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Old 12-03-2008, 11:43 PM   #1
1129VLD OP
Joined: Nov 2008
Location: Orcutt, CA
Oddometer: 89
An introduction and SS1000 Ride Report

Greeting, I've been lurking around the site for awhile now so I thought I might introduce myself.

Back in the mid-90s I had a Yamaha Fazer that I rode around for a few months. I loaned it to a friend who needed to brush up on his riding skills. Well, he went down and totaled the bike. I waited a little while before getting another motorcycle .. more accurately, I waited until about 4 months ago. I enrolled and completed the MSF and got going at 41 years old.

I live on the Central Coast of Calif. so the riding season is more-or-less the entire year. Other than to and from work and a few short trips on my own, I've been riding with the motorcycle group affiliated with the Elk's Lodge I'm a member of.

My current ride is a 2000 Suzuki Bandit 600s. I got it with about 14,000 on the ODO, at about 19,500 right now. I'm having a blast, it's an absolute kick in the pants.

A few months ago I heard about the Iron Butt organization. I checked out their web site and read several ride reports written by motorcyclists who had completed an Iron Butt ride. I decided that when the time was right I was going to give a Saddle Sore 1000 a shot. The thought of riding 1000 miles in less than 24 hours seemed a little crazy, and I was a little apprehensive, but never-the-less I was committed to giving it a try.

I had to be in San Diego on Tuesday, November 18, 2008, so I decided to attempt a SS1000 on Monday, November 17, 2008, weather permitting. I mapped out a few 1000 mile routes from Santa Maria to San Diego. I kept an eye on the weather forecast for the cities along the potential routes. The weather seemed good to go for the 17th.

Since I wasn’t riding a circular type route where I start and end at the same point, I felt it was important to have an “out” should I not be able to continue and have to abandon the ride. The beginning of all the routes was the same from Santa Maria to Barstow. In Barstow I would decide which route I would take. If I felt good and confident that I could complete the ride, I would take one of the routes that would allow me to ride quite a bit of time on Interstates. If I wasn’t so sure I would be able to do it, I wanted to put myself somewhere near San Diego at about the way point, that way if I had to get a room for the night I would still be within range of San Diego to make my class on Tuesday AM. All of the potential routes went near Phoenix where I have family I could call upon should I need rescuing. Of course all the routs also were at least 1000 mile long and capable of being ridden in less than 24 hours.

My trip to San Diego was work related so I had to pack a laptop, a couple days of clothing and the stuff I would need for the ride. My bike has a fairly large top box and two smaller side cases. I also have a medium size electrified tank bag. The top case held my laptop and a couple of misc. items; one side case was loaded with riding gear (mostly cold weather stuff), the other side case held my bike items, like a 12v air pump, tire repair kit, chain lube, etc. Clothing was packed into a duffel which I secured to the back of the seat using a bungee net. The tank bag held my phone, camera, munchies, maps, and other misc. items that I thought I might need. The weather along the potential routes varied widely from fairly hot to fairly cool. I decided to wear my textile jacket, but also strapped onto the bike my mesh jacket in case it got really hot. Since I would be riding through the desert I purchased a hydration bladder so I could easily drink while on the bike.

For communication, entertainment and navigation I have a Garmin Zumo 550, with XM; routed through a Chatterbox X1 bluetooth. No Vista Cruise or other friction type of "cruise control" device; but I did have a Throttle Rocker.

Before I even got out of my driveway I had my first “issue.” I set my helmet on the tank bag while I tinkered with the bungee net while the bike was warming up. The helmet was already plugged into the Chatterbox, which was mounted on my handlebars. I didn’t realize that the coiled extension cord was hanging down the side of the bike. The engine heat melted the rubber casing on the extension. Luckily, I had an extra cord and just switched them out. After I finished loading the bike and saying my goodbyes I rode to a gas station near my house and filled up the tank. I made sure to get a receipt, note my bike mileage and zero out the GPS, motorcycle and bicycle trip meters. At 5:45 AM, off I went, S/B on US 101.

Within 25 miles I had to make my first unscheduled stop .. I was cold. The temperature had dropped considerably in just those 25 miles. I don’t know exactly how cold it was, but it was around the mid-40s. I was wearing a textile jacket (without a liner .. how I lost the liner is another story), long sleeve t-shirt, and a short sleeve t-shirt; textile pants, boots and regular leather gloves .. my hands were cold, so was my face. I slipped on a sweatshirt and balaclava. I had purchased a few chemical heat packs at Big 5. I slipped one in each pocket of my pants, a couple in the inner pockets of my jacket and one in each glove. I wanted to give that a try before I put on my HUGE cold weather gloves. I’m sure the temperature warmed up a bit as I rode along. Along with that, the extra clothing and the heat packs I warmed up nicely.

I had decided, regardless of how much gas I had left, that I would stop at least every two hours and/or 150 miles, whichever came first. From the 101 I rode E/B on the 126 to my first planned stop in Valencia, CA. It was still a little chilly so I left the extra gear on. I topped off the tank and rode N/B on the 14 to Mojave, gassed up again and then rode E/B on the 58 to Barstow.

As I mentioned previously, once I reached Barstow I needed to decide which route to take. I felt good, alert, and wasn’t sore yet so I decided to take the route that kept me on an interstate as much as possible. I decided on “route #3” which essentially took me east to Kingman, Az., South to Gila Bend, Az., then West to San Diego, Ca. After a quick call to my wife and a friend to let them know which route I would be on, I mounted the Bandit and took off.

This is how my time/mileage log looked; I’ll be submitting this, along with copies of my receipts and witness forms to the Iron Butt Association. California is on Pacific time, Arizona is on Mountain time:

0545 hours / 0 Miles: Santa Maria, CA
0819 hours / 142 Miles: Valencia, CA
0951 hours / 220 Miles: Mojave, CA
1118 hours / 291 Miles: Barstow, CA
1410 hours / 433 Miles: Needles, CA
1624 hours / 506 Miles: Kingman, AZ
1839 hours / 623 Miles: Wickenburg, AZ
2213 hours / 723 Miles: Gila Bend, AZ
2344 hours / 835 Miles: Yuma, AZ
0202 hours / 982 Miles: Alpine, CA
0337 hours / 1041 Miles: San Diego, CA

I got a little warm around Needles, CA so I put on my mesh jacket. By the time I arrived in Kingman, AZ it was again getting cool so I put my textile jacket back on. Looking back on it, I could have done without the mesh jacket on this trip. I suppose it better to have it and not need it (much) than to not have it at all. In Gila Bend, AZ it was cold enough that I had to put on thermal underwear. I had used all my heat packs earlier in the day, so I had to put on my thick cold weather gloves. I hadn't had much of an opportunity to ride with them on, so it was a little awkward at first, but it worked out okay.

I packed a lot of snacks in my tank bag, which I munched along the way. The only real meal I ate was in Goodyear, AZ, where I met up and ate dinner with my cousin and his family.

In Gila Bend, AZ, at the gas station I ran across a Thono O’odham Nation Tribal Police Officer. He agreed to be a witness that I was there at that time and the mileage on my bike/GPS.

I didn’t really start getting tired until Yuma and my right shoulder was starting to hurt quite a bit. I stopped at a rest stop and took a little nap while sitting on the bike. That did the trick and I continued on. My shoulder was still aching, but I was able to position my arm in such a way that I could tolerate the pain. I8 at that that time of the night/morning is rather desolate, and there were times when I was the only vehicle on the road for a few minutes until somebody appeared going E/B. I went through two Boarder Patrol mobile check points .. other than that it was just motoring along.

When I arrived in San Diego my motorcycle trip meter was showing just shy of the 1000 mile mark. The GPS and bicycle computer both showed I had traveled 1023 miles. I recently put a larger front sprocket on the bike which I think causes my bike ODO to read low. Regardless, I wanted to cover my bases so I rode to Chula Vista and back to be sure that all the ODOs displayed at least 1000 miles. I was so tired I went to the wrong Holiday Inn Express. The rather nice clerk found out which HIE I had a reservation at, gave me the address and I was again on my way. I got to the correct hotel at about 0337 hours. The clerk on duty agreed to be my witness, noting the time I arrived at the hotel and the mileages. I was absolutely spent. My right upper arm and shoulder ached, as did my left knee (old work related injury that occasionally gives me some grief), but glad it had done it.

The only real glitches in the ride occurred at the very end. In addition to going to the wrong hotel, I was so tired that I didn't have the presence of mind to fill up the tank so I could get my final time stamped receipt (I had filled up in Alpine, CA and didn't need gas). When I completed the paperwork, in addition to the witness form, I included the time stamped receipt from the HIE showing the time my credit card was swiped when I checked in and a screen print from the GPS showing the final track from the wrong HIE to the correct HEI and time stamp. Hopefully the IBA will find those three items to be sufficient proof that I completed the ride in less than 24 hours.

I really didn't take many pictures, but here a few:

Packed and ready to go

Zeroing everything out

Valencia, CA

Mojave, CA

This was more-or-less my view until it got dark. Not much to see out in the high desert. The truck in front of me belonged to lady funny car driver. There were several behind and in front of her's. They must have been coming from or going to a race.

Barstow, CA - The blue tube is from the hydration bladder which I had taken out of it's backpack and put in my jacket's built in fanny pack. This turned out to be a very good purchase. I kept it filled with water mixed with Propel drink mix which kept me hydrated throughout the ride.

Munchies in the tank bag

Needles, CA

Yuma, AZ

Alpine, CA

The ending stats

Overall Avg. Moving Avg. some'n .. I don't know what that means

Somewhere I lost about 2.5 hours (the total time should be just shy of 22 hours). I'm thinking that the GPS doesn't continue to toll time when the bike is off. I'll have to look that up in the manual.

On my way home from San Diego, around Thousand Oaks, I rode past a BBQ joint. The smell made me really hungry for BBQ. A quick search using the GPS and I found a place where I just had to eat .....

My SS1000 ride report.

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Dood, plz resize the pix down to 800ish.
Makes it very awkward to read.
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Mod Squad
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Joined: Aug 2002
Location: Toronto, ON
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Welcome aboard and thanks for the intro.. Congrats on your achievement!

Resizing your pics would be very preferable. No monitor is big enough for them as they stand
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Originally Posted by Gadget Boy
Welcome aboard and thanks for the intro.. Congrats on your achievement!

Resizing your pics would be very preferable. No monitor is big enough for them as they stand
+1 on that. i wanted to read the report but it was too much work scrolling back and forth
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Beastly Adventurer
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Welcome to the funny house. Submit your paperwork and have patience - it will eventually get certified.

Michael J
IBA 3901

Oh yeah - and a big "Me Too" on the picture size.
Michael J. - IBA #3901
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Pictures, pictures and more pictures
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Old Motorcyclist
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Congrats on your 1st 1K mile day. Later in life, you won't do them unless necessary. Heck, that said, I don't know if I could do one anymore. My mind wanders too much. ;-).

A good free downloadable picture downsizer and viewer is VallenJegger. Makes it elmucho easier to read.

Thanks for sharing your journey.
A14 KLR 43k miles ,07 1250S Bandit 75K miles , 03 Chevy Truck 80K miles '43 model me. Simper Fi
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What? Where?
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Great Job!!! I did my first 1k miler a few months back. You where smart to do a loop I ran 1000 miles north from my home in VA to the end of I95 in Houlton ME. Great ride but the two 500 milers to get home kinda sucked. Oh and the paper work takes a while to go through two months for me, but worth ever minute. WAY TO GO!!! If you do a 50cc let me know drinks on me on the coast

Poster on the back on my bike, everyone wanted to talk to me whenever I stopped.

Final Tally

The only bike shot I had time to take. (northern ME)
-07 R1200GS, -09 XT250 (Wife's Ride), -02 GASGAS TXT280 (No Seat)
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1129VLD OP
Joined: Nov 2008
Location: Orcutt, CA
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Originally Posted by Dilligaf0220
Dood, plz resize the pix down to 800ish.
Makes it very awkward to read.
My SS1000 ride report.
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1129VLD OP
Joined: Nov 2008
Location: Orcutt, CA
Oddometer: 89
Having a hard time with the image thing. Trying to figure it out.
My SS1000 ride report.
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idea man
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Looks like you figured out the pic thing. Great job on the ride. 1000 miles on a Bandit with no cruise control is pretty impressive. Well done.
"You know sir, there is a fine line between Badass and Dumbass." Medical Records Lady
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Invisible Man
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good on ya, mate!

havent done one of those yet. longest day for me was from Eugene to Camarillo. Somewhere out near Bakersfield a shiver went thru my body and i realized i was on a motorcycle :)
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Old 12-18-2008, 09:27 AM   #12
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Man, what an incredible ride report!
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Old 12-23-2008, 08:49 PM   #13
... it's just a road
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Must congratulate another ADVrider and LDrider, well done just spotted on "the list" into my email.
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Old 12-24-2008, 05:34 PM   #14
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Congrats on your ride. What's next?
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1129VLD OP
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Well, I don't know for sure. I would like to give the Bun Burner 1500 a try. ki4idb has mentioned that he intends to try a BB1500 in the spring. Depending on his route (here's a suggestion), we could do a "BB1500 East meets West". ki4idb, what say you?

If all goes well and my entry is drawn I'm hoping to ride the 3 Flags Classic next September. (info here)
My SS1000 ride report.
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