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Old 09-11-2009, 04:36 PM   #1516
prominent underachiever
rtwdoug's Avatar
Joined: Dec 2004
Location: Alabamski Oblast, Redneckistan
Oddometer: 3,726
Hey Nathan,
I sent you a PM with Bogdans fone number. he is in Kiev, & has a garage full of tools. He & his wife run an orphanage there, & he is in a bike club. Very nice people, & Im sure if you have some problems, they can help you figure something out. If nothing else, just stop in to say hello. They are on the SE side of the city

bummer on the border, I've never had that problem at RU border, but then I didnt go to Ru from Paki, either

My bike hotel in Bulgaria. ADVriders get 1st beer free!

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Old 09-11-2009, 04:36 PM   #1517
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Joined: Aug 2005
Location: Blue Mountains Australia
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Thumb Yeah!!

Originally Posted by DC950

this site is full of fat losers in debt to their eyeballs, who haven't gotten laid in years, who believe their miserable lives are better when they try to control others lives, who think an adventure is riding down a local dirt road - the same road grandma will drive her Chevrolet on to go to the doctor on Monday. Ignore these pricks. The opposite of love isn't hate, it's indifference. They aren't worth any emotional energy.

This site is also full of really nice people who wish you the best and who hope to one day have an adventure such as yours. We wish you well and hope to build on what we've learned from you. I've learned so much (and even bought a Honda C70 because of you).
Well said, Kudos to anyone who takes on an adventure like this.

To the nay sayers and doubters, F. O.
Born to ride.
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Old 09-11-2009, 05:30 PM   #1518
Mookish Mook
Joined: Aug 2007
Location: Either UK or Australia ...
Oddometer: 4,396
Originally Posted by amazing ricardo
there is only one name that really fits.........

...Goin' Postal...

Run 'er till she blows Nate!
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Old 09-11-2009, 07:05 PM   #1519
Old Git
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Joined: Jan 2005
Location: Sunshine Coast QLD
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Bloody hell ive soooo got everthing crossed here ....... keep going Dot

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Old 09-11-2009, 07:13 PM   #1520
Super Suz
N00b with B00b
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Joined: May 2008
Location: alrededor de la bahía
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Originally Posted by mookymoo

Run 'er till she blows Nate!

Yeah. Take her all the way either way!
Member of the Oakland Motorcycle Club. In town? Come visit us on a Weds night. We love show and tells! Want to speak about your trip or motorcycle topics in the Bay Area of Northern California? We have a club hall. IM me. If you give us enough notice and if we like your topic, you can come and speak. We have room for others to come and listen too.
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Old 09-11-2009, 07:14 PM   #1521
Gnarly Adventurer
Joined: Jan 2009
Location: Houston, Tejas
Oddometer: 148
Have faith that your Dot will hold up. If she won't, there's always a horizontal Honda single in someone's barn just waiting to have it's motor clinging to an international celebrity's underside. Moving along at only 50 kms is, by definition, moving along.
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Old 09-11-2009, 11:06 PM   #1522
Studly Adventurer
Lambo's Avatar
Joined: Aug 2006
Location: Seattle
Oddometer: 608
Good on you Nate & Dot

I am thinking the wonderful Dot is like the 100 year old axe, the one that has had 3 replacement handles and 2 new heads.

Thanks for the great RR.

Support Mental Health or I'll Kill you.

Ironically, Chuck Norris’ hidden talent is invisibility.
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Old 09-12-2009, 01:59 AM   #1523
Joined: Jul 2009
Oddometer: 52

Your ride, your decisions, your "rules".
Just enjoy it.
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Old 09-12-2009, 04:39 AM   #1524
nathanthepostman OP
Studly Adventurer
Joined: Apr 2009
Oddometer: 610
Hey guys,

Just a real quick one to say thanks a huge bunch for the support. We've just landed in Kiev after a smooth cruise the 300kays from where I camped last night.

She had new oil in yesterday - mechanic sucked it out - so she was a touch happier, though it's above 55kays she gets angry. Lots of vibration, you can feel it through the pegs and quite clearly she ain't fit for 60. It's not that there's enough power, more like too much vibration and resistant. She's not well, but she's still trucking.

Going to have a look now at my route through Europe but I'm brought the date forward, all being well me and Dorothy are hitting Dover Saturday 26th September. I just want to fly this bird home. Europe's on the doorstep every day of the week once I've made it, so for now we're just going to keep the wheels turning and hope they do so the rest of the 3,000 kilometre way. I reckon she will.

Right, back on the road.

PS> I need a map. I've just looked on google earth and realised Germany's not where I thought it was. So instead of Slovakia I'm going head t Hungary, through Budapest and across Europe that way. I reckon the Nurburgring will have to wait for another time. Damn it.
PS> My dad's just emailed to say he'll drive me out the old engine from the C90 I have in the
shed if Dorothy collapses. I think deep down that's what he wants to do. His Dorothy must be calling.
PS> It's hot
PS> The girls aren't as attractive here as legend suggests. I'd put those of Kyrgyzstan way ahead
PS> I bought a 10 pack of cigerettes at duty free in the hope of bribing the corrupt cops I'd heard so much about in Ukraine. So far I've been stopped once by a nice chap this morning who was happy with just my licence.
PS> I gave two packets of fags to the mechanic who changed Dot's oil yesterday.
PS> Everyone's looking at me cause I look like shit. I'm in Mcdonalds, of all places.

nathanthepostman screwed with this post 09-12-2009 at 04:56 AM
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Old 09-12-2009, 05:20 AM   #1525
unrepentant thinner
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Joined: Jan 2007
Oddometer: 542
Originally Posted by nathanthepostman

Then something quite wonderful happened. I had a revelation. A turning point. Until that time I thought Dorothy was the trip and that unless I arrived in Dover grinning from her back then our challenge would have failed. It's what's been making me so nervous recently. This feeling that if for some reason she doesn't make it then all of this will have been for nothing. There will be no triumph, just despair; a 'nearly' man once again.

And then I thought; 'wait a minute, Dorothy's not a motorbike. She's not even the person I've made her out to be. No, she's a spirit, a mantra, a way of life. I lay there for a minute and then it hit me; we all have a Dorothy.

Dorothy is that adventurous side in all of us, the one that says 'fuck this I'm off'. She's the one who has us dream and soar and think of all the wonderous things we should be doing. Sadly she's also the one we supess, piss on and say 'no Dorothy, we need be more sensible than that.' And so she sits there, in the corner of our minds being forgotten, never ridden.

All I've done with this trip is spend some time with Dorothy. I've ignored all that holds us back and ridden like the raging winds. And so if this CT110, number plate 535DP were to drop dead in the gutter this afternoon I shall mourn the loss of a great motorcycle. One that deserves a place with a plaque noting its triumph. What I shall not mourn is Dorothy, for she will always live on, be it in the other motorcylce, bicylce or footwear that I carry on in. Because she is a spirit, my spirit, and no mechanical failure can kill that.
Dearest NathanThePostMan

You magnificent bastard
You have snatched the pebble from my hand grasshopper!!! Most riders have "too much to loose" to try something cool like your trip I figure if you have "too much to loose" you just plain have "too much".

And I know this is hard to believe at this stage but should Dots physical existence be compromised and she is melted down into 1000 Robby Williams lunchboxes she will rise again for as long as there are tired and shitty bikes on earth, by god, there are tired and shitty guys like you and me to give them life and glory.

On this god forsaken earth I bow to only two men NathanThePostman

Hugs, kisses and a vigorous doggy leg humpin

Vermin and Cack B

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Old 09-12-2009, 06:11 AM   #1526
Game over
Game over's Avatar
Joined: Apr 2009
Location: Texas
Oddometer: 137
Big time congratulations on going it your way from the beginning. I think I just want to see Dorothy (the bike) make it to England about as bad as I want you to make it.

wish you the best, take care.
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Old 09-12-2009, 09:56 AM   #1527
Eat my shorts
squonker's Avatar
Joined: Dec 2006
Location: Yellowknife, NWT
Oddometer: 4,058
Absolutely astounding. I'm becoming more excited with every one of Nate's posts.

Ride Report: Canada North to South 2008 here
Drive Report: Ice Road Trucking 2005-2014 here

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Old 09-12-2009, 10:34 AM   #1528
Gnarly Adventurer
Joined: Apr 2009
Location: Portland, OR
Oddometer: 120
Keep on trucking!

Nathan, I was missing in action for a week or so (since u where out of radar in Kazhahastan).

I see that you've been trough some troubles, mostly Dot. Keep her going buddy, it would be AMAZING if both of you make it home!!! I read ur post about the SPIRIT of Dot. I even said a long time ago here that it's not about the bike, the machine, but about the adventure, the spirit as you call it that it's in you or arround all this.

I know it's ur trip and we're priviledge to be part of it, thanks to you

But for the love of God, take that Dot home! this is the only command I give you Thou shall get that girl accross the channell. How cool would that be! Take some time and look at it, maybe there's something simple going on. A pinched hose, the air intake, dunno. I'm sure alot of chaps here will chime in with good, or not so good advice.

and I busted out on the floor when I saw you squeezed that stash across the border, as they where doing a "cavity search" on poor Dot (she saved ur ass again, by giving herself for the bigger cause). You are nuts, absolutley nuts, you would of sent emails in 2019 went released from jail, and you wouldn't of been into girls by then . But all this trip is been NUTS, SO WHY NOT!

Take care mate and looking forward for more good news.
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Old 09-12-2009, 07:30 PM   #1529
Joined: May 2009
Location: Overland Park,KS & Toad Suck,MO
Oddometer: 17
Nathan and Dot..

I just want to tell you what a HUGE inspiration you BOTH are! I can admit I don't have the nerve to do what you are doing, but you have touched me in a way that I have never been touched before and it has really made me think about what is important in this life... Thank You!...I too believe that that Dot is a spirit that you have connected with and she with you. She will be with you forever.

I look at my own '62 just a little different now and I think I always will remember you and Dot everytime I see her. You have made a difference!

Please don't let a few idiots get to you...There are many good people here and also many like myself, who rarely post. I am now a proud member of ADV rider after being refered to your story.

If you ever travel the USA, you and Dot have a place to stay in Kansas City..I mean that, we would be honored to have you.

I have attached a picture of my '62...Her name is Tessa.

Be Safe and Thanks Again.

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Old 09-12-2009, 07:33 PM   #1530
Just passing thru
Joined: Jul 2005
Location: Moscow, Idaho
Oddometer: 4,330
Dear Nathan,

I've been following your adventures. You're doing a stand out report.

Take it easy on Dorothy. Use a gentle hand and maybe she will make it. I have my fingers crossed.

If she dies, the trip just takes a different path. Pry off a souvenier and take Dorothy's spirit with you. Burn, trade, or give the bike to a local. You are close enough to bicycle.

My plan is to bury my trusty Nell. Then sell her on ADVrider. "Transalp...$100 Doesn't run. At mile marker ???" One last adv.

Good Luck.
The gate guard glares at me. "It's after curfew." He looks me up and down, "What do you think you are, some kind of ****** tourist?" ..Phu Loi 1969
My Idaho =7893

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