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Smiles when says dat
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Anyone up for a drive?
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LadyDraco OP
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Life on the farm

Well last year we had a bumper crop of Adult Praying Mantis's...
They laid egg sacks all over the place
There was an egg sack in front of the house on my mini rose bush..
This wee one turned just as I snapped the pic...

They are just so cute!!!! And they will eat tons of bugs!!!

Can you see the babies !! There are thousands of them !!
It's like the more you look the more ya see !!

This one is on a Catnip leaf..(Yes of course I have catnip)

Well I just thought I would share this .. As most of us .. Never get to see the babies ... Only the adults...

And yes I'm still working on my RR from Gone To Texas....
Life is what you make of it~
If it don't fit make alterations

Check it from time to time as I'm always adding to it..
My Rides and life on the Farm
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kinda slow
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Y'alls Hill Country party looked almost as fun as the one I went to!!

Waiting for more......
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LadyDraco OP
KillerSmileIHazIt !!
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Part 3 of Gone To Texas

Well after the BBQ…. Sunday was a day of rest..But not for Mark & Charlyne they had Easter duties for the Lions Club to do…
So a few of stayed back at the house and hung out and cleaned the area for them while they where out…
We knew we were going to leave out first thing Monday morning and head for the TX Hill country…

Well so much for best laid plans.. As Monday morning we all woke to a clap of thunder and heavy rains…..And felt what the hell… We will wait it out for one more day..

HG & FB den is full of things I would have in our bed room..
This area dedicated to persevering wild life

Bobcat and nice buck

This was a big ole Boar

Two nice bucks

So I took some pic of the local lizards..

They are in the Chameleon family as you can see this fella change..

I just wished I could have gotten him displaying. His red gullet ..Oh well..

Then it was time to set the wood a blaze. And cook up some grub.

And my little grill too ….Isn't this so cool...

Tuesday morning it was time to get it down the road…

HotGlue took us down a few back roads,and some we have been on already from a few years back..
On our way to Brazos bend state park..Some really cool homes back there..

I enjoyed the country side and I was a shutter bug…
A mess of cattle and egrets !!

We rode through small towns like Needville and Pleak Village..
This is just a cool shot. I’m always shooting from the fly. Meaning I don’t stop…

We crossed over I-59 and stayed on this little bypass TX10…
I like taking shots of old homes…

We are going to have breakfast at Tony's in Bellville ,I think that was the town..
This sign tickled me … I don’t really know why ..It just did…They must have a lot of trucks hitting the bridges as I saw a few of these around TX..

With out bellies full,we was ready to get back on the road .. And by then the slight fog had lifted…
Charlyne aka FlamingoBabe was ready …

Then we headed for TX36

I also like to snag shots of murals that local folks paint on buildings. Bellville down town…

I also like shot of Firehouses… Like this one that was just cool looking …

This looks like a welcoming home…Even if it is to close to the road for my taste…

TX has a lot of these places with Metal sculptors..

We were now on US209 We just came out of Round Top and La Grange..

Trees I can take photos of cool looking trees all day long…This little fenced field looked just so inviting..

Then we stopped here Texas One Stop.. A cool place inside lots of neat stuff…

And every thing is bigger in Texas… Look at the size of this rocking chair!! My buddy Tater would like this one..

And this cool airfoil boat was for sale..

This was the area where the Texas wild fires had been .. There was a lot of damage. But nature is refurbishing…And making a come back..

Another cool looking home…

I liked this entrance, very colourful….

We rode through Mustang ridge and Caldwell.. And look at the BlueBonnets !!!

On to San Marcos.. You can almost see the curvature of the earth…

LOL ya got to love the purple commode!!

Piñatas !!! Bunny ones !!! After all it’s close to Easter..

Purgatory Creek.. I just had to grab that.. I did like the Western Movie “Purgatory”..

Outside of San Marcos.. We stopped at a nice pull off that had a real nice view….

Then we realized we are NOT alone …

See Texas isn't all flat….

This was a huge flock of migratory Birds !!!

We rode through the town of Blanco

Traveling on TX32….

Texas wild flower gardens…Mark said this is where he gets all his wildflower seeds from.. I can see why...

Now this was a very cool looking tree…

This couple though this tree was very nice…Buzzards yes I like them.. Mother Nature's clean up crew…Will talk about them again…

We are on our to Luckenbach Tx.. Willie ~Waylon and the boys…

Time for that photo op..

And grabbed this nice shot of Mark’s Valk…

Highbinder at Hondo’s Bar…

This is right outside the dance hall…

People enjoying the live music…

Not paying attention to the Chickens and Roosters above them!!

A little history… Yeah it’s easier then me typing it …

This is one of the original homes…It was in nice shape…

Now it was time to head to Fredericksburg…It was time to eat… The hotel was in walking distance..
I sure would like to take one of these metal longhorns back with me…

I liked this Rose arbor…

We ate at a nice German restaurant.. I wish I could remember the name..

Here’s a nice night shot of the Admiral Nimitz museum

This building caught my eye… I really liked it’s looks.

We got back to the hotel and sat outside had a few evening cocktails..
Talked about the days ride and the routes that we will take in the morning…

We are on our way to the Texas Hill country the Southern route …

Stay tuned for part 4...
Life is what you make of it~
If it don't fit make alterations

Check it from time to time as I'm always adding to it..
My Rides and life on the Farm

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Moran in training
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If you went through Dripping Springs you were real close to my retirement property.
Wypierdalaj ty chuju jebany
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LadyDraco OP
KillerSmileIHazIt !!
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Part 4 Gone To Texas

Getting ready to head out of Fredericksburg .. It was chilly… Let me tell ya… Charlyne said her bike said it was 46*
That is a little chilly for TX !!! Our next stop would be Kerrville and grab a bite to eat…

We rode TX16 … That should not be confused with VA16…
I just love grabbing shadow shots.. Hey there’s a Spyder in my mirror !!! Kinda sounds like there’s a fly in my soup..

We stop at NAPA for a second.. The Spyder needed oil and I needed some elec. cleaner..
Now your wondering why?? Well my headlight switch was dirty and my lights would not come on at every start up..
And a little squirt in the starter switch fixed that right up..TheBeast sat for a little over a year, while I rode TheBlack..
So there was some dust clogging the switch, at the electrodes.. Ok back to the trip..
We ate at IHOP…Then boogied it back down the road on 16.. Once the sun peeked through … It warmed up..
Hey a curve !!! Oops sorry I couldn't resist…

Heading to Medina and Bandera, TX 16 got pretty nice, so sweet curves and views..
The Koyote Ranch…I really thought the entrance was cool.. You’ll see a lot of cool gate ways in this trip…

Now at Mendia Springs.. Another grand entrance.

It just started to warm up good by now…And the stop was welcomed…

WOW the water is very clear !!

Hey look I can see a fish !!! After shooting all kinds of pic.. It was time to roll on..

Once again a cool tree just begged for it’s photo op…

After a few more curves and straight runs ..This place was for sale.. Mark yells over the CB hey you guys can stay in
The lookout house when ya visit…The place sure did look grand…

Now we jumped on RR337 one of the sisters…Now the views and the roads really change..
Buffalo.... Tatanka !!! I see Buffalo !!

I’m having a blast snapping pic’s on the fly…The area if full of high fences and exotic critters
Another cool old shack that is still being living in..

Ooooo and this one is nice…Very dry looking around here..

Hmmm let give a check on Charlyne .. Yuppers she back thar…We all could talk to each other, via CB’s..

There are a lot of the cut out passes.. I really love them..

Just some cool scenery. This TX337 was very nice to ride.. A lot of different vistas and land changes..

It would change from green lush and bam right back to arid!

Yeah that’s what I’m talking about !! Horse shoe curve…Who'da thunk it in TX !!!

Just look at how far you can see the road.. Cool…Ya just never know what I’ll grab a pic of..

Grabbed a photo of this rider, on a vintage bike.. hehehehe. I think he could use a drink...

I think we are around Leaky now… But I think it’s the town of Real.. Yuppers it looked like a Pig pen..

On RR336 now one of the other sisters.. Cattle guards ?? We aren't on open range.. There isn't any in Texas..

Now there are a good deal of these type curves on the sisters…I have a GIF made up I’ll post that later..

There are a few of these on this road too.. Right handers with the big yellow sign!!

Just look at that little splash of orange/red!!! Sure glad I had the camera, handy

I just liked the old roll of wire lying there…Had to snag that…

I think we are on TX41 now, and getting ready to get on RR335
This wind mill was turning and pumping water up to the stock tank ....

Now heading toward Vance I think…
There are quite a few of theses flood gauges in the dips on the Texas byways…

This RR335 is the Roller coaster of the 3 sisters…A very cool ride..

We took a break here.. For a photo op with Bluebonnets..

Had a grab a shot of the Cactus flower..

Mark admiring his bike along with Charlyne…

Don coming back from…….. Well you know…

Then he grabbed the camera from me…LOL I just realized Charlyne and I left our helmets on…

Now while we was up on the rollercoaster area ,right along the shoulder we saw a huge dead Boar..
Dang it he was still to juicy but freshly killed by a vehicle. I sure would have liked to take his head for my Skull collection..
I’m always looking to add to it…I have about 30 critter skulls. From birds to horses and everything in between..
OK back to the trip…I liked this pop of Yellow..

We crossed the Nueces river a few times .. And it always made me think of Lonesome Dove. With Gus ~ Woodrow, and Newt.. As a matter of fact I yelled over the CB Water Moccasins

Now lets get back to the high fences and exotic critters. Here they have a huge sculpture of an Ostrich with 2 babies?
And I hear they call theses blackbucks.. They sure do remind me of Thomson Gazelle of Africa..

And these guys remind me of Blesbuck ..

These type of hunting grounds are all over the Texas Hill country. Here you can really see the High fences

We tried to go to the Devils sinkhole. but it was on private land. Here’s a mess of goats instead…

Hahaha remember I said we would talk about buzzards again…Here are some Black Buzzards getting an easy meal..
A Buzzards work is never done.. They do a great job.. The ones with feathers on there heads eat the outside,
The ones with bald heads eat the insides… Make sense . As they don’t have any good way to clean their faces..
Here’s another factoid.. Always be careful when passing them while they are eating. As if spooked they will barf
Up their meal to gain altitude for flight.. YUCK!! I have seen this in person and so glad it wasn’t on me !!!
As someone I know had that happen to them !! He said it stunk and he almost lost it as well to add to the Yuck!!!

Ok back to the ride…This wall was very strange .. It had broken glass bottles on the top!!
Hmm I guess they don’t want anyone jumping the wall??

We jumped back on RR337 and headed to Leaky for dinner time.. It was getting well past time to eat..
The bluebonnets at times really looked like a body of water…

We had planned to eat a cool little Mex restaurant ,but they closed down..
So we ate at a nice little dive … A biker bar ..They did have a lot of cool things hanging on the walls
We all had burgers…That was pretty good… OK I had a salad…But they all did have burgers…


There was a Three Sisters Rally ,but we had been a few weeks to early. Thank goodness..

And ya’ll remember this movie…Had a few funny scenes in it..

All right back on the road…..Heading out of town..

Now this is really cool looking you can see the road for miles but just the rollercoaster parts…

Know you know I would post more cool trees…

This mound was way cool looking…

We rode through a lot of theses cut outs.. This time I was riding side by side.. My Honey!!!..

Wow you can really see this road for a long ways. One of them lonely roads..

Here’s another shot of the Bluebonnets..Also once they heat up.. Oh my there perfume is just heavenly as well as intoxicating…

I also really like rock formations…Also it has a nice zip/zag…

Here are about 27 photo in a gif of the 3 Sisters…It’s nothing fancy ,but it sure saved time…And gives you a real feel…

We did take FR1340 ,I think that was it.. That had Million Dollar homes on it as skirted along the Guadalupe river..
I was really bummed as my battery had died in the camera…Sorry…
As we head back to Kerrville where we will spend the night…We sat around the pool talking about the day..
The ride and how good it was to spend time with good friends..
The next part 5 .. Can you say San Antonio and the Alamo…
Life is what you make of it~
If it don't fit make alterations

Check it from time to time as I'm always adding to it..
My Rides and life on the Farm
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LadyDraco OP
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Part 5

San Antonio and the Alamo… Here we come...

After a nights sleep, morning came around fast…I think we all could have used more sleep..

But today was the trip to the big city of San Antonio ..All I could hear in my head was Lorrie telling Jake San Antonio,
I don’t want to go there…Yeah more of Lonesome Dove….
But we did.. Why cause we wanted to see The Alamo. And it was in the heart of town….
Once again HB grabs my camera.. While I’m loading TheBeast..

We ate again at IHOP…I’m thinking this is the fourth I have ever eaten in one…I remember when they first opened .. I ate in one..
I remember the floors being very sticky back then. Now they have rugs in them.. And you can’t tell….
Ok back to the story… We wanted to get there rather fast before the traffic got real bad ,so we took the super slab out of Kerrville…
Hey you can see HB and Charlyne in the mirror too… Cool….

That did have it’s own beauty along the road side….A nice splash of wild flowers..

Even looking way ahead was cool….Hills and Views..

This had to be the biggest state flag of Texas I have ever seen….

Once we started to get into town…And fight a little traffic We are in down town San Antonio, LOL.. Yeah I snap pic even in traffic…
That’s the river terrace… I think we are going to do what’s called the river walk…

We found a parking lot ,we put our covers on our bikes as our gear was strapped to them..
It does make it a tad harder for something to be lifted. After all can see what is on the bikes then…
After all we are in a big city…. And the covers will keep the saddles cool as well…
We got in the area of the Alamo and I was shooting pic left and right…
The is a Papaya tree…That was making me hungry now…I love them..

The gardens around the Mission was tastefully done..

I mean just look how pretty this area is…

Oh wow what a cool sidewall… I really do like the look..I love the shutters…

More flora.. Ok It’s cactus…But I love them too.. And can be very tasty as well …

Just look at how big the yellow columbine is !!

I turn around and this building with what I think is a fallen angel sculpted into it catches my eye.. Cool..
To bad I never found out about it

Here’s a little story about the Mission…Now named The Alamo

And here she is …With the Texas flag flying at her side.

We went inside. .Ok now I can be sensitive to things .. Have been all my life.. And the karma inside, is bad..The hair on the back of my neck stood up !For real...I wanted out…
I bought my few things stickers, and socks for the cat that I made into a toy for her, “CC the Alamo Cat” is on them ..
ScooterCat's socks are Pink,hey she's a girl..

LOL.. ya'll know if it had a cat on it... I would buy it.. Hey at least it was made in the USA !!! I’ll have to get a pic of her toy.
Here’s the lay out of the Mission..

Here’s more of the story ~ 1836 Alamo …

This was the other part of the Mission. I liked the sculptures in it..This was done in 1936..

I’m sure it never looked like this back in the 18th century…

Hahaha Snuck one more shot of cacti in …

They have touched a lot of theses buildings up… After all they were shot up and cannon balled pretty good…
But I still love the look.. Ooo bars … tiring to keep the evil in…

This archway was really nice… And felt it needed a photo….Now we are on our way to check out the Riverwalk

The first thing I see is a pigeon taking a bath in chlorinated water!!!

And then this momma Mallard with her clutch of swimmers…You can see her keeping and eye on them…..

Then this nice tile mosaic caught my eye…It’s of the town and all the cool buildings and the river!! I think I took a photo of all the buildings...

More mallards.. Here is a nice young couple that have no babies yet…

As we are walking and enjoying the river and people watching .. This young couple ,yells they said we looked to touristy..
And had to wear these hats….Well they was shocked that I snapped their photo!!
Would you like to know what is said…
Hers: After I get wasted here ..I’m going to blow Chunks!
His: Hi I’m Chunks…..
Mark walks by and says ..Your going to be a lucky man…..

This little water fall .. The rocks look like ghoul faces!!!!

They had these river boats ,Packed with people…It was nice how they had the walk going around the cypress trees…

Live music.. Mariachi band…

Heading back to the bikes.. I snapped a few more pic..
This is Casino Club building.. I liked the front…

I really love the architecture of this old building…

Handsome cabs… Yes they are handsome.. But dang they have to use poop catchers now…

The Crockett Hotel..It’s a big ole place..

Still walking back to the bikes… I spied this building…Hey it too was in the tile mosaic

Here’s a shot from the parking lot.. Cool building.. I guess by now you can see I my taste is more for the older look..

This modern art has a good splash of red it and the multi level garage looks out of place…
As was I when we went to pay the automated parking attendant…
I was lost with working it .. HB gave me dollar coins.. And I couldn't find the slot to pay it..I just settled down and found it...

Back in traffic this Aztec building caught my eye..

Mark & Charlyne knew where we should go to grab a bite of food…This place was so cool….

Now these benches would be real nice on our deck..

Just look at the work in them….WOW..

This painted wall was across our table where we ate…

This was bakery next door to where we ate.. I believe…It was part of the Town Market

Lions I like Lions….Done very nicely too…

I think this was where we ate…The food was most excellent!!! Everyone had some kind of meat rolled up in a wrapper
I had a salad that was wonderful ….

Another very cool old building…Love the terracotta colour

Now once out of the big city we super slab for a while as is was getting late and heading back to HG &FB home..
Did see a few interesting things along the highway…Like this a Buffalo on a mound...
LOL... HB yells over the CB how do you think they get that bull to stand so still like that and for how long ??? My Honey is so funny...

Then there was this cool metal sculptors of cowboys and a cattle herd..

On this day it was so bloody hot.. I was so happy when Mark said we are going to stop at the biggest Buckees in Texas..
And that it was !!! WOW it was huge I don’t know how many fuel bays there were but it was a lot!!!
We took a nice long water break here Mark loaned HB a shirt. Why oh why did have to be a clown !!! Shutter…Zombieland..
PS... HB still has the shirt .. Mark said keep it...

Then we saw this well blowing flames .. I forgot what Mark called this when they do this…

Mark says .. We’ll take the back way for now on.. Dang was I glad to get off that hot slab..
We rode through small towns like Eagle lake.. Then on to Wallis .When right past our buddies bar.. To bad he sold out..

It was dark when we got in to Pearland so we went right out to eat before we got home..
Had an awesome Chinese buffet…The guys thought it would be better then us gals having to cook once we got home..
What a great idea!!! After we finished eating we headed back to Mark & Charlyne’s hacienda..
For some evening cocktails and good conversation…We sat around the fireplace outside the fire was going …Life is good...
Good thing the fire was going as it was chilly…I did tended to our laundry that evening… We talked about the next day…

Stay tuned for Part 6 of Gone To Texas…..
Life is what you make of it~
If it don't fit make alterations

Check it from time to time as I'm always adding to it..
My Rides and life on the Farm
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Smiles when says dat
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Favorite is Pic of HB alllll sleeepyyyy. :) Love it.
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LadyDraco OP
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Part 6 of Gone To Texas....

Part 6 San Jacinto …

I guess by know ya’ll are saying when the heck is she going to stop!!
Will this is the last part of a wonderful trip with our good Friends that live in Tejas…
Being that we are only going a few miles down the road. We didn't have to get up early ..
I semi packed our gear for the next day..
All the laundry was clean and dry, and folded and back in my 2.5 Ziploc..
And 2 smaller ones for the day after while on the road.. I hate to unpack for just a fast night’s sleep on the road…
So I just set up over night Ziplocs. Then I don’t have to open up my travel yellow bag..

Charlyne cleaning the bugs off her shield.. Now what happens next was good….

Ya got to love us little woman .. This dump truck driver cleans his truck right in front of Mark & Charlyne’s house !!!
Well with her knuckles dragging on the ground ,she walks over and confronts him…. I don’t blame her I would have done the same..
Here she tells Mark the whats & whys…

We went the back way in to Pasadena TX.. Not Calif.. A whole lot of industry there.. The air had many different kinds of smells..
Ah how I wish it was the hot Bluebonnets again.. But sad to say it wasn’t …But some of the Companies did try to make the entrances nice…

Just look at how this tree is growing .. Hmmm trade winds blow one way a lot!!!

WOW just look at the Monument !!!

In the parking lot…Hey Don his Downtown Grill shirt on…Cool…

Ok back to San Jacinto…Just look at the base of this WOW!!! A lot of work..

Now a little History… I’m trying to put it in the right order…But if it’s not oops sorry…They are scattered in the files…

The Corner stone…

The Coming of the Pioneers

There is a huge reflection pond…With the Six flags, we will cover that later.. Hey that’s Charlyne taking a photo..

That’s the Battleship Texas Commissioned in 1914 !…

LOL… Ya got to get that look up shot….

Hey can we go inside ??? Mark said you bet ..We will take it all in ,the Movie, and the special museum. .And a elevator ride to the top !!!
Oh boy … This was really cool…

We took some photos of the 2 sisters ..They came from Ohio… They made a huge difference in the fight…
Learned a lot from the movie “Texas Forever”. And some very neat points..
That also was covered in the Sam Elliot movie where he played Sam Houston in “Gone To Texas”.
But by seeing Texas Forever at San Jacinto ,made it so easy to understand “Gone To Texas” much better..

Then we got a group shot….

So really cool old Barbwire..

The men were my size back then !! Tiny..

Some cool weapons .. Some a little to flashy for my taste. I like the horn.. That lower Pistol is a .36 .. White grips .44

Tools for making Musket balls. Lead poising was very prevalent back then …

I would wear this coat… I really liked the lines of it…It’s almost like my burgundy one that I wear.. I forgot who’s coat it was..

Very cool Horse head spurs..

Crucifixes.. Some are very Ornate..

This is a selection of Seals…They used all kinds of materials from, Glass ,brass, bronze, gold, silver, agate. Pearl etc…

I just liked the cover .. I took so many photos in the museum.. But I had to trim all the uploads down..

The details of the Star…I forgot how many tons it was...

Dr’s saddle Bag and the contents inside…

Some other items that the local Dr would have …

Branding irons … With all cattle milling with each other it was the only way a cowboy could identified his cattle in a large herd...

A little write up on brands…

Button buttons who’s got a button…We don’t need no stinking buttons…

There is well over 500 Artifacts in the San Jacinto Museum…LOL I did take a bunch of photos too..
Here a cool one of the Monument…

This was a nice coat of arms tapestry…

Oh yeah they change the Rebel flag out front…To a Confederate states flag circle of stars..
Haha but they couldn't change the castings at the front door…

Can you name all 6 flags?? The two above are a given…
Now we have the Flag of Mexico..

Texas & French flags

And the Spanish flag

Here was when it was news to do a better history of The Battlefield. and remembrance..

Here’s a little blurb on the weight and height…567.31 feet tall… 70,300,000 lbs !! And Bigger then the Washington Monument in DC..

It’s steel reinforced concrete faced with Fossilized Cordova cream shell stone.It’s really cool looking..

Inside the Elevator…Going UP !!!

And here is our Attendant.. She had been working here at the Monument for well over 30 yrs…

Now that is a heck of a view!!!

You can see that barge !! Wow it looks so small from up here..

Hey this came out good.. You can just see the Monument in the reflection pond !!

WOW just look at that.. This was so cool to be up here… It’s a helluva view!! Hey that’s a good shot of The Battleship Texas !
To bad we don’t have the 3 hours to tour it this trip… Hey we will have to come back!!!

Hey that’s the road we came in on ..Ya know the one with the cool tree…

All of this is Houston’s sea port… That loop is the park where some of the Battle took place..

That’s Houston in the distance…

To bad it was breezy out…The pond was very cool.. The ships are soooo big!!!

Once we got back down to down to the bottom.. Hey it’s time to eat…. So we ate right down the road..
I had a wonderful Lump crab salad….Mark & Charlyne had seafood samplers that were huge,
Don had Cajun Chicken stuffed with Andouille sausage, jack cheese topped with Crawfish Etouffee.
I’m sorry no food porn photos I left the camera in the bike. My bad…

This ship was huge!!! The photo doesn't really show the Alpine Madeleine

Once we finished eating we rode around to the battle field …
Just look at the size of this propeller

Here’s a nice shot

This was the area that Sam Houston caught the Mexicans napping and tired and in a bad blocked off area..…
LOL well that made it sound like they were having a siesta…
They was up all night digging in. And didn't have their weapons handy..

This is where S.H. had been shot and had his horse killed out from under him…

Ya got to get that shot of your Bike on the trip…

We had to head back to the monument in order to get back out.. So one more photo.. Of a great site San Jacinto ”Texas Forever”!!

Mark said he had a part come in at the Honda shop. So we said hey yawanto pick it up? Lets go….
I saw these things..They remind me of Alien eggs..

The huge murals are cool so I snagged a photo.. Yuppers on the fly…

This little sweetie was at the shop.. The fella said she rides and has her own doggles…

We went by the Space Center… Houston we got a problem. I see an vintage Wing!!!. Cool….

Charlyne’s bike computer said there was something wrong so we pulled off to check it out..
We are 2 miles from the house so Mark said we will check it out fully there…

We once again sat by the fireplace. Sipping on cocktails...And enjoying good conversion..
The trip is almost over…
Ya’ll are going to be blessed with a part 7 …I promise it will be short…
Life is what you make of it~
If it don't fit make alterations

Check it from time to time as I'm always adding to it..
My Rides and life on the Farm

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Part 7 the trip home......

The last and finale part of Gone To Texas…
Hey I forgot to show ya the cool flask Charlyne bought Mark..
She got this at the Texas one stop.. It’s 64oz !!! That’s Don’s 7 oz flask next to it…

We didn’t stay up to late , but we did load the bikes the night before.. As Don & I wanted to be on the road early…
I was up at 4 am…Woke Don at 4:30… I went down the stairs to turn the coffee pot on and low and behold some one beat me to it …
How cool is that …. This is the part ya dread having to say the see ya’s to your friends…

Charlyne was up early to see us off…She is in her Jammies…

Mark had his Lab jammies on… Thank Goodness...

We love this time of the morning…The chill in the air ..But the winds are still….

On the road again…. The wee morning hours in Houston on a weekend..

We almost have the road to ourselves.. Just a few out and about…

Once we made it in La. The sun started to rise and great us with warmth…

I had to grab a shot of my shadow rider…

The Bayou in the early morning is always nice…

At one of our fuel stops in MS.. I saw this cool truck.. Ya know I had to grab it..

We rode up to Bessemer, Al.. and called it a day .. Ate at a new Chinese Buffet..Pretty good too..
Left around 8 am the next morning…Not all that early…Heck we are not that far from home…

My bike hit a milestone on the trip…So I took a shot of 155 @ 55 ….

Then I saw my shadow rider buddy again…She is always there.. But sometimes I just can’t see her…

Then I saw Don had his shadow rider with him too…

That was the last photos of the trip…

We really had a great trip and Mark & Charlyne taking us out to see the beautiful country side of Texas..
That most don’t get to see made it all the better… In all my trips in TX..
The panhandle is to me the saddest.. All the feed lots.. It really bring tears to my eyes..

And it’s nothing like the upper eastern part by Cooper & Pecan Gap aka cotton country, black dirt land..
Where Highbinder is from ,Why I have been there….

But the lands that they call Texas Hill country that Texans like to call “Gods Country”…
Yeah it really is something to see.. Get out there and ride the southern part of the Hill country…
Take your time and really look at the beauty of how it was formed…
It’s not like our land here in VA… Even the roads are not the same.. But it truly is a beautiful part of Texas..
And I am truly glad I was able to share it with good friends and my Honey …
And on my favorite bike… There is nothing like riding a fine bike in new territory…
Yeah it just don’t get any better then that…It truly was a great and wonderful adventure…

A total of 3307 miles and 11 days away from the farm….

I hope you enjoyed the ride as much as we all did ….

Till next time…..
Life is what you make of it~
If it don't fit make alterations

Check it from time to time as I'm always adding to it..
My Rides and life on the Farm

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Each year the K11OG... Come over to HMSP for a weekend in May,
I try to meet up with Shoganai for a few hours.. Last year I rode over and said hi..
This year Gwen surprised me and came to the farm!!!
Two other riders were with her.. And I'm so bad with names ...Sorry guys ..
But one I did meet last year he's from Ill.. And the other fella is from Ga...

Gwen was like dang girl ... You wake up to this everyday !!!

I said yeah it's great !!!

Then our cattle showed up .. Here is Tory .. He's my baby boy ..The first born on the farm.Back in 06 ..

Here's Mocha.. Remember she was born last year...This is Lefty's baby...
Last years babies are the only 2 longhorn crosses that are polled !!(hornless)

I know they had a blast in my area .. We have some of the best roads in VA..

Then Don took them in to the shop...

They asked me to start TheBeast...They had heard TheBlack .. But TheBeast sounds so different. It has glasspkts.. Sounds like a 57 Chevy...

LOL They couldn't believe that sound was a bike...Sweet !!!

Gwen liked my critter stickers helmet..

When we came out of the shop our res Black snake was their ..
Shog,grabs it to move em off the driveway ..

I showed them my baby Praying Mantis...

And the proof of the visit...

Gwen and the Ga. Fella..

Gwen grabbed this shot heading down my driveway..

Shogs thank you so much for taking time and stopping by for a fast visit...
I sure hope ya got back to HM before it rained..

One of these years HB & I will have to stay over at HMSP when ya'll are there...
It looks like ya'll have a blast...

Till next time...
Life is what you make of it~
If it don't fit make alterations

Check it from time to time as I'm always adding to it..
My Rides and life on the Farm
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Smiles when says dat
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I LOVE your pix!
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Hey B.... Hows it going ??
Hey to the family

I think I took to much off my bangs the other day
Thank goodness they will grow back
Life is what you make of it~
If it don't fit make alterations

Check it from time to time as I'm always adding to it..
My Rides and life on the Farm
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Burkes Garden Blessing of the Bikes

This past Sunday 5/6 Burkes Garden had their 10 Annual Blessing of the bikes…So we wanted to support our community..
FenderMender and Mtn.Hawk was going to meet us over there…

Highbinder took his Black n Red SuperValk

I took TheBeast this year…

A few Spyder RT’s showed..

All kinds of bikes showed up..

A nice shot of the bowl that is Burkes Garden

A thumper…

And this nice Vintage CB900

With custom gauge Visors…

The bikes kept rolling in …

Most of them where very clean….

Here is one of them new Victories.. Rolling in..

Another view of the bowl of Burkes…

I saw this Rune pull up…

There were a few trailers.. But the Wags are my favorite to look at…

Then I saw this Hyosung ….

This lady drove up with her Std Poodle….

She was telling me that she couldn't find her Dogs Helmet, It wasn't with the doggles..
Note they are Pink….

Then FenderMender and Mtn.Hawk showed up.. We had been waiting on them….

I saw this shirt and thought of my Buddy Lucky 13 aka Gordon…

The food line was long !! They said it was the biggest Blessing of the Bikes yet.. 225 bikes showed up…
The food was free.. But a donation was welcome … They go around to each and every bike and Bless it ,give ya a pin and a little Bible one in Camo this year..

Well that’s it … We all (Charlie,Jackie,Don,Myself & Jerry) took a real nice ride afterwards… VA.16 to US42 to US52 and stopped for some icecream in Bland then headed on to VA.614..
Yuppers it was a fine day for a ride with friends…..Oh I left the camera in the tour pack… So no pic of our ride…

Well I'm caught up with the reports...

Take care till next time…
Life is what you make of it~
If it don't fit make alterations

Check it from time to time as I'm always adding to it..
My Rides and life on the Farm

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