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Old 03-04-2008, 09:50 AM   #1
drrags OP
Dorkus Malorkus
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Joined: Jan 2007
Location: Reno, NV
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Cool2 Stooges Attack Baja (and get beaten back)

The plan of attack was for the Stooge Force to stage in El Centro. The assault force consisted of:
Blakebird - Denver
Jwashburn - Portland
SheepShagger - Houston
Edeslaur - Sandy Eggo
Drrags - Vancouver (not shown)

The idea was to simply head south until we ran out of time, then turn around and head home, with a minimum of asphalt.

I'm gonna skip the part where we all stand around and load and unload bikes and get right to the Mexico part.

Day 1: Cross into Mexicali and beat-feet to San Felipe.

On the two hour drone to San Felipe you are teased by flat flood plains on the left and right. The tempatation was too great and we flew off the asphalt and had a little fun in the deepish sand.

edeslaur on the unstoppable TE610

Jwashburn on the mighty 640A

Gas at the Pemex near San Felipe.

I have to admit, I was kind of disappointed with the area. It's been a long time since I've been down thisaways and the way I remember it, the beach leading up to San Felipe consisted of small palapas and places to camp. This time all I saw were beach houses and condo after condo. I really needed to get past this area. The most obscene part was the beach road past San Felipe sporting new condos with white advertising flags on the sides of the road sporting stupid words like "Freedom", "Luxery", "Views", etc.

Well, I got the flu, so I'm hoping the other members will help me fill in the days. It'll be a little slow-going on my part for now.
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Old 03-04-2008, 10:42 AM   #2
just passin' through
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Joined: May 2005
Location: Tumalo, Oregon
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HA! Been waiting to hear this one. How's that 640 workin' for ya JW?
What's next? More action!
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Old 03-04-2008, 10:44 AM   #3
Blakebird's Avatar
Joined: Feb 2004
Location: Parker, CO
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I don't have much to add....the flu kicked my ass just past Puertocitos, and turned me around the next day, a 90 lb weakling. (I'm still coughing). I've sure enjoyed rummaging thru y'alls smugmugs to see what I missed though.

I was pretty surprised that shaun's 525 made it to the Pemex 8 miles north of SF, he went on reserve waaaay back. I never thought he'd make it to the military checkpoint, but he rolled into the Pemex on fumes (after tipping the bike over 2x to get gas to the petcock side.)

anyway....on with the show. I haven't heard much about the trip past Bahia Cristina, other than a few broken bolts, racks, and maybe an ankle...

for my part, I had a sucky 1,000 mile KLR ride back to my Jeep/trailer - since shaun's haul rig wasn't available to me on my way back to the barn.
IBA #11735 . 1968-present
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Old 03-04-2008, 10:49 AM   #4
Road Rash
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Joined: Oct 2003
Location: The Original OC, in Oregon
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"A man can never have too many motorcycles, like any good craftsman you need the proper tool for the job at hand. A man needs more tools than a hammer, the same goes for bikes." ~Mr. Cob~

My Ride Through Roatan
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Old 03-04-2008, 10:58 AM   #5
Wannabe Adventurer
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Joined: Feb 2007
Location: Oregon
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Hey Wachs! That 640 kicked ass! I was really surprised at the terrain it could handle. Don't get me wrong, there were times when I would have liked a lighter bike so that I could throw it around more. Especially in deep sand whoops. With a full almost 8 gallons of fuel that bike really liked to dig in when I let off the throttle. Of course I couldn't stay on the throttle because I was already bottoming out the suspension. The whoops I'm refering too were pretty extreme and the bike did fine with smaller sand whoops where I could stay on the throttle.

The Husqvarna 510 would have been a miserable ride on this trip. There were times when it would have been nice but overall the gearing would have had me cursing. The 610's however were very impressive as was SheepShagger's 525.
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Old 03-04-2008, 11:26 AM   #6
Knees in the Breeze
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Originally Posted by jwashburn
That 640 kicked ass!
I'm happy to hear it treated you well!!

I am looking forward to this RR!!!!! W00t!

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Old 03-04-2008, 11:38 AM   #7
Mod Squad
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Bring it fellow stooges

ADV decals, patches & flag? Here
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Old 03-04-2008, 11:40 AM   #8
Wannabe Adventurer
jwashburn's Avatar
Joined: Feb 2007
Location: Oregon
Oddometer: 82
I've never traveled further into Mexico than a couple of border town visits that occurred about 20 years ago. I've heard that the 50 miles closest to the border were different than the rest of Mexico. As we rode through Mexicali I was hoping that this would be true. While the traffic chaos was expected the level of pollution was not. As we left the heart of Mexicali heading south the build-up of trash along the side of the road was staggering. There were layers upon layers of trash that must have built over years. I'm not talking about a handful of soda cans; it was closer to a visit to the landfill. Fortunately once we got fully out of Mexicali that would end.

Picture of us screwing around in the sand between Mexicali and San Felipe:

I don't have the same historical reference as DrRags to compare the San Felipe changes to. However I will say that it was very "touristy" and I was happy to roll through town and keep heading South. I didn't see anything in San Felipe that would make me want to spend time there except to pick up souvenirs for the family.

San Felipe fishing boats:

Our destination on day one turned out to be Puertecitos where we would break camp and spent our first night. Halfway between San Felipe and Puertecitos we found this nice little restaurant were we would eat lunch and drink a few cerveza. One of the patrons told us that we could ride the beach and cut out some road time. This was fun for a while until the sand became too deep and we needed to find our way back to the road. Didn’t someone slip in some mud during this section?


Once on the road we continued to Puertecitos. The day was starting to get short when we arrived in Puertecitos and we stopped at a store to get dinner supplies. We were greeted by a man pissing on the side of the store when we rolled up. Did anyone else notice him? Our dinner consisted of anything we could find - bananas, canned corned beef, cheese, rolls, etc. While in Puertecitos we were told that there was an abandoned camp ground 4km outside of town and we could camp there for free. Blake and I took off to find it while the others dicked around at the store. Blake was feeling pretty sick at this point and needed to make camp as soon as possible.

We found the campground and setup out tents. Shortly after dusk a car came rolling by and the driver claimed to be the owner and that it would cost $15 (us dollars) to stay there. Of course he didn't really own it. DrRags told him that he only had $10 and that's the price they settled on for all of us to stay there.


Sunrise over the Sea of Cortez from my tent:
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Old 03-04-2008, 11:55 AM   #9
Studly Adventurer
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Last fall when we rolled into Puertecitos I spotted a super hot chick all tattooed up. Missed the guy pissing tho...
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Old 03-04-2008, 11:57 AM   #10
Blakebird's Avatar
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Originally Posted by jwashburn
Didn’t someone slip in some mud during this section?

one of the few pictures I have.... at home

That was fun to watch, kind of a slow-mo lowside. The best part was watching you try to get the bike up off it's side and get really muddy.

That deep sand beach pegged the KLR's temp gauge, and caused it to hate life until we could get more than 5mph headway going....but it wasn't pavement!
IBA #11735 . 1968-present
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Old 03-04-2008, 12:00 PM   #11
Beastly Adventurer
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2011 DL650
2009 KLX250S
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Old 03-04-2008, 12:21 PM   #12
Vufera Era
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Sounds good!
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Old 03-04-2008, 12:43 PM   #13
Sheep Shagger
Show me your fleece
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This was my first Baja trip, and I was expecting Mexicali to be the hole it is, but thought things would get nicer soon after.
We were about 25 miles from Sen Felipe when I hit reserve with 75 miles showing on the speedo...WTF, I'm thinking to myself, I usually get at least 110 before reserve.
We pull over soon after and I am bitching like a cry baby about how f-ed up my jetting must be since I only have 75 miles and I just hit reserve. Then Drrags chirps in (A.K.A Phucknob) and says we have 110 miles since last fill-up. After scratching my ass for a few moments, I realize in my haste to get ready for this trip (that's a whole other story), I left my speedo set for my 17" front motard setup, not the 21" dirt I'm running.
Nothing else we can do, except push on until I run out and then take some from the Valdez (discuized as a 640Adv). Lucky after running the bike dry twice, stopping to tip the bike on it's side and get the last dribbles out of the tank, I actually made it to the next Pemex at San Felipe.

I'm not very sure what I was expecting from San Felipe, but it wasn't the place we saw, one quick stop on the beach, quick look at Phucknob, few choice words to the others, and we were off to find someplace to eat way way outside of town. Following what looked to be a fun (ish) route out of San Felipe on the GPS, we hit a few sand whoops had a quick play and back onto asphalt until we found a place more suitable for a few gringo's to stop have a beer and some grub.

Others have covered the rest of the day.
My pictures are kind-a sparce for this part of the trip, plus up to this point it was kind-a boring, so I'll just post one of Phucknob messing around....

And few of us having a beer and putting the world to rights & Phucknob trying to calculate his penis size in metric.
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Old 03-04-2008, 01:04 PM   #14
San Diegan
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Location: Sandy Eggo
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When traveling into Mexcico, be sure to bring Pesos. Dollars work, but you WILL pay more with dollars than with Pesos in many cases. You only THINK you're getting a deal.... mwwwaaa-haaa-haaa-haaa.

We got off to a slow start. Getting through Customs is... slow.

We needed Visas since we were going to be going into Baja California Del Sur (BCS). You cross the border and stop at "immigracion" You get your paperwork, walk down the block and across the street to the bank to pay the fees, then walk back and get your visa issued and stamped.

Don't forget to do this! They were pretty lenient about whether we had our paperwork going down, but ultra-strict about coming back...

By now it's pretty late in the day, so it's through Mexicali (who farted?) and into the open areas leading to San Felipe. I always stay at Pete's Camp when I go down there for the races, but this time we were just passing through. This part is boring, so no pics.

The flats, as usual, were pretty cool.

DRRAGS had the excellent idea of trying to ride on them. I've always gone down with a truck and even with winches (plural) and 36" mud tires and a highlift, I've always wondered about getting stuck. But it's a bike, right? WTF!!

Under the top crust, it became mud, and, given enough throttle, that mud would make you slowly stop making as much forward progress as you wanted.
I went waaaaaay out there. And found the zoom was broken on my POS Kodak.

After I got home, I found out the date stamp was set, so PROFUSE apologies in advance. Some pics showiung up lkater would make excellent desktops except for that STUPID, STUPID fact. Oh well, guess I'll have to go back to take more!!!

The pic everyone missed was my Husky sinking over the front axle as I went over the embankment and hit the curved part where the roadway slope met the ground. Fortunately, WOT and all that weight in the back made for a non over-the-bars event!

San Felipe has changed dramatically in the past 12 years. There's a Pemex after the Rockodile (see pics above), well stocked with booze. Clearly becoming an American's town. Fortunately, that Pemex meant SheepShagger was able to get gas on his own after tipping his 525 to the side to get all the fuel to the petcock side. Hmmm, maybe two petcocks on a tank (my stock Husky config) isn't as dumb as I thought... (but 4 (IMS tank)?)

Like many Mexican beach towns, San Felipe has its statues:

Here're the bikes parked. Wow, how clean they look!! Not a scratched or dented wheel on the lot!

Notice the JC Whitney topcase on my TE610 ($44!)? Get used to it, it made the whole trip in once piece. And as much time as that bike spent in the air, I'm shocked and amazed. The extra straps I brought were unnecessary. They're in the topcase, btw.

This is at the campsite in Puertocitas. I was going to bring MREs, but passed (learned that from DRRAGS on a past trip). Fortunately, there's a store in town with a good selection (one of the best of the small towns on the trip) and I got bananas, corned beef, a can of peaches, and beer. Using a helmet net on the topcase to retain them on the way to camp was a bad idea since the pavement ends at Puertocitas. Some beer got LOST. Bananas got squashed. And I lost the can of peaches I bought.

SheepShagger brought buns and sliced cheese and had cheese sandwiches while the rest of us had Cliff Bars (Thanks JWASHBURN!) and tuna sandwiches.

This is it for pics for from Puertocitas from me. I was still PO'd about my stupid KODAK. The white glow is my brand new ADV sticker. Stupid Kodak.

The moonrise was FANTASTIC that night (pics DRRAGS?).

I learned a lot that evening. Fortunately, nothing about love.

JWASHBURN taught us about the fact that in the Sea of Cortez, the water can have a phosphorences when agitated. Pics were not good of that event, but it is cool. The rock throwing only lasted about 10 minutes, then we got bored again and decided to sack out.

DRRAGS explained why stars twinkled.

Later we all watched the UFO, though I was the only one seeing it move. I blame the corned beef...
Eric D
06 Husqvarna TE610 - IMS 5 gal clear tank, heated grips, Alaska Leather sheepskin, Dirt Bagz, Leo Vince slip on, JD Jetting kit, Utah skid plate, Cycra barkbusters
08 BMW K1200S - It's freakin' awesome

Ride reports:
- 10 Mar Baja
- 08 Feb Baja
- 07 Aug West coast PDX->SAN
- More!

edeslaur screwed with this post 03-04-2008 at 01:30 PM
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Old 03-04-2008, 01:09 PM   #15
drrags OP
Dorkus Malorkus
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Hey, my Mom's reading this, you ass-pirate.
Originally Posted by Sheep Shagger
And few of us having a beer and putting the world to rights & Phucknob trying to calculate his penis size in metric.
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