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Old 01-30-2010, 12:06 PM   #826
Broken Sportbike Rider
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Joined: Jul 2009
Location: Saskatoon
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Really awesome picture man!!! Love reading this RR everyday!
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Old 01-30-2010, 01:39 PM   #827
Big Fish
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Thumb NFLD to Mexico

Great report Finn...fantastic pics! Keep the right side up.
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Old 01-30-2010, 02:59 PM   #828
Living the Dream....
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Location: land of the swamps!, Cajun Country LA
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The best of the best ... Chitown Rules!!! Thanks bro!

This would have been an interesting story...
NEW dash plates for your l

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Old 01-30-2010, 03:33 PM   #829
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Is that ET on the back of your bike? Please tell us the story.
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Old 01-31-2010, 05:30 PM   #830
Registered squirrel
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Location: Illinois, USA
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Originally Posted by HighTechCoonass
The best of the best ... Chitown Rules!!! Thanks bro!

This would have been an interesting story...
Looks like it involves woman, must end in heartache and trouble.
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Old 01-31-2010, 06:53 PM   #831
not saying what I mean
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Location: The City that Care Forgot
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Bit OT, Joe. How many miles do you have on your R? Is there a mileage that you start considering trading her for another?

Is the 800 still around?

Goes without saying, but needs to be said --enjoyed the report, stay safe, or at least careful, or at least shiny side up.

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Old 01-31-2010, 09:03 PM   #832
376 miles to Chicago
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Love the photo's, looking forward to more.
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Old 02-01-2010, 05:34 AM   #833
Go Spies!
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So what ever happend to the Yellow Bitch?
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Old 02-01-2010, 01:53 PM   #834
Lost Rider OP
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Joined: Oct 2006
Location: Ventura County, California Republic
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Life is Good.

I have a problem I need to get over.
In Mexico there's so many interesting colors, textures, people, buildings, etc. to photograph besides what I do, the problem is my overwhelming self consciousness while there, more so while riding with my fancy Power Rangers suit, on my fancy ( and somewhat shiny) BMW with all the gadgetry and what not.
I made the trek north on pavement in two days... I was going to to take a little while longer to get back in the good ole' USA and stop more, but have this problem of feeling like a rich gawking american tourist. I'm by no means rich, just put my hard earned money into what fuels my passions most - bikes, electronics, riding gear, and photography tools. When down there in Baja I think I see the way I'm looked at (especially in the very poor little dirt towns) when rolling up and it makes me feel bad.
No, more like awkward.
My inspirations get lost when I want to photograph or shoot video of the old cowboy riding his horse down the street, the beautiful children playing with a stick in the dirt, the old lady making tortilla's with a dog laying next to her, the colorful markets where you eat, or the interesting pastel colors of the houses that are really just shacks.
It's just not comfortable when I'm in my gear, coming off my bike.
It's not like I didn't have other reasons to head north, but this strange feeling of mine...

I truly enjoyed my time in Baja again, and find the place fascinating, the people among the kindest, and know all the fears that Americans have about traveling there completely unfounded. I just can't photograph some of it.

At dinner I mentioned this to a friend last night, she said I should look at it like I could be an inspiration to the children to better themselves, or to share images of other parts of the world for people who forget that everywhere isn't like their perfectville USA suburban community... but who am I to "invade" these people's lives, making a tourist attraction out of their homes or misfortune.
Has anyone else ever felt like this?

I really should get over it, but in the mean time here's some Baja through my eyes.
Next time I really should just go down there on a proper dirt bike and really see Baja...

Some decent pizza in La Paz @ Tony's... who's have thought?

A panorama I made for a Big Shot real estate developer while there, friend of Kevin's.

I actually left quite late in the day, the night before turned a little ugly when Kevin and I were inviting to go drink some 80 year old tequila given to "the largest reality company owner of 24 years" by Jose Cuervo's great great great grandson, a man spoken of like royalty... Didn't have my camera with me though.

Back on the road North!

South of Laredo

One of the many military checkpoints. I was mostly waived through after saying, "hello! I don't speak spanish amigo, I'm going to Chicago!", though a few times they had me open my panniers. The polite soldiers were way more interested in my GPS than anything else.
Nothing like teenagers with machine guns.
At a few checkpoints the "kids" weren't holding machine guns, they were holding big multi shot grenade launchers. Talk about not caring about collateral damage to the public!
They don't like you taking photo's of them, but I snuck in these while they were behind the car.

Rice and Beans, San Agnosio

Sections of Mex 1 bridges missing... not a problem to get through the wash

The sunset about an hour south of Ensenada, I figured I'd get a room there... But when I arrived, I just had some dinner and was ready to blow this taco stand!
Riding through Tijuana on a saturday night was interesting. The Mexicans must have different eye's than mine because they sure do like to leave their hi-beams on all the time...

North of Ensenada, my friend the moon keeping me company.

There was a very long line at the border, but I just split lanes and went to the front, after a brief scan of my passport I was back on US soil.

Back in the land of designer dogs with designer boots riding in Porsche's...

I stayed in a cheap hotel not far from the border, it was kind of chilly out, and had been a full day of riding for me so I was done.

The next morning, after YetiGS let me know about it, I went to San Diego BMW Motorcycles for an open house - where they had a brand new BMW S1000RR for people to test ride, and Chris "teach" McNeil was going to perform.

Oh Yes Baby!!! they did let me take her for a ride, all they needed was photocopy of my DL, a CC and a signature....

Let me describe what's it like to ride a state-of-the-art 192 HP Superbike....


It sounded like a Formula One car!

It was a guided 10 mile ride that took like 6 minutes... after being explained the controls and advanced traction control we set out. I was told he would go as faster or slower depending how I was keeping up.... You want to go faster, just get on his ass I was told... no problem!
I took it easy for all of 2 minutes, until I got a feel for the power and traction (wheelie) control. After a mile through town we did a cloverleaf, then hit the (empty) interstate... I couldn't resist, put on my signal and nailed it - starting in second at about 60mph. As soon as the bike hit about 7000 rpm's the power hit me hard, front end coming up to a respectable height, continuing to 11,000 rpms in 3rd gear the front end didn't fell like it touched the pavement... HOLY SHIT! in 4th gear I looked down to realize I was going faster than my R could possible go and it was time to slow down... One Life One Chance, when was the next time I would be on a superbike with an open road right in front of me, daring me...
Once he caught up we exited and turned around - to do it all over again going back.
This bike needed to be on a track obviously, but having that kind of controllable power (with computer help) and phenomenal handling way beyond my riding skill sure was fun!
Needless to say I was pretty excited when we were done.
Turns out the flashing white light and little yellow triangle was the shift and traction control indicator I saw so much. The bike controls your wheelies very well, it won't let you bring the wheel up too high no matter what, and made it seemless and smooth when the front end set down in between gears... good fun!

Ah, the contrasts of my life...

After the ride I met up with Yeti GS, (Scott) with his wonderful daughter and friend.

He went for a ride too.... see the unavoidable shit eatin' grin after his ride?

Nice to meet you Scott, good luck with that XR, see you on the road!

After some BBQ, it was time for Teach to do his thing... I'll let the images do the talking about this man's skills controlling the bikes...

After the stock GS he moved to a modified f800s and went to town...

Then he moved to the S1000RR - one with 35 miles on the odo....
After a few wheelies and burnouts he said he needed more room, left the confines of the lot, went by the cop who had stopped by to see what was going on and hit the mostly empty street....

Being a smart cop, he used good judgement to do what should have been done in the situation - he left.... and let the boys play

Thank you to San Diego BMW for putting on this fun event!

I then rode up to LA and had some coffee with a friend who grabbed my camera.

I'm now in Hermosa Beach, resorting my pack, and waiting for my replacement suit from Rukka. I had sent it back to them for some minor repares but they opted to replace it for me, it's overdue and is probably stuck in customs. With the current cold and wet weather I can't set out until I have my winter suit back... my current gear was fine for baja, but not where I want to go - North.

Last night near the pier.

On another note, while I was in La Paz I met 3 guys riding down to Cabo from NorCal. Sorry, with the tequila I don't remember your names.
Anyways, one of you mentioned losing a Vario pannier off your GS. I remember giving my web address and that would point you here...
A friend (themanfromars) of mine who I missed by about 70 miles according to SPOT last week, posted about finding your pannier. If you find this, look here from your stuff.


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Old 02-01-2010, 02:18 PM   #835
Legend in my own Mind!
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Thanks for the update Joe.
AMA, NRA, AFL-CIO Getting Old ain't for pussies....................Lorazapam
Even when you do something right people will think you didn't do anything at all.
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Old 02-01-2010, 02:21 PM   #836
You lookin' at me...?
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Location: Above Sacramento
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Another great update. I hope you take the time to head back up Cali's beautiful coast and visit some more friends.
'08 BMW R1200GS
'08 Triumph Bonneville T100
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Old 02-01-2010, 02:22 PM   #837
Gnarly Adventurer
Joined: Nov 2008
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No way that's real. No way.

"I hate how they've turned me into a pussy. Take me with you."

Loving the RR, thanks!
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Old 02-01-2010, 02:48 PM   #838
No Talent Ass Clown
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Location: San Diego
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It was awesome to meet you and thank you for convincing me to take a test ride on the Atlas Rocket, errr 100RR. That thing WAS amazing and the acceleration tried to suck the breath right out of me, even in a too tight borrowed jacket!!! Oh, and I want wheelie control on my GS!!!

By the time you're back in town I'll have the 400 finished so we can go play in the dirt for day. Make sure you give me a call.
Scott - Semper Fi
'04 BMW R1150GSA, '05.5 KTM 950 Adventure
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Old 02-01-2010, 02:54 PM   #839
Lost Rider OP
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Joined: Oct 2006
Location: Ventura County, California Republic
Oddometer: 3,302
Originally Posted by JayElDee
Bit OT, Joe. How many miles do you have on your R? Is there a mileage that you start considering trading her for another?

Is the 800 still around?


There's about 57,000 miles on my 1200R right now, I feel she's just getting broke in and don't see me getting rid of it anytime soon. I want to be first to hit 100,000 on the R1200R...

As for the Yellow Bitch.... She's here in LA, actually chilling at Erica's house.
A&S had her for for a while trying to find and fix the more recent problems I had on the trek west this fall. They never did isolate the overheating, and transmission slipping I felt. I did get to pay for new steering head bearings though.
The GS now has hyperpro springs on her and supposedly has a clean bill of health. though the sprockets and chain are worn.
I might jump on her and give her another chance, we'll see.... her shoes are in good condition and I might need a few more miles after I'm willing to buy new rubber for the R. The blast up and down baja killed the tires on the Roadster...

Originally Posted by Katoom119
I've come to the conclusion that a Pelican Case for the back of my 990 is the way to go. What size is the white one? Looks like just enough for my D300, charger, and my point-and-shoot. It looks like 1300?

It's actually a HPRC case, a 2300. Works great, lightweight, and priced well.

Will be in touch Scott, take care!

Originally Posted by Just_Jake
Another great update. I hope you take the time to head back up Cali's beautiful coast and visit some more friends.

Hmmm... sounds like a good plan, if the weather would cooperate..

Yeah, my suit just came! I'm ready for anything! North I say..

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Old 02-01-2010, 04:09 PM   #840
Lost Rider OP
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Joined: Oct 2006
Location: Ventura County, California Republic
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I forgot one...

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