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DeepInIt OP
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DeepInIt OP
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Evening (didn't make it back in time for food) Engineer Pass.
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DeepInIt OP
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What a great trip!!!!!!
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DeepInIt OP
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Made it back in time for the passing on of the dress and all the rest of the denoobing.

Thanks to everyone who made it happen and the community that makes it fun!
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oot & aboot
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Outside the boxer
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West Fest 2009 Buena Vista, CO (7/30-8/2)

Thanks all for a great time.

This event would have never been possible without the vision of Baldy and his fantastic website.
Thanks Baldy.

There are so many people who helped out before and during this event. I can't ever thank them all.

The Camp ground Arrowhead point resort. Your campground was as advertised. A first rate place.

The ride leaders. Man these guys stepped up and took massive groups out into the great beyond and brought them all back. You guys rock.

Our cooks and food prep people. Putts and his crew can cook up some really good food.

Duke and Tami, I PMed you everyday for like a year. Sorry guy. But you were my Rock.

LeadVegas, You came down to the campground for the first meeting. Your efforts got me pointed in the right direction.

To everyone who found their way up and out on the trails every day. By 10am the camp ground was empty. Everyone was riding or hiding from me.

To Eric from Wolfman. You helped and helped. Thanks guy.

To the crew from the west coast. Super Suz's crew. You guys really stepped up when Susan got hurt. I wish for a speedy recovery for Susan. I only got to talk to you for a little while. What a hoot. Even when you’re hurting like you were, you managed to keep it light.

This past year’s efforts was one of the most rewarding thing that I have ever done. It was very stressful at times. That stress showed. Sorry I could not hide it. But in the end the pay back was so much more than any effort that I put into this. I now understand why people take stuff like this on.

Thanks, Thanks, thank you all.

I enjoyed meeting everyone. I hope that our paths cross many times In the future

Food at the rally.
The details for Thursday evening meal have been worked out.

Mountain Tech Yamaha has offered to come on site and feed us.
The menu will be Dogs or burgers, chips and soda for $7.00
If you want to dogs or, two burgers, or any combination the price will be $10.00

This is a new local dealer. They are supportive of off road riding. They have offered mechanical support for our rally.
I would encourage us to use their services.

They would like to get some idea of how many to plan for. I am not sure how to do that. I guess that you can PM me.

Saturday morning breakfast,
Breakfast will be served from 6 am to 10 am on Saturday.
Cathy asked if we could try to spread it out some. They have a small crew. So we need to work with them the best that we can.

I will hand out breakfast tickets at checkin.

Friday evening meal.
This will be a sign up for at registration meal. Change of plan. It's been suggested that we give everyone time off on Friday. It would be a good night to eat in Buena Vista. Of course anyone who wants to grill can use the equipment at the Rally site.

Saturday evening meal. We will be accepting donations for this meal.
This will be the main event meal.
We will start serving between 5:30 and 7pm. We need to work out the details.
We will serve burgers with most of the fixings.

After the meal, We will let Augie and Chain work there magic. And at about 10 pm we will move the group up the hill to the camp fire. And carry on from there.

Originally Posted by jimbucks
As I disclosed in an earlier posting, I work part time for the local Yamaha shop (Mountain Tech Yamaha, We are thinking of staying open later on Thursday evening (and maybe Wednesday evening for early arrivals) for any ADV riders that my want to get tires changed or pick up some last minute items (oil, tubes, etc). Let me know if this is something that would help out you guys (or gals) or if it won't be necessary. Both Sean and Lisa, the owners, and Terry the tech are very avid dirt and single track riders and can answer all the questions about single tracks in the area or high altitude tuning for the carb bikes. Let me know if there's anything else we can do help out.

We're located 13 miles due south of the Campground in Nathrop right on Hwy 285, pretty much on the way to any of the major rides and minutes for the South section of the Four Mile riding area.

Rumor has it that we may also be serving you dinner on Thursday night.

More on this later as I get replies.

7-20-09 Registration for this event in now closed. The date to request for refunds has also passed. Next stop WF. Thanks

WE have our hosts. Augie and clang are in the process of signing their evenings away.

WF 09 will be held at the Arrowhead Point Camping Resort. Located 5 miles north of Buena Vista on Hwy 24. GPS Latitude 38 54.602 north, Longitude -106 10.758 W

The dates are Thursday July 30th through Sunday August 2nd. With checkout at 11am on Sunday.
Yes you can come early and stay late. But you need to make arrangements with the resort. Their daily rate will apply for any reservations made outside the dates of the rally.

What you get.
3 days of camping in a very nice and well kept campground. Please check out the post on the campground.
Pancake breakfast on Saturday morning.
Group use of the pavilion except during morning breakfast on Friday and Saturday morning. Then it will be mixed use with other campers.
All the riding that the Buena Vista Colorado area has to offer. And that is a lot of riding.
If the numbers are close to the past two years we will have enough funds to provide one or two simple evening meals. Burgers and Brats and some fixings.

For all of you who are bringing RV to the camp ground. Please use the main gate when you arrive.
The side gate is for motorcycles.

Paid list, Not tent camping
1, G.Gordon PD hut
2, scruffy PD cabin
3, Drthumper PD RV
4, Drthumper1 PD RV
5, Drthumper2 PD RV
6, DirtFarmer PD hut
7, 42Mike pd No tent
8, Palmczak PD cabin
9, puddleJunkie PD cabin
10, Demoni PD No tent camping
11, GS Spirit no tent
13, Crashit PD no tent camping.
14, Hannda PD no tent camping
15, Mrs Hannda PD no tent camping
16, Lyle Swann PD no tent camping
17, Stu PD no tent camping
18, Jared Smith PD no tent camping
19, Clayman PD no tent camping
20, TRL_RDR Pd Now camping in the farmer dome.
21, Blake PD Not Tent camping
22, Crankshaft, PD no tent camping
23, BoatMan, PD no tent camping.
24, drklr PD No tent Camping
25, River Rat No tent camping Will pay at WF.
28, Red Barron PD No tent camping
29, Buggs PD no tent camping
30, Burque magoo PD no tent camping
31, motorka PD no tent camping
32, katbeanz PD No tent camping
33, katbeanz +1 PD no tent camping
34, Pablo83 PD no tent camping
35, Ajacks PD no tent camping
36, Another Chicagoan PD no tent camping
37, Pfb PD No tent camping
38, AZuwere PD no tent camping
39, AZuwere wife PD no tent camping
40, slomo wife PD no tent camping
41, Super Suz PD no tent camping
42, Big-E PD no tent camping
43, Hook'em PD no tent camping
44,ScramblerDavis PD no tent camping
45, HighWater PD no tent camping
46, Adventure Girl PD no tent camping
47, Jabba PD no tent camping
48, wadventure PD no tent camping
49, UltraJ PD no tent camping
50, Alejo PD no tent camping
51, M/C Gerry PD no tent camping
52, 2wheelr No tent camping Pay at the gate.
53, IdahoBert Pay at the gate no tent camping
12, BobM Pay at the gate no tent camping
54, Flea Biker Pay at the gate no tent camping
55, Keener Pay at the gate no tent camping

Paid and tent camping list.
1, lightfighter PD
2, Hair Pd
3, Kenny M. Pd
4, CaptRick Pd
5, Treadless Pd
6, DaFoole Pd
7, WyoStrom PD
9, Rammer PD
10, BMWR1150GS PD
11, Motoman250F PD
12, Cody H PD
13, Jim H PD
14, KUpchu9702 PD
15, clang PD
16, Snr Moment PD
17, Chain PD
18, Lomax PD
19, TexasMule PD
20, MuleWife PD
21, TXMedic PD
22, Jwalters PD
24, Dirt Devil PD
25, Greg@RME PD
26, Blakebird PD
27, DeepInIt PD
28, Pharmer Kyle pd
29, sm2727 pd
30, fridayn2 pd
32, D-train PD
33, Augie PD
34, cvastal PD
35, Region Raley PD
36, Nightstocker PD
37, mxchamp PD
38, HayDuke PD
39, Bonnie Abbzug PD
40, not ned PD
41, Spat PD
42, Cookiebox PD
43, murgatroid42 PD
44, Mac PD
45, Yogi PD
46, Mountain Eagle PD
47, VFR PD
48, GSL PD
50, GunnyGorge PD
51, Yardstick PD
53, ColoST PD
54, Moto Fly PD
55, hvilla PD
56, GrayGoSt PD
57, Farscape PD
58, huskerdude PD
59, Geek PD
60, Tweetie PD
61, Ivan2Ride PD
62, Jana PD
63, homerJ PD
64, Montek pd
65, EJ pd
67, cozmoedog PD
68, otterf18 pd
69, firerigger pd
70, Quik PD
71, CPR PD
72, Strobes PD
73, Spyderweber PD
74, CarDOC PD
75, SleepRider pd
76, KLRoger PD
77, cross-country PD
78, spdtrpl PD,
79, Scout39 PD
80, Purple Haze PD
81, Putts PD
82, Darbisher Dick PD (sp?)
83, In2dabluz PD
84, FarAway PD
86, scooterjunkie PD
87, Slappy McGee PD
88, LauieD PD
89, SgtMarty PD
90, Charla PD
91, unaweep PD
92, Offtheback; PD
93, Ride-for-life PD
94, MTNAdventureRider pD
95, Maniac28 PD
96, Rinoman PD
97, azmike PD
98, ]I)Money PD
99, Merle O'Broham PD
100, Waterboy1 PD
101, Land PD
102, gocatgo PD
103, Mike Milller PD
104, Pam Miller PD
105, mtndragon PD
106, White Rino PD
107, Wedester PD
108, DR-Bee PD
109, iphorde PD
110, matteeanne PD
111, DAWG 49 PD
112, Mikrow PD
113, screamingeagle102 PD
114, DirtyDR PD
115, Santa PD
116, Merickk PD
117, farrell ceasar PD
118, farrell ceasar son PD
119, slomo PD
120, OOSS PD
121, sanjoh PD
122, sanpau PD
123, Venturi PD
124, KLR Zorn PD
125, Grubneets PD
126, GS Dave PD
127, Rider1150GSAdv PD
128, Lucky_Strike PD
129, mommer PD
130, Dirt1st PD
131, Juan Pablo PD
132, GPRacer 171 PD
134, TheDudeAbides PD
135, Genghis Swan PD
136, GregInBoulder PD
137, Trip PD
138, Bobcat PD
139, oldmanb777 PD
140, Sierra Sider PD
141, Sierra Sider's buddy PD
142, Dirtfarmerrich PD
143, Mikechill PD
144, cross-country +1 PD
145, cross-country +2 PD
146, cross-country +3 PD
147, Sheep Shagger PD
148, Arno Jones PD
149, Danno88 PD
150, ktmrider250
151, James T Kirk PD
152, MRFRITZ Will pay at the gate.
153, TNjoe PD
154, Yeti1 PD
155, Steve Brakebill PD
156, Moose PD
157, Mini PD
159, Lobby PD
160, Steve brakebill PD
161, Sharb PD
162, Princess Jamaica Pd
163, Ceebee PD
66, Ktmster Will pay at the gate.
164, Ktmster +1 Will pay at the gate.
165, Jinete PD

Augie is doing the De-noobing events.

Chain is heading up all the other evening events.

Please contact these guys directly if you have any ideas. Or want to offer up some help.

I can't say thank you enough to both Augie and Chain for stepping up.

We also might start soliciting for door prizes. If you have local shops that support Dual Sport riding you might consider hitting them up. Small packable items such as tools, and caps.

I got some feedback on the vendors proposal. For now if you are a vendor and want to setup. Please consider having a tent for your goods in the tent camping area. [/COLOR]

As always we will be looking for ride leaders and sweep people.
I know that every day I will be leading a ride or sweeping on one. I have to say that I like the job of sweeper better than leading.
As far as the rides go. You don't have to know the routes for road rides to lead one. You would need to be willing to follow a map or GPS route. I have asked a few of the local riders to help me with laying out ride maps.

What I want to avoid is having a few people including me tied down to the event so that they don't have any time for fun. I think that if you volunteer for one or two things that should be enough. I know that some of you are givers. But I would feel bad if you happened to drive a bunch of miles and waist your summer's vacation on some work detail. That is not what this rally is about.

A while back some of you offered your help. This is the time for you to think about if you really want to help and what it is that you would like to help out doing.
PM me if you are interested.

Also I am planning on having a small work station setup. For those of us who break down or need to do maintenance on their bikes.

I have a Sears bike lift. It is the type that lifts under the motor. It can't lift a GoldWing or any other large touring bike. But it will lift just about everything else. Flat ground will be an issue. I will probably bring a thick piece of plywood to work off of. But I can be responsible if someone tips their bike off the lift.
I am planning on bringing an oil pan and a container for dumping used oil. That way anyone looking to change their oil will have a place to do that. I will also bring a hand operated tire changing stand. This stand is just a wheel holder it gets the wheel off the ground for changing. You will have to supply your own bead braking tools. I can offer for checkout a pair of 16" tire irons, a hand pump and a strap tie for rebeading tubeless tires. You might have to use my truck to haul tube less tires into town to access a real air pump. For now all of this stuff will be near my camp. I am planning on renting the Yurt for a campsite. That is down by the main gate and the hiway.

The resort will accept tire shipments.

Please contact me if you have any other special needs.

If we must go there.

As far as guns and shit goes in camp. I reserve the right to ask anyone to leave camp. If I feel that your drinking, stupidity, guns or anything else is endangering the well being of others. I will ask the local law enforcement to take action. And I will follow up on the charges to make sure that they stick. This is a community of fellow riders. If you think that, it is anything else you need to find somewhere else to hang out.

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Outside the boxer
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The camp ground

Jim and Cathy are now into their forth year of operation. The camp ground is spotless. Everywhere you look you see the signs of a very professionally run operation. One thing that I really like is the fact that the campground existing infrastructure is good enough to serve our needs. This means no temporary setups that might or might not work. All of the equipment is tried and true.

One thing that has changed is camp ground usage. When we were last there the resort was looking to grow their business. That has changed during the summer months the resort is fully booked. We ask to set a side the hill for tent camping as a unit. We need to get our numbers up so that we can pay the set fee. This is a much discounted fee. And we should easily meet the numbers requirements. But if our numbers are way low. We will be ask to share the hill with none event campers. Given the numbers that WF has drawn for the past 4 years this should not happen. But it’s a way to protect us from under booking and a way for the resort to earn a reasonable return on their capital during the peak camping season. I see it as a win/win deal.

Here is the link to the campground.

Here are some photos of the campground.

Here is the main entrance to the resort.

We have been ask to use the side gate. This allows us direct access to the part of the resort that we will be using.
This corner is not more than 1/8th mile north of the main entrance.

Then just a few feet up the road is a gate on the left side of the road. Next summer this gate will be open. This entrance will allow us access to the resort with minim disturbance to the none event campers.

The next few shots are of the tent camping area.

This shot was taken from about half way back looking toward the main hill. The office, showers, and Pavilion are located at the bottom of the hill.

One part of the tent camping area is open. There also is a section with tent sites spaced between the trees.

Another view of the tent camping area.

Some of the mountain views from the tent camping area.

This valley is dryer than the Taylor Park side of the mountains. So the afternoon rains that are typical in the mountains might should not be as much of a problem at the camp site.

The next few shots are of the pavilion area. Please note all the cooking equipment that they have. We are hoping to get enough funds to offer one or two evening meals. They would be a typical burger and brat spread. Something simple and quick. Also there are gas grills that can be used to cook personal meals.

The pavilion closes at 10 pm every night. We hope to have a main fire started and going in the tent camping area for our group to move to once the pavilion closes.

Here is a shot of the hill that lies between the tent camping area and the pavilion.
This hill is longer, steeper than the photo shows. For that reason we can't allow for large trucks pulling trailers to go up and down the hill. There will be special considerations for our older members who would like to camp on the hill with something like a popup trailer. We will also review requests in a case by case manor. But honestly most of the activities at this rally will be taking place in the pavilion. If you are a special needs person please consider requesting a site the is not on the hill. This might require you to pay a standard camping rate. Please PM me and I will try to work something out.
We want for all of our members to have a good rally experience. At the same time. We really need to limit large truck or car traffic on that hill.

Another shot of the hill.

The next few shots are of the lower campground.
This photo shows part of the RV parking area. If you have an RV you need to call the resort and make arrangements. The nice part about this area it that it is very close to both the pavilion and showers.

Here is a photo of the other side of the RV camping area.

Not shown: The resort has limited parking area for large flat bed type trailers. In the past there was more space for trailer parking. Some of that parking area has since been converted to campsites. If the limited area fills up you might be ask to pay a fee for parking your trailer in a campsite location. Please call ahead if you have a trailer.

The resort has the same two showers that are down by the pavilion. Plus they have added a shower house that is located in the RV parking area.
The shower house was closed for the season when I arrived. We opened it up for these photos. Just look at how clean Jim keeps his resort. I was very impressed with the condition of everything here.

A photo of the cabin area.

Also they have a laundry which is a handy thing for our long distance travelers.

Based on past experience and two recent visits to the resort, I feel that this is a first rate operation.

Because of the fact that the resort is open to the public during the rally. There will be rules that we are ask to observe. I will post them later. But they can always be reviewed at the resort's website.

If you have any questions, concerns or special needs please contact me or the resort. I really do want everyone who attends this rally to have a positive experience.

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Outside the boxer
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Riding info

The goal of posting rides and routes is to show off what type of riding is in the area. I am think that this year I will be able to provide two very large pin up maps with the tracks on them for the area. One map will show tracks to the west and the other to the NE of the campsite. These maps are intended to be used to show off the riding that is in the area. They will not be good at providing exact information about tracks, routes or trails. They will be great for general ride planning. Please if you intend on going out even if you go out with a group. Plan ahead and get maps of the area.

All rides for WF09 will be posted here

Rick Ramsey has offered to build an maintain a website complete with downloads for GPS routes. Thanks Rick

If you have a ride that you would like to add to the thread please do so.

First off, the high country in Colorado offers some really great riding. But you need to be careful too. People routinely get hurt and killed riding in this part of the world.
The key to safe and challenging riding is having a good understanding of your skills, desires and what the route that you have chosen to ride offers.

A couple of really great tools for finding that balance include internet searches of where you might want to ride. Asking ride leaders. Local maps such as Latitude 40 maps or Trails Illustrated maps. There are some really good trails books out. And one of my favorite tools is Neduro's videos. I have just received his second video. It does a great job of showing how to ride in the back country. And showing some of the technical riding that you might come across in the backcountry. Some of the riding in his second video is a bit extreme and not all backcountry riding is like that. But the video shows what conditions that you could find yourself up against. It's some really good stuff.

The best way too avoid getting in way over your head is to plan a head and ride with someone who is experienced and knows the area.

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Outside the boxer
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Safety Third

A couple of members who are in the medical field volunteered and found the following info.

Then you are out riding the best way to contact the ER services is Via 911. No matter where you are try 911. Your cell should connect you to the correct 911 service for your area. If it doesn't the service that you connect to will help you get to the correct one.

If you need to leave the crash site to get help. Always leave someone behind. Cover the downed rider the best that you can. Try to keep them warm and comfortable. Ask for help from your fellow riders. Ask if anyone has a current First Aid Card. You have the right to ask to see that card. If you don't have to move the downed rider DON'T. If you are a card holder please take command of the situation.

If you need to leave the crash site to get cell service. Try to get a GPS location from the site. Take that with you. Take a couple of cells with you. Just in case your battery runs dry. Or incase the other guy's cell can get service where yours can't. This happens all the time. Try several times to get cell service. Just think Line of Site from where ever a tower might be.

There are many good web sites on Back Country First Responders. This one seems to cover the basics.

Hair screwed with this post 12-22-2008 at 06:01 AM
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GS Spirit
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Willing to help out with maps riding info and some sort of difficulty scale for the various routes and passes. Thanks for getting this ball rolling Tim.
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Outside the boxer
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Below is a random collection of photos taken by riders in the area. Please feel free to PM me with a link if you have a photo that I can post here.

A few of these shots were taken from the 06 rally.
This one shows part of the tent camping area.

One view from atop of Cumberland pass.

A small group of riders at the summit of Handcock pass.

Here is some of what they had to ride through to get there.

Single track in Taylor park.

At the top of Cottenwood pass.

A good fishing stream on the St. Elmo road.

Another stream over in Taylor park. This stream could easily be accessed by a GS with road tires on it.
I could loose myself for an entire day fishing every cut, shoot and fast water section. Top water flies and watch them jump for it.

A mountain lake in Taylor Park.

Another view of the same lake.

Single track in the Taylor park area. This is the Timberline trail.

The road to hancock. Passes range from easy to hard. You will not want for riding.

St Elmo.

More single track. This is the start to the crest trail over on Monarch pass.

The views from atop of the Crest trail.

American flag mountain. Taken at the end of the Star Trail.

More single track views from within Taylor Park.

Taylor dam

Looking across Taylor lake.

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Outside the boxer
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Location: Northern New Mexico
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Originally Posted by GS Spirit

Willing to help out with maps riding info and some sort of difficulty scale for the various routes and passes. Thanks for getting this ball rolling Tim.
Hi Dave
I am putting together a photo collection of the area. I need links to photos of the paved passes. And any other eye poping photos. And in a couple of weeks I will be getting back to you with regards to the routing and pass rating. For now I am looking to make maps of day paved loops.
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Put me on the IN list, or I keep your bike!
"What these people need is some mental psychology."-Bonnie Abbzug

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Intentionally Blank
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Next year is very liquid for me right now but I WILL FIND A WAY TO BE THERE.
"There is a difference between cockblocking and making one work for it. Sometimes, however, the line gets blurred." - Robbert

"Injuries are the price we pay for not having sat around on our asses!" - Steve in ATL
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Excellent work, Tim.

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