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ricochetrider OP
a certain something
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Vintage Bike Weekend

Here's a RR I posted else where but thought I'd share it here. This was covered over a whole weekend, and covered a day with soem friends, as you'll see, and two major Spring Vintage Bike meets- the AMCA (Perkiomen Chapter) spring meet at Oley, PA, and also The Gathering Of the Nortons at Washington's Crossing along the Delaware River near New Hope, PA.

One of the advantages of not having a "real" J.O.B. is being able to take time off when I want. I knew Dieter was coming in to Wade's, in prep for departure to the International out in NORCAL, SO I scheduled some time to hang out with him. As it turned out, both the AMCA Perkiomen chapter's spring meet at Oley, AND The Gathering Of The Nortons were happening this weekend as well! SCHWING. Needless to say, a really wonderful weekend of vintage bikes and hanging out with friends was in the cards.

This weekend actually began last week. Dieter was all set for his flight from Hamburg to New York (landing at Newark actually) and seemed stoked to see the Big Apple. One evening I got an email from him expressing some question about being in the city if Wade (who had to work) couldn't hang out... So I said, Hey NP- you are always welcome here at our house, simply hop onto AMTRAK and train down to Harrisburg...
After some scramble, and a flurry of emails and stuff, Dieter decided to just do the NYC thing anyway, and I guess it worked out OK. BUT in any event, it came to pass that Thursday AM I hopped on the bike to run over to Wade's in time for breakfast with him, Dieter, and Wade's buddy Jamie who is traveling to the Rally.

I guess it had been decided that all the bikes needed work, so that's what was in the "plan" for the day. First order of business was to get a front brake on the "new" Goldie that Wade has just gotten... Not sure exactly what happened BUT we ALL know how that ended...
Later in life, we'll all laugh about it.

I had been led to believe
(or deluded myself into thinking )
that everything was ready, and all Wade had to do was to toss some stuff into the jeep and load the bikes, and he'd be ready to roll. I came over thinking I'd load Dieter onto a bike, and I'd take him around to show him some great PA roads and lanes, while Wade got ready to go. Silly me. We messed around all day on the bikes, but then finally saddled up for a shorty hop over the mountain to the estimable and always great Boiling Springs Tavern for a beer, and a bite.

Turned out that (after ALL the dicking about) Wade's bike Blackie couldn't wouldn't didn't start! So he saddled up on the noob Goldie and off we rolled. a good time was had down at the BST, and we parted ways just outside Boiling Springs, them headed off towards Wade's and I headed home along the creek, taking the scenic route.

Got home, tossed my leathers onto the bed, changed into jeans, and went downstairs to watch a movie with Miss C. Little after 11:00 PM, we came up and I checked my phone as I went to charge it up... the cryptic message that greeted me about had my eyeball s popping outta my head,and my heart in the throat!

"I smashed up to go start leaving Boiling Springs. Just cuts and bruises so not so bad."


I called immediately and woke him up to find out what happened.. as you all know, his front wheel did a fattie death wobble in a right hand sweeper, and he eventually dunked it. I guess they went on over the mountain and came back in the truck to get the bike, a detail I'd forgotten to ask about til the next day. Eventually they figured out that the front wheel had never really gotten tightened up after changing rims out! It was damn lucky- that BIKE coulda really been hurt!

Kidding. SO glad Wade is OK and not too badly banged up.

************************************************** ********

It's the Spring Meet of the AMCA's Perkiomen chapter, the good ol "Patina Fest" that happens every April, and I was all set to go. Of course, I go on the Friday, and few if any people either can or want to ride along, so as usual, I went by myself to wander around, take plenty of pix and drool on f*ckin awesome old bikes. The ride down is pretty great, mainly back roads with little traffic. It's under 200 miles R/T- I think I had about 188 more or less on the trip-o-meter when I got home.

The AMCA is the Antique Motorcycle Club (of) America. Their meet at Oley is probably quite similar to the summer meet in June up at Rhinebeck- lots of awesome old American Iron- Harleys and Indians out the wazoo, with some other stuff tossed in to add extra flavor. I'm guessing that if you took all the fantastic patina off every old bike, and broke it down to a heap o molecules, then stacked each molecule one on top of t'other, why, you'd have a vertical column of patina that would reach damn near to Pluto. Of course not everything is all barn fresh out there... there's plenty of extra clean and super shiny stuff all gleamin away.

For every one of these

you'll see at least one of these

OK use your imagination! Picture a fully resto'd gleaming Harley/Indian/Henderson...

But it's a seriously great way to spend a sunny day in Springtime. I figured I'd bump into SOMEBODY I know up there, but no. So I had fun wandering around taking pix. There were lots of really interesting bikes, and a healthy mix of Jap & Euro bikes, along with a strong representation of BritBikes too! Feast your peepers as I roll out some pix fer youse. I'll roll it top to bottom, front to back- in loosely relative order, as I experienced it.

shiny ass full resto Triumph (TURBO K100 behind it)

Another shiny specimen

buncha shiny shit, including a NEW Indian

Great old Duo Glide, love the black n white

Pair o ducks

'nother gleamin duo of AMF HDs

This bike looked SO much like my old T140E that I really had to look, two, three, and four times, THEN finally talk to its owner, before deciding it wasn't the one I owned all those years. I'm tellin ya, no other bike could have been that close to mine. It was heart stopping to see my old Bonneville's long lost twin!

This dude was actually at the Gathering Of The Nortons on Sunday too! So I got to relive the moment all over again, and go over the bike with the guy right there, as we'd only spoken by phone on Friday.

Featherbed Kaw

Suzie Q

OOOh So Shiny

Down n Dirty

One of the more interesting bikes in the whole place:

daily rider

Schwing town

More Nortons. Yellow SS was also at TGOTN Sunday.


Lock up the wimmnes an chilens ma. The Injuns are a comin

A nice pair


girls n bikes... in that order?

buzz off, death! I ain't skeered.

This just in from the "just cuz ya can doesn't mean ya should" department:

Meanwhile back at the ranch

duckdynasty in da muhfuggin house yall

odds n sods bits n bobs cont

Cool Gary Nixon Ent flat tracker!

I eventually decided I'd seen enough, and headed for home. As I got closer to the River, it began to spit a little, so I stopped to get my over-mitts on. By the time I'd ridden a few more yards downriver, it was pretty much pouring rain. My brand-y new Rukka Cosmic jacket kept my upper body dry, and I wasn't riding in the rain long enough for my leather pants to get soaked thru!

It was a great day out, I had a nice ride AND really enjoyed seeing all the great old bikes!

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ricochetrider OP
a certain something
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I had also planned to go down to Washington's Crossing, PA to attend The Gathering Of The Nortons. I texted a local friend, Brian to see if he was gonna be around. He said SURE, so I arranged to meet him for breakfast at the It's Nutts Diner.

I have a work friend who lives along the Delaware River; she stays with us when she's near here working, and when I work up near her area I stay at her house. She and Cynthia are really good buddies so I loaded the Lovely Miss C into the truck, and trailered the Norton (as it only has the solo seat on it) up to Bethlehem, PA. Miss C and I had a date night, eating at a lovely little Italian restaurant downtown, called Sal's Brick Oven Pizza. Afterwards we threw some money away in the Sands casino, then went back to Julie's after she finished working the Melissa Etheridge gig...and drank beer and shot the breeze into the wee hours. I slept a little and got up with the chickens to kick the Norton over.

Eventually, I rode off into the crisp morning sunshine, eventually finding my way to the diner where a gang of degenerates (AKA my people) was slowly rolling in. We ate a great brekkie and popped across the river to the GOTN. We got there early but pretty soon there were maybe 1000 bikes of every variety on hand, with the attendant teeming masses of riders... including an absolutely astounding number of Nortons. It was an eye-poppin day of wonderful bikes along with some mighty good folks.

The whole thing started out pretty slow n easy

Bikes started to roll in and things got interesting

My twin T140 again

of course, people I knew knew the owner, Mike- so we had a great conversation about the bike.

There really were so many bikes on hand... a huge variety of motorcycles with lots of custom stuff- Brit & harley bobbers, cafe'd BMW Boxers & Jap bikes, some of which were pretty tasty

Philly Skip was there

and then there were three...

Several recognisable bikes on hand, like this one:

Things are pickin up a little

Maybe my fave bike of the entire weekend:

super clean & trick- but sublte about it

Now things are really pickin up and gettin REAL interesting

eye of the beholder?

Theme for the whole weekend: TWINS

it ain't pink! (yes it is)

There were three of these on hand- but I guess the owners were embarrassed about it(?) as they all parked at complete opposite side of the lot from one another...

Custom R100 Mystic RS! Had a great conversation about this bike with the owner.

crazy blue


So, eventually. one can only look at so much, talk to so many people, and have so much fun in one spot. I had some friends ride down from Scranton (on their modern Thruxtons) so got to hang out with them for a minute or two... then I turned my head one way to look at some shiny bikes, they spun the other way to see some shiny bikes, and poof! When I turned back around a half second later they were gone!
Like nowhere in sight!

So I found Brian and his crew, and we loaded up and rolled out to ride some of the GREAT roads around the area. We hot-footed it up one side, down another, over hill & dale, crossed thru a delightful handful of covered bridges, and wound our way thru endless valleys, along multiple creeks- as everything runs down to the Delaware river...

We eventually ended up atop a mighty hill, at a cool little airport, where there was another group of bikes, and some really great vintage planes! Another whole round of conversations and picture taking ensued... and a little more drooling...

As we got off the bikes in town, this dude rolls by.
We were like OK. We just got smoked. Heck with all the bathtub Porsches, all the vintage motorcycles, the Ferarris, and what ever other blah blah blah you think you're bringing. If you're gonna come to town, might as well show up in something different- or just stay home. Crush the competition. I mean, I get it. I TOTALLY get it.

Anyway the hotel was really cool. I had a couple nice bloodys and ate some Rhode Island oysters along with a plate of crabmeat, avocado & mango with LOTUS ROOT CHIPS- sommething I'd never seen on any menu anywhere. Sorry no pix of any of the food this weekend- as I was always too busy eating it!

After lunch, everyone split off, and I putted around a bit to take some pix of the area.

A happy Sunday, and a wonderful conclusion to my fan-effin-tastic weekend of vintage Bikes, good friends, good beers, and excellent riding!

Sincere thanks to My NJ buddy Brian for Hosting me in his stomping grounds over the weekend!

Cheers, y'all.

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I am envious of you being there, Great pics and write up.
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Thanks for the great story and pictures.
Now I want a Norton - - -
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great photos,thanks sharing!
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ricochetrider OP
a certain something
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Thanks guys.
The Gathering Of The Nortons was the best one-day ride-in I've ever attended!

Here are some links to some really great high-class photos from the GOTN:

Some fancy shots of the Gathering of the Nortons:


And here are some other nice pix I picked up off ADVr:

Gathering Of The Nortons Pix

These pix are from a Mr Barlow - from ADVrider. He took this particularly sweet photo of my bike, the white one with the British Flag on the side cover:

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What a great show in an area with great riding. Got the Uly out for the first real ride of season, felt good to be out see and some some bikes and people.
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On The Road Again!
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What happened to all the pictures? All I see are blank Photobucket squares where the pics belong.
George, high in the hills of Jersey!

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yea me to, no pics just blank squares
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