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Old 04-14-2009, 10:43 PM   #91
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Originally Posted by Lion BR
The plaque says, in Italian:

San Cristoforo Well
Malawi 2005
Enrico and friends
Italian motorcyclists

Could it be that these wells were donated?

That could well be. Charity is often a lovely thing !
Let the Snake Slide and the Lizzard Slither - and Let it Be !!
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Old 04-14-2009, 11:08 PM   #92
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Absolutely nice pics and story.... its only going to get better
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Old 04-15-2009, 04:51 AM   #93
metaljockey OP
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Originally Posted by Katsumoto
John The Baptist...

that's freaking hilarious!

Please care to explain a bit about the plug tire tubeless deal...

Salud Compadre!

The tubeless deal are these guys

In short it is a way to convert a spoked rim to a tubeless one. The benefits over a mousse is that
it is lighter
it lasts longer
it is cheaper.
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Old 04-15-2009, 07:53 AM   #94
Sod Buster
prairie rider
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Old 04-15-2009, 05:35 PM   #95
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Old 04-16-2009, 01:33 AM   #96
fat daddy
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Another classic!
Thank you my friend!

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Old 04-16-2009, 07:00 PM   #97
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The United States of America

I for one would enjoy having you come to America. so should you ever get the opportunity I would ride some distance to spend some time, by you a drink, rides some or here your presentation.
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Old 04-18-2009, 06:49 AM   #98
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Another awesome report MJ!

I discovered it by chance while researching the Tubliss system, and recognized your writing style and pictures having read the Angola report. Cool to see that it works well in the real world as well, I'll go ahead and order a set now.

One of these days I'll go on my on trans-Africa adventure, I'll buy you a beer if I make it all the way south.

Thanks for inspiring ADVers all over the world.

Currently going RTW on a KTM 690 Rally, trip blog:

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Old 04-18-2009, 10:22 AM   #99
cereal lurker
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There is of course also the chance that he might clamp down on my head, but that’s what helmets are for.

Metaljockey, the helmet could also serve to preserve your head and helps for identification purposes later if all defensive measures fails and get eatin by lions.
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Old 04-18-2009, 02:00 PM   #100
Living the Adventure
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Great RR, your pictures are great
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Old 04-19-2009, 06:15 AM   #101
Limey Bitch
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Originally Posted by metaljockey

We were going to have to take some sort of preventative measures. Which measures was the question. When you are sleeping in the open you do not have any real options, if a lion is intent on eating you, he’s gonna do so.

Here is the funny part. Our prevention plan was first up, air horns, to scare the bastards with noise. That is where this hooter on Nardus’s handle bars comes in.

At the risk of ridicule I have to tell you about our other measures.

Our first line of defence is some fire crackers that Brian brought. Little bomb thingies that we can throw at them when they circle the fire. Sounds like gunshots.

These lions have also shown themselves to be unafraid of fire, so Brian got hold of an electric fence that are energized by six batteries. I carried this in my bag.

Should the lion just get pissed off by being shocked by our fence, I also had an air horn with me. I would wait for the big boy to be sniffing my tent and then scare the piss out of him.

The noise can of course just excite the bastard, and in light of a hut not being a real obstacle, my tent was never going to be much of a deterrent.

So I was also going to sleep with a can of mace. I could not find anything on whether it is effective on lions, but it is effective against bears and American mountain lion, so the odds are in my favour.

These are only effective at close range though. Studying many videos on the internet of people being mauled by lions, I have noticed that more often than not, the first bite is across the shoulders and chest, where the lion then holds on until the person dies of suffocation or what not.

That is why I will wait until he has me in his jaws and walks away with that cocky walk that they have when they caught something good. Then I will use my good arm to get the mace from my pocket and let him have the full shot straight up his nostril. That will sort him out. There is of course also the chance that he might clamp down on my head, but that’s what helmets are for. I’ll still get him up the nostril with a blast of hell fire.

Lastly I have my leatherman. Should the mace prove ineffective and things take too long for my sensibilities, I’ll just cut my own throat, you don’t want to piss him off more by irritating him with a pocket knife.

Hilarious - but haven't you guys ever heard of guns

Seriously though an absolutely inspiring travelogue - thanks for taking the time.

If I may ask, what's your state of mind like on a trip of this nature? I found myself panicking all the potentially terminal possibilities just reading about it. Personally, when considering an activity like - for instance - going out on a motocross track for the first time in ages, I find that an initial sense of terror is slowly replaced by a feeling of enjoyment as the surroundings become more familiar. Obviously what you guys were doing is way beyond the limits of adventure threat level that most of us could ever aspire to, but do you (in a similar fashion) experience an increase in your comfort level as the ride progresses? Or - since it was apparent that regular doses of alcohol were consumed throughout the ride - is it simply a case that dulling the senses with copious amounts of beer is a integral part of the strategic mental approach.

I really enjoyed this report - again many thanks.

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Old 05-09-2009, 12:58 PM   #102
Call me Renzo
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Originally Posted by metaljockey

...The first cylinder is burning the wood, the suction of the engine pulls the gases down so that there is no flames or smoke, just glowing coals. These unburned gases then moves through the next cylinder which uses water to cool it. What the third one does I do not remember, but this gas then goes straight into the inlet manifold where the carburetor normally would be....

Wonderful report mate

PS - More than you ever wanted to know about Wood Gas as Engine Fuel courtesy of your friendly local United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization

Fiat Panis - "Let there be bread"

I don't know how to say "Let there be gas" in Latin, nor do I care to learn

- Jinx

"You remind me of the monkey with the jerk-off button, starving to death at the switch." - Chopperman

"I didn't know how many assholes it was going to take to piss me off, but I knew how many they were going to use" - collaboratori
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Old 05-10-2009, 08:54 AM   #103
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Originally Posted by Douf
Hilarious - but haven't you guys ever heard of guns
I was thinking the same thing.

With no disrespect to MetalJockey who's ride reports set THE standard for all others, if my plan for dealing with lions is to wait till hes got me by the chest in his jaws and begins casually walking off with me, and thats when I pull out the Mace can, well call me a chicken but I ain't going on that trip!!

Damnnnnnnnnn!! that lion stuff. Crashing through roofs. Eating people on a regular basis.

Hey wanna sleep out under the stars?

I don't think so.

MetalJockey, you the man.
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Old 05-10-2009, 09:02 AM   #104
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Location: Harrys place
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Originally Posted by metaljockey
Some arbitrary pics

This guy makes probably the best wooden cars trucks and excavating equipment in Africa. All of them have moving parts. Fascinating.

Here's his workshop. Hard to believe eh?

unbelievable. looks like hard woods too. unbelievable.
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Old 05-10-2009, 08:06 PM   #105
Kudu Driver
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MJ, Even your "Less good" ride report are better than any ride I have ever done on a bike. Your philosophy, humor and fabulous pictures has made your reports the best I have ever read.
It took me a while to figure out who the new hairy guy was though!!!
Forget Chucky Norris, I am going with the Camel man!
Thanks for sharing! I look forward to your next installment.

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