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Old 01-25-2011, 09:59 AM   #286
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Originally Posted by SOLO LOBO View Post
So, how about a few pictures of your bike with the ruler, I think we can work around the metric system
You mean I have to be a photographer too as well as a measurer...
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Airheads are an admirable addiction...
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Old 06-26-2011, 04:14 PM   #287
cenji OP
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update June 26, 2011

Sorry for the delay, but it was about time to update this the G/S thread with new ones posted between April 1 and June 26 ,2011. I added all threads found between this time period to the very beginning as well, page one. For your convenience, I have listed the new threads in the body of this posting.

There are plenty of them and they cover a variety of topics that sooner or later will be on my mind when I want to upgrade or just work on the bike. I hope they are hopeful to the rest of the G/S riders as well. Let me know if I missed some. I will add them.

As always, any G/S rider in my vicinity has a place to stay and some place to work on the bike if necessary.

On another note, I will be hosting an Airhead meeting. Various G/S ann GS will show up on October 7-9, 2011. It is listed in Airmail, June issue, page 17. Stop by if it fits into your schedule. If you have questions, PM me . Safe riding to all.

Threads from April 1 through June26,2011

R100gs and r80g/s wheels
The Raven

R80g/s to R100GS fork signal mount options
The Raven

G/S welding, are they all this bad?
The Raven

R80g/s Coil questions and suggestions
The Raven

motorcycle movie list

r80 gs bash plate

R100GS subframe fitment on R80g/s
The Raven

New G/S or GS logo
The Raven

BMW R80g/s clutch questions

R100/R80 GS Headlight

G/S aux fuel options
The Raven

i've removed my R80G/S trans, will you check it out to see how i'm doing?
meijer's trails

R100gs USD Fork Conversion

BMW R80 G/S Upgrade...?

Nice g/s build

G/S swing arm extension suspension question

G/S intake manifold

is there a correct "phase" for shaft to out-flange on an r80g/s?
meijer's trails

The correct way of soldering two pieces of wire together.

Am I crazy? R100gs Transmission repair

80G/S with 100GS forks question

The GSification of a Poor Unsuspecting RT ( 1 2)

ORGS build up ( 1 2)

Constant Water Crossings w/ Airhead, Issues?
tennessee thumper

Took an '81 R80G/S around the world: mods, spares, tools, problems, etc.

R80ST gets the GS Treatment ( 1 2 3 4 5)
Airhead Wrangler

R80gs Rear Disc Conversion ( 1 2)
Phreaky Phil

HP2 Old School Project

R80g/s carb setting
The Raven

r100gs pistons in r80g/s, tuning questions

R80GS, starter goes "clack", what's broken?

Hypnofonic's 81 R80 G/S rebuild thread..

1981 r80g/s $11,000.00???

R80 G/S overhaul

R80 G/S 1981 Windscreen

R80GS or R100GS
Mc B

Custom R80G/S eye candy

why is my r80gs running rough at full throttle?
meijer's trails

G/S post build questions.
The Raven

r80g/s FD movement
The Raven

320mm Brake upgrade for G/S
One Less Harley

Show me your G/S tank!!
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"All animal, except man, know that the ultimate of life is to enjoy it." Samuel Butler

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Old 04-26-2012, 05:10 PM   #288
cenji OP
Joined: Nov 2006
Location: Sierra Nevada,CA
Oddometer: 170
Update 4/2012

Listed below are threads that I came across since the last update. I might have overlooked some valuable info. Please point it out and I will add it to the list.

I am fiddling with my bike and have not been able to evaluate the changes. I need to get some miles under my belt, before I can comment on any of the changes. The wonderful fact, during riding season I make of list of things that I like to work on over the winter. The list seems to be getting shorter. It is about time, after five years of fiddling! The one thing I regret the most is to be able to specifically comment on individual changes when asked for feedback. This spring will be no different, unfortunately. As a matter of fact, change of complete front-end, windshield, rear suspension, new tires,...will have me busy to turn all available knobs in all potential settings to figure it effects out, on pavement and off-road, no load or fully loaded with camp gear, etc.....

Thanks for all the support with feedback from airheads and KTM folks during the last changes.Next winter project: frame reinforcement , minimizing weight,new wiring harness,.....

Happy and safe riding season to everyone. Hope that all your special tinkering, patience with upgrades will work out to the very best for each of you and your bike. Maybe we will meet on one of the rallies, like 49-ner, Chief Joseph, Hub,.....

Ontic's 1981 R80G/S build-up thread
by ontic

An Unholy Union II: Wp Extreme 50mm Conventionals on a G/S

R80ST gets the GS Treatment
by Airhead Wrangler

My first rebuild, R80g/s '87
by TomBigz

An Unholy Union IV - 48mm KYB Forks On An Airhead
by Box'a'bits

Reality: R80G/S vs F800GS
by larryscustomcycles

R80G/S Rejuvination
by 4puf

Kenda tires on a G/S?
by frichti

ORGS build up
by x3300

R80G/S....rear shock...
by frichti

i need a donor trans for my 81 r80g/s, what years fit?
by meijer's trail

BMW R80G/S Frame Reinforcements.
by walkingbear

The GSification of a Poor Unsuspecting RT
by Beater

So I sold my GS.... and then I went shopping....for a G/S!

'84 R80GS Restoration???
by zanichbu

R80ST fork swap wisdom needed
by SPO

Infra's 1981 R80 G/S Maintenance and Improvement Thread
by Infracaninophile

R80 G/S rear shock length?
by BMWayne

R80 G/S front rotor suggestions
by LBourque

G/S rich on one side
by Freeagain

G/S swingarm + driveshaft extension 50mm
by cenji

WP 48mm USD fork
by cenji

R80 G/S and loweres pegs
by Caddy82rats

One Forked Up Rubber Cow
by rediRrakaD

preparing an airhead for RTW
by roadsacallin

1986 R80G/S Paris Dakar
by Kokopelli

R80G/S PD side-stand
by frichtie

Took an '81 R80G/S around the world: mods, spares, tools, problems, etc.
by roadsacallin

R100GS center stand on a R80G/S
by hardwaregrrl

My '86 r80 g/s pd
by netsuke

R80 G/S brakes upgrade?
by deangs

1986 r80g/s
by frichtie

An Unholy Union: DR forks on a G/S
by elmoreman

motorcycle movie list
by Bloodweiser
"All animal, except man, know that the ultimate of life is to enjoy it." Samuel Butler
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Old 05-15-2012, 06:21 PM   #289
cenji OP
Joined: Nov 2006
Location: Sierra Nevada,CA
Oddometer: 170
new centerstand, tank lid seal

After changing the front-end on my 81 G/S, I have spend much to much time to relocate the sidestand, extend it, get the lean angle acceptable, make sure it doesn't interfere with anything..........I don't know how many times I mounted that new side stand to get it to work. In other words, I might be lucky that there is someone on this forum that has changed to a Paris Dakar ground clearance as well due to the longer forks and and the raised rear, where the stock center-stand is way too short and requires extension.

Is it possible to use the stock center-stand? I like to leave the spring mounting positions on frame and center-stand , extend below the cross-brace app. 1.75" to accommodate the height difference. I know I am getting very close to not run into trouble with the rear brake switch, but thought I could saw off some of the curvature at the end.

The center-stand is only going to be used when changing tire, etc... and can be zip tied to something if the springs won't hold it up. I am using the side-stand almost exclusively, because getting the bike fully loaded up with gear on the center-stand on uneven ground is a task.

Sorry don't have smugmug to post my conversion, but I can be sent images via regular email if clarification is needed.

I am open to alternatives that would eliminate the center stand as well. Maybe there is an easy way to change tire not requiring a center-stand. Maybe it is unnecessary weight anyway and just ride and deal with it as I have done before, namely laying it on its side. The only thing that bugs me, some fuel will spill out of the tank lid. Do you know of a solution for that , like material that would seal well and not deteriorate, some gasket,.....? and I don't even worry about the centerstand. Thanks

Anyone going to the Norcal 49 rally in Mariposa? Let's meet up!

Please be so kind and share some thoughts, maybe some pics of your solution. Your feedback is appreciated.
"All animal, except man, know that the ultimate of life is to enjoy it." Samuel Butler

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One Less Harley
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If you really want to have a useful index of all things G/S you should provide links to the topics. It would take some time getting all the stickies, and a list on the 1st page. I did that on my G/S link below to the things I messed with. Full index to all the things I've posted.
2004 BMW R1150RS
1984 BMW R80G/S
(wrenching index)
2003 Suzuki DRZ 400S (TAT Prep)
One More DRZ does the TAT (Ride Report)

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Old 01-14-2014, 05:16 PM   #291
cenji OP
Joined: Nov 2006
Location: Sierra Nevada,CA
Oddometer: 170
G/S related threads posted between 01/01/13 to 12/31/13

Hi to the G/S crowd:

Here is the annual update about threads that were posted about G/S related issues in the airhead section in the last year. I am sure I missed some, so please feel free to list them here.
Sometimes I found interesting threads that are not titled with G/S, but included them as they are related.
I know that "One less harley" is absolutely right that links would be a faster and better option to have direct access to the topic of interest. Hence my apologies that I don't have it in me to change all the hundred listings to links.

Based on the feedback I have received:
People confirmed that with listing of the titles and the author that the threads of interest can be found. Either through search field or through the authors name.

The list provided here will allow people to screen G/S related items pretty fast. At least it is a more efficient way than having to review a years worth of postings in the general airhead section.

I wish everybody that rides two wheels a safe riding season, lots of fun and hopefully some G/S riders will benefit from all the knowledge accumulated about and around the G/S on this thread. Cenji

Starting with postings on 01.01.13, than continuing through 12.31.13

Bought a 1981 R80GS

Christmas Breakdown R80g/s

R80GS Tank question

charging on gs

82 centerstand, what's the deal?

R80ST sidestand dilemma solved

R80 G/S new Jesse Luggage
Detroit Steve

Second hand R80G/S parts more expensive in the US than UK?
Mark Manley

5 speed shift mechanism
ME 109

Steering Towards Stupid - Stop Me! R80gspd

Unholy Union geometry
Ras Thurlo

Pawl Pics G/S trany

G/S Centerstand
Spark Plug

R80 G/S ignition timing marks ???

G/S surprise package........

R80 g/s Steering Stabilizer

R80 G/S PD assembly video
DK Dan

twin shock extended swingarm. Who's already done it?

Minor electrical mystery

Step by step of how to refurbish an R80G/S

R80G/S Ring Gear/Flywheel

jetting question R80G/S
One Less Harley

G/S out for a Wednesday stroll in the NorthWet.

R80 G/S Lower pegs & bar risers?

BMW G/S (and GS) question: "Points in a can" and water crossings ?

“die ziege” – Vintage Airhead ISDT Enduro Project ( 1 2 3 4)

G/S magnet

BMW R80G/S 1986 restoration

85 G/S Charging issue
Spark Plug

RT to GS conversion; discuss....
Dirt Soup

R80G/S switch panel with Acewell speedo

Fork Brace for R80 G/S

DRZ forks on GS or G/S
Phreaky Phil

Bump starting airheads/shaft drives

G/S - Notchy Clutch Issue

G/S PD bike geometry TAG monolever, WP 50mm

ST to a GS

Airhead G/S bars.

g/s rear brake light switch mounting help

Re spoke R80G/S front wheel

R80 G/S final drive rebuild

r80 gs bash plate

Ohlins fitting to R80G/S
One Less Harley

85 G/S Handling
Spark Plug

R80G/S front brake

Finally Found my g/s ...

1981 R80 G/S. repair/rebuild in Uganda

Considering a R80G/S PD

BMW R80 G/S transmission malfunction

G/S Replacement Fender

R80 GS build AGAIN

Three 1981 R80 G/S's on the WABDR...TBD

airhead newb with dreams of an airhead dirt bike

Airhead driveshaft-to-trans bolts Question

Enduralast from Euro Motoelectrics ( 1 2)


R80g/s header/collector beautification?

Sell my R100GS to get a KTM 690???

R80 G/S has the shakes

exhaust nut wrench

Baja 2015 on a 1981 R80G/S (is that crazy?)
meijer's trails

If you were looking for an older airhead ....

F800GS Forks into Airhead frame????

upside down g/s brake plans/kit?
meijer's trails

Part number for the Euro R80G/S headlight switch?

Need help fitting the right cases on my R80 G/S

r80g/s thats it!

R80G/S No Power

R80G/s Oil Light...Intermittent

big bore siebenrock carb tunning

G/S Gas tank reserve

R80 G/S Sticky Downshift

G/S Final drive/shaft seepage

R80G/S question

R80G/S and R80st Pushrod Tubes

G/S PD + some R-dubb goodness

R80G/S rear shock

which rear susp. for a r80g/s?

R80G/S Excel 2.15?

G/S vs GS

My G/S project.

An Unholy Union III: WP 4860 USD Forks on an Airhead ( 1 2)
Airhead Wrangler

Final drive leak on a single side swing arm Airhead (R80G/S)

R80G/S upside down brake conversion
One Less Harley

'81 r80gs wp forks

BMW R80g/s HPN modified swingarm

R80G/S screen drilling template

R80 Mono replacement speedo.

G/S versus modern GS headlight pattern

G/S fork gaiters part number?

86 G/S handguard suggestion/

Tanks to fit an R80 G/S ( 1 2)
One Less Harley

R80G/S and PD tank decals question

R80 carb question

R80G/S Frame reinforcements - CAD patterns?

G/S Fork Brace Options

G/s Rack and windshield question

BMW r80 gs g/s windshield Parabellum
"All animal, except man, know that the ultimate of life is to enjoy it." Samuel Butler
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