread and posted some pics of my ride in New Zealand taken with my 11yo daughter.

However you are right about riding with your boy and fostering that spirit in the hope he will follow your lead. I hope to be able to ride with my son as I get older as some of you guys are doing now.

Teaching him the basics on a 50cc quad..

Gearing up for his first BIG ride with dad on the GSA..

Safety First!!

On the bike... Let's go dad! Off to Kindy.. Note the pillion belt for the little fellow to hold onto.

Mom was freaking out at this stage but kept taking photo's

I love my kids... Max is one cool 5yo though!
Agito ergo sum - I ride therefore I am!
Your ride.. Your adventure!
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Old 08-16-2007, 12:32 PM   #22
Mark 42
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Joined: Aug 2007
Location: Olalla, WA
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Old 08-16-2007, 12:56 PM   #23
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Joined: Jul 2005
Location: WV
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Dad and Mom in the background, on his goldwing trike.
Me in the foreground wondering why Maine is so hot!
Klaatu barada nikto
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Old 08-16-2007, 01:20 PM   #24
Slacker Moderator
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Last weekend.

The other 10% are sociopaths , serial killers and KLR riders. You wont get much sympathy from them.
-Furious D

Who wants to go to their grave without any scars? - tjconc
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Old 08-16-2007, 01:26 PM   #25
Beastly Adventurer
Joined: Jun 2003
Location: Central NJ
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The oldest and I just prior to heading out for the first Italian Bike Night I did.
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Old 08-16-2007, 01:48 PM   #26
Land's Avatar
Joined: Apr 2006
Location: Upstate SC
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My father, me and my youngest brother Adam in June '06 at Two Wheels Only in Suches, GA, before Adam mobilized for his deployment to Iraq (he'll be home soon ).

Pop bought a new deer rifle when I was about 8 months old. One of my long-time jokes when I'm standing beside him and the subject of firerams comes up is that he spent my baby-food money on that rifle, and that's what stunted my growth. (Sometimes, he beats me to making that joke. )

Pop rode a Honda SL350 that I spent a lot of happy hours on the back of when I was in elementary school. He now has the '82 Honda V45 Magna in the pic (I sold it to him about 11 years ago) and a '97 ('98?) Ninja 650 that he bought from another of my brothers back in '99 or '00. The '05 Ninja 636 showing its tail in the pic is Adam's. I baby-sat it some of the time he was gone. Update: While I was typing this up, Adam called me from Georgia. He's safely back in the country, and he'll be home for good in a few days.

Great thread idea.

All the best,
I'm not lost. I'm explorin'.
"My dream is to live my life as best I can before I die, even if it kills me." -- Mr. Cob
"If you're on ADV and you're still anonymous, you're doing it wrong." -- Boondoggle
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Old 08-16-2007, 02:19 PM   #27
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Joined: Apr 2007
Location: T-town
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Great idea for a thread, but a shocking awakening for me. I have several photos of my son and myself at different occassions, but none of he and I out together on the bikes. Lots of photos of us individually or with others or on the bikes, but one of us is always taking the picture so no photos of us together. Thanks for making me aware, this will be corrected, soon.
Some of it's magic, some of it's tragic, but I've had a good life all the way.
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Old 08-16-2007, 02:51 PM   #28
Mark 42
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Joined: Aug 2007
Location: Olalla, WA
Oddometer: 167
I'm not a politically correct person, so don't take this as such.

I first figured Father-Daughter pics would be okay too
(or Mother-Daughter or Mother-Son, etc.)

But I don't have any father-daughter pics. Maybe we don't share
the same interests (other than a love of science).

But that got ne wondering...
My daughter loves rollercoasters, loves to go fast, but is a chicken
when there is real risk, like bicycles, skateboards, etc.

I think on a motorcycle she'd be pretty bold because part of her
reluctance is when it involves physical exertion (I didn't say lazy)

Anyway, maybe for another thread, but I'm wondering if girls are
typically more reluctant to do motorcycling.

When I was growing up, there was a girl I went to school with
who rode dirt bikes (she was cute too). When I told her my parents
wouldn't let me ride them because they thaught they were dangerous,
she said she'd only had one minor injury in years of riding (I think
it was high school so we were teenagers). Too bad she didn't invite
me to go riding with her ;)

So, if it's not a major threadjack, what have you fathers of riding
& non-riding daughters experienced with your kids?
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Old 08-16-2007, 03:16 PM   #29
Beastly Adventurer
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Joined: Jun 2004
Location: Park City, UT
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Here's me, my Dad and one of my two boys on a ride to Lake Powell a couple of years ago:

Three generations of riders. Thanks, Dad, for getting me hooked!!
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Old 08-16-2007, 07:41 PM   #30
Wout67 OP
Beastly Adventurer
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I think there's a little bit of confusion for this thread.

I love the father/son pics, but it was my hope that instead of father/son pics where those who post here are the father, it was my hope that the son would post pics of him and his dad.

Our fathers had a tremendous influence on our lives growing up. Good or bad. If they were drunks or abusive or...

Unfortunately, that's far too often the case.

Every once in a while a good man pops up (no pun intended) and actually has a positive impact. He teaches his son that hard work pays off, tenacity, perserverance, and commitment.

Riding a motorcycle plays on all of those. Yes, there's an increased risk, but if you work hard, you can make it to the top of that sand hill. If your tenacious, you can get that tire off that rim, and get the hole patched and get back on the road. If you persevere, you can get to that milepost and get camp setup before it gets too dark.

If you commit to safe riding, the pay offs are tremendous.

If it wasn't for the good men that are our dads, it would have been a lot tougher for us to learn these lessons. Lets honor our fathers.

For as precious as the father/son pics are, please post the son/father ones first.


The thing about quotes on the internet is that you can never confirm their validity.
- Abraham Lincoln
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